Friday, 29 April 2016


They spiked me with a drug that is meant to take away all pleasure last night. Its some type of Delta poison neuroleptic I think. My vision has gone a bit doubled or worse. I couldn't walk in a straight line last night but that's a bit better now. My sex drive has lowered right down and I could actually feel my id go blank/have less energy.I'm sure my memory has got worse, I really don't remember yesterday. Us Thetas have excellent long term memories; that's why I can still function. I feel intoxicated in an unpleasant way from this drug also, Its been over 12 hours since they spiked me I think and I've slept.

This is Cameron lashing out with his cronies (namely MI5 but also a lot of MI6) and lashing out with his bad guy syndrome. Bad guy syndrome seems to have trying to hurt others resulting in pleasure for them as a main symptom. Its pretty pointless brain damaging me, its proven to science you cant make someone stupid from brain damage, you can merely brain damage them. All Cameron is doing is damaging the world.

They are being crap to Fuzz again, she excels with my hypnosis like what Luke does and shes a brave girl, you could call her a feminist hero of sorts because of her story. We've both been through a lot. Ill start writing this story 'The story of Fuzz' when I get my phone back next week. Fuzz is being persecuted because of this; to try stop a good story coming to light.

I'm sure all round the world people think good of the Phoenix net, its ironic it should only be our own country that hates us... Bumbling Nazis.

My plan for now is to keep doing what I'm doing, ill try and help as many people as possible out there with my ideas (I'm going to fight back with technology at it were) and hope help arrives at some point. Damion

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