Monday, 25 April 2016

faster than light stage 1,2&3

This is my warp capable mass drive. I'm hoping the united nations wishes to start a UNSP (united nations space programme) for this project. I was thinking space agencies from around the planet could all put in a % of the effort to help make this possible. NASA's expertise would help a lot, they could perhaps head this up. This ship would encompass a sub light and warp capable (I think) engine. I'm hoping the countries I shared out my projects to for this would all like to take part. If the UN isn't interested I'm hoping NASA will be. I have some more things to put on tomorrow for you guys. Take a look... Damion

The diagram below is meant to express a spinning wheel inside a spinning wheel. The outside spinning wheel is propelled in a circle by a rail gun type EM propulsion. The inside spinning wheel is propelled like the large hadron collider. A dual oscillating gyro engine...

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