Friday, 30 January 2015

An idea 'the bond table, neurogenesis and the Parkinson's machine

I've got it, there is a pre natal stage, that's when the primary bonds are broken! This means I have cracked something important. This fits with classic autistics, my autism table I posted earlier needs updating, there are two delta types on the spectrum. This also means to stimulate neurogenesis with the Parkinson's machine (adapted) we'd need to break primary bonds in an adult and inject stem cells, the pre delta stage being stimulated is why classic autistics have so many neurons, the field needed should leave you dopey and sleeping 18 hours a day if it's right. I can't believe I missed the Gammas out on my table though rightly they should be called pre-delta type autistics (a preliminary term). This work will go a long way to fixing my brain damage and helping many others to boot. This basically means we can grow people new bits for the brain and body in essence. I won't be giving up on getting better any time soon. Damion

A contradiction in my posts

I put a post up recently saing there are lots of dangers heading our way over the next half century with the comming of new technologies but then there's me putting online how to make the Parkinson's machine, my *ahem* quantum transistor (long story) ect. The technology isn't the danger, it's people developing it by themselves that's dangerous. That's why I put it online.

I know I have the attention of a few good countries, I started trying to get more followers online but I've decided against that, it's best to keep things the way they are though I do feel my blog going viral would be a good thing for the world. It's best my work is in the hands of governments, really I'd be happiest working for the United Nations, having a few countries make the decisions. Lol, I don't even know if the UNITED has a research and development wing. Ok, I've said my piece. Damion

Info on the Parkinson's machine

Proteins in the brain and body use primary, secondry, tertiary and quarterney hydrogen bonds to store information for the four brain waves. The Parkinson's machine should hold energy in the primary bonds in its proteins, these are litle little delta wave holding batteries for our machine.

To get the machine to trigger the desired near field effect we might have to make A stronger field than is necessary without using the near field effect due to the near field effect being limited, so multiple machines/generators all with she same master bug/carrier frequency or an overly active machine may be required.

Also our bug might have to be inside the expanded EMA associated with a hypnotic state. Putting some gamma wave energy in the output of our machine I guess will expand the patients gamma field and solve this potential problem.

A comment
If I dissapear offline for a while it's due to the torture running me down, I'm pretty tough though, I'll be back so keep comming back /smiles at readers. they are hitting me pretty hard at the moment, trying to torture autism out of me believe it or not because when in pain I seem less autistic/go to an alpha stage of development. Bumbling nazis. Damion

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Nearly at 10,000 hits

My blogs going to hit ten thousand hits shortly /is exited. I have some explaining to do about some of my recent contradictory posts for my regular readers, I need a good nights sleep first though. Damion /sleepy wave

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Blair in the press again about money

Tony Blair was in the press the other day for keeping his money secret. He wasn't advising the mentioned governments, he was stealing his hidden billions from them. Here's the clipping... Damion

EMT advice for my Shrinks out there

Some advice on EMT for my shrinks out there if I haven't already mentioned this before- As always limit EMT as much as possible, Go with your instincts with regard to who you EMT with, if there is something wrong you will sense it, it should never feel wrong or uncomfortable. Or unnatural. 

Something I teach my shrinks; You could place the same frequency in two minds, one mind if fine, the other mind goes scatty. It would be fine to EMT with the first person but not the second even though the exact same frequency was placed in them both. It's more down to if you are EMTing with a healthy mind, so go with your instincts.

EMT with a foreign mind- when I EMT to a Chienese mind I relax and think at the back of my mind like they do, if I EMT a girl I let my mind become more zingy, it's important for the EMTer to relax into a foreign mind, I try wear their emotion I can sense, you will find you use your abilities slightly differently when relaxed like this, different minds use spectral abilities a little differently, they should be taught differently.

One more thing on EMT- Never ever EMT with a girl while being intimate with her...No matter how much it seems like a good idea. Never do this. Girls are like vampires when it comes  down to this- 'if you get got by one, you become one'. I really don't want to get the blame for making the entire human race 'like' men (you can't get tried for that right?) so please, try avoid this even if it seems like a real good idea, you will turn into a girl! ;-) Damion p.s I might joke but this really is a factor in EMT.

An update to be added to my Autism work

I may have to factor in a pre natal stage of development into this.

The Phoenix net and GCHQ comment

A comment- I have found out from MI6 that as you go down generations down the EMT pyramid that the frequencies are getting weaker and weaker. This is another reason why us in the Phoenix should be training people around the world, I'm the only one I know of who naturally should have these abilities/frequencies, and the net are the only people I have EMT'd personally. We should be the ones training people. The net are definitely the best people to learn from, I can vouch for that. The problem is people don't understand what being good at my hypnosis really means. Our hands are tied as a group though, we're all closely controlled, it would take something major to free us up to start training people around the world, for us to do our work. We all want to.

The CIA are moving on GCHQ at the moment, starting indoctrination like they did with MI6. Phase one is having some of their agents watch me be tortured long term and them giving into the fact they can't stop it, they are trying to get them to except it. GCHQ want to go with my plan but the CIA waited till they had power over the prime minister to move on them. GCHQ are a high moral brave bright fighting force but they have what is like a motto to them- 'prime minister knows best'. I'm hoping some outside influence comes along to help us good guys out, it's Cameron who is holding back GCHQ though. The CIA using MI6 is holding back us in the net and our supporters (most of mi6). Im hoping someone tries what happened in June 2013 when someone got proof of what the UK government has done to me or such, the threat of going public might be enough power to effect change (or force it). Even if it doesn't help me but gets the net training people, people would be glad they did it. I'm just hoping we have a new prime minister come the elections, a new prime minister would help (fingers crossed). Damion

Monday, 19 January 2015

Remnant net sensing; For my shrinks out there

I developed a new ability for my shrinks about a week or so ago, a quite surprising ability. I try hold back developing abilities obviously but I knew what it would mean for this one guy, and for others so I thought it a good thing to try pass on, I taught him so generate nets from his dead friend. It meant a lot to him, he even gave me a net he said was important in return. The net was soon to be mutilated but it's the thought that counts, he's one of the monarch mind controlled so is addicted to torturing people like me. It unexpected reaction in him. Every shrink I have I think will want to see someone. I'm not sure if you need to learn this from me directly, even when I watch someone demonstrate an ability it changes the ability, you might be able to learn it the same way I did... 

You have to remember touching who's net you want to recreate, I remembered a friendly punch in the arm of my friend. let your mind remember this, a vague image from your imagination should appear when you do this, now gently punch around the area you punched, now you should see a bit of a net, spread the energy out from where you touched them using indirect concentration (looking away from the field your creating), you should find it creates a body net. You will know if you have it right, you will be able to sense their emotions.

So I've got to sense my friend Damien Lester nets like what I wanted, he died when we were both 18. It seems we all leave something of ourselves behind when we pass away, more than is understood, It does make me wonder. Damion

Sunday, 11 January 2015

Casualty report 'the invisible wars'

Here is a very low estimate of the casualty list for the invisible wars so far, the numbers I expect to be revised much higher. These are all deaths that have been preventable in the last decade, if my hypnosis had gone a different way.

Deaths from Parkinsons 1,097,100
Around 1 person in 500 gets Parkinsons, it is terminal.

Deaths from Schizophrenia 270,700
1% of the planet have Schizophrenia, 10% will go on to commit suicide.

Deaths from Depression 152,520
Between 3% and 17% world wide suffer from depression, up to 15% will commit suicide.

Deaths from invisible warfare ???,???
Wars have been fought using my hypnosis tipping balances of power costing many lives.

These preventable deaths are growing each day, there is also a lot more my hypnosis can do (like free scans), millions of life's have been lost holding my hypnosis back a decade. I hope someone someday does the exact maths on this someday. Damion

-The mortality figures were taken from

Saturday, 10 January 2015

A picture called 'opposites attract'

This is a picture of me I've edited, it's represents my phoenix stone and the opposite field I tried to create, an ultimate evil as I called it. I was trying to key into an opposite idea of what my stone was, an opposite energy. My attempt looked black and oily exactly like in the picture. A bit of me is glad I didn't have a chance to make it, I was trying to create the opposite to a phoenix stone, something which took power out of the mind, a dangerous thing I believe. 

This picture also reminds me of how such a good thing as my hypnosis and all the people it can help can attract some of the worst in our world; people experimenting on us Aspies, greed, war and even genocide. Opposites do seem to attract. I hope the new year is going well for my readers /waves and smiles at you guys. Damion

Monday, 5 January 2015

A request to my readers

If any of my readers would like to help me please help by sharing my blog and asking others to do the same. It might help a lot. There's a link in the sidebar for this. Thanx guys Damion

Sunday, 4 January 2015

America threatening invisible war on the UK

America, well the CIA has threatened to declare an invisible war on the UK if we don't do what it wants, torturing me being one of the conditions. This is about GCHQ recently finding out the state of affairs. It won't be a normal war, they are threatening to cause lots of problems to individuals in positions of power in our system with the secrets they have hacked using my hypnosis against the undefended, those who don't know it exists. David Cameron has been bought by the CIA, for them he's trying to stop GCHQ's COBRA protocol (an emergency plan to fight a foreign foothold in the UK). I think what America has done taking control and threatening this invisible attack is as good as an act of war, they arnt only a danger to Great Britain, surely an organisation like theirs is a danger to us all. I'm hoping by putting their planned tactics down they won't be able to use them, surely the international community would be horrified at such actions. Damion

Idea- Protein repair

Is there any way to remove the charges and reactivate they hydrogen bonds? A field that removes one of the charges of the dipole, is there's a way we could effect repair to the proteins hydrogen bonds, this could maybe help repair the proteins in the dopamine neuroreceptor in schizophrenia. Damion

An idea on EM waves causing autism

An idea on electromagnetic waves causing autism. I'm sure proteins either in the neuroreceptors or proteins responsible for their production have permanent dipoles attach to their hydrogen bonds in the primary structure of the protein. This contributes to proteins staying permanently unfolded. It seems primary structure is the most sensitive to dipole damage in proteins. This is how wifi ect is causing autism and other disorders, is there a way to limit dipole effect to protect babies? Maybe clothing that gives the dipoles in the environment something to bond to/dissipate or to limit the output from technology. Had this idea earlier. I'm sure it's right. Damion

Saturday, 3 January 2015

Another look at the structure of personality

This is the structure of personality that I can see with Spectral hypnosis, a structure in every human mind on the planet. The four structures that form personality, the Id, ego, super ego and conscious are relative to the four main brain waves, delta, theta, alpha, beta. We have four stages of development related to these four components, us on the spectrum say in one of the stages of development most or all of our lives leading to use being delta, theta, alpha or beta autistics as I've described in my autism work. Damion