Wednesday, 6 April 2016

a couple of ideas

I have been told every country on earth gets to patent some elements as their share of dr database (not the Nazis who have caused genocide hopefully though). I think this is a good idea but in the interests of stimulating the world economy I think a % profit limit should be put on compounds dr database creates, say 20% or whatever is reasonable, this will make sure compounds are readily available to everyone and will hopefully lead to a revolution in what we do with what we make. Im thinking if people have access to the compounds they will innovate with them. Just an idea.

With regards to dr dadatbases pharmaceutical abilities (like creating HIV and cancer drugs) I think I'd like the 9% for charities and my 1% to go towards a world wide drugs access programme to help people get drugs they would not otherwise be able to afford. This is negotiable, this is just a preliminary idea I'm playing with which seems like a good idea. I'm also playing with the idea of helping fund a campaign to wipe out HIV in the next ten years though. I guess I need advice before I make any decisions really, just a couple of ideas I thought id put out there. Damion

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