Friday, 15 April 2016

some ideas again

Atomic engineering idea- we use a chain of hydrogen bonds like in a protein to change the atomic angle of our compound for out atomic constructs. High amplitude low frequency waves will break all the bonds and change atomic angle a lot, a lower amplitude higher frequency will break less of the bonds on a sliding scale. I base this idea on my idea about electrostatic reactions in proteins- where when the delta brain wave is present it breaks all bonds forming a straight line, where theta waves are present the protein forms a helix, where alpha waves are present the protein forms its tertiary/globular structure and where beta waves are present the protein forms its quaternary structure/bonds.

I'm sure Dr Database has been used to create cures for all types of diseases, just to be clear; add protein target parameters for all diseases like cancer and we should be able to kick its ass. I'm under the impression we have a cure for cancer but I cannot trust MI6. I hope we do. Damion

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