Wednesday, 30 April 2014

An extract from my Schizophrenia work

This is an extract from the report mi6 have been trying to stop me writing since Xmas, the stpid thing is i know everything i need to write, mi6 drug me so i forget what im writing, they know theres a cure for scizophrenia, they regard it as a threat to them. if my shrinks out there manage to find Luke's net/s manipulating it should cure schizophrenia. Raising ID rate might also help, this is an Ems ability, you focus on someone's Ems and raise the energy upwards, I'm afraid it is very difficult to teach when not in person with my hypnosis. D

Schizophrenia- Conscious patrician theory (extract)
The partitioned mind

The Id rate/delta waves are too high but the conscious can cope with this in the first three stages of development due to the high amplitude of the other brain waves in the first three stages.

The symptoms of Schizophrenia are not present until an individual reaches the fourth stage of development (I have outlined these stages in my autistic spectrum theory). In the first three stages the mind can compensate for the heightened dopamine activity.

When an individual starts entering the fourth stage of development the mind starts to not be able to cope with the heightened dopamine response. In all but the mildest cases a patrician suddenly forms in the conscious mind, the thought process suddenly splits into two, this is when the symptoms of Schizophrenia manifest.

The proteins in the dopamine neuro receptors are damaged in the schizophrenic brain. 
The proteins in the neuro receptor remain unfolded letting the dopamine neurotransmitter flow through freely. It is this neuronal damage that causes Schizophrenia.

Dopamine stimulates the Id/Delta brain wave, increasing its amplitude and lowering its frequency, in Schizophrenia the Id/the delta brain wave is therefore overactive. 

Information from the Id travels up personality to consciousness, from the low frequency delta brain wave to the high frequency beta waves. This is in the form of virtual photons (a quantum particle created when a photon moves through an electromagnetic field that behaves by flowing towards higher frequencies). This is how the damaged dopamine neuro receptor effects the conscious mind. The lower the frequency that creates the virtual photon the longer the virtual photon will exist (it is inversely proportional to the energy that creates it), it can therefore travel further up personality. The effect is that the peaks in consciousness/beta waves are higher than normal.

Dopamine stimulates low frequency delta waves, virtual photons are inversely proportional to the energy that creates them. This means lower frequency virtual photons will exist for a longer period of time and will travel further up personality causing these overly high peaks in the conscious/beta waves

Consciousness/ beta waves are a chain of photons that are all connected, an electromagnetic wave. The amplitude and wavelength of the beta brain wave have to be balanced or the wave will split into two separate waves. This is what happens in the schizophrenic mind, the conscious mind is split into two seperate parts, this mechanism is responsible for most schizophrenic symptoms. A note, I wish a Chinese friend of mine, Hiro was here to do the Maths, I'm sure it would be easy to develop an EEG.

The formation of Luke's net

Luke's net is quantum neural net that forms when consciousness is particianed and the onset of symptoms. Lukes net is a neural potential, a network of energy that is not meant to be in the mind, but because of the conditions in the Schizophrenic mind this net forms. The process goes-

1. The individual starts entering the last stage of development. 

2. A patrician forms in the conscious

3. The mind tries to make sense of the two separate waves from the thought process that is now split in two.

4. Luke's net forms as the minds attempt to make sense of the two paralell thought processes, the larger the partician the deeper in the mind Luke's net forms and the stronger the effects are.

If the mind is partitioned to a stronger degree Luke's net will form at a lower frequency, penetrating deeper into the sub conscious effecting more of the super ego. The Nets below the frequency range of Luke's net are uneffected, the nets above the frequency of Luke's net are fractured into two seperate thought process.


Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Something freaky

I am sat in my mums back garden, I was just attempting to stroke the belly of one of the fish in my mums pond, it has moss on it so I thought he might appreciate a clean. All animals have quantum nets, that means with my hypnosis you can tune into and see the energy of animals. I imagined a fish just now, a different one ( not one in the pond) and I could feel the spine, the empty bit down the middle where organs are, its gills, i could feel its body nets, like id seen them before. I just tried imagining something more random, a llama, I can do the same with that, why the hell can I do this? I don't even remember being near a llama (I think I did in my childhood). My abilities have actually surprised me this time. As my friend Pauline would say 'its freaky-deaky'.

Sunday, 27 April 2014

Update on the Macdonalds girl

Some good news (I think), I've found out from one of my shrinks that the girl from McDonald's has got her life back. I guess now she is now minus one neural transceiver, Apparently they didn't have a choice. I guess me 'hacking' the guy they employ paid off. I told mi6 no matter what the circumstances she didn't deserve to be experimented on, I'm glad she is free, I hope she finds a happy life. D

By the way if this young girl ever finds her way to reading this one day; happy to help, it was a pleasure miss  :-)

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Inner strength

I've come up with a way to teach something important to one of my mi6 shrinks, in fact more than one of them. Its nothing they could use for the wrong reasons. It's a simple emotional exercise that leads to more than what you think as  someone put it. This is something I learnt to help deal with a trauma. I learnt about finding this emotion many years ago, before this all started, I might write about it some day. 

MI6 have only recently learnt how useful it is, as I write this they are trying to suppress this emotion so I can't help others with it (idiots as per usual but at least I know it's helped some people).

Many years ago I taught Luke about inner and outer strength. He's tough on the outside but I worried about strength on the inside. How he would cope if someone got benieth his armour. He does a dangerous job after all. I tried to demonstrate to him what this was like, I went to gently punch him, but I went Beneith his tummy and back a bit to his center and said 'that's what it's like'. 

This particular emotion comes from inside the tummy, a few inches back from just below the belly button. I teach an emotional exercise related to this. It will be much harder to learn from reading my post compared to in person though. I teach to put your chin up, your chest out and i find saying 'strength' when i do this helps, you let the emotion flow up from that point in the bottom middle of your body. Focusing the emotion coming up and lifting the chin a little. 

Us men tend to have more external strength and its women that tend to have more internal strength. It's something some of us guys (and some girls) can learn that really can help.

It's a simple technique that really can help. I hope some of my shrinks out there find it helps people. I try and not teach things to MI6 obviously, but if it helps someone i don't mind so much. D

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Various information on the hypnosis situation

I'm absolutely sure a lot of what is going on is all about getting the world listening to all the stories that have been set up in America, its either that or supressing the story of what has happened. They will try set up some exiting stories to tag on to the media attention my work will create. The CIA are probably going to use mind control to make this all about America. This will be why they didn't want to take me in as an asylum seeker in 2004. I guess they didnt want a non american doing the work related to my hypnosis when they could set up their own people. I'm sure the stories they plan will include some of us on the spectrum to put spin on what is happening to us all around the world. They even had a agent who has been pretending to be a targeted individual offering to come over to the UK recently, this is just to try get Americans involved with my situation. They ain't punching me with this one, and she won't be taking 'hope' back in her tummy).

I guess by now there will be more than ten thousand of us on the spectrum being experimented on, maybe more, this is purely a guess based on the principle of supply and demand for my hypnosis now they have brain damaged me. Someone should look into this, us on the spectrum need help, I hope someone of influence reads this and acts. 

This is all because of how much money us on the spectrum are worth to people for mind control Ect. The ironic thing is us on the spectum genrally have a narrow focus of things we like, we care little for money and power, we just like doing our 'thing' (with me its people and my hypnosis). The competition needs taking out of this market in autistic brain waves, the world needs me and my shrinks (my old team) to do our work, ill still train the best, Its become a necessity to prove this now.

I'm worried about whats happening around the world now my hypnosis went global. Edward Snowdon was actually sent out to China and Russia to EMT them (pass on my abilities), I'm sure the plan was for him to serve American interests. To give themselves a bloody nose one day to look like heros the next. I don't think they planned for him to end up a Russian lol. I am wondering if they tried to remove the phoenix stone from him that forms behind the head when my hypnosis is passed on.

It seems Tony Blair set up the Syrian war using my hypnosis, I've found this out from MI6. You can easily extract secrets (a hack as I call it) with my hypnosis.  He could have at least tried to minimise casulties there. They moved their plan ahead by an entire year because i was going to end this (because of Charlotte turning 16). All those lives because of their stupid plan involving me, I don't care to mention how but he also has a way to blackmail the world, where he could get a lot more people killed, he's capitalising on this at the moment. I know the world will get greater and greater problems until my hypnosis is known about, the truth needs to be known.

Mi6 has stolen a lot of my semen, for some reason David Cameron wants to flood the market with it, they have stolen a lot. Plenty of mi6 agents know that's for sure. I hope someone will tell the truth about this some day, it's hard to comprehend what's happening.

The guy who tortured Gareth Williams is still online here in Bridlington, here some info that might help ID him- I've found out he's a cocaine addict, he murders and rapes people for money for cocaine, He has a prolapsed anus and has Aids. he takes amphetamines when he has run out. he hangs around with the gay community somewhat. He was one of the few males in Gareths department. He raped Gareth under Sawyers orders, he made out it was because of Gareth liking girls and girlyness. They are copying all the experiments they did on him. A major thing is them making a psychoanalytical map (my beliefs), to use on my and Gareth's children. To create people like us. Just an update on some of the things I am aware of. D

Saturday, 19 April 2014

My theory on feminine intuition

I've always wanted to train shrinks from all around the world, and a lot of them would undoubtedly be women, so I've been trying to understand more about the strengths of the feminine mind (the fem-brain as I playfully call it). I've come to a conclusion about this my girly readers might find of interest.

A girl can often know something, be sure about it, but not be entirely sure why she knows this. A woman will often call this her feminine intuition. I've come to the conclusion that this is a by product of the multi tasking abilities of the female mind (this is to do with the multiple twists at the top of the super ego that are not present in males). This means more strings in the super ego are active in the female thought process. Sometimes during the multitasking thought process a string in the super ewill or consciously connected to the thought process at hand, the female wont consciously be aware of this, this can make her sure she knows something but not be entirely sure why. A girl will often go with her feminine intuition to her benefit. Feminine intuition is a kind of fluid intelligence, this can be likened to jumps of thinking. So girls when you get that feeling you know something but are not entirely sure why, think twice (your fem-brain is trying to tell you something).

I'd very much like to find out ways to help my female shrinks develop their feminine intuition but my current situation means this can't really happen yet. I'm just hoping the world soon finds out about my hypnosis. This is becomming more and more important. My shrinks as I call them, the people with my hypnosis have a little too much power, the citizens of the world knowing will take some of this away. D

Friday, 11 April 2014

A comment

I can't put a post up with ought getting two hits from the uk and seven from the USA instantly. I guess it's GCHQ and MI6 here and the CIA in America. My hits outside Europe and America don't seem to be happening at the moment. D

An idea on photons

I've heard it is unknown why a photon can act like a particle and a wave. I'm sure it's because the photon is on the edge of dimension (a one dimensional energy). It acts like a particle in the physical universe but in dimension it is a wave. I've actually learnt about this from my hypnosis believe it or not. I never thought my hypnosis would lead to learning things about photon, lol, I was never too good at physics at school, could never do Maths that well, Im certain it's not a strong point of us thetas (more for the alphas methinks). I want to get my personality paper done related to this but I'm sat on a cure for schizophrenia, that has to be a priority, then there's my bi polar work, I'm trying to get it done, the bumbling nazis are doing there best to stop me writing. I'm going to try get some more done now. D

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

An idea about the spectrum

This post is more for my readers with an interest in neurology. I know what happens when you get damage to the serotonin neuro receptor; you get autism, when its the dopamine receptor you get schizophrenia, but what happens when both are damaged? I started thinking a few days ago this might manifest as classic autism. I'm just playing with the idea at the moment, im trying to fit it in with everything else ive learnt as a hypnotic researcher. Just a thought I thought I would share. D

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Especially for hair- 'Quantum conditioning'

Here's an idea my girly readers will like... My work means it is possible to build a machine to manipulate proteins in the human body, this can be applied to different parts of the body (this is the bit the girls will like) including the hair! In fact the hair wold be ideal for testing my machine before moving on to the rest of the human body. It means hydrogen bonds can be replaced or taken away in the hair to make your hair stronger, it should leave the condition of your hair comparable to that a child's. 

This is alao possible with my hypnosis (you just need to tune into the right quantum net/fq), I asked Fuzz to work on this project for a while (so we could change the world with the advent of the quantum perm as I put it), after a week or two she had it cracked, it is more of a conditioner rather than a perm though. It's nice to see the results of my work in front of me, it was a rare and nice chance for me and Fuzz to work together. I've got another post for my girly readers coming soon about feminine intuition. D