Thursday, 14 April 2016

ideas post

I've thought about double (and triple) rec metals- a metal with two bonds that make it recursive, it should add a lot of strength. It may be possible. Im thinking diemreon/triemreon. Charlotainium-Charloreon. is a nice name after my daughter if anyone would like to use it. Ive thought naming some compounds after my shrinks would be nice like iqueenium (for icequeen), misteriun (for mr.T), Bobite (for Bob), Clairium (for Claire), Lukeium (or Luke). Aroseium/Aroseinium (for Fuzz) as examples.

Recursive luminescent material may be a good idea for lighting etc..

a recursive metal with helium trees branching off it may be good for a very strong light material. That is a recursive metal with side bonds carrying as much lighter than air elements as possible.

The 'blue meanies' by which I mean Cameron's government didn't like my idea about psych tests so have brought in a new paedophile to torture me for a week I've been told. Apparently Cameron's party would do the worst with these tests. I've found out he ordered Fuzz tortured and also ordered the girls in the London rebellion executed/killed for sure.


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