Saturday, 14 February 2015

The plan

This is an outline of my general plan, what I want to try help make happen, my enemy can hear my thoughts so there's no reason to keep it secret, it actually hinges on people knowing of it.

I'm not anti American, if I'm giving the birdie it's aimed firmly at the CIA. I like America and what it stands for, the problem is the CIA really doesn't stand for what America does, they stand against it being the land of the free. I'd have been in trouble if they took me on in 2004, lol, it would have been for standing  up for the oath I took becoming a citizen ironically.

I have one major advantage; being the good guys, I can win over 90% of the CIA, it's just the 10% in charge, there's lots of good Americans in the CIA that will want change the same as me, my plan is to try help them to effect change, to end this Nazi BS that should have died out 70 years ago, not shipping it aboard either.

The trouble is the CIA rules with an iron fist with its agents. I'm hoping we (whoever reads this) can help give them leverage, here's some options...

Land of the free initiative-

'the presidential route' the president may be open to advice on a tactical change of leadership in the CIA, some all American ball breaker who believes in it being the land of the free for all Americans is what is needed.

'The internal route' We need to somehow make it safer for other groups to gain power in the CIA. Outside agencies contacting these groups is an outside possibility.

'The viral route' whoever reads this in America, well in the CIA simply pass it on to others, or Just spreading this information where their army of hackers will find it would be enough.
There needs to be a shift in the balance of power in the CIA, to put good Americans in charge not rich idiots. There's lots of you good Americans there, 90% will stand by you. As someone once said 'don't do it because it is easy, but because it is hard'. The people in charge will really will drag America down with them if your not careful. They can't stop all of you, there's always a way.

'The telepathy route' this more militant plan involves using the 'old' CIAs secrets against it, trust me they have a lot. If it's demonstrated the old ways don't work it may give the good Americans the leverage they need. I've struck a blow for this outdoing the CIA with science, Luke struck a blow at 'the spectral games', lol he kicked the crap out of the American two years running in the combat event. We don't need to lower to the level of a Nazi to do this.

-On a side note the games are an event I organised for different countries to compete and share what they learn of my hypnosis, otherwise every time two of my shrinks meet up out there there will be constant fighting all over the place. It's designed to be like the original Olympics where warriors tested their skills away from the field of battle. This is an open offer to you spooks out there, I'm hoping China and other countries take up this offer, send in some young ones or just spectate for the first year if you like. There are different events to enter. It's in a few months, Contact mi6 for this. Back to my point...

Others can strike similar blows as me and Luke, prove the old ways are obsolete.

'The reason plan' a message to the CIA leaders- 'Survival of the fittest', I've proved my way to outdo that of Nazis, at least stand by your own doctrine, step down before you drag America down with you. 

The world wide plan-

My solution is to share my work simply, to even the field as it were. I even now know how to make cold fusion work, this and the other byproducts of my work I'm happy to share with good countries. I'm hoping if Britain and America agree they could get China on board and together we could get Russia to come onboard and end this Ukraine crisis. President Putin is only doing what he is doing because America made Russia feel threatened not knowing of my hypnosis for ten years. I met two Russian minds once, they seemed very strong, it's not good to make a strong people feel intimidated. My plan would help make Russia strong.

The world will soon need countries to lead the way adapting it to my hypnosis and what it changes, these countries (among others) leading the way is not just  needed, it is a necessity.

With regard to America to leading the free world to the future, id be all for this is they were the country they claimed to be, I'm sure the people of the world would agree, we won't be lead by Nazis. We need America to get back to the country that 70 years ago fought a war to stop Nazis, for free societies, for a free world.

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Phoenix stones, compressed photon fields and delta fields and cancer treatment

The following fields I describe might be of  use in cancer treatment. They could be used to fortify the body's natural defences or in combination with a medical treatment such as chemotherapy. People with better resources than me out there could maybe arrange a project.

A phoenix stone (described in my book) stimulates cellular metabolism I believe in a localised area which could be  useful.

A compressed photon field has a very strong suppression effect on the body. There is a balance between photons and virtual photons in the body, a compressed photon field has way too many photons compared to where you place offsetting this balance. A compressed photon field is made by repeatedly field compressing (collapsing so far) a gen field pushing all the photons in the field closer together. This could be used to alter hydrogen bonds in cells and close membranes.

A delta field, a white easy to gen field alters hydrogen bonds relaxing cell membranes which could help.

The frequency of lightning may also be of use.


Sunday, 1 February 2015

A picture of Ripley

This is a picture I found, it reminds me of Ripley a lot. I didn't make it myself. I just thought it was a nice thought to share this /waves at his readers Damion