Sunday, 31 July 2016

Temporal equation and warp field parameters

This is an equation I've come up with for my temporal theory- 

(wavelength squaredx4=dimensional HZ)

And I'm thinking as I type this-

(Energy of a dimensional wave squaredx4= total dimensional energy) or 

I hope you find it useful. Here are my advanced warp field parameters, I've been told it's safe to put them up, I emplore you to be careful now though, I really do. Be miles away from these experiments, I hope you guys can work together on this. Damion

Warp core phase inducers (upgrade)

Here are some ideas I've had on a potential upgrade for the warp core. Please be careful from this point, especially as you go on pages. Damion 

Some more warp field parameters

tried to keep these secret but someone sold them on to everyone. I'm under the impression experiments have been done at these FQ. As always be careful with new fields, especially with higher fields, nuclear bomb careful. I don't think the anti matter FQ is right, I've drawn a new fractal on that, I'll put my latest anti matter field parameter online soon unless people would prefer I keep it secret. I'm still debating wether it's safe. Damion

A page from the past

This is a look back in my notebook to the day I worked out the structure of dimension. Damion

Friday, 29 July 2016

Songs that go with my blog

This song I always tell Luke reminds me of our friendship, friends in no mans land...

Field compression- Temporal accelerator/warp core ideas

I guess America has had enough time to develop phase inducers for the field compression experiments, I hope their experiments have gone well, if they were dangerous I guess they would have let me know. I think it's time for other people to have access, I'm hoping America brings what it has learnt to joint projects like I suggested, they seem like good ideas to me.

Here are some concepts I'd like adding to our warp core design. I'm unfamiliar with the specifics of how to generate electric, I could use a chat and gen with someone in the know so you will have to apply what You know of this to the following ideas. I can't do any experiments so I have to tackle things from a few angles with these ideas. I really wish I was working with some of you guys on this, I guess I can help with my ideas...

Damion ⚛

Picture, space and time

The Tibetan group have been back

The Tibetans whi work for the deli llama have been back, well one of them. I still can't believe what they do to my children, they have something wrong with them. I have found out a number of my children are in Germany, getting abused there. I hope the Germans help my children, my children are European citizens after all. I really want them with me. This Tibetan usually EMTs with me against my will while I work as pointless as it is, I can work or I can fight but I can't do both I've found, I've explained this is pointless to him but he won't listen. He actually thinks he can...he wants to think like me, even though his mind isn't suited to it, he wants to out do me more than anything, rather than to learn from me. People like him don't want us autistics, they want what we can do for themselves. His mentality is dangerous. He tries to steal my ideas. He was claiming to have come up with some elemental engeneering idea I was working on because I needed sleep and he stayed up after a night of monitoring me working, he just blatently was claiming my work to be his. I was worried about the Emporors polly recursive sword, I worked out it could actually cut through the handle and therefore the wielded hand or worse, I think he claimed he worked this out. The first thing I said to him when I heard the Emporors had a sword like that a few months ago was he shouldn't use it, it's dangerous, I was a bit worried. 

This guy is not like Blossom, Hiro, Bruce or Liu, not at all. He does not display the wisdom or manors I would expect from someone from the east. I worry about him spreading lies about me. He is obsessed with making me out to be a racist, properly obsessed, he's painfully obvious in his tactics, it's kind of insulting, he goes on about me being a racist constantly. I must admit there are pressures on me, plenty of their number have murdered, raped and abused my children, I look at these people as scum but I won't let it effect my view of the Tibetan people. Me and some friends agree there are not many people who wouldn't be at least moderately racist in the situation I'm in, I try and rise about it....I listen to my reason and logic.

Can my friends in the east please be aware this individual has lied to you a lot about me.  It's a pity we can't talk directly, I'd care to make a good impression, I'd care for you to get to know who I am rather than just hear lies about me. Damion /bows


The government is hitting me pretty hard at the moment, they've given me mind damaging drugs, it feels like it's effecting bets waves/ the frontal lobe, I feel like I can't concentrate and keep making little mistakes in my diagrams. They've been spiking me with what seems like anthrax again, I can only walk a couple of hundred meters then I need to sit down, my tummy feels like it's not producing acid and I am getting funny tasting burps, also my eyes feel more sunk in, all these symptoms are the same as when they were spiking me with anthrax. They have been having their agents with the disease come in one by one, a few a day; to torture me in different ways. Can hardly see to write this post, all the letters are fuzzy, it's pretty bad. They keep comming in my room most nights still. They are trying to desynchronise my nets:mind, trying to segregate it so I can't think properly, I think this is to stop me recovering from the lobotomy like attack the other day. They are hitting me pretty hard. Damion

Wednesday, 27 July 2016


They are spiking me with something similar to canibis today for their experiments, I'm not particularly enjoying it. More bumbling Nazi experiments from idiots trying to be brain scientists. Damion

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Songs that go with my blog

This song reminds me of flipping the Nazis the birdy and helping build a ship anyway. It makes me think of watching her take off for the first time, (pictures himself in a few years time with headphones watching the first warp ship taking off)...

A large scale warp project?

Only joking, it's actually a new theme park ride that looks just like a warp core. Damion


I'm starting to feel a bit better from the frontal lobe damage. I keep getting told if I put things online I get tortured for a day. Problem is I write what's going on, so they have been torturing me constantly. 

I'd still give Teresa May a chance to do the right thing, I'd still try and form a working relationship with her government, she hasn't been in long. I know it will never happen but I wish she would come and meet me face to face, it would probably change things. What I want is a real job with government with hopes of working for the UN also, this and the government to work towards fixing what has happened.

Younger the head of MI6 was out to fight Teresa May when he thought she was going to help me. He's acting differently now. I got told the rapes would stop just after she came into office, her hand I'm lead to believe, but they continued, his hand I'm lead to believe.

I'm hardly temperamental if government think that, us autistics are actually know for staying the same, I just feel strongly about things like Nazis and will stand up to them, isn't that the same with all Britts? I care to solve problems, not cause them. 

Oh, and I'm happy for the UK to benefit from my warp core just not when it's committing genocide against me and my children and my race. It should pay its debts first. I guess I have to see what government does. Damion

Click for Final edit of the story of Luck and CGTA and DNA

The final edit of my recent true short story is up..

Sunday, 24 July 2016

Update and some info on power

David Cameron sold perpetual power even though it was not his to sell to the big power companies. I'm thinking Teresa May (be a Nazi), is going to do the same with warp power, when it doesn't belong to her, anyone could dispute that easily. Cameron wanted to plug the 50 billion he gave away in 2013 to cover up the atrocities his government has committed. He stashed a fair bit for himself as well I've been told. How many big decisions like this that effect everyone will be made without public know lags?

I've been getting pain experiments all day so far. Still feel groggy from the frontal lobe damage. The diseases are happy as Larry about new conservative government I've noted. Damion

Another lobotomy

Teresa has had me given a lobotomy it seems. Some form of frontal lobe damage. Frontal lobe hurting and can't think. She's gone Cameron on us. She acting just like him. I got some sleep eventually but they did this when I slept. Damion

Teresa sleep Deping me

Teresa is having me sleep dep'd to torture me. Had no sleep at all. They keep holding me in a hypnotic state and telling me I've had sleep. They say they've sold on my old ideas to my friends out there to get them to not put pressure on the UK to stop this. I don't know if it's true or not, they did say they'll be pissed when they realise I put all my good ideas online. All my big ideas I put online. They have been working on my dr. Ditty program recently, it's an educational program based on the board game 'guess who' , it is an old idea for an educational game government sold to someone, I've built on it recently and think it could be made into a very advanced adulation so tool.

Some of the concepts are-

3D environment for the child to explore

You can zoom in to get to the cellular 

Zoom in further to get to the atomic

You zoom out to see planets, galaxy's ect

Names should be on everything

You click names to get a basic explanation and to go to a sub menu containing the different areas of learning for that subject.

Dr. Ditty should talk to you and show in real time what it's explaining

Dr. Ditty should talk and use writing and images to explain him/herself

A list of commands- 'what's this' to bring for a basic explanation and to bring up the sub menu, 'explain' to immediately explain the last thing dr. Ditty said. 'tell me more' to expand on a subject, 'I don't understand' to simplify.

Audio, written

A library to acsess books

Too tired to write, need to try get some sleep again, I'll finish this post tomorrow.

Update- government assassin

There's a new shrink in, he's a government assassin, he's done a few jobs, high profile ones. He's about 38 or so. He knows about a government baby farm, where they raise my children to be batteries. They selectively breed them as well. Damion

Saturday, 23 July 2016


There starting to sleep dep me it seems, been laying in bed trying to sleep since the bug dissolved. The brain damage is making me sleepy but they have a white field in my forehead. Damion

More of her goons

I've got yet more of her goons in, I just felt a click inside my frontal lobe then couldn't talk, I might put a video up of it when the Internet is back up, they did something to the implant they put in there. They tried to cover up the effects by giving me broccas aphasia as well. They've spiked me with a memory damaging drug now, despite the fact I can't remember yesterday all ready. I hacked these orders are comming from Teresa may directly. I guess I can expect more of this. Damion

Update on government

Teresa May has her goons in. Government have been spiking me with damaging drugs. The neuroleptic turned I think it's a third primary net grey and today it's a drug effecting my hand eye coordination. I've been spiked with it before, it stopped me being able to play halo. This must be in revenge for my HIV cure. They always do this when I come up with something that will help a lot of people. Someone said to me she's trying to model herself in Margaret thatcher, there's no way she would have tolerated this Nazi betrayal of what our country stands for. They tried to cut off my internet for this weekend. Damion

Friday, 22 July 2016

Teresa may going out on the offensive with me

Just woke up, can't think. They are doing their new experiments. They are trying to do permenent damage again.;;:'

It's morning now... Woke up drugged . Can't think. Feeling in my frontal lobe, it's a neuroleptic I think. 

They've drugged me again. Swearting a lot. Can't think. 

She was just buying time for something I've hacked.

She is outright denying the genocide I've found out, that's her stance.

I think she did this because of my cure for HIV 

I hacked she went back on the big deal she made with the world/ a group owhatever that means

another net is going grey as I write this...


Thursday, 21 July 2016


Teresa May is still having me tortured every day, just s heads up. Fits and pain ect. Are all conservatives Nazis or something? Damion

Gone viral

By the way, the D-locker drug can be adapted to kill any kind of virus. That about raps it up for those little critters plaguing us I'm thinking. The R&D is well under way, we should have cures out in no time. Groovy.

Picture, going viral

The story of 'Luck and C-G-T-A and DNA'

I haven't forgot you know. I still think about it often. I keep working on it. I've not given up. It's not easy. I know I'm up against the odds. I try anyway. I said I will do it. I said I will find a way. I said I will find something...I said I'd save him, I said I'd save Luke...

All together now...

It is now early March 2016. I am still fighting the secret service, I still have a bug in me that makes my head more like a hypnotic chat room than a head, my life is still hard, life is still a fight. I am in supported housing now. I am in a home called the Pentrich, in a small room on the third floor on a small street, it's in my home town Bridlington. I am glad to be out of the hospital they had me in, it was a tough year and two months. It has been eight months I've been out now, I am glad the section ended. I am still getting the same pain experiments I got in hospital unfortunately, they make me feel ill and run down a lot, it's a fight to do my work often. In most ways I find my life much the same as it has been for some time; always changing, but always the same. Life is still a fight.

MI5 are paying an interest in me at the moment, they come online into the hypnotic chat room I call my head often. This interest is because of the London rebellion that happened recently. A rebellion us in the Phoenix net were kind of in the middle of. I am to find myself online with a new shrink tonight, he tells me he is an MI5 agent, he doesn't seem to be the nice type I note as a first impression. He soon starts attacking me with hypnosis; some lame attempt at some pointless experiment. Another one who is in to abuse me it seems, I've had to get used to this, it happens constantly, just about every day. While this agent attacks me I get a good impression of him. He isn’t pleasant, he's the abusive kind, it's easy to tell that. He's got 'the disease' as I call it, the one that has spread through most of MI5 and MI6; bad guy syndrome. When he attacks me I 'hack' him to defend myself; I jump around him with my logic, I question and suggest, to extract information; it's like hacking a computer. I get benieth his armour and get a reaction first, then I go in to hack my secret. He isn’t too bright so it isn’t hard. He has raped 50 prostitutes, he cuts them with a knife he never washes. It seems this guy is pretty much scum, a rapist, and a bad one at that. I hack a few other things out of him like him betraying who he works for and other bits I often hack for. There are some MI6 agents in as well, one of them mentions about this guys looks, he has red blotches over his face, he is riddled with diseases it seems. No one likes him. I'm a little surprised MI5 employ people like this, I imagine people like this cause problems, then again I have found MI5 have done some pretty sick things recently. The abuse continues all night, people with this disorder become obsessive so it can be pretty constant. He attacks me again and again, me having all my hypnotic abilities suppressed when I sleep I have no other option other than to hack in retaliation, I raise my hands in my imagination as I've started recently to do in a natural fashion when fighting. I hold them on high angles like they are Cobras, take a breath, and get back to it. I jump around his logic. Considering my abilities are suppressed I do well, considering my voice is my only reliable weapon. The night goes on in the same fashion, eventually it gets late and I start to get tired. It can be tiring how I live. I decide to climb into my bed and try to get some sleep. This guy is still online, I ignore his attacks now, this is an important skill I've learned, it would be hard to get rest sometimes without this one. MI6 have acsess to me here in the Pentrich when I sleep, just like in hospital and the last place, like in every place I've been in for years. So I lay in my unsafe bed and close my eyes, eventually I start to drift off, eventually fall off to sleep.

It is now the 12/3/16, the morning after. I awake, I am soon to find something feels wrong, I feel the base of my spine, it feels very wrong, it's just disappeared, I just can't feel the base of my back at all. It has caved in; I have a compacted spine of some description. At this point I'm unsure if it's broken it's that bad. My nose also hurts I find, I feel it, it is swollen, it stings when I touch it. My nose has been cut on the inside, against a bone that sticks out from my old broken nose (my war wound from when they sleep dep'd me). Its obvious my nose has been cut with a knife. I have no recollection of it but during the night I have obviously been woken into a hypnotic state and attacked. 

MI6 agents are in now, through the day I talk with them, they say MI5 demanded access to me. I am told the agent from yesterday raped me, it confirms what I suspected. David Cameron and MI5 arn't content just to give me carcinogens it seems. MI6 ask me to feel my back so they can see what's happened, a GCHQ doctor is in, the doctor isn't happy, they say I nearly died last night from a broken back when I show them it. I get told by one agent the MI5 guy heard it snap twice. I am now told about the rapists diseases, I am told I’ve probably been infected with HIV and herpes; that it was herpes all over his face. One MI6 agent tries to hold a sinking feeling in my tummy when I am told this but I know to defend myself, I know it is a foriegn reaction and to ignore it. Us theta autistics are the adaptive type. I was obviously raped quite violently from my injuries. I think about it, about the HIV. That’s it then, its me too. I think of my friends, of the others in the Phoenix net; Me, Luke, Mr. Thompson and Icequeen all have HIV now, I am lead to believe Claire has it too. I'm starting to think we have all been targeted, even Bob, it's seemingly obvious. I think it's maybe so the bumbling Nazis as I call them, those who control MI6 can get rid of us without a fuss. On top of this there is my son Phoenix, I know he has it too. I need to do something, I've got to do something. I've been working on a cure for HIV for around two years now, since Luke left the conscious net, when I thought he had died. I decide out of necessity to redouble my efforts working on It.

Processing thoughts

The days pass, I continue with my work, often when I am problem solving I will come back to HIV...I've found my feet with solving problems but my backs against the wall this time. I need to find something. I won't let my entire team and my son die of AIDS. I set my mind to this; as I say 'I'm not going to fight HIV; I'm going to declare war against it'. I really set my mind to solving this problem; finding a cure for HIV. 

I'm sure I can cut the time it will take for a cure to come about, but I wonder by how much? Would it be enough to make a difference? I guess that a cure is about maybe twenty or thirty years away currently. I say on a couple of occasions to different shrinks ‘if I do well it will take me ten years to crack, if I do average it will take fifteen, if I do badly it will take me twenty, and doing it in five would be like hitting the jackpot'. I'm hoping that doing it in ten years will be enough to save Luke... No one has told me yet but Luke wasn't even going to last that long, he's been on antiretrovirals over ten years at this point. You only last around ten years on them, I thought you would last a lot longer than that. He has passed his life expectancy already. Unaware of this I busy myself with my work but keep coming back to HIV. I got my education in brain science, well; in problem solving really, I’m sure I can apply what I know to this problem. I keep trying day after day coming back to my problem. It plays on my mind; my entire team and son has it. I think about this a lot. I'm just not having it, I won't let this just happen...I won’t let everyone I care about  just die... I've been working on this problem for two years now, now my survival instincts have kicked in as well, this brings it to mind more. This all helps focus me, I find I work best in a crisis...

I don’t know much about HIV, I could use some more information about it’s behaviour, it's life cycle and the like. I need to find a weak point somewhere in it and I know it has to be something that some very clever people out there haven’t found. This isn’t going to be easy, I know this, I have to try though. I know I need to find something you wouldn’t usually see. I head to my local library. I do some research online. I learn more from talking with people and thinking about my problems as a rule, but this time I could really use a few fresh ideas and angles to tackle my problem from. I decide to research Wikipedia for a while to try and give myself some grounding in HIV and to find some new angles to solve my problem from. I type in 'HIV'. I read the article. It’s all bloody foriegn to me, it’s too many unfamiliar concepts I note as I read it. My mind feels a little overloaded after a while, I just arn't taking in hardly any of what I'm reading. This isn’t any good to me I soon realise, it's not going to help me, not at this point at least. I need to try something else. I leave the computer without learning anything, I haven't made any headway. I need to find something. I decide to fall back on what I already know about science and logic and my problem solving, it's how I usually get results. I decide to problem solve my way out, mix things up a little. I know a bit about genetics and virus but not much past secondary school education and from T.V programmes. I've always picked science up easily though so I do know a bit, I hope it's enough to 'jack in' (as I call it) on my problem.

It is now on or around the 15/3/16. My problem is beyond me I am finding but I keep on trying, I keep comming back to it. GCHQ are in today, they are brought online with hypnosis when I'm doing my work as a rule, the others don't understand science like they do. GCHQ are the geeky sciency ones in UK intelligence, I feel quite at home with them. I've developed a very good relationship with them over the least year since they’ve been involved with me, some of them I'd even count as friends. GCHQ seem pretty cool as a team, they are pretty much on my side too which I like, I should be working with them really, me and GCHQ all think that. I chat away to everyone online while I am doing my work as I do. I come back to the HIV problem, I spend some Rhine thinking of different ways to tackle it. I think of something, a new idea, about making new HIV drugs; how do they do this? How could I do this? How I could I actually speed up this process? GCHQ tell me it is a slow process, they say it is regarded as an 'art form' designing drugs. An art form? That means it's just beyond the mind to understand properly, right? This is it; my instincts tell me this might be what we've been looking for. I ask a few questions about drug design, I want to know how they work out which elements can bond to which and on what angles; how the atoms of the drug are put together into a compound. I am told it is a set of complex mathematical equations that people go through to design a compound. I think. I'm useless at maths I know, but there might be a way around this, this process might be beyond me to master, I know that...But it might not be beyond everyone...I decide I need to seek out a higher power for this one, as I've heard is recommended with problems that are beyond you... Though seeking out a higher processing power might be a better description of my idea...

I think we might be able to put the right equations into a computer to get it to put compounds together, drugs are just compounds right? If we add enough parameters I think we could get it to design new HIV drugs for us...We might be able to do this... GCHQ are more than interested in my new idea. I put my thoughts to them; how we could program the periodic table of elements and how they bond together into a computer program. They constantly question me saying it won't work because of various details, I do my best to solve the problems they put to me. I hack through the problems.

I know we could do this if we had something basically along the lines of one of the computers off Star Trek. A plan starts to form in my mind. I decide I need one of these computers, you know the ones, where you just basically state what you want the computer to do and it just does it, you state the parameters to them, the frame of what the computer needs to do. I remember the computers on Star Trek would often say 'please state parameters', they are designed so you do the logic and it does the maths. I know programming a computer is beyond me but it isn't beyond GCHQ, I know I can do the logic part and list what I need the computer to actually do. I know my friends at GCHQ can turn this into codes and commands for a computer. At this point in my mind I decide that I am going to think of GCHQ as being like one of these computers. I look at my GCHQ shrinks, I tell them what my plan is; I say to them 'the development of new HIV drugs is going too slowly for my liking, we need to speed things up a little'. I grin and state 'were going to hijack HIV research for a while'...

A database?

I start to list my parameters to GCHQ, what we need our computer to do to get it designing us new drugs for us. First I say I want them to build a 3D model of all the atomic shells of all the elements on the periodic table and how they connect together, I gen an image of this for them in my imagination, then I gen how they connect to each other. I gen the atoms as balls of energy whizzing round and where they connect to each other as lines. I say how we will need to calculate the elements bond angles when they connect, their tolerance and how they change when we add more elements. I show them a gen of what it should look like and how the angles must all change when new elements combine to a compound. I list more perameters to them... Like only using elements found in HIV drugs. Using elements that are common bases for drugs in general. I explain they need to make databases that list how often an element is used in a drug so our program knows how often to use this element. I think of a parameter of using the structure of the best HIV meds as a template to create better, simpler ones. It occurs to me to use the structure of HIV proteins, they are just fancy compounds HIV uses as I understand them, as a 'target parameter' for our compound we make to bond with. 'The bathroom cabinet parameter' makes me smile when I think of it- you program the computer to only use raw materials you find around the house, this one is for Africa especially, for affordable HIV meds over there. Me and GCHQ spend a while problem solving, I come up with more parameters. They eventually tell me they think my idea is possible, that we could do this. I say to GCHQ were going to need something, we're going to need a 3D game engine to do this, we definitely need this, I think it will have to be a good one too. I think about this…my mind wonders, where could we get a game engine like this from...One to help us hijack HIV research…Hmmm...

In the coming days GCHQ soon turn up with an engine for us, they found one somewhere it seems... We all get busy, GCHQ programming with me coming up with more perameters. Someone puts to me at some point while we work; what are we going to call this project? It looks as if they want me to decide. I choose a name for my and GCHQ's little project, I decide straight away upon 'Dr. Database'...Because then you could basically say to him 'dr. Database, I'd like fifty new HIV drugs please...and he'd seem like a real person' as I state. They all look at me. Some of MI6 being a bit stuck up don't like my name because of this (I think it gives him character personally) but GCHQ insist it's my choice; so dr. Database it is. Our project has a name. He is an Elemental Designe Engine (ED-E) by the way, though I also play with the first name E.D.E.N as well if he becomes a network. I take to just calling him dr. Database.

Days pass. GCHQ I am to find kind of go rouge from government with our project; they have all stopped cracking codes I am told which is what they are meant to do and are all working on dr. Database as their top priority. GCHQ say to me if all two thousand of them work on this we can have an operational dr. Database within a week or two. So our project is quietly put together, there is only me, GCHQ and MI6 that know about it at the moment.

Days pass. I am to receive a knock back today, I am told by GCHQ the new HIV meds we think we will be able to make with dr. Database will only do so much. This is what I was pinning my hopes on for a cure, dammit, I am told that the virus will just overpower them, it's just a matter of time. It looks like I've bought us time but no more than that. I was hoping somehow that if we made better ones or combined them it would be enough for a cure. I'm still sure dr. Database is the key though, but I need to think of something else. I thought we had it, dammit, I feel a little disheartened from hearing this. I really thought we had something. I can't let it put me off though, I know we've taken a big step in the right direction, I have to get back to work...

It is now the 18/3/16, I am sat downstairs in the Pentrich. I am working on my HIV problem again. I try imagine my enemy as a person this time; he is trained in combat, he is armoured, he is highly evolved, I have to fight him in his own environment. I think of striking him on different angels in different ways and try fit what I'm doing into what I know of science. This is to help me think of new ideas. I picture him. I need to get benieth is armour somehow, I attack him in different ways with different things, I attach relative ideas to how I am striking him. I come up with a few ideas, GCHQ discount them one by one. I argue my point every time, we come up with some possible avenues. Time and time again I come back to my problem. I try to think of my enemy's weaknesses, a weak spot. A point where I can hit him hard...I think of something... Hitting him in his vulnerable area; in his reproductive cycle. I think of his life cycle; he is born, he grows, he reproduces, he ages, he dies. I think about this, it's my enemies weak point. I think of the DNA of HIV, it's a code of four letters; C,G,T,A. I know a virus is a chain of it; I know it must split and recombine to reproduce, HIV 'has' to do this, but how to stop this happening? I think, I think of simply tying a knot in it, tying a knot in his reproductive cycle, in his DNA. Dr. Database could surely come up with two compounds that could lock into place on opposites sides of HIV's DNA, specific to its code. Then we make these drugs connect to each other across it's DNA, we form a bridge over it, a lock. This would bond HIV's DNA together, so it couldn't reproduce. That’s it! damn right! I think I've got it, I'm sure this is it. GCHQ agree, it might work...

The Damion and the monkey constant

Days pass. GCHQ have been hard at work, all of them. All abandoning cracking codes, all working together on our project as top priority. We soon have a fully operational dr. Database. It runs on GCHQ's super computer, they divide the processing time between a cure for cancer that you just alter the parameters slightly for and HIV. There is something that has happened in that I am unaware of at this point, in the last few days; a shrink I named Mark (a.k.a 'the physics monkey'- a long story) from GCHQ was given an important project; he heads up an entire team that work on it. Mark was the first one from GCHQ to actually listen to my ideas on physics, back in hospital, we kind of won each other over, albeit eventually. Him and his men risked a lot with what they did (GCHQ have a good story to tell one day); they entered a few extra bits of coding into dr. Database... To help with something...To help me... To try to change things. I carry on oblivious to this. I carry on with my work when I can, the experiments go on, I work when I can, I keep at it. GCHQ come in and tell me something today, it isn't good news; they tell me that Dr. Database can't make my DNA locker work, I am told it would be a hyper complex compound and it would be too difficult to make. Dammit, not again. I really was sure this time. I really was. This isn't good... Again.

Dr. Database soon starts spitting out new meds for HIV, I am told about fifty new generic drugs that have been designed in a week. I know this will buy a lot of people time who don't have much. It's a step in the right direction at least. More time passes.

A doctor's day

It is now the 1/4/16, I have had people from the government in. They say they are here to help, a feeling of relief comes over me, it seems there here to help, we talk. They are from the conservative government. They say they want dr. Database. They want me to keep it secret from the world. I say I'll keep it quiet if they stop the torture and work with me, that I'll give them a chance. I've kept dr. Database just between me, GCHQ and MI6 so far and off my blog though I've been tempted to put it online. I state to the guys from government that we need a new prime minister, that I won't work for evil people, wars can go different ways because of things like my hypnosis after all. I'll give them a chance if they just stop all this Nazi BS. They say they can help. I'm all for this, we talk for a while. I then ask them to stop the torture MI6 keeps doing to me, I spend half my time laid on a bed or sat in a chair in pain after all. They say that I have to get tortured for a week, then they will help. I realise straight away; this is wrong, alarm bells ring. They soon leave my conscious net leaving me with MI6. I've become pretty experienced by now and realise when someone is just buying time to do something dastardly... I think they want to off me to keep dr. Database to themselves. I decide I need to move, to put my perameters online for the world to know about dr. Database. It's time to let the world know... I get my phone, I photograph the pages from my notebook with Dr. Databases perameters on, I go online to my blog, I upload the pictures. It doesn't take long. I write my post. Soon It's ready. I look at the post button on my screen, then I look up at my shrinks. I live for moments like this, I can't help but like them; I say ‘dare me to press enter’. I immediately press enter and say ‘Ha’. So I make my move, hoping good will come of it, Dr. Database goes out to the world...

I soon get reports people from all over the world are demanding copy's of dr. Database, some are building their own. I'm told it's causing all kinds of problems for the bad guys in government I'm up against. I'm eventually told government gives in and hands out copy's of dr. Database. I did it, I got it out. The government agents in the coming days come back in and arn't happy, apparently I am told David Cameron held a meeting where he put his profits through the roof then later that day had to put them right back down, I guess on the first of the month. I decide I made the right decision in fighting, I am sure when an MI6 agent confirms that government were just buying time to be officially allowed to kill me, apparently it takes time to be allowed to officially kill someone. This move may have saved my life, these people would do anything to get hold of the type of money dr. Database is worth for themselves. Apparently David Cameron was going to keep all the profits for himself, I could see a fair amount ending up in his pocket.

It is the 5/4/16 I put a post on my blog of a joker card entitled 'one for random elements'. I've played my card with dr. Database, this is me adding to what Claire and my angels tried to achieve in the London rebellion. To try and get more support for us good guys. I guess only time will tell. Some Time now passes...

It is now mid April 2016, I keep working on my DNA locker idea regardless, im sure I can make it work, I keep comming back to it, to try make it simpler. I eventually think of something; using a carbon based drug, they can repeat and form a chain. I think of creating a drug based on how a protein (the building blocks of cells) is put together. I am sure my idea is good now. I put it to GCHQ, they also think I'm on to something. I am eventually told some friends in America are taking on this idea, they are going to try make it work. I'm happy with this, they should be able to get the research and development done pretty quickly. I am in high hopes now. I really think this will work. My idea goes off to some American lab to be made. I guess it's just a matter of time now, a matter of waiting. More than a month passes... 

Not to forget

One day I am told there is a monkey that has had my drug, I am told the drug has decreased it's HIV viral count by ninety nine percent, and it's close...But it's not a cure. They tell me it's good but the HIV will still get worse and worse. I keep thinking about this. Theres a solution I'm sure. A short time passes, I keep trying to find a way to make it work. I realise that the DNA in the virus is mutating, that’s why 1% of it is getting through. It likes to wriggle I see, it mutates a lot, maybe that's why it's so hard to kill. I come to the conclusion we've hit it hard, we just hit it hard again; with two drugs this time, the second drug a DNA locker designed to bond to a different part of its genetic code. That little shit HIV might adapt and change it's genetic code a lot but we can adapt quicker. My idea is sent off, some time again now passes...

It is now May 2016. One day out of the blue I am simply told that there is a monkey out there...And that is now free of HIV... And that it is a miracle... But the drug actually worked... A big smiles comes across my face. I get exited. We did it! This is ace! We found something! Damn right! I know there telling me the truth, they never lie like this. My thoughts go straight back to Luke and the others, of what it will mean to them. There going to be ecstatic, I'm giddy. I can't wait for them to find out, I told them we'd find a way. Ice Queen, mr Thompson, Claire, Phoenix; there gonna be... They'll...I think again; this is ace! It's going to help so many other people as well. There's a lot of people out there who could really use this cure right about now. This puts me on a high, I spend most of the day smiling. Time passes...

Its quite out of character for me but I soon decide; right, I need a 'lot' of money. There's something I want to do. I'm hoping to get a small percentage from dr. Database for this... I really want to fund a big project... I don't want to stop at curing just those who are close to me, I want to do it properly. After all I did say I wouldn't fight HIV, I said I would declare war against it. I'm sure I can save a lot of people with this, we could wipe HIV out completely. I move on to other ideas about how to use dr. Database, i do quite well at it I believe, I move on to elemental engineering; creating new materials as well as drug design, I keep sharing my ideas out with the world hoping to make the world a better place. It's also one of my avenues to try and get some help fighting the bad guys and to change things in my life, to hopefully make friends and get noticed. So I carry on with my work and fighting the secret service, I find I'm in higher spirits now after this, things are looking up.

One day I am sat downstairs in the Pentrich drinking coffee, I get a visitor; an agent wanders in, he has something for me, it's a message of sorts. He tells me that Luke now knows about the cure, I smile. He also tells me about something, he tells me about when Luke read 'the story of the first games', about when I made my promise to save him. I am told that he cried when he found out what I said I was going to try and do. That's all, that is is my message. It makes me nearly teary when I hear this... He cried?... My eyes well up a little bit... He cried because I cared I think, but also maybe because he thought that I was just clinging onto some misplaced hope. Prehaps I was clinging to that one chance in a million, but it wasn't going to stop me trying. I think about all this. It never entered my mind about the odds we were up against with this one you know...I didn't care too much for that feeling, the one I had when I thought he had died two years ago. So I tried anyway. I didn't forget. Sometimes you just gotta say 'no, I’m not having it, reality just isn’t going to work out this way. This isn't happening. And try. And simply find another way'.......

                      ~The end~

Oh, there is just one more thing... If you find yourself in cyberspace, in a half built city with by chance an Elemental Design Engine operating in the sky above you...Take some time to look around the place, there isn’t just something there for you, there's a little something for someone else, it's from some brave friends of mine, two thousand brave friends of mine in fact, who did their damnedest to make a difference, who risked a lot to get this out. To help with something...To help me... To try to change everything...'Enter' the sun...

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Picture, warp fields

Us in the Phoenix net; trying to change things..

Warp generator ideas...

I've bee thinking, I'd like a percentage of what the warp core makes to go to my children if people agree. It might help make things a bit better for them. Just another reminder for you guys to keep below 35hz/field oscillations per sec, I really am worried about higher fq experiments. We should work together on them in my opinion. Damion

Some ideas from my note book...

I have come up with a new phased induced warp core idea that I've been lead to believe will work. I'll put my diagram online in the future. 

This idea might work for you guys since my last was off by a few degrees...
Dammit, the bottom bonds of the compound would have to be different. I know this compound won't work but the idea of using a frame might. That's why I've put it up. You can easily adapt the compound to have just one iron in the top and bottom if that's useful. 

Here's an idea for South America...

Please try see I get to know if my ideas don't work out so I can come up with more for you. I'm thinking of trying to gift some ideas to places I've forgot or that I'm unsure of the impact like Iran and North Korea. I'd happily gift my ideas if I can meet two conditions- if it promotes stability and if it promotes the world working together. Please excuse me for not knowing as much about world affairs as I should, I'm a bit short handed when it comes to advisers. 

If there is any countrys out there that would like me to exchange my tech and ideas for the two things I stated above please send my blog a hit or two in the next week so I know.


Monday, 18 July 2016

The Prime Ministers decision

It looks like the Prime Minisrer has made her decision. She was informed about me and my situation soon after comming into office, my view was it was a new start for me with government, unfortunately the torture and abuse continues. I have conservative psychiatrists in at the moment, from the part of government that changes, people like this have been comming into my conscious net for a while. The Prime Minister I have been told from a reliable source wants stability, unfortunately stability means keeping in place people who have committed genocide and torture us autistics along with other members of the British public, What we need is change, we need good old fashioned British battle axe to lead our country, someone who won't tolerate this happening. I'm still hoping she does the right thing.

Since the new  Prime Minister came into office I've been raped at least once and sexually on more than one occasion. The rape nearly killed me I think, my spine was at a right angle inwards when I woke up, this might tell you if I have a broken back or not, I know it's dangerous, They drugged me with the Theta neuroleptic again today, I have to hold my iPhone seven inches away from my face to type. They have been doing the full body pain torture. 

The psychiatrists from government are stealing my ideas on psychology. They have been getting my work passed on to them for years. MI6 sell my ideas on to other psychiatrists as well, they have memories of getting the ideas suppressed and memories of comming up with the ideas implanted, the guy from government just said they should have this done. I hacked these guys from the conservative government have operations set up like what MI6 do experimenting on individuals but I don't know the extent of it. One of them wrote a book on children's psychology that apparently was like an epiphany,, the book was obviously got from abusing children with hypnosis. Some of my stolen work includes- 'vertical association' the way the mind changes an idea/input into a concept into the symbolic into a thought/the organisational. 'A cure for bad guy syndrome' I'm not sure if they stole this one though as foriegn agents have seen me applying aspects of it. 'The nature of traumas' I worked out trauma are there to teach us an important lesson. 'A cure for conflicts' you bring the conflict to mind then simply sync the individual. 'A cure for peadophillia' based on the fact I realised deep down they don't want to be one. There are countless other ideas I've come up with that aren't comming to  mind at the moment.

They keep stealing my primary nets, younger was charging psychiatrists and opeople government to EMT with me recently.

The guy from government kept saying they should kill me for writing this post

They just tried Killing me by manipulating the muscles in my back.

Just woke up, it's an hour later, they drugged me. They are messing with my back. Need sleep, I hope the Prime Minister changes things, Damion

Thursday, 14 July 2016


The have removed primary nets, keep sleeping all the time, hard to think.

MI6 keep sending fake NLP programs to the government, these are recordings of what's happening programmed into someone mind.  They are trying to make me out to be unstable and a threat to government. Government need to know this. I'm getting constant EMT and irritation feelings held in place to try make me out to be a threat also.

I have had a government agent in who MI6 have control of/bought. It's their attempt to overpower the psychiatrists and scientists I've won over in government, the new PM needs to know this also.

I should get better from the nets been removed but it looks like mI6 want to stop me doing my work. They say it will be a few months. Damion

I hope the new PM helps, a working relationship is a necessity as I see it. Damion

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

MI5 have been back

MI5 were in my room the other night when I was spiked with the neuroleptics. I am under the impression they made another black male video of me being raped somehow. A female who desperately wants to get famous to screw up the world was there. Just a heads up for the world. As always I'd bite the bullet and tell the truth about any blackmail, you can't give into evil. The way I look at it is your gonna get some bumps and bruises fighting peadophiles and Nazis. There comming in again tonight, it's a pain I can't get protection for the night, it might be a rough one.

This is MI5&6's attempt at controlling the new PM, trying to make me seem like a threat. It's a new start with the government in 24hrs as I see it. I'm ready for it. I'm not going to let the bumbling Nazis ruin it, she needs to make big changes to both MI5 and MI6. The heads both need to go but I've won over a third or more of the males along with all of the girls of MI6, they are all good shrinks.

I know what they are going to do; they will make out I'm a threat to the PM and that they have a plan, they will say they need just a bit of time, this is their window to reel her in and get her involved in the genocide ect. I'm hoping she sees through this, I really am. I'm in hope Damion

Important- MI5 has made a deal with someone for their survival, I'm hacking right now...

Songs that go with my blog

Reminds me of today and tomorrow; a different world...

A different world

I've had a few reports in the last week the ⓣemporal accelerator has created dimensional warp cores. Clinks his glass with his readers...Welcome to the ⓣemporal age... 


Even more dr database ideas

Please run this through dr.Database, I want to check my bond angles.

Either diemreon or triemreon have flawed bond angles. The one which is right is a gem though. Larger versions exist.

I'm thinking timereon now...

These ideas should be shared out fairly. I think Europe needs more, so does Africa, india&pakistan and Australia. I'd like you to get a good share/be part of research guys so get stuck in with negotiations with the USA and China and everyone.


It seems it was mi5 that spiked me with neuroleptics the other day and were in my room. They sent a primary theta net grey but luckily I'm ok. 

We have a new prime minister in 48 hours, I'm hoping Teresa May changes things in government, it's a new start I hope. The U.K. Could do with having a good matriarch in charge. Damion

Monday, 11 July 2016

More dr database ideas

I'm thinking these compounds might be good for China and America to work together on if they are any good. I'm still new to elemental engineering. Damion

I've been thinking, South America should also get at least a share in this as I haven't given them much thus far. I intend sharing and distribution to be fair. D

Titemreon structure

Titemreon- is my favourite name. I'd like one of my friends out there to patent this compound under my name or in your safe keeping. It's for the space age and the ship I'd like to build. My idea is I'd  make a 10% profit and give 90% of that to charity/ not for profit organisations. I wouldn't be sure who to give this one to so I'd like to make it affordable for everyone. Damion
P.s what do u guys think of tiememreon (time-em-reon) and tiemreon (time-reon) as names, emitreon is a name I really want to use for a compound we use for temporal engeneering as well. D

Warp field mechanics/harmonics

Potential quantum field perameters-

Picture, ⓣime