Tuesday, 19 April 2016

a few ideas for my friends out there

I've thought a recursive alkaline may be an important job for dr. db. I think freezing recursive acids and alkaline may be a necessity. I'm thinking the patents for these two compounds or similar compounds maybe should lay in the hands of the UN, these two are a little dangerous but very useful non the less. If people cannot decide on what's fair I'm happy for the UN to distribute my work fairly. I'm hoping my ideas stimulate a world wide revolution stimulating world economy, if this doesn't happen I ask for the patents across the board to be revaluated. People should factor in things like size of the economy then the good it would do a country having a major compound then population of that country and then the fact it is a country.

I've been told the worlds country's have budgeted so many elements each from dr. db. But I've been told people have traded their elements for a small short term injection of cash, this is sacrificing long term stability for a short term gain. I think if this has happened the country which traded its compound/s should get a fair % of what their compound/s makes and also be included in its production, this will help stimulate that countries economy from a regular income and the building of industry and help form good international relations between countries. Hopefully this will lead to the worlds strongest economy's helping the weakest, if it was a survival situation wouldn't it be the strongest in our group that helped the weakest? It seems sensible to me.

Heres an updated part of this post for you guys, I hope it helps make things fair...
What I'm wanting to achieve is to stimulates the entire worlds economy fairly, the USA is the worlds largest economy and is the leader of the free world so I think it should get the lions share but not to an unfair degree. I think compounds that are thought key to the world economy should be shared out, perhaps budgeting 12 for the USA, 8 for china, 8 for Europe, 8 for Russia (to share with the second world), 5 for Canada, 5 for south America (Brazil, Argentina ect), 4 for japan, 5 for Africa (to be shared fairly), 5 for Australia (and surrounding area like the Newzeland and Philippines ect), 4/5 for India and Pakistan to work together/jointly on (I've been told they made some impressive tech with my neural hacking detector, I'm betting the world would like to see more like that). 1 for Iceland, 1 for the west indies, 1 for Kazakhstan, 1 for Mongolia, 2 for the Ukraine. And potentially one for other countries (that I've accidentally missed out) that are interested in developing their economies who would like to petition to hold the patent for an essential compound.

And especially...

1 for Israel and the Palestinian people to work together by picking their best minds to work together on this, the profits should go into a joint fund that will make things better for both peoples ( I will personally help develop a good one for you guys if it helps you sort out your problems), it should be perhaps developed in neutral territory between Israel and Palestine if a good area cannot easily be found. This is a golden opportunity to show the world what your peoples can do and chose a different path.

If the middle east hasn't got a fair share my next good idea I will give to them. Perhaps a stable country in the middle east should lead the way inviting scientists from Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria ect to work on the project. My feeling is we haven't exported enough good to the region, only war, we need to export more good there, if we did this we would surely improve things there. I'm thinking giving them my recursive solar panelling may be a good idea (they should get one or two). Giving the middle east something the world relies on will make them feel more like a part of our planet, my idea is to help the world find common cause, I intend to try and give the world as much common cause as I can. Common cause can end wars... Damion

p.s I think the first things forged (apart from for experimental reasons) from Emreon and other important materials should be offered up as prizes for people around the world who achieve highly in putting these new compounds to use in innovative ways, this would helps stimulate this revolution. I've got my eye on an engraved/acid burnt Emreon sword personally. A magnetic scabbard may be important I've just thought. I think one sword should be forged for each element the compound contains, I've been told it has 7 (and 12 now lol) elements in total in the rec so there would be a set of seven (or twelve) swords. Forging sets of items for countries would be nice as well whether they are used as prizes for innovators there or for museum pieces I'm unsure.

P.p.s I cant wait to try my pedal powered helicopter!

P.p.p.s All photons in the universe have a virtual photon in their centre, this is the surface of the quantum world (height). The virtual photon grows from small to the size of the photon every hz exactly like what a higgs boson does. I'm hoping for this behaviour for my warp project, it means we can warp space with virtual photons. When a virtual photon is free flowing it will convert back to a photon when it reaches the size of a photon four times (due to the 4 squared rule of my quadrality fractal). For every 100 photon oscillations/hz you get twenty five virtual photon oscillation, their relationship is squared so I think the Hz is times four but I'm a bit unsure of this one. Oh, and if you haven't learnt a lot from my quantum dimensional puzzle please go back to it, there are rules of symmetry in it that tell you a lot about virtual, photon, wave, field quadrality (unified field theory as its more commonly known. Look for rules like every oscillation the particular square in the next oscillation is one anti clockwise apart from in waves due to the energy not being squared, the corner axis rotate time, depth width height, and stay in that order. Every side of every big square oscillates 90 degrees anti clockwise every oscillation. There are more symmetries if you look for them. The 4 squared solution to the quantum dimensional puzzle sheds light on other things like the quantum universe, temporal probable reality and also the improbable universe. This could make all sorts possible. I'm sat wondering about that now... One day science may well officially go crazy I'm thinking. I've not even mentioned my work on probability mechanics lol (that's the one after Temporal mechanics).

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