Friday, 28 February 2014

Another one of my shrinks in the press on 24.2.14

This article is about a psychic who saved a womans life. It seems she has been EMT'd (given my hypnosis). She will have looked at the girls ovaries and seen the quantum body net was shaped or discolored there. For people whgo havent read the draft/notes on my book on the first post here the quantum nets are the energy your body creates anchored on to all the matter that makes up your body, my hypnosis lets you see these networks of energy. I am glad this psychic saved this woman but I cant help but feel more people should benefit from this. General practitioners trained in my hypnosis could save both lives and money. How many deaths around the world could be saved like this one, especially in developing countries that where medical care is not so accessible. D

I see angles 13.12.13

Here is some more on the 'I see angles' matter.

Ed Milliband seemingly has been trained in my hypnosis

 This is Ed Milliband at Nelson Mandellas funeral seeming using hypnotic gaze/gaze induction on either ex-president Clinton or Nick Clegg (it can be possible without direct eye contact).

I see angles 12.12.13

This article shows a little of what my hypnosis can do to people who are unaware of it. Seemingly president Obama uses my hypnosis by generating a reality (for people who have not read the notes for my book in the very first post on this blog this is sharing hallucinations under hypnosis). It seems he generated a reality of angels the interpreter saw, he thought they were real angles and preceded to run around shouting 'I see angles'. This shows how easily peoples religious beliefs can be used against them. I am under the impression the interpreter was using hypnotic gestures to hypnotize the president, I guess the president just wanted to show him what he was dealing with. It does demonstrate well though what my hypnosis can do to people.

The world needs to know of my hypnosis, people need to be aware of what it can do. I am not happy world leaders have been given my hypnosis, my opinion is they should have psychological security but not to be trained in my hypnosis themselves. If it was me training them I would insist as best I could they wait until they left office, I think for security they should be assigned people who will possibly work with them for life as these people could end up with sensitive information. Here is the article. D

Thursday, 27 February 2014

An idea I've had on neurogenesis

I've come up with a plan to fix my brain damage, I've come to the conclusion people need to learn from me, to stop people on the spectrum being experimented on, it is more a necessity now.
I know if I keep a neuron firing at 0.5-4hz (the same as the delta brain wave in early development) it will prolong neurogenesis i.e from a stem cell therapy. I can use my hypnosis, a device (or both) to create a delta field ove my brain. My brain should have shrunk i imagine from losing so many neurons, so it's not just a matter of growing new neurons, it's a matter of getting my brain to grow. I think the delta field will loosen hydrogen bonds in all proteins, this will make all the cells it effects more flexible (and permeable), I think this will also help for growing new neurons and actually expanding neural networks. I think the human body uses this in the first stage of development for growth of the brain. I've noticed both in babies and the delta autistics I've met they look subtle and flexible, I think this is directly related to high delta waves effecting them on a cellular level. I think I can solve any problems getting stem cells to the right area. So I have a plan to fix myself, the hypnosis is easy enough to fix. I just need a plan to get myself in a position to do this. D

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Information on Gareth Williams and on the CIA's tactics

The guy who murdered Gareth Williams has been online with me, he's here for more of mi6's comparative study. He was in Gareth's department, he raped Gareth to spur on him taking up the CIA job offer that lead to his torture. John Sawyers paid the guy for his murder, a million it seems. He logged secret results for Sawyers, if the rest of mi6 knew what he was logging they would have known it was for programming into children. Gareth must be a genetic asperger, i found this guy stole his semen when he raped him. This guy is know for this type of thing, he is also bisexual  he seems tall. I'm sure he' EMT'd with one of my children. 

I'm scared the CIA plan is to try and drag other countries down to their level, in fact I'm sure of it. Ithink they are going to try get other countries experimenting on autistics, i hope they don't, enough needless misery has been spread. I need to show the world what I can do, I'm still the best person to learn from, Us Thetas get stronger with age, I just need some time to patch myself up away from the bumbling nazis. D

Friday, 21 February 2014

The CIA plan

I've found out the CIA is desperate to get the world to listen to the story's they have set up in America. The problem is they know if the world finds out the truth who would the world want to come out with my work? That's why the CIA have tried to kill and have persecuted a lot of people, they are going to try make out it was my actions that caused these things to happen. It's the CIA plan to make the world hate one asperger from a small insignificant town, to get the world to listen to the stories in America when morally it's not theirs. It seems they want to basically lay claim to my hypnosis and what it can do. I'm sure they will try to put the world off of the stories of what has really happened and of the real pioneers of my hypnosis. 

I'm not interested in trying to manipulate what history thinks, I just hope I can do something worth while of it, I've said for years my hypnosis can help millions of people, I'll just try and put my money where my mouth is. I could just use some help getting in the press. D