Sunday, 29 December 2013

An idea I thought I would share

I've just realised something, today I heard a rumble from my tummy, due to a high/enlarged FQ gamma field over me the rumble actually radiated like it also came from outside my body, I have also noticed I can strike notes with my voice much better if there are more virtual photons in my mouth from a similar field placed there. 

The Buddist monk I met taught me a little about sword fighting and martial arts. She  showed me how I should feel like the blade is part of my body. She showed me how to concentrate on the end of a sword and feel my energy running through it, and to apply subilty/relaxation through the blade and then force at the end. 

She asked my opinion on if the energy from my concentration changed the blade, I replied 'no, I think your body becomes more aware of the blade and more muscles from your body become involved and that will be where the extra force comes from. 

Today I have started to look at this differently, I think your sword being part of your body does help more muscles become involved with the movement and puts more force into the blade, but now I think your virtual photons, chi as I believe she would call it do change the blade, I think it allows the blade to travel through space more effectively, just like the sound energy in my rumbling tummy. 

Our minds are constructed from the same particles that make the world around us (the virtual photons that make dimension), it must be this that increases the force in the blade.

A thought I wanted to share. I hope she and a shrink I named Hiro are doing well. D

Sunday, 22 December 2013

A correction from my last post

Upon closer inspection the schizophrenia suicide rate is actually much higher upon further inspection, up to 40% attempt suicide at least once, the mortality rate is between 10-15%. 

A cure for Schizophrenia

This is a message to my shrinks around the world who read this...

This is how you can cure schizophrenia ,I'm  hoping we can as good as wipe this,illness Out. I will explain how I personally would go about it, there are other ways. If this way fails you can opt for teaching the patient to see their own nets to do this, there are some other ways I know if necessary.

Firstly find a volunteer who suffers from schizophrenia who understands and consents. Take them into a hypnotic state so you can sense their emotions well, taking yourself inside their EMS (but dont EMT) may Increase the amount you can sense. 

Now I want you to close your mind down and just listen, you should sense something that feels wrong, it will stand out to you.  An important part of my hypnosis is about actually not thinking; Try forget about where you are, forget about what you are doing and just listen, listen for what feels wrong. Then don't think about moving up or down, don't think about changing your frequency or size, just take yourself towards this wrong feeling. If you do it right you will know, you should find a green net there, this is what causes the schizophrenic  symptoms. There are two energies flowing through this quantum network, there should only be one, you need to realign this network. This is mixing up the energies or maybe even suppressing one of them would work, This won't be too difficult, the patient should feel much clearer from this, it should put then back to more or less how they where in the third stage of development before schizophrenia started to take effect. 

I am writing my paper on schizophrenia over christmas, my cure and the mechanisms behind it will be explained in more depth there. I just hope the drugging and fits stop, it's sedatives mixed with pentathol and memory damaging drugs, lol; I can do my work but I can't remember yesterday  (us theta's have good long term memory, the drug seems to effect short term memory).  I've wanted to do this post for days now. There is a 5% suicide rate for schizophrenia, I think it's best to let the world know ASAP with this one. The bumbling nazis in the UK and USA have held this back too long.

A note to add- This quantum neural network is called 'Lukes net', there is a story in my unfinished book about this net (the story of Luke's net), this story is about never giving up.

P.S I hope to hear a good story or two about this from you one day, good luck. D

An important update

MI6 got some Chienise agents in a couple of days ago, they were invited here, I think some people over there like me, so of course mi6 need to change this somehow.

David Cameron won't reply to my cease and desist letter from two months back. Cameron I found out from one of my shrinks is doing the same as Tony Blair, surrounding himself with powerful people (i think). He (and the president of the USA  (see a later post) are trained in my hypnosis, if I was in government I would do my best to get world leaders to wait until they are out of office to learn my hypnosis, I'd insist if I could; hypnosis related security yes, my hypnosis no.

I've found out mi6 and the CIA got desperate to recreate what I can do with my children, it seems be the age of 5 they were classed as failed dam experiments. in the UK i found some went/were sold to good families, they didnt realise that by the age of eight they start to look just like me though. them not producing the results will be what lead to the Gareth Williams experiment. 'Some thing take a life time to learn'.

Paris tells me the CIA are desperate to get my genes into America, I really don't like the fact Ems went to America to Disney land. 

Mi6 recently made a schizophrenic that is a friend of my family jump off a roof, she is my mums boyfriends daughter, she is a mum also. This was to put spin on the fact Tony Nicklinson died when my hypnosis could have saved him, this was just two weeks after I've proved to myself beyond doubt my hypnosis can cure schizophrenia. They expected me to write in a similar fasion to what I did about Tony. For those who are wondering about my trip, I traveled there, I met one of his daughters, I explained how my hypnosis works, she said she hoped to hear about all this in the press soon, I had to try. MI6 said 'we Arnt having  the same thing as parkinsons' about my scizophrenia cure, apparently some people wernt happy about all the people who have died around the world when there is something that stops parkinsons in its tracks. I'm off to put my paper togeter for a few hours now. First I need to write an important post. Now I know I have shrinks all over the world I can make more of a difference with what I write here. D

Friday, 20 December 2013

What mi6 have done to a baby

I'm at Scarborough hospital, my friend meg has just given birth. There was a lot of fuss just now, PR and another guy from his Peadophile ring who has been in the last five days just pulled a net out of the baby's mind. It was thick and black, a compressed field with white bits. They put a field like what martial arts masters can manifest  their chi over its brain while he was in the womb, Sawyers wanted to see how the poor guys nets burnt away this field. I'm sat outside now, I'm not planning on going back In. I didn't think they would do something like this. One agent walked out after cutting PR's hypnotic contact. Paris is trying to make it so the rest of mi6 don't know about this. I knew something had happened when PR's friend said 'you don't know how much this is worth', Ruben was getting his second ever nappy change, mi6 seem obsessed with 'original' reactions/sensations, apparently they can be taught to people, for a price. What has happened to our government??? Experimenting on unborn babies to make money, I'm not going to tell meg, ill tell her when I'm in a position to do something about it. Ill try keep away, ididn't  make eye contact with him, it can be done other ways. My hypnosis needs to become public knowledge, before this spreads across a world that urgently needs to adapt to it. D

Thursday, 19 December 2013

An update on PR and his ring

I've found out recently PR's peadophile ring deal in child trafficking, I met a big fat guy in his 50's, I think he might be the head of the peadophile ring. It's this ring why an Eastern European country got my hypnosis some time ago. I have met two more members of it, one is in my mind as i write this, thats 4 members i know about directly now. The lower down members have to get the children for them.

 I will redo my info on this ring when I have a bit more to add. Ill try hack some more out of PR and this other guy. D

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Some Info on David Cameron and dimentia

I recently read David Cameron is 'leading the way' for a cure for dementia, mi6 told me he is doing the same as Tony Blair and surrounding himself with powerful people so if he goes down they do to. I'll put the press article online soon. David Cameron hasn't replied to my letter a couple of months back, I informed him yet again of my situation, I wrote about mi6 stealing my semen and what my children will have to face, that it amounts to genocide. It looks like the above mentioned is his response, to capitalize on the experiments his government is conducting. D