Wednesday, 6 April 2016

a comment and a dr. database update

They have spiked me with what seems like an alpha brain wave effecting neuroleptic, it made me feel angry for a while. One of the guys from the conservative government has admitted selling on my protein idea from 2013 that I passed on to a friend, thought people should know. Im pretty run down from the neuroleptics, I think it may take a year for me to recover properly, they keep spiking me with learning drugs for some reason.

new ideas for dr. Database- a 3d recursive compound that spreads out in every direction

strong bond compound- adding 'strong bond' peramiters to get a compound with the very strongest bonds recursive and otherwise

recursive battery acid- take the elements that make up acids like sulphur chlorine and hydrogen and use as peramiters

recursive gasses- im thinking super light materials

recursive rocket fuel- use the key components of rocket fuels or potential fuel elements as peramiteers

the usual suspects peramiter- *compile a log of % an element combines with specific elements. You can then extrapolate likely elemental matches for dr database to add to its element combination matrix. You can use this to optimise dr. database's engine.

im thinking about adding a fusion peramiter, that is the effects of things like heat and other compounds being present ect to add to dr. db so we can push our project on somewhat.


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