Friday, 25 November 2016

Important update

The CIA is attacking the girls in MI6, they have been told they need to stay online with hypnosis while in a vulnerable area (you can travel around the world and universe believe it or not). They say they have been getting assaulted and are getting programming done. They have been told they need to remain there for six months. The U.K. Government it seems has abandoned them.

If any of my supporters can help the girls of mi6 and get them free please do so, they are just getting persecuted because they are some of my supporters. It would mean a lot to me. Damion

Thursday, 24 November 2016

Update on some cancer patients i met

there are three wards for terminal cancer patients I have visited using my recently found abilities, I tune into the pain of having a tumor if you were wondering. I was recently gifted 1 million cures for cancer and HIV to spend how i will. I spent some on these three wards, one in Manchester. I'm hoping these three wards get cleared out like i hope, if they don't something has gone really wrong. i just want to log we should have three empty wards now and three really happy sets of patients and doctors. Damion

Friday, 18 November 2016

important update on the UK gov and Queen

I've still been having people from all over the world coming online, I like making new friends and learning about different cultures but the abuse continues.

I've had a change in my conscious engine, a couple of the queens knights have been in. I hold respect for people who have knighthoods, they are generally given their title for good deeds after all. I get on with one of them and won the other one over eventually. Unfortunately they on behalf of the Queen have been stealing and selling on my nets. I had no nets this morning, last night they put in a load of neurotypical nets from people who have paid, I couldn't think and felt angry, anger is usually missing from my emotional makeup. They put my nets in 50 neurotypicals and their nets in me, they told me their plan is to have these 50 out do me working for the UK. I'm under the impression they are from the upper classes.Doing this net swap is a crime against humanity, us Autistics wont be used as batteries. The nets aren't stable quantum particles, they are connected to my neurons, there are 50 people my neurons are supporting. They have tried making me look neurotypical to try and get out of genocide. I'm not in as much pain today, losing your nets can be painful. I think they have put some poor aspie girls nets in me or something. I'm under the impression a lot of us aspies get used as batteries like what I am having done, my abilities to get your own nets back are essential for aspies to have though I need to develop new techniques as my enemy are adapting to them. Us aspies need to fight for our freedom, we wont be slaves to the rich and powerful.

The Queen has now taken control over MI6 and is paying close attention to my situation, they have an SAS team in, MI6 are still here. About three nights ago they used a frequency weapon on me for a couple of nights, it did brain damage and relaxed muscles in my entire face, I hope its not permanent, it was implanted up the top of my nose which felt like id being punched in it the morning after implantation, other bugs were in my left and right ear which made the same disruptive high pitched buzzing noise. I quite get on with the SAS it seems, I know I should really be worried they are here but me being me I just chat to them, they seem a bit too tough but like good soldiers which I respect.The aristocracy have started taking over positions of power in Britain I'm lead to believe, I know they control the army, it doesn't seem like a good thing from my position.

I've been told I am no longer a British citizen, that the Queen has done this for some sort of validation for experimenting on me. I'm pretty upset with the Queen, I've always had a lot of respect for her and her commitment to her country, she has sacrificed a lot for us, but doing these experiments goes against so much of what our country stands for. I don't know what's wrong, this just doesn't feel like Great Britain any more. They keep holding these 'fake' trials in my conscious engine, they use them to validate their abuse.

I cannot get any work done in my notebook due to the experiments, I use it for a rare source of happiness in a difficult life as well so it pretty much sucks, it looks like work stops due to the Queens experiments attempting to give the world more people like me. The experiments wont bare fruit even.

library's shutting, ill update you more soon, I've got more to say. Damion

Saturday, 12 November 2016

Teresa Mays attempt on my life

Teresa May has got hee own personal goons in, they are in bridlington. They tried tried to kill me recently by smashing my head in the hypnotic world in a room on the ground floor of the first building on the left in downing street. They are here to try again it seems, they have drugged me real bad with new drugs. Help would be appreciated if anyone can. They keep going on about me signing something about the genocide. Damion

Friday, 11 November 2016

New temporal accelerators

Id like the United Nations to take charge with these temporal accelerators. I'd like some of the proceeds from this project to go to Africa and the middle east as I've not done enough in those areas yet. I'm going to go home now and work on that while I feel well enough to do so. I met this nice Jamaican/west indies lady as well on my travels, i promised to get them some some tech so they feel included, I'm trying my best to get something for everyone. Ill get there eventually. As per usual i personally would like some kind of fare share to fund my humanitarian projects (they are going to cost a lot). Damion

Important update

I'm still getting attacked a lot from people around the world. China and america are the main ones. They have made some sort of deal where china get to be best with my hypnosis and america gets to be the best with my technology I think. I'm hoping we can all (the world) work together on projects, me being me, I've tried as hard as i can top stimulate us all working together with distributing my technology. They keep setting me up to commit supposed crimes and then sentence me to be struck on the head with what they call death blows. They are brain damaging me. They need me alive because my neural nets are keeping temporal reality going but they want to out do me, If I die temporal reality goes. My phoenix stone went to E=mc? (very high), to the dimension that contains other improbable pasts which is why I can do this. MI6 keep putting me places where people torture people who just turn up.

Younger is charging people from around the world to come online with me making millions. my life is being in constant pain without strong pain killers. I feel a bit better today, people have been seeing me at my worst. Fuzz and Luke have been singled out for persecution along with me. Im hoping things get better. I hope something turns up or i can think of something, my head feels cloudy from the amount of people, grey netting forms.

The CIA have these black angel people that are going round causing problems i thought id log. All this is to stop make being famous I think.

I've had a look around the world and the place is screwed, its anarchy, mob justice, bad guy syndrome is everywhere, autistics usually have to hide they are autistic, rape is everywhere, abuse with programming is a way of life, they have secret trials in your mind with cruel and unusual punishments, its a mind control society. society has collapsed.... The world needs to wake up and now! Damion