Wednesday, 24 June 2015

David Cameron stealing my ideas

I've had a couple of Quantum technologies I've been thinking of putting online for the world, I woke up today with a load of suppressed memories though, it's a pain not remembering them, I'll come across the concepts in time I think. I've found out its David Cameron's plan to use my work to his own ends while having me subject to all this. I'm gonna put my tech ideas straight up online in future, I will hold back on tech with military applications though, that's just for my notebook. To quote one agent 'who's the world going to side with you (me) or Great Britain with reference to my stolen ideas. Lol, I stand more for what this country does than them ironically.

I'm currently recovering from a drugging, feel a bit dopey, from my experience I'll be back to normal in between two weeks to three months tops. Am still incarcerated unfortunately but I'm ok...I'm not going to let them use my ideas against me; us Autistics won't be slaves. Damion

Sunday, 7 June 2015

New content from my notebook

If you click on 'my notebook' at the top of the page there is new content, it is notes on my reality theory, a theory about multiple universes and how anti matter is created. Damion

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Update on the pedophile ring

The gypsies camp where they operate from is east of London, they are now considering moving. The gypsies king has a house they built there. I'm lead to believe it is on/near a farm. My neural hacking is going well. Damion