Thursday, 22 May 2014

An idea on auras

I've had my aura seen, it was obvious to me it was a real ability. I've just been thinking, I've heard of people saying about having photos of their auras taken, if this is true we can use this technique to make a quantum scanner. You might have to expand quantum nets outside the brain (that's imagining the net you are looking at very slowly increasing in size). Hmm, I'm wondering if this teqhnique would be useful. D

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Auras and a medium (my friend Vicki)

I've just had a friend look at my aura. It was very interesting indeed. It is definitely a real ability. I'm now sat wondering if she had to learn this by EMT (how my stuff is passed on) or something similar. I have an aura with a lot of green in it, it apparently means I think a lot, she said I was caring. I have pink which means I'm cheeky. I was told pink is usually in women, it must be down to me being a theta (girls over develop in the theta stage also. She said I had orbs around me, that they could be spirits following me, I reason this was my shrinks.

This was very interesting until my shrinks said she's going to become a TI. The peodophiles are doing experiments on my auras now, hoping to get some type of result from mixing stuff up. They seem nearly desperate to do this, fixated. I can't believe the uk government employs peodophiles, I guess not many people will do what mi6 tells it's agents to do.

I'll log it here about mi6's interest in victoria carney, wife of Simon carney as from today. She's a nice girl, I hope it will be too much risk for mi6 to target her now people around the world read my blog /waves at everyone. D

Saturday, 3 May 2014

Sigmund Freud and a century old secret

I have thought recently about why Freud kept his abilities secret. I know from clues from his work he saw structures like personality. He made the decision to keep what he knew secret and used what he knew in a round about way (like developing psychoanalysis), ive started thinking it was because he feared what is happening to me and my family. His children would likely have been experimented on if the world found out, his semen would have been worth a fortune to this ends. So ive started thinking maybe his decision to keep what he knew secret wasn't only for fear of what his abilities would do to the world, it was for the sake of his children, and their children after them. D