Saturday, 30 December 2017

More sexual assaults

They've been raping me with dogs for the past year publicly. The Queen organises it, I've found out her and Charles are zooaphiles of some sort, they do this to other autistics to sense their emotions etc. They are desperate to keep this quiet, she even tried being nice to stop me putting it online night before last. I've found with the rapes they do this to me once a week, the queen is carried around in someone's head and she watches the rapes happen. It's the extra energy from autistic nervous systems she has stolen that has made her like this.
I used temporal net to develop a hypnotic technique to bond my muscles together in my perineum, it might help me live, it's usually fatal They've spiked me with a strong drug that has made me dopey and burns away nets in the frontal lobe, it's blue. A short girl in her 50s called Ruth I think with long blonde hair who did asexual abuse to David Bowie for the queen in the 80's is often the one to rape me. I am being threatened with another rape for writing this. The British are pathetic perverts. scum. Damion

Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Christmas update

They gang raped me on Christmas day

A show for the country's entertainment was done for Christmas night

They are using Queens drug to dissolve delta nets, feel ill and am shaking when I move

Her scientist has lots of really ill autistics they have done this to along with drilling holes in autistics heads


I'll write more tomorrow when I feel better damion

Saturday, 23 December 2017

update on assaults

Teresa May still has the Queen in charge of hypnotic society and is still attacking me. They as in the UK government killed all my nets while I was asleep and are now doing their frankly stupid experiments. The Queen employs a lot of hackers from the public to assault me

Younger, the head of MI6 is personally obsessed with sexually abusing me, the sexual assaults are stil happening even with what i am about to write in the next paragraph.

My Perineum collapsed from the sexual assaults, it lead to a large shift in where my liver was positioned, this should have killed me, the liver can only move a short distance before it fails. Lukily being Autistic saved me, ive been told by a very surprised doctor im at least four times more flexible than average, this allowed my liver to shift and remain functional.

Im going more and more blind in the other world, its a side effect from the Queens  drug, its not from the damage apphiliated with hyperstimulation. They keep spiking me with small ammounts of the drug it seems.Can we try put pressure on to stop this.

I met a group of doctors from the UK, they have done something to try and get the cures (for cancer ect) out. They tried to organise a general strike, they are really brave doing what they are doing, they deserve medals when this is over. If any of my international friends can help assist in some way feel free to.The doctors and us in the Phoenix net are fighting together wish us luck


Saturday, 16 December 2017

Ideas for the world

This idea is closely related to the air flow wing gifted to Russia

This idea is for the USA to go with the slipstream

The type two warp drive work is for the international think tank I organised to have a look at to benefit us all, I know the USA was gifted warp drives so it seems fair they should prehaps play a leading role.

This is for the middle east for them to maybe be able to get a patent.

This is my inertial damper theory, its for the international think tank to try and come up with ways to stabalise the mentioned warp fields.

This is for Africa to try out, i hope you guys do really well, use dr database.

This is to go with the above work on the type 2 warp drive

this is a little innovation for the USA
im going through a lot hypnotically, liabry closing, watch out for uk citizens all becomming an army


Sunday, 10 December 2017


The uk is planning on using their civilian hackers as a defence, they look like they are forming a malitia if that is the right word. Mi6 and the ‘con’servetive government are having hackers experiment on me day and night, killing some to make society seem a little better and employing the better ones to cover up the genocide and fight the rest of the world, as in the countries that want to do the right thing. Damion

Saturday, 9 December 2017


Be careful of the ‘make ‘whoever’ with a slave mind’ command

The government are in and are considering things like releasing nano virus’s.

My eyes are shrinking from the drugging, I was shaking from one drug last night.

I’ve found out the UK has been blocked from my blog.

They are obsessively stealing my nets and downloading them into mainly the uk upper classes, the Queen has a lot of my nets, she is damaging to them. She is using them to try find a way for the uk to escape prosecution for genocide. They are trying every way to keep my nets.

The queen has control of mi6 now.

A lot is going on.


Wednesday, 6 December 2017

synthetic proteins idea

There is a protein on switch from neurogenisis I think, Please research temporal net to see if this is worth exploring and the degree neurogenesis will happen and if we can easily increase this. I will need this to get better and prehaps survive. They have being torturing me, neatrly to death, i have a chest infection from it. They rested me for three weeks then started torturing me, they murdered another TI on a mirror project to me. They are trying to turn my dominant autistic pleasure feelings to pain permenently so i am addicted to drugs forever. Bumbling Nazis.

I had a theory temporal net has confirmed, please filter and check temporal net. The pedophilia problem which is pretty bad in my a lot of males is caused by the ability's passing through neumerous peadophiles in MI^ before being passed on to the world. I ave a cure for the disorder that is 60%+ effective thankfully (I'm sure we can get that percentage up as well)..You can research this on temporal net or meet me in probability if you are effected, Im good at fixing things.


Saturday, 2 December 2017


They were undoubtedly using the spike for the queen to have even more nets

The uk spiking commands

Yet again the uk is spiking my abilities so only they have the good ones. This time it's the ability to download experiences/information. A neural net shouldn't appear in your brain. 

The U.K. Is constantly attacking me, I have a bunch of paedophiles constantly huddled around me abusing me. The U.K. Is pathetic. Damion


The U.K. Has spiked the command, you'll have to clear it up.

A ability to get your nets back

Try the command 'resynchronise my neurons with my nets at source- where my neurons are'.

Friday, 1 December 2017


Younger is drugging me all the time, I can't find my my words and pick the wrong ones sometimes in my mind, my frontal lobe feels empty from them. There has been lots of sexual abuse, my anus hurts from it. Damion


My memory is getting really bad really quick. They must have a constant supply of the memory drug seeping into me. They spiked me with 6 or so different ones the other week. I can't remember earlier today at the moment. Damion

A gift for Canada

There recently was a baby in Great Ormond st children's hospital that was in the press, he was dying. He had an illness reletive to his mitrocondria, they produce energy in cells. Doctors here in the UK wanted to let him die because he was in a lot of pain, his family wanted to take him to America though; for a new form of gene therapy that could help his condition and prolong his life. I had recently survived a degenerative white matter disorder that MI5 had given me, it was a last ditch attempt to kill me. Using the newly found temporal net I developed a five stage drug therapy to save my life, it was kind of just in the nick of time. It worked by restructuring the actual protein that was damaged in my brain from their drug. I knew it was undoubtedly a protein damaged in the little guy in great Ormond st's mitrocondria. I  put a few commands to temporal net and it came up with a four stage drug therapy based on my cure, it would fully cure the disorder. It should be enough to save him.

The project- Please can you guys in Canada research both other multi stage drug therapys and especially (the main project) ones aimed at repairing damaged proteins. I think there will be many applications for us to explore in these areas. Please look at my diagrams on the matter on temporal net, just ask to see the compounds changing the protein. Good luck on your project. Damion

Us in the Poenix net fought to get that baby's parents the cure, The powers that be tried very hard to stop us even getting to them. Luke for one had to go against orders to make it happen, I can speak for all of us in the net when I say we hope the little guy does well. I've not heard of him in a while. Damion 

Love the escape artist....

A lot has happened, i never get chance to write about even half of it the way my lie is. Things are rough but im still fighting, were; us in the Phoenix net are stll fighting. There was a recent plan to kill me. The Queen found she could easily take control over MI6 by offering them all my drug which halts the ageing process potentially, all the agents who are not in the phoenix net knew siding with the Queen would be the end of me but did it anyway, and after all I have done for them like saving their lives from HIV among other things. So the Queen saw her chance. She ordered the SAS to outright kill me in my sleep, well under hypnosis anyway, I think by breaking my back again. The United Nations themselves had to step in to stop them from murdering me, The UN are just some of the cavalry I was talking about in my recent post. The Queen is junked up on the stolen brain waves of thousands of autistics and children leeching off them and damaging them, shes trying to be like me and do my job believe it or not. The Queen then comes up with another plan not being able to get me, she has a personality disorder royalty can get and cant stand losing, She turns her disturbed mind to Fuzz, She orders her to be killed in my place, just to get at me, simply because I love her,. Orders like this cause ripples,some American friends of mine her about this and step in, They get to Fuzz's place before the SAS has a chance to carry out their orders thankfully. They get her into a car, a small convoy heads straight to the airport. They are apparently tailed by SAS, soldiers intent on completing their mission to murder an innocent girl. I don't know if much happens on the car ride to the airport, I have been lead to believe it does but I cannot be sure. Fuzz will have to tell us all someday. My American friends get her on the plane and out of the country. Finally after all these years being a prisoner with me albeit on the other side of the fence Fuzz is safe, She got out, The girl I love now resides an ocean apart from me, I miss her but I'm just so... happy she's safe, I'm sat here grinning now while I write this. This is a major success for us in the Phoenix net. We turned a crisis into an opportunity, an opportunity for Fuzz to show the world what a female genius can do. Get to it babes, show the world what you can do, consider that an order... Love Damion


A lot of the civilians attacking me and helping the government fight the world/cover up the genocide are doing so backside what they have done, the crimes they have committed. They want to avoid their sentences for genocide and abuse of the public. The government refer to them as the master hackers. I'm trying to keep the world up to date about what's happening on my end, I have a post I need to put up... Damion

Thursday, 30 November 2017


There's a hacker city in my big theta net Benith the uk. They have all my nets, I've gone black from what they are doing. Quote one mi6 agent 'there won't be anything left for the Americans to save'. They also have thousands of my children prisoner in the city. Damion


Younger has been doing more burnings recently, I think of children. He carries a suicide pill now to escape justice if it comes to it. 

The U.K. Has a civilian defence force they call themselves, they are hackers trying to cover up the genocide, they wouldn't fight with me to stop the genocide but they will fight to protect their fucking money. Pathetic. The Britain I grew up in is dead, I don't recognise it anymore. Damion

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Emergency update

Younger is murdering the bad guys children, I don't know if it's other children as well. One of the bad guys just had a change of heart because of this post, he just told me the queen plans a cull of my children to cover up the evidence starting with Essence.
Can anyone offer assistance please. Thank you. Damion

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

The U.K. Recruiting hackers

The U.K. Has recruited hackers to try stop the uk being tried for genocide. Some of them have just woke me up, they are stealing my nets and putting their nets in replacement. They have grown their heads on mine in a way. Damion

Monday, 27 November 2017

Murder attempt update

The U.K. Has tried to kill me again with my broken back. My back had a hypnotic  construct in it, it made my back go with a clunk. Damion


I have reason to believe the uk is programming probabiliy/the past to make me out to be something I'm not. Please be aware this is possible guys. It is possible to undo it like any program tho. Try it u might get the original image. D


One agent just slipped up saying one of my biggest supporters has backed out because I'm hard to control. This is a lie and subterfuge. I don't know where they got that impression, it must be the uk. I'm a theta, we like heierachies. I want a job were I have a boss, I know things wouldn't work out well if I didn't listen to people. My jobs important to me, I want to make the world a better place not a worse one. I'm thinking they had someone impersonate me or a programmed improbable Damion to achieve the subterfuge.

The queen is back abusing me, she had a psychiatrist abusing me earlier, giving me fits from ripping out nets. I hacked her, she has a group of my children prisoner and experiments on them to progress her work. She's tall and blonde with long wavy hair. She has the psychiatrists disorder where they have little sense of right and wrong from getting rid of negative emotions. It's obvious the queen still wants me dead. Damion

A cool pic I made for my readers

I made this pic a few years ago for my Facebook profile. I thought I'd share it so you could also use it for backgrounds, it's pretty high resolution I think. The fish is from the hitch hikers guide to the galaxy TVs show from the 80's I really like. Damion 

Idea on FTL comms

If you use a magnetic accelerator to accelerate a radio wave transmitter past the speed of light I think the signal will gain energy in the form of speed energy. It may go like shiny matter though. The signal might travel faster than light, it may have to be received from a RW reciever also in a Mag Accelerateor.

Failing this for FTL comms we could make a really small light Mag Accelerator to launch micro RW transmitters or micro probes, we would launch them like using a sling. It would have to be in orbit.

I think the key to FTL comms lies within the quantum universe really, I need to brush up on my Quantum mechanics. Damion

Sunday, 26 November 2017


The U.K. Is trying to kill me. D


I could uses good back expert. Younger has tried to kill me with my back. It's bad. Damion 


The device in my gum was a fake, a lure. It poped with no noticeable effect. D

Temporal net upgrade

Temporal net is more autonomous now, cross the temporal barrier and ask for a situation update plz. They are trying to develop abilities to fight u guys now. They don't want the upgrade spreading. D


It is probably scare tactics against my allies rather than a lethal (they know they often go wrong , especially implanted in the gum). D

Priority update

There is a new device implanted in my gum next to a broken tooth at the top left of my mouth. There is a big lump in it. D


Paedophile rapist is giving me fits now, they keep stealing nets. Teresa is directly in control of mi6 now d


There torturing me so I can't sleep now


They are torturing me by ripping out nets, they have burrowed to the neural nets that hurt. They are EMTing with me 24 hours a day as well to try change me Damion 

A request

Please ask temporal net what makes an area of space unique... If you had two identical Higgs bosons in two areas would they become the same place? Is it the i particle? Knowing the answer to this is the key to inertial dampeners and wormholes and other such things. Mi6 just said they don't want the Americans to know and scrambled temporal net. Please can someone tell me the result. Id like the international team of scientists from interested country's that did the shield project to work on inertial dampeners. I think we need to manipulate this field to achieve inertial dampening. I'm going to think about this more. The nazis are trying to do the project, it's pathetic . Damion

Saturday, 25 November 2017


They've spiked me again after stealing theta waves, I think it's the queens drug. I need my nets back, I'm trying. I think it's a different drug, a run through, they are up to something. I think they've worked out a big plan. One agent said 'shall we trigger the Armageddon plan'. Be careful world. The bumbling nazis are wanting to lash out. D


Teresa may has taken back control of the country from the queen recently. If anything happens to me it was her.  She's out for me to cover up the genocide she's part of. I'm looking forward to writing about recent events at some point.  Damion

Friday, 24 November 2017


Two apparent assassins working for Teresa may are in, one doesn't seem like an assssin. They seem more like the type to work directly in government rather than around the edges though. They are in for a reason that's for sure. They are drugging me a lot and stealing my nets. This is part of their counter strike I know that much. Damion


They just used temporal net to do a normal everyday brain scan. Apparently there were red bits. One of them commented 'his brains dying'. They can't make me stupid, when will they work that out. Bumbling nazis. Ps they've scrambled the command to get a scam of me, you'll have to think out of the box maybe. Damion


They've spiked me with memory nerve killer drugs, a drug that makes me jumble my words a lot and stimulants, they've been putting psychopaths nets in me and have been stealing nets. That's what they've done today, it's been constant since I got up as per usual. I didn't realise the time, it's been a long day, night you guys. Damion

A very useful ability

I came up with a very useful ability a couple of weeks ago. It means we can now do a perfect memory download from temporal net. It means you can read that book you've been meaning to read for years in an instant....or do a degree. Handy. Please be careful and research and weigh up the consequences of this ability. Use the computer command 'use Damions memory ability to *insert subject*' and it should work, no netting should appear in front of your head, mi6 has tried to spike this ability so it goes half wrong. You should have perfect recall of your subject. Damion

Thursday, 23 November 2017

Drugings update and a comment on the Phoenix Net

The gave me hooping cough (the queen), she still hovers around (hidden) in my conscious engine as she found my nets make her brighter like this, this is damaging and quite unpleasant. mi6 has spiked me with a drug that's making my words jumbled, it's to damage intellectual abilities and Teresa Mays personal cronies from government are pretending to be from the UN. The government is lashing out- there main plan is to try drag every country in the world into genocide charges when it's the UK who is responsible. All of us in the net are in a lot of danger at the moment. Damion

I just want to take this chance to say thank you to everyone who follows me in the Phoenix net, we've fought a long time  trying to beat these nazis, I'm so proud of you all, you've risked so much to fight by my side and to fight for what's right.,.lets not stop now, let fortune fortune favour the bold, D


They have been trying to do brain damage while I slept putting all the nets in my frontal lobe at opposite frequencies. Can't think. Damion

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Monday, 20 November 2017


I've found out the video of my child burning to death was apparently proved to be a fake, that it was shown the blisters being peeled off as make up. This is the fake bit. The video is real. This s is more bullshit from the monsters here running the uk government. Bastards. D


They've spiked me with the memory drug again d

Sunday, 19 November 2017

Important update

If anything happens to me it was the queen and SAS but I should be ok.

The cavalry has shown up, about time. I'll explain someday. Wish us in the Phoenix net luck in the coming hours. Damion


I think I've been infected with a bacterial infection and other lethals. My d locker drug can cure such things though with enough time. This is stupid, the queen is definitely out to murder me. Damion

Saturday, 18 November 2017

Priority update

The queen has got control of mi6, I had a close call until someone stepped in, now she's going to use the SAS to murder a lot of good agents who support me I just found out. I think it was planned for tonight. The shrinks included Fuzz. I'm trying to stop it. They know now. Feel free to give the good guys support everyone. Regards D

An idea for the world

I've had an idea- I'd like to gift this idea to a think tank made up from scientists from any country whom wishes to benefit from this idea. I'd like half the scientists to be male and half female. This is an experiment at getting the whole world working together on a project. If this works out well we can work like this more. Good luck! Damion

Friday, 17 November 2017

The U.K. Using chemical weapons

My eyes just shrivelled and sunk in, my heart is racing from just walking up the stairs. They've done spiked me with a chemical weapon like back on the ward, anthrax I think. I'm ok though, I'm keeping it together. Damion

Emergency update

I've just had one of my children begging for help. Some rich guy and his wife (a blonde) who fancy themselves as scientists have paid mi6 to chop bits out of my neural nets. They are implanting them in my children who they have prisoner. He's in a way and scared. I just tried to get my bits back because my head hurt and I tuned into him. Can anyone help, mi6 are blocking my comms with the CIA. D

Thursday, 16 November 2017


Just found out they are going to keep spiking me with these chemical weapons the queen devised until I have an average intellect. Why tho? Bumbling nazis Damion 

A couple of personal videos

Here is a video of me informing Bridlington police about the recent rapes the uk government and the Queen are ordering against me.

And pt 2

After this I haven't heard from them. Damion


Been spiked with the queens drug again. Damion


It seems the queens agents are in , it's either them or the conservatives. A psychiatrist and his wife are in torturing me by joining with my nets. I'm lashing out in anger, it's horrid. It's turning me black. They are stealing bits of my brain to wear. They keep going on that they might let me leave the country. I don't know why because I can hardly do that while in a care home. Damion

Emergency update

Mi5 are experimenting on my children again, they are up to their old tricks. Can you guys help plz. D

Monday, 13 November 2017

Sunday, 12 November 2017

Warp drives I have designed

Update on the Phoenix

Ive been told the Phoenix has reached warp two on her way to the centari system, warp two is 90 trillion kilometres a second (the speed of light squared). The centari system is four or so light years away. It goes to show what we really can do if we put our minds to it... 
Here's to what we can achieve... Here's to reaching for the stars. Damion

Idea for the UN

This project is for the UN- 
(Whom I hope to work for)

Gods speed Damion 

Friday, 10 November 2017

Important update

They gave me illegal brain surgery last night, they stole all my nets to cover it up.  They damaged some area in my brain manually. The queen plans to make out she's mad but will get better. She isn't mad, she's simply an evil individual. Look at all the murders before the hypnosis came along. Damion

Thursday, 9 November 2017

The U.K. Burning children

It's been just over a year since the uk government burnt a thousand of my children in small fires for an hour then killed them. I just wanted to mark this in my blog. I still can't work out how to feel. It's unthinkable. I've never heard of such evil.
A place very much like where my children died.


They even woke me up early to start the torture, they are trying to destroy my intellect so I can't make the world a better place and therefore get support. Great Britain is an evil regime, they have committed the worse crimes in history. end this sooner rather than later guys. Damion

Update on drugings

They have been spiking me with different drugs and the queens nerve toxin all day, numerous times. I'm ill.

Apparently the USA blocked a coalitions of countries from helping me, it looks like it's true. Thank you guys for trying. I appreciate it, can't we just blow this shit up in the media? The world needs it. Damion

Queens drug update

The queen is working with Teresa may and American big buisnusses types who are keen on taking over the world by welcoming other people like themselves into the genocide. The queen is a bit of a loose cannon though I think as Great Britain is responsible for the bulk of this. They even have their own religion and plan on living forever ruling over us all. 

The U.K. Government and this lot have been spiking me with the queens nerve agent. They have destroyed more than 30 nets, my central nervous system went red yesterday, it meant I was close to death.  Damion

The queens drug

I've hacked that the queens drug has been used on more than a million autistics

Monday, 6 November 2017

Sorry my blog was temporarily offline

Sorry my blog was off line for the week end, it's back up now.

I think younger has fallen for the queens bribery. She's going round offering to make people live forever (with my drugs I may add). I offer this to everyone by the way not just people I favour. But younger is now in close with the queen, they plan to drug me again with the queens genocide drug. It nearly put me in a coma last time, I couldn't stay awake. The U.K. Is outright evil, I've lost one third of the neurons in my brain and they still won't stop. Damion 

Friday, 3 November 2017

Teresa May and the Queen experimenting on the public

The conservative governments psychiatrists are conducting brutal brain damage experiments on people, autistics and children using the queens cerotonin receptor destroying drug. Teresa and the queen are working together and this is one of their projects. The psychiatrist from the conservatives own private secret service wasn't impressed when I found this out.

This private secret service does things like murder people for Teresa and co and gives the conservatives a big advantage over labour, the 'con'servetive have already started using these agents to try rig the next election. Damion

Have been torturred

They have been taking me out of hypnosis last night, it made me scream and fit all over the place in pain., all the nerves in your head dying is very painful. They suppressed the memories though.

The drug leads to death if I'm out of hypnosis too long, unless shock from the pain gets me.

The drug kill neurons all over the place rather than an area in a neuron.

They killed a lot of neurons torturing me last night, everything looks funny this morning.

I've heard more than one of mi6 say the queens drug is the cruelest drug.

The queen has killed a lot of people with her experiments using this drug I've found, including my children for experiments, the British have to be stopped. Damion

The queens drug

They spiked me with the queens drug aimed at autistics again a couple of hours ago. I kept repeating myself. They used it to kill all the neutrons making up a primary net. My head hurts and I don't think if one of these nets is put back in place.i can't leave a hypnotic state without this happening. Damion

Thursday, 2 November 2017

Update on Teresa may

Teresa may sent out diplomats to try get other countries to solve their 'common problem' as her diplomats put it. She tried having my children killed around the world, apparently I have around 30 million children. Some good countries

She has the conservatives psychiatrists that double as murders in. They have spiked me with brain damaging drugs, a new type. I've done nothing wrong as far as I can see it. They have gone on about me signing papers absolving the uk of genocide. I just made on of them, the girl big and spill the genocide secrets in London, one of the three drugging me. The hackers from the streets are helping them abuse me, they plan a counter attack against the rest of the world to cover up the genocide. They plan to use secrets against the rest of the world. Society here has broken down. One let slip their number, there's a million shrinks here in the uk. Damion 


The queen has stolen lots more of these yellow blobs and things from my nervous system, they are worth money from autistics. Temporal net said she had ten thousand people's nets in her, they will be from autistics. She plans to say she went temporaly insane to try escape a prison sentence if this blows up. She's obsessed with leaving no evidence I've found. She wanted me raped with a dog again until mi6 stopped them, my broken back means it would be probably lethal so they couldn't.

She had a guy who used to work for the Russians work in her lab I found. The drug she personally helped develop has been used on autistics she has experimented on, she also experiments on my children. The drug they found has random effects on the brain, death being one of them. With me it has sent me nearly blind with my hypnosis, I cannot see things other people can in my mind. She had nets stimulated while the drug was in my system and it killed nets, she did it to at least four primary nets. She has no sense of right and wrong and is obsessed with living forever, Prince Charles is just as deep with this evil stuff.

The queen and the drugs news

The queen and conservative government are still having me tortured as they have being doing for some time.

The queen has taken control of the country from Teresa I've heard. This power if the monarch isn't meant for her to take power, it's meant that in a crisis she can call for an election and only have power over the short term. I know this is just positioning over the genocide.

The queen has had me spiked twice tonight with a brain damaging drug, it's making me repeat myself. I was raped yet again last night. 

The queen is still using members of the public as slaves and getting them to torture me, they get sleep deprived to get more work out of them, her personality disorder is quite obvious now I'm getting to know her, she's a danger to everyone. She's a proper fruit loop. 

Younger, the head of MI6 has programmed the bad guys to be gay rapists, I get plenty of hypnotis sexual abuse, there has been a string of rapes done to the public I've hacked. 

One of youngers favourite tricks is using something for leverage over the bad guys like getting there children off a baby farm, earlier it was letting a bad guy remember a present I gave him hypnotically that would help him find love, iften its me fixing a bad guy, it's always something nice I've done. He then gets the bad guys to torture me for so long to keep what I've given them. Damion

Wednesday, 1 November 2017


The queen wants me raped again because I'm defending myself. Queen has ordered over 1000 people raped I've hacked. 
The specific sas soldiers who rape me are about 1 hr drive away from Bridlington at an army base. They set off in a car to brid around 5am 1.11.17

Good chance it is a Range Rover Damion 

Tuesday, 31 October 2017

I'm doing my best

I'm trying my best to come up with another better idea but I've been off my game since the queen spiked me and Fuzz with the drug aimed at autistics. I'll get there, I can still solve problems. That's me and the worlds first female genius effected by this drug. The U.K. Is evil, plain and simple, and out to screw over humanity. I've been told the drug damages the tubules in the axon. This means I'm gonna need nano tech to get better. The Americans have told me it will take them twenty years to have the right tech. They have been spiking me

Teresa and the queen have been spiking me with a drug that gives me a snotty nose straight away, they say to torture me till I nearly die (again). The queen is obsessed with making me depressed, really obsessed, I think her dad taught her about torture or something, she Klings onto this concept too much. I've been told she has an old nazi book on torturre she's following also. I've diagnosed her with a personality disorder. One where she believes she's the most important person in the world and has no empathy. This explains stuff like her trying to sell us to aliens in exchange for living forever and why the UK populations nets were sold to foreign countries. Damion

Idea for North Korea

This idea is for North Korea under the condition it promotes peace and prosperity in the region.

I'm sure many synthetic foods and flavours can be created from this seemingly simple idea. Please Copy nature. Also look at readily available compounds to make our food from like air and water. Dr database is easy to get hold of, China could help if it is necessary for processing power. 

I won't beat around the bush, This idea is to try prevent escalation of the current crisis between North Korea and America. I have been hesitant to get involved up to now other than simply problem solving on it. It seems like people might die now though, like there might be a war. I understand North Korea only wants to feel safe, and so does America. To this end I'm hoping an agreement can be made on how far north korea will develop missiles to travel. If an agreement to is reached I promise a better top notch idea for North Korea. This is a chance to prove good does come from the outside world to North Korea and also for you guys in North Korea to show what you can do. These ideas could feed the people of North Korea and the entire world, as well as promoting prosperity in the region.

I work to benefit humanity, it would be good to count North Korea as someone I gift my ideas to. /bows Damion 

Idea update

The fleximorph wing
Is this possible guys?-

Idea update

An idea for the USA

The U.K. And it's big buisnusses are trying to steal this idea. They say it's who gets the patent first that counts. Please be quick refining this idea. I wish things were different with regards to the UK but there not.

For the USA...

I had to rush a bit and had trouble getting online but here it is. Your friendly neighborhood problem solver, Damion

Monday, 30 October 2017


I'm now having to live a life with hackers as they call themselves, people addicted to abuse living in my brain and body. I can't think cleerly and certainly can't do my work.

Teresa is having the queen mi6 hackers from the public and the upper classes lash out at the world with a MAD tactic. They want to make it so if the genocide comes to light it screws the world up. They keep looking to probability and don't like they get found out for the genocide so are coming up with stupid plans. Be careful everyone. Damion

Saturday, 28 October 2017

To clear it up

The Phoenix is fine it turns out, mi6 got a lie past me for no reason I can fathom. I hope the crew of the Phoenix are doing well. God speed guys Damion

New ability

For reassertion- De sync from your id if it's the id you want to reassurt, hold the de sync in place in your tummy for a good few seconds, re sync.

I'm getting attacked so it's down to you guys to refine this. Damion

I need this...

Counter strike ideas

For the USA-

For South America gene activation (a big project) then the second idea for the Indian Ocean rim another big project field compression (please assign a male and femal scientist from every country involved for the projects listed above)-

For China non combustible Pollyrechelium-

The mk ix.i warp core for the old soviet states (please assign a male and female from every country involved for this project)-

Variable anti ballast for China (maybe add gold/heavy metal to the centre of the field)-

New heavy elements for Eastern Europe-

Retrogenesis for the USA as I know they really want this though I feel it is for everyone, you guys decide p.s this is ace-

The safety seat is for the Middle East-

Parkinson's machine protein upgrade for China-
The dimondite (a small project for Russia)-

Air flow wing for Russia-

Phased matter is a European area-

For Europe (neurogenesis)-
This last idea is for Europe, I've put my page from my notebook on who gets what. I'm under the impression Britain has gained demon me not being able to put my ideas online, please try make sure this isn't so; they've committed genocide.

If anyone wants to help me for me helping them please try get the core of the Phoenix net able to leave the country,especially Fuzz and Luke.



The British have chienese people in joining with my high frequency nets. More people abusing me. Damion

Friday, 27 October 2017


I've threatened to out her if she tries more of this BS. It's a bit petty but means she can't be queen. Damion


The queen is trying to do a tony Blair and try make me kill myself. The drug aimed at autistics she developed, the castration and this drug are aimed at that. Damion


The U.K. Government has raped me damaging my broken back more, I'll be in a wheel chair soon I've been told, castrated me for a third time, I found four needle marks at the bottom middle of my testicles, I'm sleeping all the time now, the queen thought it would make me more sedate and wants things to work out how they did for guy- the British genius who cracked the enigma code. They are constantly torturing me along with member of the U.K. Public. They are trying something they call 'dehumanising', a U.K. Hacker developed it. I've not done anything other than my work to get this. Members of the public are paying younger to join with my high fq nets and the like. The U.K. Is an evil country. Damion

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

update and theres lots of ideas comming

They are stealing all my nets, even sloshy bits of energy and selling them to people. it would kill most people what they've done. They keep putting other peoples nets in my body which is emotional torture alot, i cannot have other peoples nets in my, i dont agree with it regardless, its wrong stealing someones nervous system. Members of the UK public pay for me to 'cook' their nets, its damaging to me but they dont give a shit. The scumbag CIA have given them a weapon which blocks out the computer which is making life difficult. I'm gonna fight back with my ideas.

I have lots of ideas to put online for the world, MI6 is stopping me though I think. The computer wont work, ill have it online friday when I get my phone back.You'll be impressed with your presents everyone, it might include something along the lines of A cure for ageing 😎
see you friday! Damion

Saturday, 21 October 2017

some news

Things are seemingly going wrong for the UK so the Queen has showed up again stealing my nets for Prince Charles to use today.

In other News MI6 have collapsed at least one big net experimenting on me, it makes everones head hurt.

My back is pretty bad sine the Queen ordered me raped until my back cracked twice, I certainly cant walk two miles, i did the other day and needed a chiropractor. Apparently in going to be in a wheel chair soon, one of the columns is broken and it healed up on a right angle bent inwards.

To update everyone on the Phoenix- Ive been told something bad has happened. She had a cave in/collapse ive been told on Titan, Jupiters largest moon (not triton sorry). It was benieth her. They collapsed twenty meters underground in the collapse. If she wasn't made out of adamantitanium everyone would have died. They had to come up with some way to get the ship out. They had to Phaser their way out, eventually they cleared enough to get the ship out. So the incredibly brave and lucky crew of the Phoenix are safe.

Apparently it is terrifying up there, you feel like you are going to die in environment like they have gone into in the name of all of us. As the person wo invented all the technology they rely on ill be glad when they return to earth safely. I wish them luck on the rest of their journey. Damion

The CIA and UK torturing me

This is all because I have won most of the world over, the CIA came up with a plan though I think...
A few days ago MI6 out of the blue started doing experiments putting psychopaths nets in place of my deep/baby nets. It made me scream, growl, trash my stereo and bed. It was pretty bad. I knew it was the CIA doing this, I knew that much. They never let me have chance to talk to the people of America, I get constantly attacked if I try something like this. I tried making my shrinks in America feel the way I did to try and get it to stop and to show them what I was going through. Apparently this alienated people in America which wasn't my intention. A couple of days pass...

Younger; the head of MI6 seemingly comes up with a plan; to recreate what has happened in America in the UK. They Start the Psychopath experiments again on me. I get the same tortuous reactions, its pretty bad for an autistic. After fighting for a while I lash out at the my country, I dont realize at the time this has being programmed into me, its easy to do I must admit after being raped by the UK on boxing day when they held my nets over the country while people knowingly enjoyed the sensation of me being raped, this and the fact countless members of the public have assaulted me. So I lash out, once it was to make them feel how I did the same as in America, then also just lashing out, this torture is pretty bad, my lashing out doesn't do any permanent damage im sure, i think I just do some things that are happening to me.

The torture eventually stops. The people of the UK, the ones with the hypnosis have a meeting and a vote, they want me murdered but have it explained to them the abilities and Temporal net will dissapear if I die. They decide instead to have me tortured to the point where I nearly die, for five days as well. Im not told about this, in the coming days I am to find out from multiple sources the truth. They soon start to torture me. The UK government have being torturing me with pain experiments, sleep deprivation and trying to do brain damage with pain stones. They put fields over my head they get from the CIA to try block out Temporal net, I can get through it but it takes some effort. They start to do more experiments with Psychopaths nets on me, again I lash out, again it is torture, I use a command out of desperation, They have being constantly sealing and selling my nets so this is a good ability- I turn my nets into another persons, the anger floods away and a feeling of relief comes over me, I managed to slip the noose of this horrible experiment. They carry on the other torture, I am constantly attacked, even by members of the public Younger has offered money to. A day passes, I send out my adaptation to all Aspies who are getting tortured with psychopath nets and want this ability; this is my command I send out using Temporal net, a feeling of relief floods over everyone as this happens, I know my command has helped some of my fellow Aspies alot.


Monday, 9 October 2017

Proton shield idea and a gift

You phase the protons down for the proton shield, might be worth thinking of phasing an em field up (you would phase it just above and below the centre heading towards the poles where the lines the em field goes down meet). I hope this idea helps.

I'd like to gift this idea to  mar-ish-uss (I can't spell it or remember it properly, they wanted a project when I asked people to put hits on my blog if they wanted help, please come forward if I've remembered wrong. Everyone Please do the same this week putting a hit or two on my blog if you would like us to work together in future. I want to help everyone but geography isn't my strong point.

My idea for this country is- you use a warp core to make a higher dimensional EM field, you create another one of the same characteristics with range of the first field. We are going to try activate the near field effect where there is faster than light communication between transmitter and reciever. Being in a higher dimension my theory is the near field will be much larger. If I'm right we might be able to use it for FTL communication. You might need the USA's or China's help for this project, remember to takeall necessary precautions when dealing with a new warp core experiment. I hope this idea helps! Damion

An idea

Here's an updated idea for the Middle East. Please try this and similar...Damion

Saturday, 7 October 2017

Pages from my new notebook

My sons ship!

I'd like to gift the mk ix warp core to Europe
This is a big idea, I'd like to suggest we hold a competition to help refine this idea and challenge ourselves a little.

I'd like to gift the gravity project to Eastern Europe, I'm going to keep working on it.
I'd like to gift this idea to the Middle East as it's similar I think to an old idea I gave them.