Friday, 1 April 2016

Dr Database peramiters

Here are a list of perimeters I used to design Dr Database. This is on top of its element combination matrix that is a 3d engine that goes through every combination all the elements on the periodic table can bond, their bond angles and amount of variation in bond angles. Here are other perimeters I used to design the program...

a) Simplification matrix- goes through the simplest combinations of elements first to save only creating hyper complex compounds

b) generic drug base peramiters- the program favours elements and combinations of elements commonly found in drugs

c) protein specific to hiv peramiters- uses compound target peramiters to lock on to proteins necessary for hiv replication

d)Atomic bond angle.peramiters- explained above 

e) Atonic bond variation angle peramiters- explained above

f) COMPOUND TARGET PERAMITERS- This is the primary bond angles assigned as essential to your compound.  This would get Dr Database to look for a combination of elements able to connect to both carbon and oxygen in our target compound.)

g) Protein peramiters- peramiters that set specific elements coordinates in the structure of proteins as compound target peramiters 

H) recursive compound peramiters- a peramiters that constantly generates a clone of the compound and looks for everywhere the clone element can attach the the original element. Multiple clone elements may bring some exotic compounds up.

I) protein bonding compounds- peramiters that use key target peramiters.

J)commonly used elements in hiv meds peramiters favoring the use of say the top fifty meds used in hiv meds

K)repeating elements ascending peramiters- to obviously use a compound more than once in a compound. Gchq messed up with with the first recursive compound discovered.

L) recursive metals/alloys peramiters- using metals to create ultra strong ultra light recursive metals (I'm thinking adamantium!)

M) simple/complex protein target peramiters- to target either simple or complex bits that make up proteins (the complex bit off the amino acid) which ever is found to be more essential to protein functioning, I imagine simple coding does important basic jobs in the protein/ hiv replication cycle.

N) other useful element combinations that have useful properties

Im drawing a line in the sand with HIV deaths. The plan is to use the new combi therapy as a treatment of last resort to keep someone going long enough for us to come up with a new affordable drug, then a cure. Ive been told Dr Database has brought down the estimated time until we find a cure to ten years now, im sure we can get it down more. I wont let Luke die... And the rest of the net...And theres a lot of people out there that need a hand also. I dont want them to die. Im sure we can do something, Im sure we can do it. Damion


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