Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Some information to support the fact Tony Blair is having me experimented on

Within hours of me contacting the UK embassy in New York Tony Blair forces Richard Deerlove to retire, Tony Blair then takes charge of my abuse, it actually gets much worse. The head of MI6 is always meant to serve for a set period of five years. Here are some relevant documents.

(Please click to enlarge)

This is a document from when I arrived in New York to claim asylum.

This link shows when Deerlove was forced to retire by Tony Blair, hours after I contacted the UK embassy in New York. It was 6/5/2004, the day before my birthday, it was a good birthday present even though no one actually told me about these happenings. The link is to the university Deerlove works for.

A link to show when Deerlove was forced to retire

Saturday, 24 August 2013

An idea on the structure of personality

I just had an interesting thought I thought I would share. I was wondering about the components of personality and how many thoughts and memories are actually in each one, I think every pixel in consciousness may be an actual memory, I've heard the human mind holds a million memories, I thinks there is around that in our beta conscious from what I have observed. Its interesting to think of our conscious minds as a million memories mixing together. D

Thursday, 22 August 2013

An oil painting of the structure of Personality

This is the structure Sigmund Freud discovered and on what he based his work, the structure of personality. The first time I saw personality was 1/12/2002, a day that changed my life. Since Victorian times it has remained a secret that Freud seemingly took to his grave, it hasn't been seen for an entire century.

A comment on Sigmund Freud (the real first Quantum Hypnotist)

I might call myself the first quantum hypnotist but it has become obvious I am not the first person to see personality, there may be others but I know of one person before me who saw it; Sigmund Freud. It is obvious from his work, he based psycho-dynamic theory on thermodynamics, there are also other clues in his work I've been told, he even believed in telepathy.

He suddenly stopped using hypnosis at around the turn of the century, this must have been when he saw personality, an entire century ago. I do wonder what he thought seeing such a thing before quantum mechanics existed. It must have scared him but I'm sure like me he was awe struck. Personality is beautiful, a true wonder of nature. 

It has been suggested to me there is probably a letter in someones keeping that Freud wrote for when the world was ready, I don't know if this is the case, it would make for an interesting read. Freud decided to keep what he saw secret, he must have thought this hypnosis was too dangerous for the world to know of in his time. Did he leave a letter? Did he even leave diagrams? I wonder.

 It is ironic nearly a century after Freud's plight with the Nazi's I find myself also fighting Nazis. History seems to be repeating, we have a potential master race, we have a people suffering because of their genes, and we have an entire world that it effects.

So after all this time the world will finally get to know the truth,a century old secret, of what Sigmund Freud based his work on. I think we should think well of Sigmund, if the Nazi's had found out what he could do under hypnosis they could have gained abilities like ours, the war could have easily gone the other way. The world would be a very different place indeed.

Sigmund Freud- 
    may 6. 1856 September 23. 1939

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Another comment on whats hapeing in my life at the moment

I feel I need to write now of whats been going on. I did want to wait until this was over to write more. 

I've talked to Beki, the mother of Ems. She sounds in a bad way, I don't know how long she has left, I don't think she does. MI6 are messing with my emotions about this, I don't want her to die. My hypnosis can help with Leukemia I think, you can use hypnosis to stimulate the body and its functions, they held high gamma FQ windows over a bone net to for a month after the Benzine to metabolize it faster or such like, it can give you lots of energy, it stimulates your bone marrow. If she gets help soon it might help a lot. I'm writing my own will at the moment. I've asked my doctors to find out how long until the benzine takes effect. I know when MI6 will move on to the pain experiments- they will use the cancer, I'm betting it is particularly painful. They say even hypnosis cant stop bone pain, I don't know how true this is having no training.

MI6 wanted all this to happen in a years time but because Charlotte turns 16 at new year they rushed it ahead, they have planned this for years, their plan must take a good few months, that much is obvious so they have more things to come. My guess is they want Beki and me dead in a year. I'm scared for Ems, she wont have any biological parents, I think she is a Theta like me, its not that apparent in childhood but she sounds so much like me and was walking and talking like me at 9 months. I've found they have plans for both my children, they are already targets, they have hypnotized them. Where does it end?

My friends (my good shrinks) are back, it nice to see them but I get constantly abused so its not too nice for us all, my friends are saying they were hoping to get a few good months with me.

My housemates have become aggressive and saying things which don't make sense like I'm being abusive and lie constantly, they have been mind control a lot. This is part of a plan to try and make me out to be a different person. MI6 say they will never admit they were wrong in the first place for some reason, I think it might be to protect Tony Blair. I'm under the impression Tony Blair is telling people I have had sex with a cat to stop me being able to get help and get out of this to stop people knowing the truth. Is this what Susan the hypnotherapist meant? This is based on when I was six years old when I rubbed myself against a cats tummy, I developed very early for some reason. I couldn't hurt an animal. How would having sex with a cat even work? I was planning to write about this in part 5 when all the rapes and video/s started happening but I feel I might not be able to write my book properly. I just felt I needed to write this to try stop them making out I'm a pervert.

This is all so America gets my hypnosis and all the technology that goes with it. Blair is CIA. I've found the CIA is taunting John Sawyers for leading his men over a cliff (he's got a lot of his people killed, this is so people don't realize he's working for the Americans, its pretty obvious; they are using some pretty basic psychology. Sawyers plans to get rich and leave his country in turmoil, his role for the CIA isn't over. The CIA had me drugged and shipped back to the UK in 2004, that was the beginning to their involvement in quantum hypnosis. Blair made a deal with America to become one of the global elite and the UK gets nothing. He did this at the expense of my country, at the expense of people like my children who might be raised to be batteries to train other peoples minds. 

Ive found out what Blair and co have been doing, they are trying to make me look like...someone who has got a lot of people killed. Some were MI6 agents abroad  Sawyers and Blair actually set them up and they wont have had a good time of it. Their plan is-if the world hates me then America can get my hypnosis (the manhatten project for the mind), if the world knows the truth public opinion would go against America and they wouldnt be able to lay claim to my work. I think Blair ect plan more of this kind of thing, I know of one group of people to come. There was a war with chemical weapons used to this end. 

All I can say is this is what brain wave training does. If anyone wants to know their plan take my situation as an example of their thought process- they will abuse me as long as possible, they will do as many experiments as possible, they will get get out every result they can without shedding light on my hypnosis as possible, they will make as much money and power as possible,they will do as many experiments as possible, they will let me live as short as possible, to die in as bad a way as possible and they will make themselves look as good as possible. That is basically their plan/planning. One final point- No matter how much they brain wave train us Aspies will always be so much better than that. Damion 

Monday, 12 August 2013


I have updated my autism spectrum theory post for my reader with an interest on the subject.

Sunday, 11 August 2013

A comment

It seems MI6 and the CIA are using me and my information I put online to manipulate my readers/what history thinks. I will leave what I have put online but this is coming to a stop. I don't care to write bumbling nazi propaganda. I think the plan is America getting the money for quantum hypnosis and the UK taking the fall then getting the money back from america. Their main aim, the thing they will never shift on is money and power.

I think they want me dead, apparently the CIA really want samples from my left cerebellum because it is damaged so much, apparently like I'm dead, I cant sense peoples Id emotions at all nowadays, the stronger your separate brain waves the more you sense others brain waves of the same sort. They are also interested about my subconscious associating, the CIA think its really important for some reason. I know they want biopsys from me. It actually looks like they might have gone to a lot of trouble to stop me being famous; so america keeps control of my hypnosis and the machines I could build. Damion

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Autistic Spectrum sample

This is a sample of a paper I am attempting to write on the autistic spectrum to show a little of how important my hypnosis is and what is been held back from the world, it should lead to a full understanding of autism. I'm hoping this might be enough to make some noise in the world media.

The Autistic Spectrum

Dynamic Spectrum Theory

by Damion Cappleman


This is my work on the autistic spectrum. My findings are from what I have learnt from my research on the hypnosis I am pioneer of that lets me observe quantum structures in the human mind. People on the spectrum can be highly developed in different aspects of the mind, my hypnosis is based on this. I have also based my work on been lucky enough to meet some people on the spectrum.


The autistic spectrum is made up of two elements-

The Neuron genesis element

-A high Id rate/delta brain wave I think stimulates/prolongs neuron-genesis leading to the autistic brain having too many neurons.

-Too many neurons offset the amplitude of the four main brain waves and the amount of virtual photons they create. This amplitude is what dictates what brain wave/part of personality is dominant as we go through the four stages in neurological and psychological human development.

The development element
(related to quantum psycho-dynamic theory)

We are meant to go through four stages of development-

-The first stage of neurological development is the baby stage that lasts until the age of one or so, the signs of autism won’t be apparent at this stage. The first stage is associated with a dominant delta brain wave where the Id is the dominant structure in personality and the cerebellum is the dominant lobe in the brain. At this stage we are primed to learn about the senses and bond with our mother, these stage hard wires the neural networks in the brain and we form permanent memories well. The thought process of the Id is to associate one thought (not really association rather than the root of association; direct download). 

The thoughts themselves are singular, the amount of thoughts in the Id correlates with the hz squared. The amount of information stored here is related to Id/permanent memory.

-The second stage of neurological development is the child stage that lasts from the age of one or so until the age of eight or so. The second stage is associated with a dominant theta brain wave where the Ego is the dominant structure in personality and the occipital lobe is the dominant lobe in the brain. At this stage we are primed to learn about our close family, communication and recycle our senses with our imagination, we learn quickly especially with concepts and shape interpretation and form long term memories well. The thought process of the Ego is about putting two thoughts from the Id together, a stage of  strong association, a duality driven thought process. 

The thoughts themselves are dual, the amount of thoughts in the Ego correlates with the hz squared.The amount of information stored here is related to Ego/long term memory.

-The third stage of neurological development is the adolescent stage that lasts from the age of eight or so until the late teens early twenty’s. The third stage is associated with a dominant alpha brain wave where the Super Ego is the dominant structure in personality and the parietal lobe is the dominant lobe in the brain. At this stage we are primed to become more independent from our family, we learn shapes and symbols well, and form short term memory well which can help with things like maths.The thought process of the super ego is about putting many thoughts together from the Id and ego. A stage of a complex thought process where over a hundred thoughts can come to mind.

The thoughts themselves are singular, the amount of thoughts in the super ego correlates with the hz squared. The amount of information stored here is related to Super Ego/short term memory.

-The fourth and last stage of neurological development is the adult stage that begins the late teens early twenties (the age schizophrenia is triggered), entering the last stage of development is what triggers latent schizophrenia. The third stage is associated with a dominant beta brain wave where Consciousness is the dominant structure in personality and the frontal lobe is the dominant lobe in the brain. At this stage we are primed to be independent. This stage is about stability and being more organised. We have a good sensory memory at this stage,

The thoughts themselves are singular, the amount of thoughts in consciousness correlates with the hz squared.The amount of information stored here is related to conscious/sensory memory.

Us on the spectrum develop slightly differently though, we have an off set neurological development, our brains develop in a different order to neuro-typicals. All people on the spectrum have an over developed Id (a high Id rate- see Quantum Dynamic theory). From some people on the spectrum I have been fortunate enough to meet there seems to be 4 types of us, we seem to have one dominant brainwave throughout our lives-


The four types on the Autistic spectrum

From meeting some people on the spectrum i have noted we fit in to one of four groups.

Delta Autistics- the deltas stay in an Id/delta stage, the human first stage of development.
As a baby we are designed to learn about vision, touch, hearing, smell, taste and making sense. We have so much to learn about these things when we are born the brain has evolved to do this very quickly, this mechanism over develops in delta autistics. Our emotions are at their strongest when we are a baby to help us learn and form a close relationship with our mother- Delta Autistics will have very strong emotions indeed and I Imagine are very caring.

If you look at a baby’s expressions they often seem overwhelmed, I imagine Deltas will feel like this with both the senses and the thought process.

The low hz of the Id will make a deltas thought process is like little explosions of logic, this stage is about one thought/concept coming to mind..

Deltas will have the cerebellum as the dominant lobe in the brain.

Dominant emotions- Very overdeveloped emotions from the Id

Theta Autistics- (like me) Have a dominant Theta brain wave and stay for a long period in the second stage of human development. At this stage we start to recycle our senses to help design theoretical situations in the safety of our own imaginations. We develop a strong imagination, theta waves are linked to this I feel.

In this stage we are designed to learn about our family, Theta autistics bond very closely to people as a result and form strong friendships and relationships and are very people based and chatty when we like people (a very social Asperger). We are social, linguistic and have a strong imagination and quite strong emotional state and a strong sense of right and wrong, we like everyone to get on and have strong empathy.

Some notes on me- I am actually surprised an eeg read normal for me, though there may be other factors involved like my involvement with MI6 (the nurse actually asked if I was on drugs). I found I never liked words like rape and torture as they would automatically form images in my mind, I find them much more unpleasant than swear words. I have a low attention span. I use logic to get by in life, I kind of cant switch off problem solving, I find new social situations difficult, they can seem different to me. I don’t like being alone (doesn't come up much), I hate being boarded. I cannot do fake, when I smile it has to be genuine, its why I am not photogenic. From observing what I call the hemisphere net I think I lack mirror neurons in the temporal lobe as with other people on the spectrum.

I have noticed I think in concepts and shapes and learn better from direct communication rather than facts and symbols (like maths and reading).

Theta's will have the occipital lobe as the dominant lobe in the brain.

Theta's think of duality's a lot of the time. The first stage of development is about associating one thought, the second stage is associating two thoughts, I think there is a paradox here in the structure of the ego- the columns go from one string to two strings over and over forming the flat helix structure I have observed, I think the structure has to be two dimensional to perform this task, if it was a transverse wave the strings wouldn't meet.

Thetas may be different to other autistics because it is a very small lobe so has a very strong drag effect, It being the second stage of development may also have an effect of the manifestation of symptoms. I learnt to walk and talk early as an example.

Dominant emotions- Emotions from the id and ego are dominant.

Alpha Autistics- have a dominant alpha brain wave, the third stage of human development. In this stage we become more independent from our family and can be a little reclusive. The super ego/theta waves are very much related to an internal thought process, so Alpha Aspergers may seem reclusive and unsocial, I think alpha’s will like things like computers and maths. I think this may also give rise to a very creative mind (say with music).

Alpha autistics will have the parietal lobe as the dominant lobe in the brain. 

The alpha brain wave being very complex will help with balancing the complex tasks associated with maths and computers.

Dominant emotions- Emotions from the Id and super ego are dominant.

Beta Autistics- have a dominant Beta brain wave, the fourth stage of human development. Betas are very logical and organised and analytical. I think testosterone increases the beta brain wave, in Beta Aspergers this brain wave is dominant but for a different reason. I think this may have given rise to the opinion autism is the extreme male brain as testosterone is related to (a neurotransmitter I think) beta waves.

I think Beta Autistics think in terms of logic and will be very good at maths as complex as calculations are a conscious task. I 

Beta autistics will have the frontal lobe as the dominant lobe in the brain.

The high hz of beta waves will lead to a complex and organised thought process.

Dominant emotions- emotions from the Id are dominant, the last stage of development is more about thinking rather than emotions, It is all about stability and reusing what we have already learnt, a very clear organised analytical mind. I think crying is an emotion to do with the conscious mind.

-My theory explains why there is loss of skills in early childhood; it is because of leaving the an Id/Delta stage and shifting straight to the beta stage, it may happen also in alphas but not in deltas and thetas. Jumping from an Id stage to a beta stage is too much of a jump for the brain to handle, this is meant to happen slowly as with neuro-typical development, the roots into the sub conscious to associate Id information all the way up to consciousness then take time to form.

Neurological factors

-Neurological ageing will still be a factor in the four types on the autistic spectrum so as an example some deltas will move on to a theta stage, some thetas will move on to an alpha stage so there is also that element to where on the spectrum people may be.

-The increased number of neurons offsets neurotransmitter production, keeping the autistic mind in one dominant stage of development. Neurotransmitter production is carefully balanced, exposing all neurotransmitter production to the same increase in energy from the excess neurons seems to have the effect of keeping us in one stage of development. The extra neural connections I imagine happens in the autistic brain, the increased EM field and virtual photon count all contribute to neurotransmitter production.

A Quantum network related to Autism

I have observed this quantum neural network with hypnosis. It is a thetas net on the left. The Beta waves are blue and act like static off a T.V, the lattice work structure is grey and the rest of the network is black gamma waves. I think this net is related to the auditory cortex.

A comment on recent events

I've found out the CIA and Blair (along with Sawyers and Scarlet) actually set up an international crisis recently, for more than one reason, they had to make it very convincing even with people dying. A lot of this is to do with me, the fact they can’t stop me being famous, my hypnosis and the technology that comes with it and power.

I've found Blair, John Sawyers and John Scarlet are CIA. Gareth Williams was a CIA experiment, Sawyers had him bullied then American agents set him up with a job offer then when he went to America then pulled out so he had to come back to the UK so Sawyers had his excuse for doing his experiments on him, the same they are doing to me (see my link on a post below for details) to build people like me and Gareth.

Just after Blair was in the press (see below) they spike me with carcinogens or similar, this crisis may have helped this happen.

MI6 have told me Tony Blair spread a lot of defamatory information about me for the CIA to stop me being famous and getting in the way of their plan, I dont know how true this is.

Tony Blair is closely involved with the Rupert Murdoch divorce at the same time.

The CIA are trying to set up systems like they have in the USA where the CIA runs everything.

MI6 give me the impression they have pushed for the world to keep this quiet for a year (they need this to happen for some reason), This may have happened at the G20 recently. This recent crisis could be their way of telling the world about my hypnosis rather than telling country's directly. This would be a by product of the crisis.

The Tony Blair faith foundation is probably part of a CIA plan to put a system the CIA can control in place over time. (One things for certain I wont be part of a plan like that)

The seeming tactics with the CIA is putting a system they can control in place with seeming benefit, then taking control of it like what they are doing in the UK, what they probably have done with Rupert Murdoch's papers, probably what they are doing in other areas.

They have two goals; money and power around the world. Hopefully the world knowing the truth will stop people getting too much control, there is such a thing as too much power.

Why I know this

Paris has given me way too much information in the last year or so, he even told me MI6 has been put in charge of fixing the UK economy a few months ago, why would he ever tell me something like this? MI6 have given me the impression the PM cutting £ off spending was because of MI6. For months Paris has been telling me a)its difficult to officially get someone killed in the UK and b)it makes a lot of noise doing so, like the prime minister murdering me was what was going to happen. Then an international crisis comes along which may validate such actions. They will capitalize on me having no network for support to manipulate me and this situation. They knew recent events were going to take place.

Paris obviously benefited from me knowing these things.

A Comment on the cancer

Paris has also told me ‘we want to make it a close call’, was this related to the carcinogens?  He’s said  I’ll get out of this but I won’t have a life worth living’. He says I won’t even be able to see a child born when I get out of this. For some reason they seem to need something from me. 

It definitely looks like benzine I was spiked with on the x-ray, apparently anemia can be a side effect of benzine poisoning, I was prescribed iron tablets by Dr Christine at the time, I felt so Ill, I found it hard even walking down the street, eventually it got better after I was given the tablets, it took quite a while. They have tried spiking me in other ways with it recently. I should get my bloods done. They didn't seem happy when I read it gives you Leukemia rather than other cancers. When would this come on if I was spiked in January 2011 the first time? Are they going to murder both Ems parents the same way? I worry why they have such an interest in Ems. They have told me they have agents around Charlotte also, as always I can't trust what they say but I can know its highly likely. I find myself thinking when does this end? Will my eventual grandchildren be at risk? When you face things like this because of your genes where does it end? I guess when were not worth any money. Damion

Saturday, 3 August 2013

Information on a possible attempt on my life in 2011 and a comment on crimes against humanity

This is an x-ray from 20011, on 1.1.11 they spiked me with a drug which made me very ill then spiked my tobacco with something for about a month. I had a small chest infection that turned into the infection below very quickly. All tests were inconclusive which the doctor found strange. I think the drug may have been a carcinogen as what I suspect all the recent drugging may have been. I know nothing about carcinogens apart from what I have recently read about cancer forming after a year of exposure, I found the lungs also expel the toxin more quickly than other exposure. I think I've done enough to get out of my situation, it seems they need me to get out of this situation but to die soon after, I have reported the most recent attempt on my life to the police and gave them the video I put on here with a copy of my book that ends at part 5. I told them I had concerns for my children also. I'm worried for my children, especially Ems. 

MI6 and MI5 are scared they are going to be prosecuted for genocide, they are desperate to not get caught for stealing my semen and selling it. I have dominant genes, my children look like me from eight or so onward, it wouldn't make sense to sell them to good families to be raised to be top hypnotherapists that look like me and bear half my genetic make up, it would be a security threat. The reason they stole it was money and power plain and simple, with little regard for what such a crime could lead to. 

I have heard the term 'if one of us loses our rights we all begin to suffer'. That statement makes more sense to me now, its not because of the sorrow people feel from hearing of these acts, it is because the reason spreads to others. 

Here is the information on my chest-