Thursday, 31 December 2015

My central plan

I've had this plan for a while, I've decided to put it online today. I guess I have to let people know of what I really want to achieve in an ideal world. It's pretty complicated what my hypnosis and work means, I just want the right people making the decisions with it, I know it's a responsibility that shouldn't just sit on my shoulders, to this end I think it best and safer that me and the rest of the Phoenix net work for a coalition of countries. I also want to get the most out of my work so it being used to help countries find common endeavours like this would be ideal.

My plan I'd like to try make happen is to train a male and a female from various races/countries around the world with my hypnosis (to be part of the Phoenix net). Just a small number of people for a demonstration would do. I can train people to be as good as me with my hypnosis over time, I'm good at what I do, this could save so many problems in the world. There is massive demand for my hypnosis skills but no supply, that has caused massive problems and a lot of suffering around the globe.

I can also train people to problem solve like what I do also, to develop fluid inteligence, I've dipped my toe into this with promising results. I would like to do this while working with experts on my usual type of projects; curing mental illness, physical illness and developing technology ect, it would be the perfect environment in fact, I think we could achieve a lot indeed doing this. I would like a chance to again train both a male and a female from various races/countries in this field as well.

I think a coalition of the USA, Russia, China and Prehaps Great Britain (if we can get new leadership) could form the main backbone of a group of countries working together on this project, I feel I would be being responsible to share my technologies and abilities with these countries, I'm sure we would look to working with other countries from Europe as an example and making our world a better place. I would look for more advice on this of course. As soon as I'm working for a group of countries I will feel much better about all this. I've done my best to balance things with putting important information on my blog but I really should be working for the right people.

If you guys either together or individually think you can help make my department with you happen then please do, we could achieve so much together. The help would also be appreciated, life is still far from ideal. My spirits are high though, I'm pretty pleased I might have cracked 'the string thing' as I playfully call string theory. Things might get better I feel. Happy new year guys (let's make it one to remember) Damion

Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Another one of my heros

Here's another one of my heros, Ash from the 'Evil Dead' 2 movie.

 'You've just had to chop your own hand off, everything's gone to shit. What do you do? Obviously you tape a chainsaw where your hand was, get a shotgun in the other hand, cock it and then say 'groovy'.' 

The world needs more men like Ash. Hail to the king baby. Damion


Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Mi6 drugging

Mi6 have been spiking me with nerve toxins again recently and a drug which scrambles memory today, it's a pretty serious drug. Apparently my work on dimension has cracked string theory and it isn't doing Britain or America any good, the UK government is sulking with me. Apparently cracking string theory makes lots of technology possible. I'm happy for any other country to benefit from my work I may add, It's Britain and America that have committed genocide against us on the Spectrum and me and my children (who class as a race of our own). It's hard to write, keep making mistakes, I'll feel better tomorrow perhaps. Damion

The Autistic race emblem

Here are some of my ideas for an emblem for us Autistics as a race of people. We are not currently recognised as a race of people but I'm sure that will change some day. We are a race of people from every country on earth so my ideas for an emblem express this.Damion

Thursday, 24 December 2015

Hacking Ⓣime

Ⓣemporarily Playing...Damion

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas guys. I hope I haven't alienated anyone putting up my Temporal mechanics, I'll put together a post explaining The basics of dimensional physics for my regular readers. Some of my recent posts have been aimed at my more sciency readers. I'll try to keep a bit of variety here also, I've just been making a lot of headway on my physics work. Have a good Christmas guys. Damion :-) 

Phoenix's constant/Dimensional physics work

For my son who's out there x

Luv Damion (dad)

This is ace

I think I've worked out Phoenix's constant...


That (theoretical) speed should get you to ⓘ speed.

And I think I've also worked out the Temporal constant... I'll put my work up from my notebook soon guys :-)


Monday, 21 December 2015

Dimensional physics notes

Here's some more of my work on dimension. There's some ideas on cold fusion I've been meaning to put up for people interested in that kind of thing. Damion 

Friday, 18 December 2015

Adolf Hitler and bad guy syndrome

I've come to a conclusion, I think Adolf Hitler developed what I call 'bad guy' syndrome (as I don't know the correct syndrome). It's the disorder I've noted in MI6 and MI5 agents that they have got from experimenting on/torturing people. They become obsessive, scatty, immoral, mean, addicted to abuse, addicted to sexual abuse, have no empathy apart from for other bad guys, develop a lust for power and I've noted form gangs. 

I think Adolf Hitler developed this very same syndrome, I've never read 'Mein Kampf' (I'm not going to read a book written by such a moron) but I'm betting it sheds a lot of light on this, I bet he learnt to be an abuser basically. I'd bet money that he had it, he had a lot of the traits I've listed.

The Second World War was caused by one single person with this syndrome who was allowed to get into a position of power. Now we have a world where this disorder on the rise because of what is happening to us Autistics and also plenty of neurotypicals in the name of money and science. The organisations doing these things have a lot of power, this is dangerous. The people ordering these things like Tony Blair and David Cameron could well be subject to the pressures of this disorder also, as an example of cause and symptom David Cameron committed genocide flooding the world market with my Semen exactly two years ago this month to curb Autistic disappearances and save his own skin.

Those in positions of power who read my blog should listen to this one, I really don't want to be in a position to say I told you so. I've done my bit to fix this disorder and with good results if you need the work/techniques I guess you know what to do. I've done my best. Damion

.......Please pay attention to the signs.......

My blog stats

I'm sure people are screwing a hell of a lot with the Internet, my blog should have gone viral. Here's a pic of my stats, things really started looking good until I got sectioned now it's slowing right down and my hits outside Europe and America have just about stopped...Damion

Physics idea on higher dimensions

I read it is thought other higher dimensions exist. I guess the Big Bang may have gone past the energy up to +4 dimension can contain, I'm guessing the maths doesn't add up how the universe is stuck together. Dimension forms a transverse wave,I've worked that much out. My theory is if higher dimensions exist they would have to form transverse waves of their own so there will be sixteen dimensions on top of our own, twenty in total. I'm still playing with this idea. Here's a page from my notebook on the idea, I've nearly finished my notebook, it's getting a bit grubby, I've Been carrying it round with me since 13.6.13. Damion
Please excuse the mistake where I write a 20 Ⓓ field on the second page, I meant to write 16. Dimensional fields organise 4,16,64 ect up until there is no energy. I guess potentials might exist. D

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

MI6 are proper pissed off

I just found an original Phoenix stone in a body net, it's quite a high frequency net. A Chienese friend of mine is keeping it safe for me. Everyone who's got my hypnosis should have one even if they have been given the disrupted FQ the CIA wants everyone to get (lots of people got this in the Phoenix chakra net, the beta net with the Phoenix stone behind the head.'s what you do if you want to fix this chakra, you use the other Phoenix stone, you first desync the chakra then sync the other Phoenix stone in its place, you should go 'woah' to some degree like I just did, you will feel it. If you have trouble finding the other Phoenix stone create more and more powerful Phoenix stones and shine them just inside the chest, a strong enough one will light up the net and you will see the Phoenix stone. Damion

Ⓣemporal mechanics

                  emporal Theory

 (infinite improbable) has no mass, it takes energy to propel mass to gain volocity. Having no mass it takes no energy to propel mass to velocity, there is nothing to hold volocity back. This propels ⓘ to infinate volocity. I think  having no energy means it can't move, but I also think it having no mass it moves infinitely fast existing everywhere at once, it can do this because there is no time. I think in the Higgs field time stops where as in the nothing there is no time so everything happens infinitely fast/at once allowing  to exist at both one point and also everywhere within its range/speed limit at once. I think ⓘ exists as both a field (the  potential field) and a non moving particle (the  potential particle), I say potential as they don't exist they only have a potential. I'm going to call this universal constant (the speed of the i field) Phoenix's constant (Pc) after my son who I'm trying to get to and his brothers and sisters I know are out there).

I am starting to look at velocity as a fundamental force in reality rather than it being just particles moving through the Higgs field. Volocity seems to be present in the nothing, black holes (field compressed matter) seem to suggest gravity can exist there as well.

Temporal equations-

This is an equation explaining the physics of ...

Mass ( ) x Speed (Phoenix's constant)= Energy (of a nothing field)

Lol, is it like the theory of Relativity.... E=mPc2
Pc2=Phoenix's constant squared

Part of Temporal theory is 0=infinity. can the equation be...

0/infinate (mass) x 0/Pc (speed) = 0/infinate (energy)

Omg, black holes/singularities are infinitely small and have infinate mass. This gives a route into my equation...

0 (mass of the nothing)/infinate (mass it takes to form a singularity) x 0 (speed of the ⓘ particle)/Pc (speed of the i field)= E

It's the other way around!

0 (mass) x Pc2 (speed)= E (of the ⓘ field)


Infinate (mass) x 0 = E (the ⓘ particle)

I think the  field is the carrier of gravitational energy and and the  particle is the source of gravitational energy both existing simultaneously at one infinitely small point and everywhere at once.

I would like to work out what number/speed Phoenix's constant actually is, I know it will be measured in miles per zero. I'm no good at damn maths tho. I think if gravitational force builds up enough it will reach its limit at Phoenix's constant.

I think creating a point that surpasses the threshold of Phoenix's constant will reach the critical point where a Temporal tear in our universe forms, an area of minus one dimension in our space time. Groovy... 

Mass x Pc> = Energy necessary to create Ⓣ / a Temporal field

Ⓣ= Anti Temporal particles

I call this physics I'm working on all Temporal physics but strictly speaking it covers dimensional physics where my work started (the physics of dimension), potential physics (the physics of the nothing) and Temporal physics that I'm working on now (the physics of minus 1 dimension), it's all work in progress, I do plan to do some official work on all this for 'my work' page soon.

Damion 15.12.15

Saturday, 12 December 2015

Hacking Time

Songs that go with my blog 2

This song reminds me of Pete and when MI5 drugged me all those years ago, in the week it took the drug to get out of my system Mizundarstood the album which this song is from was the only music I could listen to, all other music was unpleasant with my belief system turned to jelly. This album, especially this song made me feel a little less alone in one of the hardest times in my life, I wasn't scared and alone by myself.. 'Just like a pill' by Pink...

Friday, 11 December 2015

The recent games

The first international games were held recently to coincide with when I first saw personality (the start of December). I'm under the impression the games need work, I just wish I was there to help things run better. By the sounds of it a lot went well, though I could see our foreign guests thinking of us as arrogant westerners showing off. It's just unfair competing against someone a savant or his partner has trained. Luke's students competing as their own team or in their own tournament would have been much better. I also agree with the eastern ethos of a master not fighting his students which I recently learnt about, I wouldn't want to fight my students as it would break/damage that trust/responsibility that comes along with training someone.

I come to have the impression the games won't be fair until everyone has my training, being otherwise indisposed of I have decided I will have to put a training course together online to even up the odds as it were with the games. I'll put up part one 'the six skills of Spectral hypnosis' soon. When it gets warmer and I get some money I may travel to London to teach for a weekend as it is infinitely easier to teach in person. I'm also putting together some new events, next year will be the real start of this, im hoping next year they will actually let me train fuzz a little, they set her up to fail badly (see upcoming story 'the story of Fuzz'), im also hoping the Phoenix net can compete as a team and maybe get my tuition. They will never give me a week training the Phoenix net though (they know what I can do in a week lol). I'm hoping all countries that sent representatives this year and maybe some others will compete in at least some events. Ik, I have my basic lesson plan for my course...Time to write lesson one, we have one year to prepare guys! I'll get you all up to cutting edge in that time, I train my shrinks well. Damion


Sunday, 6 December 2015

Pointless things my brains worked out

I've decided to continue with the theme from my answering 'why all the hair on your belly button points inwards' post by answering other age old questions that frankly, probably do keep you up at night. This week I'm going to tackle...

Q. Is the grass really greener on the other side???

A. No, probably not. It is more to do with the angle you are looking at the grass from, grass in the distance you will see on more of an angle so you won't be able to see between the blades to the dirt making the grass at a distance look greener compared to the grass at your feet, grass where you are looking directly down at it so you see the dirt between the blades making it seem less green.

Another age old question possibly if not probably solved. Damion

One of my heros (video&pics)

I thought I would share with my readers who my heroes are. Sir Earnest Shackleton is my first personal hero I'm going to put up (I have three). He was a south polar explorer. Just over century ago he set off on his famous 1914-17 expedition to the South Pole on his ship the Endurance. It was to be the first expedition to cross the Antartic. The Endurance became trapped in pack ice on her voyage near to the Antartic, Shackleton had to eventually abandon her. He came up with a plan, he and his men were to traverse the ice fields in the most inhospitable environment you can imagine to get to a place called Elephant island where they would make camp. Shackletons was then to take a small life raft that he had a decked out from Elephant island in a desperate attempt to reach South Georgia; a whaling station, the nearest settlement. The 16 day voyage of this life raft 'the voyage of the James Craid' is regarded as one of the greatest voyages a small boat has ever undertaken. It was a gallant attempt by Shackleton to save his men traversing the worst seas in the world and relying on one brave soul going above deck once a day to use his sextant so they could find their bearings and keep course for The island, being even a degree out would mean missing South Georgia and doom them all, they had quite a time of it. They reached South Georgia and after traversing a mountain reached the settlement. It took multiple attempts and months for Shacleton to reach his men with help but he made it and so did they.

Shackleton is one of my hero's as he did what it took and got all of his men out alive when the odds were really against them. He was brave, he lead his men, he came up with a plan and (eventually) got all his men to safety. If you would like to know a bit more here's a documentary I found on this expedition. Damion


                     The Endurance 

       Shackletons 1914-17 expedition 

               Sir Earnest Shackleton 
              15.feb.1874 - 5.jan.1922           

Songs that go with my blog

'Sometimes' by James reminds me of when my near field was struck by lightning on the mental health ward a year ago (has it been that long??), quite an experience, the song set the mood perfectly. It was kind of invigorating being sat ariel held high calling come on thunder...

I'm back

Sorry I've been AWOL guys, I hope my regulars are still coming back. I got sectioned for a few days for missing two appointments. It wasn't nice, I have acquired a nervous system shock/disorder shaking thing. Long story, It will all be in my book one day. Anyways I'm back, I'll get back to blogging now. Hope you guys are well. /waves at his readers D

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Mi5 update

Mi5 have said they've sterilised me because it's dangerous me having children. My penis is leaking fluid a lot nowadays. My daughter Charlotte has a bug in her I've been told...

Saturday, 21 November 2015

Mi5 update

I have MI5 age gents in for some reason, they raped me recently. I have found some people in government sent happy with their involvement with government, they are stealing government money. I'll try find out more. Damion

A request to my readers

Could you guys try help me get my blog noticed on the net, MI6 keep stopping my site being advertised on google and blogs rating ect sites. My blog was taking off pretty well, I'm still getting plenty of hits but not from these sites. I could use some help with some gurilla tactics getting my blog noticed. Thanx guys, it helps knowing your all out there. Damion

a video of MI6 trying to kill me

A video of MI6 torturing me with frontal lobe fits/torture

Friday, 20 November 2015

True story 'The story of Luke's net part 2' an extract from part 5 of my book 'A guiding light'

(This is an extract from my autobiography documenting the birth of Spectral hypnosis 'The story of the first Spectral hypnotist, it's from part 5: A guiding light')

It is early 2013, I am working on a project on schizophrenia at the moment. I spend a lot of time working on it, I often work on it in my room but more often than not I find myself problem solving on it while say walking down the street. MI6 are spiking me a lot, they have been for some time, with sodium pentathol, my life is still hard, life is still a fight. I can solve problems ok but it's a fight to write as always, my report is hard work writing while I'm on sodium pentathol.It is now nearly a decade since I went to claim asylum in America. 

I am to learn something new about my little adventure today as I do my work; I am to learn what me and Luke actually did there in that prison cell in New York in 2004; what we did when we found the green net; Luke's net as I called it. Me and Luke didn't have a clue that Luke’s net might be a little bit more than what it seemed like at face value.

My project is me putting to use what I have learnt of the mind, what my problem solving and abilities have let me understand of the mind. I am trying to try and crack schizophrenia, to explain it neurologically and psychologically and tie it into physics. It is going well, I start to find I can tackle any problem in Schizophrenia from the view point of neurology, psychology, hypnology (as I like to call it) and physics; four angles to tackle it from. As I always say; if you give me three logical angles to tackle a problem from I can most likely triangulate the correct answer. I have four angles then to solve any problem in schizophrenia, I find this makes the work just a matter of time. I've spent a lot of time problem solving on these matters now and am making a lot of headway with my work, to the point I think I've got the neurology of schizophrenia cracked. I don't remember exactly where I am but as I work on my project I come to a conclusion; Schizophrenia is the super ego which is yellow mixing with consciousness which is blue...What is between yellow and blue? Say in a rainbow? Green... It mixing would be green...A damn green net forms in a schizophrenic's mind! Luke’s net! I think some more and I'm sure. Luke's technique, when he sent himself crazy in 2004; he gave himself bloody Schizophrenia! I'm sure he did! That must mean syncing Luke’s net the same way we did to ourselves in a schizophrenic's mind is a cure for schizophrenia (along with maybe syncing/suppressing the negative frequencies in the Id). I'm sure it's a cure, I'm sure it's the same as fixing Luke.

I know the term schizophrenia comes from Ancient Greek and means 'the split or fractured mind'. I work out a paradox of this; what Luke did with the beta net all those years ago; he literally split his conscious mind in two, he fractured it, he gave himself a patrician; schizophrenia. What I did when syncing with Luke's net was to connect the two halves of this split or patrician back together again, I'm sure we've cracked it.

I think I am pretty lucky to have worked this out, it's wasn't easy or obvious that Lukes net was present in schizophrenia, this probable cure for schizophrenia and similar disorders could have easily been lost, very easily, it sat at the back of my mind for years, I feel it could have been an old ability that was just forgot about. I had to be a clever little Aspie to get the job done this time, and it took me nearly ten years to do it. I've never seen a schizophrenics mind under hypnosis after all, I had to find a different way to ply my trade but I did get there eventually.

I am in hope the work me and Luke have done with Schizophrenia and maybe even this story will give hope to many people suffering with schizophrenia and similar disorders. The cure is basically free, side effect free, takes a few seconds and it also makes you immune to Luke’s net; so your immune to schizophrenia. I think this work will lead to people finding new directions in their lives that they never thought possible, it can perhaps give hope; like it did for Luke. Luke had given up on getting better, given up on his career, given up on his life really, take my advice, never do this, never give up, ever...

'Even when there is no hope, you can always find hope…So there is always hope'

I've always been glad I charged in to save Luke all those years ago, even if it was a bit stupid. I was there for my friend when he needed me, It was worth it just fixing him, now it means even more knowing it could fix schizophrenia. I really think we found a cure for schizophrenia. Him driving himself crazy seems to have had a hell of a silver lining to it. This is good news for me the way my life is, it lifts my morale. I know how important this is and all the lives that are at steak getting this cure out to the world (1% of the world have schizophrenia and up to 15% of them will kill themselves eventually). I more than ever will fight for my hypnosis to be known about now, I won't give up now, that's for sure. 

Since the early days of Spectral hypnosis I've had a strong interest in curing mental illness, and now I'm sure us in the Phoenix net have got a major one under our belt. This raises my faith in what I am trying to do with the net. I must admit I have been known upon occasions to rally my shrinks in the net telling them; 'The plans to wipe out all mental illness on the planet' when I'm wanting to get them in gear for what I'm teaching. I wouldn't usually write it but I do say it to rally my shrinks. I say it to them to get them wanting to make it happen; it's our work, but it's also because I'm sure we can do it. I'm more sure now...I will stand by what I say when I say this. My shrinks though; the Phoenix net are scattered, we're all apart, there's only me Luke and Fuzz together now. I live in hope we will get back together someday soon, I hope we could even increase our number somewhat (by somewhat I mean a lot), I've met plenty of good candidates, it's not as if I can wipe out a 'single' mental illness out without my shrinks after all...But as for the time being; for wiping out all mental illness on the planet......That's depression and schizophrenia done...On to the rest...

   -The end of the story of Luke's net-

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Strange syndrome

There is a condition effecting a lot of people in London I've found out, doctors in London keep seeing the same symptoms. Mi6 say they call it strange syndrome. This is an illness caused by secret service agents abusing people. They say they are going to give me the same, I will log the symptoms. Damion

Mi5 update

They are trying to make the Phoenix shakra behind my head like Ripleys, she modified it to look more like sunshine. They kept trying to remove it but it just grows back. Damion

The games update

The games are starting very soon. I hope fuzz gets to participate in the games, it's a long story for my book but needless to say the Phoenix net wouldn't be complete without her. MI5 are threatening to abuse her on top of the crap mi6 have done. I'd like to hear how she does. Damion

MI5 update

Mi5 had to move my delta autistic children recently. Apparently they didn't like them going outside asking questions about the outside world. Was this the first time my children have seen the outside world? Damion

Mi5 are not happy

Mi5 are sulking trying to scramble my nets because of the last post, apparently the CIA have backed out supporting me whatever that means

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

How many abilities I've come up with

Mi6 told me how many abilities I've developed. They used memory retrieval techniques on Luke, they say it's 2270 or so. Mi6 have 99 other departments that have failed getting any meaningful results. MI5 have a lot of departments experimenting on a lot of people, autistics and my children. MI5 told me they want me to fix my children. They spiked them with drugs to grow them more neurones and it went wrong. Idiots, they are theta's not deltas, or are meant to be. It sounds like a horror movie what I write. It is beyond mi5 agents to understand how sick this all is, they have had right mind jobs done on them by the ring of psychiatrists that have programmed them, these morons have a lot of power mI5. Damion

A new shrink

An mi5 girl has been in in the last couple of weeks. She had cocaine psychosis. I fixed the green net even though PR tried to scramble it. This helped her a lot. I used my theta waves to therapy the burnt out frontal lobe I saw in her, her frontal lobe was over active but sensed burnt out, it's down to her brain not breaking down serotonin I think. She's loads brighter now, back to normal. I also fixed her bad guy syndrome, I helped reassert her deep beliefs and kept working at stoping the bad guy syndrome reasserting. My project was a big success. They took her away before I finished though. I needed to teach her to stimulate her own theta waves. I wouldn't normally do an EMT therapy but it was for medical reasons. I hope she is ok. Mi6 offered her a job but I'm worried the nazi psychiatrists that run mi5 will get hold of her and experiment on her. I called her Kink, she's a nice girl, she's blonde, thin and exactly 30 years old, her uncle got her a job in mi5. I hope she's ok. Damion

A post about Ripley

Ripley is protected status in MI5
She's even written a book for some reason that MI5 have let/had her write
She knows about what MI5 does to my children, they all do, I guess it doesn't mention that. She was the one who first stole my semen. Has she developed bad guy syndrome as well like the other MI5 girls I've met? What am I meant to think? She stood by and did nothing. Once upon a time she fought people like that. She isn't part of the Phoenix net any more, the Phoenix net is for the shrinks who follow what I teach. Damion

P.s just to log MI6 have been threatening to give me a virulent strain of HIV (from the peadophile ring), I've only slept with one girl since my last test. I should get another test done. It's Younger the head of MI6 letting them have access to me.

P.p.s they gave me another lobotomy last night

Monday, 16 November 2015


Mi5 has disected one/some of my children's brains.

MI5 update

I've found out mi5 agents have a programe (neuro linguistic programming) that knocks them out if they make a mistake. Im frankly shocked at what mi5 programs into its agents. II just knocked out a whole team by saying 'you made a mistake not giving me a job didn't you' and syncd them. Hehe /is laughing. Damion

Saturday, 14 November 2015

Picture, reality generation 3

The Spectral Games

I have found out the games are happening again. I've also found out a country who has an affinity for things like my hypnosis isn't wanting to compete this year and it is only down to politics. I think a good solution would be for all the teams captains from the competing countries/groups to meet to discuss what concessions should be made, we should even consider forming a formal committee made up from representatives from the competing countries/groups in future. Things like wanting to gen foxes jumping rather than bunnies is easy to solve, you should be able to gen any animal jumping this year.
For a countries first years entry they should be able to ask for special conditions as they are new to the games (like only fighting certain opponents). As always it is customary but not essential at all to share what abilities you chose to use in the games in the interest of developing Spectral hypnosis internationally and showing the world another way to do things. Oh, and the games can be postponed while we sort this problem, I'm sure no one will mind. Damion

Friday, 13 November 2015

Another poem I wrote about love

In and out and where and when

In and out and where and when
Will I see you smile again
Where and what and when and who
Will I meet my love so true
In and out my mind at night
Will I see this love a light
Will I see this love a due
Will I spend my life with you?

Will we fall
grasp at love
 you find my heart let love meet love
Let love amass this heart prevail
Let love I grasp
My heart let sail

And a love I grasp
in a mind to wonder
I wonder why
My mind’s a sunder
A mind of thought
A playful game
Will I find
You feel the same
Feel like you could fall in love
Fall and fall
And fall in love
And fall and fall
Twist and twine
My heart
my body
my soul
my mind

(For Fuzz who's always in and out my mind at night)

Picture, reality generation 2

A picture which reminds me of the other world and the Quantum neural and body nets. You can see things like bones and they sometimes look akin to in the picture...

MI5 update

I don't know how true it is but I've been told some of MI5's programmed agents with their obsession for results and the 'bad guy syndrome' have gone missing. I hope someone has got them (and is treating them well) to prove what MI5 is doing. Someone needs to do this. People with 'bad guy' syndrome (sorry I don't know the real name) have an obsession for abuse and are basically the typical mindset of a's hard to describe meeting them,it really is, people would describe most of them as evil. If people round the planet do the same as MI5 we could end up with a real problem. On my end I'm working on a cure, I'm having to EMT with an MI5 agent, my ego is overdeveloped and I can pass some of this on to override their programming that keeps reasserting. I'm having some positive results, she says she fells better. Damion

Paedophile ring update

I'm determined to get this paedophile ring and I've decided I'm not shy about how I go about it. I've spent years hacking about them now, I've learnt how to fight with words, how to use them as a weapon, hacking as I call it. 

I've found out recently they are an infamous gypsy site. I've managed so far to get the police, some nice London gangsters I met, MI5, MI6 and the CIA all informed or involved with them. 

The police want them arrested (I had some police in my conscious net believe it or not). I hacked that the ring did a high profile job against a gangster boss; they tortured and killed on of his relatives, there's a big bounty on any of their heads now because of this. It took some doing getting word to the gangster boss of who did it. I've made them a disaster in waiting for MI6 and won most of their shrinks over. I got MI5 involved with them now but I don't know how, I just know they are scared of them. The paedophiles are getting desperate, I think they are trying to win over the CIA for help (they are scared of them though). I've hacked they have screwed MI5 and the CIA trying to survive, I guess this is through lies to them unless it's a move against them, they are desperate.

The peadophile ring are not happy, I found out they have recently they had the police (maybe a month or so ago vaguely), gangsters and MI5 visit their site one after another. They said to me it's been tewnty years since they had the police there.

So...I do believe I have my enemy flanked and out manoeuvred, they are not in a good way it seems. I just need to make sure their support is cut off. I'm taking down this ring one way or another.

All of this will be in part 5 'a guiding light' in my book, it''s a bit different to what I expected what's happened, but you will have to wait to find out about this in my book. Damion

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

MI5 and my children

I've found out some of my children MI5 have imprissoned are severely Autistic because of their experiments. They used some Phoenix stones on me the other day, they came from children who were about 9 years old, they were heavily delta dominant Phoenix stones. This isn't even the way to get results, they have all they need with me, my children won't  even be as strong as me with hypnosis or problem solving until they are my age. I hope my children find the help they need. Damion

Monday, 9 November 2015

A poem about tough times

     Hard times

Times they may seem oh so hard
No hope in sight
Seems hopes so far

Day and night they blend as one
Midnights here
It's not yet gone

And circles lie
Within this mind
Need hope to see
And free my mind

Just need to fight
Find just a test
Just Need to fight
And cheat this death
I Fight this fight
I'll pass this test
I'll fight till last
Till final breath
(About one of the hardest times in my life- Damion)

Sunday, 8 November 2015

Update- I'm a bit ill

I'm a bit ill. This is the first time the torture has made me physically ill. Apparently it's a syndrome prisoners of war often die of. 

What caused it was them torturing me with pain experiments while they had me sectioned. They tortured me for three months then this information sunk to the bottom of the super ego, hits the axon hillock and sends the information shooting down to the id, this is when I set in for the long term with the pain. They tortured me for a year and two months, it was crap but I stayed healthy, I was in long term mode. I got out then they rested me, I was exhausted, my body went into rest mode, this information started sinking down the super ego. They rested me for six weeks or so then started torturing me again, this is when I got ill. I have become sensitive to the pain experiments, Ihave a running nose all the time. I got a really bad cold from my immune system being that run down, my body had trouble fighting it off. I have a strong immune system, the cold that came from me puts people in a right state, MI6 say it has killed people as people like me never get ill. They keep doing their experiments, they are making me ill, I've wanted to sleep all the time the last two weeks. It's definitely a nervous condition I've got, it's nervous in origin. They have also suppressed the instinct you get to relax, you know when your body melts and relaxes when you lay down, that one, it causes stress. 

I'm pretty ill, The GCHQ doctor says I need six months rest to get better, I'm never going to get that. I hope something comes along. Damion

A poem I wrote about love

                   I'LL BE STRONG
          I'll be strong when if you cant
                            I will
                           I wont
                          I sharn't
                           I aren't

            About to free fall all this way
                     And not to stray 
                  My strength will stay
                      Not stray away 
                      Not pay this toll   
            I'll find a way to fill this whole

                         About to fall
                         And fall apart
              You'll just come right back
                      And fix my heart

                Because you'll be strong
                       When if I can't
                            You will
                           You wont 
                          You sharn't
                           You aren't
                     About to leave me
                      Without a friend
            When I have a heart to mend

                    So I see you there
                     And you see me
                    You see my heart
                          Finally free
                            Set it so
                              In fire
                             A light
                          Find in me
                          Find bright
        (The poem of Fuzz and Damion)

Picture, reality generation

A pretty picture I thought I'd put up for my readers. I'm getting lots of hits, it's nice to have you all here you know. /waves to his friends out in cyberspace. Damion

When does the Temporal Age start

I personally think the Temporal age starts when man can efficiently bend space and time; when humanity breaks the light barrier. I think it would be a good point to start it. I think this is a few decades off though, until then we have the Quantum age. Damion

Saturday, 7 November 2015

A picture related to Sigmund Freud

This is a picture that reminds me of Sigmund Freud and his work in the same field as me. Him being blue makes me think of him being his own consciousness looking at the Personality field...

Dr. Manhattan C.Escher by ErinSchokovich

Friday, 6 November 2015

Multitasking, Matriarchs and Sniper rifles

This is a post that explains about multi tasking, matriarchs and sniper rifles and how they all interrelate to one another inside that most interesting of mother natures creations 'the Fembrain'.

The fembrains ability to multi task is well known, it is down to the multiple twists at the top of a females super ego (the manbrain only having a solitary large twist in the center-see my work). The multiple twists means the fembrain will perceive multiple elements from her surroundings and think of multiple ideas at once because of the extra communication between her Consciousness and Super Ego, she can also remember multiple tasks well in her short term memory (the fembrain does seem to like having its multiple things doesn't it). 

These multiple traits are what leads to the fembrains ability to multi task, her conscious mind can easily perceive, process and remember multiple tasks meaning she can jump easily from one task to another that is being processed in her Consciousness and Super Ego.

A female put in a leadership position will adopt a matriarchical style of leadership. The manbrain will naturally focus on achieving one goal which has its advantages, the fembrain will constantly multitask so will balance multiple priorities. 

A manbrain put in a leadership role will be more likely to go all out to achieve its one main goal while a fembrain put in a leadership role will be more likely to include multiple elements in decision making like; caring for her subordinates, wanting her organisation to do well, wanting her country to do well, wanting her finances and career to go well and wanting to leave her position in a good way for the next leader as examples.

The fembrain will gravitate towards taking on multiple elements of a problem in all it's decision making effecting leadership decisions making them more likely to be balanced decisions. 

The fembrain it actually seems to me is quite suited to taking on leadership roles in our society, it has perhaps evolved to have this as an evolutionary trait. So who makes the better leader the Manbrain or the fembrain? It's a good question.

& sniper rifles
I play first person shooters occasionally, on them I have noticed a girl will just about always will have her trusty sniper rifle by her side. The sniper rifle; apparently the most feminine of high caliber weapons, but why? I think this is also a by-product of the fembrains multitasking nature, a girl won't just think about the one main thing a weapon will do like the manbrain e.g it kills stuff good. The fembrain will think of multiple aspects of the weapon e.g you can take your time, you can stay safe, stay at range and you can kill your enemy with one shot. The sniper rifle is the most sensible (and therefore feminine) of weapons at the fembrain's disposal. So a female will naturally gravitate towards having her trusty sniper rifle by her side rather than most other weapons because of her muti tasking abilities, that is why you will usually see a girl on a first person shooters with a sniper rifle by her side. Just in case you ever wondered.

So there you go, that is why girls can multi task, make good leaders and are natural snipers. That concludes my post on multi tasking matriarchs and sniper rifles. D