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Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Very important update on Temporal abilities

They have drugged me, its hard to put my post together. They are messing with my eyesight also, cant read the screen at all. Sorry for not having chance to do my post properly yesterday, the library was closing.

I have something to tell the world,, its a bit hard to believe though...I have...errr...I've hacked time... A few weeks ago I created a gen of 'Hacker man', a charactor in a movie called 'kung fury' at the moment he looked up when the computer said 'you are about to hack time, are you sure?'.
The gen interested everybody because the photons in the gen ware very far apart, this is a way to tell how old a gen is as they deteriorate, they all measured it to be from 1983-1984, around late 83 one said. Recently they have been trying to convince me I could see the future for one of their evil plans to manipulate the world, that i could see the apocolypse from a coment strike, they used my abilities while i slept to cover a large area in ash I would percieve. I didnt like looking like looking stupid to I tried to use my abilities to...errr, go back to 1983. They were pretty shocked at the restly. I shifted us somewhere. All of a sudden everything looked different in our imaginations, there were people everywhere, they had 80's hair do's, clothes and...everything...We were back in 1894. They soon pushed me out of the gen so they could be the first to do things. Its pathetic. I need to get my abilities to the right people, this belongs to us as a race.

At fist 1983 was frozen but one of the peadophiles 'clicked it' so it started moving. All of
Hackerman travels through time and fights Nazis so its pretty fitting for being humanitys first Temporal shift. My room in the pentrich is full of boxes in the pentrich in 1984 I precieved. Kung fury

MI6 have already made flase gens like what they can do with programs you relive, one such one is to make me look like a zooaphile again. They have the UK aristocracy going against me to try stop me being famous, I hacked a bit to defend myself, they use 'the families', MI6 royalty to murder people, the families have got very rich and powerful commiting genocide, they are the power behind MI6 and seem to have bad guy syndrome to some degree. I think MI6 plans to drag more people into this war causing both them and me problems. I know more but am not going to say anything

They have tried to kill me twice today, Younger ordered me raped the night before last and it broke my back. They clicked/dislocated a third column out of joint in the base of my back. Its the one that sticks out, the nobbily one that stands out at the base of the center of the back/top of the base of the back. They have been torturing me all day with pain experiments and moving bones in that area of my back. They put two kinks in where its dislocated and my spine cracked, the whole spine had to move an inch to stop my back from breaking. It's all happening again like what happened with telepathy, They are doing the same bumbling BS they did in 2002/2003 they want this for themselves and want me out of the way.

Teresa May has assigned an evil type government scientist, they view me as their main weapon against the world. I do my best to fight for the good guys. I know it sounds stupid but apparently this scientist had the judge (who seems like a nice guy, favors me and is held prisoner here in bridlington, he could use help if anyone can provide it) classify me as a temporal life form to take away my rights legally and do experiments like chop bits of my brain up. I put to them I had no opportunity to provide a defense, was not aware of any case or court and the term temporal life form is not even a legal term. The scientist i think made a possible second attempt on my life giving me a delta wave stimulating/effecting neuroleptic. I also hacked he has betrayed his government pretty bad as a weapon.

I hacked the government scientist because I found out he plans to kidnap me. He and his group have done evil experiments on Autistics. They have a secret facility, a government prison of some sort, Its in the first place you'd look for it if you were in the know. I hope you guys can help the Autistics held captive there, they could use the help. A prison by itself is torture for an Autistic never mind with all the experiments. Everyone in government knows about its notorious i think.I don't plan to end up there,.. I plan to break down the place.

Be warned everyone, MI6 are trying top get abilities off me for some form of temporal warfare, I'm not using my abilities but they can do things like access them while I sleep. They used them to blanked the earth in ash i think to manipulate the world. The world is angry at the disturbed and frankly evil UK regime and they are coming up with crazy plans to strike back. Remember the people in charge in the UK have political (type 3) bad guy syndrome.

They have tracked down me as a child, apparently I am obsessed with playing and am obviously a delta autistic. They have a blonde female child psychiatrist in my head now, she is trying to learn my frequencies, they are trying to do experiments back in time on me when I was 5. This is really important now guys, play your hand. I need to be working with the right people. I'm being serious, I need out, Come get me. Damion

p.s... I did warn you I was about to hack time ;-)

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