Sunday, 18 December 2016

I'd like to gift my earlier ideas to-
Africa-the dna blocker, (under request it is used to stimulate peace and cooperation in Africa) (not to be sold to America, get their help.if.needed)

The second world- mark vi temporal spacial accelerator, to do with my higgs mech/unified field work (under request it stimulates peace and cooperation in the region),I'm just doing a diagram.

Italy and west indies (if this is suitable)- temporal shielding idea) D

Saturday, 17 December 2016

Update and some important ideas

The Queen has had the upper classes stealing the nets from my body, this means I cannot think very well and am in pain all the time. I have had more sexual assaults. I never expected this from the Queen, I have lost all respect for her. Her knights and others from the upper classes who have been in have gone crazy and sex obsessed from having Autistic nets. Apparently Teresa asked the Queen to deal with the genocide issue/me. I have found they bulldosed the farm where my children were burnt, they burried them in an unmarked grave. More recently was told they were dug up and cremated and their ashes were scattered at sea though I think this may be a lie to cover up this part of the genocide.
Teresa also passed on the keys to the army to the Queen, the entire army has being programmed to do what people tell them to when they have the 'keys' to their programming. The upper classes have legalized raping people with dogs as punishment for disclosing the identity of a zooaphile, they all say its a proper law whatever that means.

I used my abilities to find cancer patients recently, did i mention I got a million lives I could save as a reward for coming up with the cure for cancer and the swimming pool production idea. I met a teacher who I stayed with while she got the drug, she got it with at the last minute. I called her Lucks (Linda) She stayed in my conscious engine for a while but mi6 persecuted her believe it or not, because of this im not allowed to distribute my cures in the uk and the government/some board has stolen them. I tried trading an idea with america for 50'000 more cures for the uk because were short but they went back on the deal though now im thinking government played a hand in this, government dont want me saving peoples lives, they want me hated and for them to get the recognition. There should empty cancer wards everywhere by now, the first swimming pool load was made recently, its two or so months till the next lot is ready. I'm worried evil people are selling this cure to make personal money in government rather than saving British lives. Bastards.

They have been trying to make me look like a bastard putting neuro-typical nets on me, having me lash out in emotional pain from the experiments, they do shadow experiments on other autistics, some of us scream from it apparently its that bad. They also keep putting me in their societies prison where they all attack me. I have countless people inhabiting my body now (you can go really small with hypnosis and hide).

The Queen recently ordered my body nets to be used for sex pleasure over the country because they are that strong, it resulted in me feeling countless people rape me, it also resulted in a large increase in rapes, targeting neuro-typicals as well.

The upper classes are stimulating happiness in the south of the country and suppressing happiness in the south, I found a hidden quantum impression of the UK to find this out.

They keep torturing Fuzz badly to get at me, I brush it aside like i know she would want me to do, im in a bad way from all my nets going and the torture. Whenever i don't take strong pain killing drugs of some sort they torture me a lot as an experiment. Lifes pretty bad, it was better before everyone could come online. Ive only managed to come up with a couple of ideas recently, im pretty much out of action. The UK has been trying to sell these ideas on, i hope they havent sucseeded, no one in my country would see it apart from the upper classes and Mays government. Damion

This idea is creating proteins to bond with genes, If we make the protein long enough i think we might be able to insert a different gene in place, something for you guys to look into. This could be a cure for many different disorders and will help regulate systenms in the body

The Higgs mechanism cracked/fitted into unified field theory...

This is an idea that might help the world...

Use the phase inducers push mechanism to focus an EM field or try an experiment creating an EM field with a straight piece of wire for the pole/backbone of the EM field with a semicircular lump in it then measure the effects on the EM field/its virtual photons to see if we can condense energy the right way to make a quantum/temporal shield. D

Friday, 9 December 2016


the one called Ruth has had the zooaphile upper class community attack me, all because i want justice. They attacked me and also fuzz to get at me. I was raped three times in a cruel and unusual way lets say by them, zooaphile royalty I've heard them called as. They also tortured me all day yesterday and stole frequencies from me for their perverted sex. One is one of the Queens knights again, he's a sadist, apparently it is sheek for him to abuse (regular people usually he says). Ruth has hold of one of my children on her farm, shes gone obsessed with sex even with children due to her stealing something connected to my nerves, some ultimate sex thing I don't know about.
The upper class zooaphiles have had it made law in our society that if you out a zooaphile you get raped with an animal, its an actually law this community enforces, they also try indoctrinate people with hypnosis. I tried to cause them problems.

The UK has made some form of deal (I don't know much) to try take all happiness and pleasure away from me over three months, it should be over the end of January. That's why they are doing what they are doing, this is Teresa, the queen, younger and sawyers. Paris said once about six years ago ill get out of this, but i wont have a life worth living, ill have money but i wont be able to enjoy it. Damion

Thursday, 1 December 2016

Update on the UK government and mind control society in the UK

The UK government is using the baby farms, places where numerous babies are used as batteries to supply people with neural nets, they say there arnt enough nets to go around, this is because the rich want extra nets and buy them, this abuse of children is taking the nervous output of babies and implanting them into your body, they are still connected to the baby so the baby will suffer. I have had my nets sold by younger who has made 10 billion out of me and people are claiming my nervous output as their own, if I use an ability to get my nets back I get people turning up to abuse me saying they will sue me with their secret court cases they like to hold. Its children and autistics who suffer most with this type of crime as we have highly active nets. This is unthinkable. The elite have created a mind control society where one person has quoted to me crime is 90 times more prevalent. Things need to change. the mind controllers are at 90% of world population I have found. Anyone neuro-typical who wants to fight them after finding out about them is killed. They are tying to socially engineer the planet. We need to head towards a psycho civilised society, they have created a society that is filled with abuse, you even get children with bad guy syndrome learning how to program people to abuse them.

The UK continues its rapes against me, I have found out someone to do with the queen and a job to stop David Bowie being famous for a while in the 80's I think it was raped me quite badly a while ago. My punishment for saying this girl called Ruth was a zoophile was to be raped, she keeps a lot of dogs and had long blonde hair. They say I have another punishment in line for me typing this they say. she's sexually abusing me with hypnosis while I type this. Sexual violence is the norm is the 10%. Damion