Wednesday, 27 April 2016

A concept for japan ( electromagnetic explosive reactive deflector shield concept)

An idea I've thought about for japan if it would like to take up the challenge to develop a deflector field for our ship...

You take numerous pieces of explosive reactive armour scales that have been magnetized. These will explode upon impact with debris you may encounter in space. They are connected to the hull of our ship with a chain/wire. We create either an EM field or magnetize in a set way the scales of our shield so they move away from our ship and fit into a suitable shape to protect our ship when this energy is present, a sphere as an example. So we make our shielding expand out from our hull to create our electromagnetic explosive reactive shield. They could also be coated in recursive solar paneling so they could double up as an energy system if suitable as they will have such a large surface area. Damion

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