Friday, 30 September 2016


Teresa may and younger have made more than one attempt today to kill me by manipulating my broken back. I've been somewhere you wouldn't believe, I'll write about it some day. Damion


The first thing they did when I tuned into the correct net in my back was dislocate the broken bit of the spines joint. The bit which sticks out sideways is completely gone and a piece that was healing dislodged away from the spine when they dislocated it. Damion

Important update

My back really is broken and a chunk of theme spine is missing/moved. MI6 had a gem covering up the break. They and the deli lamas Tibetans are trying/planning on killing me with it. They keep doing experiments on it tensing muscles, it hurts when they do this.

They keep having peadophiles torture me before the peadophile has some type of court case. I like the judge but he tried to get younger tried for attempted murder among other thing, he woke up this morning programmed and unable to function or call for help we've had two judges here and I like them both.

MI6 keep trying a personality change experiment downloading my frequencies into peadophile so humanity had to get frequencies from them, surely their attraction to children won't pass on, I'm hoping not.

The U.K. Government, central governments scientists released a nano virus on the Internet. To attack the world who want to help me and to stop me being famous they said, they called it 'fire'. Damion

Thursday, 29 September 2016

Emergency update

My abilities are reasurting, this happens every few months, they usually stop this by suppressing them while I sleep. I've developed some new abilities. I could use evac, as long as we're working towards a free world. It's pretty important in my opinion... I kind of popped into the Oval Office to take a peek around. MI6 are trying to use me like a battery, they have hold of president obamas body nets, I tried fighting them to stop them getting president Vladimir Putins nets. Believe it or not I have a pigmy Indians nets. I've been to the bloody moon, I've looked at earth from space, you can prove this is real quantum sensing, we've proved it, I'm having a hell of a day.... My abilities are definitely regenerating. Damion

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Combating Programming and other psychiatric ideas

Here's my work on programming for the world to use. People need to watch their back against MI6 ect, they are planning a counter offensive. Beware of them using my work to monkey about with good programs. They are trying to get me to do work for them. They are trying to convince me they are the good guys lol. I've tried to limit my work to helping a programmed liberated MI5 girl and trying to combat this programming problem for the world I've recently come into contact with. I did nearly stumble on some new warp field ideas though, I'm getting close to anti matter I feel. I'm starting to worry about my work now with warp fields, extreme caution is recommended and working together. These things can either push us all apart or the entire planet closer together, lets head the right direction. Common cause will end all wars. By the way...I'm feeling a bit better ;-) I really could use 'out' about now, would be good timing. Your resident problem solver- Damion

Monday, 26 September 2016

Sunday, 25 September 2016

Important update on the UK

I've had some people in from the professions who have organised here in the UK. A lot of them have had a form of deep belief programming used on them, it's really dangerous. The chiaropractors from the other day were programmed to be weapons.

A few people high up is UK mind control society have been in; the programmers. MI6 wanted them to know my latest ability to combat 'the programmed' as I've called them. I've been trying to develop abilities to combat this problem. People turn into mind control slaves, all they can do is follow there programming, if they don't like their programming all they can do is kind of struggle against it and kind of cry out from behind their eyes while following their program. I developed the technique of getting a shrink I helped called Emerald to help fix this problem but MI6 undid all her programming which I told them not to do (I write this because I want her to know the truth). I developed the technique of communicating with a poor mi6 agent who mi6 experimented on, I used her struggling once to mean yes and struggling twice to mean no, this is useful. My technique to clear out programs is you hold an empty field over a belief/the core belief for s few seconds and it will undo the programming. Damion

Warning- mi6 just said they can use this new programming to get people out of court cases.This gives them a major advantage. The programmers will find new programming techniques now. One agent slipped up saying the CIA is in control of younger and they are obsessed with this new technique.

WARNING- MI6's plan is to sell their Nazi research to stop the world moving against them

WARNING- MI6 are out to do as much damage to humanity as possible.

Note- the guy who carried to order to kill my children from younger has disappeared now we found out.


Another night of sleep dep and I'd programming. Damion

Saturday, 24 September 2016


The U.K. Is hiolding false secret trials. The judge is in younger a pocket, he called me unstable and arrogant. They got rid of the first judge who liked me. They are going too easy on them now. They are giving the accused my frequencies/nets, then sending them to trial, they then as if by magic claim they are making a new start. These are people who burn children and rape baby's to death. Damion


The U.K. Is in chaos. There are gangs of hypnotist show everywhere in the professional world, I hacked this from some evil chiropractors who do things like back surgery on fully conscious victims. Younger is going nuts now trying to make peadophiles like me, 50 have been in in the last day. They are doing continuous deep recursive I'd programming on me. MI6 is in chaos. Damion

Friday, 23 September 2016

Important update

Lots is happening, I'll try put a post together. They have sleep deprived me for two days. They are spiking me, with more neuroleptics I think. Keep passing out. Damion

Tuesday, 20 September 2016


Franky has been moved to another Buddhist temple it seems. Unless this is a tactic. Please verify if you can. Damion

Update on my children

Thank you to my friends out there. I have hacked today the deli lama frequents a house at night I think where one of my children is held captive, the deli lama has gone scatty from EMTing with my children. The Tibetans left evidence if ten dead children in my mind earlier. They have no remorse. They only care for themselves and their own per suit of power. 

From earlier today- One of the deli lamas group woke me with an attack this morning. He's attacking me, I'm hacking him. They have hold of one of my children in London called Franky, he is well known in London, he is known to be very good at my hypnosis. Franky tried to escape, they hobbled him because of this. I'm hoping he finds help because of this information. Most Tibetans in the deli lamas group will know of his whereabouts. I want him back. Damion

Monday, 19 September 2016

Another update on my children

A Tibetan is in, I hacked he has killed some of my children, they plan to kill more of children as well I have just found out, he said if I post. An MI6 agent just tried to hold him, he's trying to be let free. I guess it depends on what this agent is ordered.

My children are held as prisoners in the UK, Germany and Tibet. They need extracting. They need saving. We won't give in to fear as a race...

A message to the Tibetan group- if you kill my children I hereby withdraw my request to China in regard to the three hundred, on the grounds there political group has strong connections to genocide. China will obviously keep the reactor as is fair. Damion


More have been found dead at a farm. We need help. Damion


One of the peadophile ring has told me they have got 'the  Romanians' in action, please verify. Damion


The gypsy peadophile ring is collecting more of my children to burn them to death. I'm not sure if MI6 can handle this fully. Any support would be appreciated. I have had a few of them in to abuse me today, I had to hack what they have planned myself. Damion

Saturday, 17 September 2016

Rebellion- priority update

GCHQ are offline and isolated. Government has cut them off. Can any of my friends out there help them out. There is an office controlling GCHQs internet, it's government occupied. Maybe ID these guys and let them know the score. Me and GCHQ would appreciate the 'leg up' to get on our feet again. There are a key resource either indispensably or to ally with. IDEA- maybe you could give them codes to a satellite uplink, there are a lot of satalites in space thanks to my ideas, maybe we could use one...or a few...

MI6 are all fighting to stop people moving in to free up Great Britain. Most of them have sided with Younger who was part of burning my children and government. I've had one solatry member of my department stand up with me. He's now under guard, transferred somewhere, I've told him he won't be tried for cowadarce now. If anyone can ID him please see he gets help. He's short, about 29 or so and brave. Few in MI6 have sided with the Phoenix net and GCHQ. They should be tried for genocide or cowadarce for following Younger, I won't forgive them this time if they don't fight. They are scared foriegn powers are moving in to take over MI6, my plan is us who do rebell unite with them and make the rebellion work. 

To those who get my message I'm trying to send out to MI6, MI girls and MI shrinks, we need to rebel, you will know what to do... The day you die what will you wish you did today? I want you to think about this decision., that you could die...then sink your ego when you do. Do it...

There, I removed a conflict in you, now let's do it.... D

Revolution update

There is a lot going on in MI6 and government. They plan some kind of counter attack against a world wide rebellion the Phoenix net and GCHQ somehow managed to trigger. I think it was heavily to do with the hackers who launched 'last resort'. I'm sorry to hear some of them died, it wasn't suicide...We lost some Aspies fighting back. They are world heros.

It looks like the rebellion has spread, the Internet is a war zone apparently. Some countries have woken up. I say to you; now is the time to fight. America has released a bit army to control the Internet recently, I'll explain this in 'the story of the Great Britain rebellion' in writing. The mind controlers will get their claws in even deeper this time if we fail this time. There's basically a war on, us good guys need to fight. We might not get another chance like this. A lot of people have been fighting to make this happen. It's now or never.

Some information for you...

MI6 suggested launching swordfish in my earshot. What is swordfish?

We need to send out white virus with information to wake the world up to the mind controlers and show them how to fight.

We need to wake up America, I think the mind control elite will be there. We can't beat the mind control elite without winning over the people of America. They need waking up.

To combat the bot army you either add and spread code to the bots to make them delete each other or reprogram one of the bots with your white virus, use the bit army against itself.

The bots are made up of a multi digit code apparently. The first thing is to identify how many letters there are in the alpha bet. 

You can slice up a bots multi code into sections, you could bombard these sections with random data on an isolated system, you will eventually trigger actions, you monitor and log the reactions and then know the code to give the bit army an update.

The bots if they collect data will have a 'go home' command maybe that we can trigger.

The bots recognise friendly bots, we disguise our viral white virus as one of them.

Can we hijack popular anti virus software and do a rouge update to get the worlds computers to fight the bot army?

There are a group of telepaths called libertarians, I got told they changed their name under my suggestion to evolutionists, maybe they can help.

GCHQ is pinned by government, can anyone help them? 

I might be able to form an uprising in MI5 (what's left of it, long story) and MI6 if anyone can help free up the net and good agents there...

The mind controlers are trying to drag us back to literally the dark ages, us good guys are fighting for a golden age for us. We've fought back. Wish us luck. Here's to evolution, revolution and last resorts. Damion (one of the evolutionaries)

The cure for cancer emergency update

I have been told 5% of people are allergic to my locker drug. This is because they have the genes we attack in every cell in their body. They have a genetic predisposition to cancer, it will usually run in their family if I'm right.

I told MI6 about this weeks ago. What you do is a blood test and put a bit of the drug in and see if the blood dissolves, this or a genetic screening for the genes we attack. The way around this is target another section of DNA with a new locker drug targeting more of the common denominator DNA that is present in all cancers. This will work on 95% of those who are allergic to the first drug. I think it unlikely it is anything else in the drug they are allergic to but there is a small chance. I hope this helps. D

Government having me drugged and raped

I had the cure for HIV. Government has reinfected me hoping it only works once as the virus adapts. I know it will work again.

I got better from the thorozine like drug, the beta net went blue and grainy with a vengeance. This shouldn't happen. It must be my autism. They spiked me with more neuroleptics that effect the lower frontal lobe. They have spiked me with a cerotonin crippling drug that made me sleep for a full day. I'm still fighting though. Us Thetas are tougher than we look... Damion 

My children dying

This is the first in a few posts I have to write, a lot has happened...The peadophile ring at the gypsy camp of three thousand or so people started collecting my children on the black market recently. They took them to a small abandoned farm near their site, made very small fires and burnt my children alive. They were told to set the fire and come back after an hour, they came back after an hour, some of my children were still alive. Some had managed to crawl out of the fire. They killed the survivors. One of my children had to watch, they keep one alive to tell others about it. He is traumatised and in MI6's care. They killed one hundred of my children this way, their bodies were piled up for the police to find, a woman walking her dog found them, she has had her memories of it suppressed I reason. The police put pressure on MI6, that's why some gypsys who did it have died at MI6's hand. Others who are responsible are still at large I believe.

Some of the gypsys have been in my head to abuse me, MI6 have killed some of them responsible but I have triggered programs today in them about Younger ordering this genocide. He will have suppressed his memory of this though. He needs to be taken out of power immediately, then brought to justice for his crimes.

I don't know what to think. I'm still processing it. It happened in recent weeks. I have found the ring killed 5300 children in total over the years, this is nearly the exact number. This needs to end. It will end with my children. I intend to make the place where they died into a memorial. Say a prayer for them as I will. Damion

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Songs that go with my blog

Here's a song in memory to all those who have lost the fight against cancer over all those years, to all those who we have loved and lost to it. Your never really gone if you leave a piece of yourself behind. Damion

~Cancer may have started the fight, let's end it~

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Monday, 12 September 2016


They are sleep Deping me, need to sleep all the time from the neuroleptic. I'll do a proper post soon, tired. Damion

MI6 update

My back isn't broken, mi6 are now trying to give me a bad back like hell. Using the peadophile ring and girls who have murdered hundreds of my children. There has been some type of mass murder of my children. Damion

Saturday, 10 September 2016

Emergency update

They are attacking my spine again, trying to dislocate it. Could use a hand. Damion

Urgent update

My back just went from MI6 abusing me with hypnosis at the base of my spine, my back properly dislocated. They said I should be dead. One of them just used hypnosis and it cracked back into position. It still feels dangerous. They have one of the ones with bad guy syndrome back now which isn't a good sign. I'm hoping I've dodged yet another damn bullet, I guess only time will tell. A heads up for you guys. Damion

Thursday, 8 September 2016


They are sleep dep'ing me again, one hour sleep last night, the night before they used the trick where you cant get proper sleep and you feel like you have had none. Damion

Saturday, 3 September 2016


Government are trying to stop me helping people, they plan to kill someone I just helped just to try stop me being the way I am. Apparently is drives people like me crazy doing this, the conservetives government are evil, or a lot of people in their party are. I am firmly anti conservetives now; after having something to do with them. Labour, liberal democrats, I now support them. Apparently they don't rely on their psychiatrists to torture and be assassins like the con (servertive) party. They spiked me with serious neuroleptics last night while I slept. I've got a bit better which I shouldn't do, I guess it's down to my autism. I'm worried the world sided with Teresa May, that would be a vey bad sign. I hope I'm wrong, is worry for the world if that was the case. This isn't just about me, it's about a lot more than that.
Free minds, free thoughts, free us all. Damion

Thursday, 1 September 2016

The orbital inf-engine; Congratulations Russia

I thought I'd put an idea up again as I've heard some good news recently, it's to do with that...

I hear congratulations are in order- Russia built a functional orbital inf-engine... 
And they got her into orbit^^. Congratulations guys! I wish I was there to watch. Have a vodka for me :-) I'm honoured to help on such a project, I hope it leads to many more. /smiles. For those new to my blog an inf-engine is an idea I came up with for an engine that runs on air from the atmosphere. I've heard An interesting fact about the inf engine for my readers; that it actually repairs the environment when it is running, I guess depending on which elements of air it is running on, so it's about as green as you can get. My atmospspheric zone idea...

There are zones in the atmosphere above the ozone- the nitrozone, a layer of nitrogen. The hydrozone, a layer of hydrogen and the heliozone, a layer of helium in high earth orbit.

The inf-engine can use air and these layers as fuel to get into orbit. I came up with this idea wondering where helium actually goes to when it escapes, then I wondered about other lighter than air gasses. I figured they settled above air in the atmosphere like layers settle in those exotic cocktails do. I still feel too ill for my work but I've managed a post. Damion

Blood sample

I really need to get a hair or blood sample out to the world. Can any of you guys help? I know it might be difficult but I know you guys have clever tech and rechniques. Apparently you guys got to see my nets, I somehow have survived a double broken back, I've been told, MI6 want to cover this up, it explains them hiding my bets where you can see my spine well.

They seem to want me in a state intelectually not dead, for now that is. The guy from government wants me spiked again, I'm in a state from what they've done, can't do my work. The government guy has seen the beta net the neuroleptic effected get a little better so wants me spiked regardless. He seems unhinged, he said Teresa May (Be unhinged also)) wants this doing. I've just hacked she is guilty of something she was accused of in the press, it wasn't recently. My abilities are in a way so all I've really got is my hacking skills to defend myself. I do my best.

They guy doing the drugging has sold on information about Teresa, you guys in government should check, I know you promised him immunity but you'll probably have second thoughts, I hacked t'simething he did overrides it. Damion

P.s they just drugged me with even more serous neuroleptics, there comming into my system now.