Monday, 22 February 2016


By the way, if I was a card in a playing deck I guess I could only be one card; a card not needed in most games, a low powered or powerless card... But not sometimes, occasionally you find it a random element in a game, Jokers are wild as they say. 

Sunday, 21 February 2016

The story of the plan man, the Angels and the London rebellion

This story is a first edit, I'll have it more polished soon, I've had to write it in a rush...

The setup

It is now early 2015, I'm still fighting the secret service, I'm still fighting for my life, life is still hard. I still have a bug in my head that lets the hypnosis I am pioneer of work at range so my enemy can hear my every thought...But I have learnt someting over the years, they can hear my every thought but I can also hear theirs...

I've been locked up six months or so now, I'm on a ward called Hawthorn court in Beverly, in Yorkshire, it isn't nice, MI6 have been doing pain experiments on me since I got sectioned. They are tiring, I just want off this ward. A new shrink appears in my conscious net today, in my telepathic network of people that my hypnosis and a simple bug makes possible. This new shrink seems unpleasant, he straight away starts to abuse me. He's another one that has gone obsessed with torture, he has bad guy syndrome as I call it. I've seen it plenty of times before. I do try to help him, I try to show some compassion even while he abuses me but I also warn him if he doesn't stop abusing me I can defend myself, that I'll hack his secrets out of him, I then tell him it will get worse and worse. He doesn't listen, he continues with the experiments, a lot of the time pain experiments. I start to hack him, lightly at first, I jump from left to right around his mind hacking my secrets as I do, using my voice as my weapon. My hypnotic abilities constantly get suppressed while I sleep so are locked away, well for the moment, I need to fight in a different way for now. I start off with small secrets first as a warning. It seems he has some sex secrets, I show I can hack him, this doesn't seem to deter him. 

The days pass and he just won't stop abusing me, PR and the other shrinks are there still but this new shrink takes the leading role. Fuzz is still in here and there,  she is one of my hand trained shrinks; part of the Phoenix net. She is who I happened to fall for many years ago. She lifts my spirits when she is in but I don't get to see her nearly enough and often she has to watch me suffer, it's hard on both of us but regardless I'm glad she's here. I'd be lost without the net and she's my last shrink still here from it; Luke, Bob, Mr. Thompson, Ice queen and Claire, we are all split up for the time being, it's just me and Fuzz here now. Fuzz isn't in today, this new guy is and experiments on me constantly, I defend myself, over time I hack worse and worse secrets from him, I demonstrate well I can defend myself with hacking, I try explain to him I can destroy his life with this, not that I want to, I just want him to leave me alone. I find I keep finding a reoccurring theme when I hack him, he seems to stab everyone in the back, and I mean everyone, every time I question him I get a positive reaction to this. Some agents actually occasionally help me hack what this guy has done to their friends, apparently he has stabbed plenty of people in the back in MI6. It seems he just loves stabbing people in the back. I am told he obsessively collects secrets by one shrink. I decide to call this shrink Backstabber from now on, more a description rather than a name. 

This guy keeps on abusing me, I explain he could lose everything abusing me. He still abuses me. I try to help him with what I recognise is a Trauma, I've learnt traumas make bad guy syndrome much worse, they compound this obsession. I help him to some degree with his trauma by teaching him inner strength and other things I've learnt. My instincts tell me to stay away from traumas, for one thing I'm sure some things just need to be one on one and my life can't accommodate this, so I know not to try. I find him harder to help than most.

MI6 have control over this guy, they are in control of him and they want him abusing me, so he still does the abuse more or less constantly to me so I hack him worse as time goes by, though I do try to balance this with reasoning for him to stop and trying to help m him. I try my best to stay balanced and sane while surrounded by insanity and the most extreme of circumstance. 

I hack Backstabber is some form of psychiatrist for MI6, this doesn't smell right to me, he doesn't seem like the others I've met, he's not as knowledgable. I hack he doesn't have the proper training like I suspect, not at all, he only did a few months of the first year of a psychiatry degree that he didn't go to class for then was scooped up by MI6, he had learnt nothing. MI6 arn't happy to find this out, they have put him on critical opps with little to no training. He now loses his job as a psychiatrist, he loses his office and ten thousand pounds a year. MI6 clear out his office while he's online with me still, they find a damn Xbox in his office. Apparently this is a big no no. The department head says 'there could have been a bomb in it' to him. They want to know how he actually smuggled it inside. 

More time goes by and he keeps attacking me and I keep hacking secrets, it starts to get more serious now. You think he would have learnt by now but I find he hasn't. I keep hacking about him stabbing people in the back, he collects secrets, he's known for this, I hack he gets secrets then just goes and tells who it will cause most problems for people. People in MI6 start to cotton on to the fact he has stabbed hundreds of people in MI6 in the back, in fact everyone he could. Everyone knows what he has done to everyone, as everyone has been talking. People arn't happy with him.

He leaves for a few days then returns, apparently he is an outcast in MI6 now. He has a crappy desk rather than an office. He carries on with his experiments and various ways of abusing me now. I do have times over the time he is in that he doesn't attack me, during which I find out he has a really nice wife who makes him laugh who is blonde and insanely competitive, she likes it when his MI6 friends come round, apparently she finds it exiting, she makes them all snacks. I always tell him she sounds really nice and he's lucky to have her.

Time passes, I'm yet to find that leverage to get through to him to get him to stop the abuse, I'm left with what force I have to defend myself, my hacking. It works most of the time. I just want him to stop these stupid experiments, I don't have a choice but to hack him, I know when I hack his big secret he will kind of give up and think 'there's no point now' kind of shrug and give up on torturing me, then I'll be able to get through to him, I've seen it many times. I never know why it takes losing their worst secret for them to start being nice, it seems to me it would be more logical to just be nice from the start. Why can't people just be like this?

Some time passes, he is experimenting on me again today, I hack him again. I find out today about him and some gangsters having control of a billionaire, MI6 are immediately interested in this, it seems they want to move in on what I've hacked. Back stabber isn't best pleased. He tells me his friends arn't going to be happy, I dart in and quickly say but you stabbed them in the back real bad, he growels and winces from my invasive questioning, my hack, I know he has stabbed them in the back if we ever meet...He just loves stabbing people in the back. Days pass...

I am introduced to some new shrinks now, it's back stabber friends. I meet them one by one, they explain they are East London gangsters. I get to work a) Hacking Back stabber who is online throughout and b) trying to win over these East London gangsters, they seem quite nice really, for gangsters that is, like they just want to make a bit of money and not have problems. I hack he has screwed all of them over. I succeed in winning over these gangsters, I basically steal backstabbers friends off him, they really do go off him and seem to get on with me. I tell the seemingly nice East London gangsters about my work, about what I do, about my technology and physics and I fix menta illnesses for a living. They seem interested, they laugh when I explain quite sensibly and logically about my spaceship that will run on love. I know I've lost them a lot of money, I want to fix this if I can, I tell them not to worry about the money they've lost and that I'm a world class problem solver and that I can fix this, and that I'll come up with a plan... 

The plan man

These guys, these East London gangsters seem really nice, the honest East London gangster types you could kind of trust, they are just out to make a bit of money after all. I decide I can work with them. I come up with a plan, one where everyone wins. I unofficially become their plan man...

My plan for my new team is as I say to them, to invest money over the short term to gain a larger share of the market, we're going to take over a sizeable chunk of a market in London, I tell them we're going to do this while making things better for all the girls in London, I look at this part as my share of the profits, my cut on our 'caper' as I believe it is called. 

I tell them they should employ girls and use their first few weeks earnings to set them up in a flat, then provide a bouncing service, it's my opinion the girls in London need bouncers in case they get into trouble and to stop pimps who take too much money off girls moving in on them. I also say they should hand out leaflets to help girls get off drugs, my idea is that if me and my gangsters make things better for the girls in London they will flock to us and we can a) make lots of money and b) make things much better for the girls.

I've met plenty of the peadophile ring now, they have been in often, they keep getting brought in to torture me but I've learnt how to fight, they can hear all my thoughts but I can hear all theirs after all. I've by now hacked they did some terrible things to a female relative of a big London gangster. I know how bad they are, I can only describe them as the worst peadophile ring in history, they have killed literally thousands of children literally. It occurs to me my East London gangsters are my chance to get word out to this big gangster, surely they will know him, this is a chance to get backup fighting this peadophile ring I'm fighting. I start hacking out of MI6 agents who this gangster is and who his relative was, I think it's his daughter they did it to, one of my gangsters flashes a gen of a person, then another, then another, the MI6 agent reacts, the gangster says Jesus, working out who he is, he says it wasn't his daughter they did it to, and he's more of a buisnussman rather than a gangster. I try get my message passed on to this guy, that it was the peadophile ring I'm fighting that did the job against his relative. I also try get the message out he should try turn the gypsy community against the peadophile ring, I've hacked they do sick jobs against other clans. I don't know if my East London gangsters take on any of this but I've seen my chance and I've taken it...

My East London gangsters are soon to return to London after meeting me, I don't have a clue how things have gone, wether they have taken any of my ideas on. I don't know this at the time but It turns out I have made quite an impression on them.

The caper

My London gangsters, my team for this project return to London, they change the name of their east London pub I believe to 'the siren' and put my plan into operation...

They welcome girls to their pub and use just about all their earnings for a few weeks to set them up in their new places. Word gets around about what they are doing. Girls start coming to the Siren as a first port of call in London... Then they start flooding there. My team become swamped with girls. Girls even start fleeing from bad setups in London to work for them. 

My team start moving into new areas in London to expand our opps, they buy up all the properties real quick in an area so prices don't rise on them. They try to expand our operation but the police start showing up when they are casing out new areas, meanwhile they are getting overwhelmed with girls who want to work for them. This is a problem.

Others in London are slowly taking on my idea, the ones with bad setups. I get word of all this, I worry, I plead with MI6 to tell the police this is a social experiment were doing, they actually listen to me. I'm sure it's important we get some good guys in positions of power in London. I am soon told the police take the reigns off my team, I know they have to be quick. They try to expand but the market is starting to adapt now, taking on this idea but they do try, I am even told they start trusting girls and setting them up with their personal resources to expand more quickly. I get told just about every girl stand by their word and pays my team back, only one setup doesn't, I'm told the other girls regard them as outcasts. So London adapts to my idea.

A few months pass... 

It is now mid 2015, I am still locked up on Hawthorn court I am still being tortured. One day one of the paedophile ring comes into my conscious engine, he isn't happy, they have had the police 'and' gangsters casing out their gypsy site, this makeshift concentration camp I've heard described as hell on earth. He says it's the first time in twenty years they have had a police officer there, it looks like the police and these big London gangsters are actually working together putting pressure on their common enemy, this peadophile ring, it seems they have found common ground. An MI6 agent says to me 'the police found it refreshing actually working with them' in reference to this. It seems my plan to get word to the big London gangster was successful. I owe my team a thank you, they know how important this is for me. I have got the peadophile ring more enemies, this raises my spirits. The police will have been there due to me notifying Bridlington police about the ring some time ago but that's another story. I find out this big gangster has put out a big contract on each of the rings heads as well. Some time after this I get word he also used my idea to turn the other gypsy's against the ring. I've got a lot of pressure put on the pedophile ring now. I'll stop their bullshit one way or another.

It is July 2015 now, I am released from hawthorn court, I think life will get better, it does for a while, for six weeks they rest me but it isn't enough, they restart the pain experiments, I get a snotty nose that won't go away from this and become super sensitive to the torture, something is wrong. After some time they even move on to nerve experiments. Winter is now coming and I am now to meet a new shrink who will brighten up my winter somewhat...

Saving Kink

It is now Late 2015, I am introduced to a new shrink today while I'm sleeping over at a friends, she is around 30, blonde, friendly and from MI5. I take to her, we chat, we slowly get to know each other, eventually I decide on the shrink name Kink for her, I call her Kinki if I'm feeling playful. I find out more about her over time, I find she takes cocaine one day when we are talking, I ask her if she gets paranoid because of this, she says 'yes' and I see her head tilt down a little, this is obviously the first time she has shared this with anyone. I say to her 'don't worry, I can fix this'. PR is online, he's been torturing me too long and is obsessed with hurting everyone now, not just me. He moves as soon as I say this, to Kink, he goes to scramble the green net; 'Luke's net' so kink can't get better. I move as well, I manage to do enough to bend my mind and apply my Schizophrenia cure, I synchronise her EMS, her hypnotic impression of herself with this green net; Luke's net. I apply the cure me and Luke from the Phoenix net came up with in 2004. I say to her 'feel better'? Yes she replies. I smile. I tell her she doesn't have to worry about it anymore. She seems better. She says it's gone in reference to the scatty feeling.

I spend quite some time with kink over the coming weeks, I enjoy her company, I form the impression that out of all my shrinks she is the one most likely to have looked twice at me when I was in a dead end job with no prospects, before all this hypnosis stuff happened to me, I like that about her.

I work out something else is wrong with Kink one day when we meet, I am sleeping around my friends in Bridlington again. I sense she is bright but then occasionally she starts coming across really dopey and nearly vulnerable in this. I can tell something is wrong with her, it stands out more tonight for some reason. She knows something is wrong, she says she feels better when she is around me though. I ask to look at her frontal lobe, I know drugs can burn it out. She shows me a blue beta network, I sense it, I look into her frontal lobe, it feels and looks empty and burnt out. This is what's causing the problem. My savant syndrome triggers, this freaky deaky ability I have to just know how to do something with my hypnosis, I've learnt to trust this feeling, it's never been wrong. I know she needs to join minds with me; an EMT, I know it has to be our tummys. I tell her to come close, she trusts me and comes close, we join tummys, we EMT, I synchronise our tummys together, I pass on my Theta waves to her.  Kink starts being a lot brighter all of a sudden and she says she feels a lot better, that she feels back to normal, I know I've fixed her properly now. I know what I've done, I've made her a Theta, I've shared some of my Autistic frequencies with her to help her adapt her mind around the damage. I think I've actuallyshunted central processing in her brain back to the occipital lobe rather than in the damaged frontal lobe. I've bypassed the brain damage to the neurones in the frontal lobe. I see lots of possibilities for this ability, from helping with strokes to learning difficulties to brain damage to mental illness. It's an important ability indeed.

A couple of years ago I promised a shrink I called kitty that I met in London that I'd work on a cure for cocaine psychosis for her and her London girl friends, my mind drifts back to her, I ask MI6 if they will pass her on my Theta ability to her, and a girl called Siren who is Claire's friend, they say they will try make it happen. I hope she gets it, I did promise her, I smile to myself; I told her I'd do it.

Around now I get some news from London... Apparently my team have decked out 'the siren' pretty well with the spoils from our venture but they keep the identity of their plan man a big secret, or did...To try and help me they've made some noise about me, told the truth about what I can do. I must admit I did tell them I could make a space ship that could run on love, I kind of can...I've thought of a few technology's for a ship which is a pet project of mine and it would probably have the equivalent to a giant artificial Phoenix stone as a power source, it would emit quantum radiation like what love is made of, it would kind of run on love. So to many in London on the gangster scene I am now known now as the guy who can build a space ship that runs on love. My team tried to try get me support to pay me back, I smile at hearing this. I appreciate their help, a little bit of me wonders if they helped me out in any other way, I wonder if I will ever know about this.

I decide to give my team shrink names, I decide on Bill, Ted, Rufus and Grim. I must admit from this point onward there will be a bit missing in my life until I have a lock in and a cigar with my team in the Siren to celebrate our plan being pulled off more or less perfectly, I'm looking forward to that day.

The guardian angels

It is now January 2016. Kitty and a few other girls in London are given my Theta ability but it is strictly controlled, they are not allowed to pass it on, there are just a few of them for an experiment. They take to my Theta ability like ducks to water, they are brighter, happier, more chatty and time goes by more slowly for them like in a Theta autistic, I'm thinking they also become braver (with good reason) and more moral (like a Theta) as Kitty seems to remember our conversation, where my plan was to help lots of girls suffering from this disorder. She and a small group of others decide it's wrong to hold back this cure, they see how it has helped them and they want it to help others. These girls get together and come up with a plan, they come up with a plan to distribute this ability. The girls get to work... There is one more thing they do though, not that they let anyone know, they come up with another plan...It seems I may have some guardian Angels.

Around this time I start getting news from MI6 about what's happening in London, with my plan. I regard it as my first social engineering project, I've decided one failed project and you shouldn't be in the business of social engineering so I am really worried about the outcome. MI6 give me mixed news, some of my shrinks say it's going badly in London for the girls, who are my main concern, some of my shrinks say my idea is going really well. I don't know what to think, I'm worried but hopeful...But more worried. I keep thinking over and over 'I should have been there at every stage of the plan', I know if it's gone wrong it's because of this. I should have been there to solve the problems, the police would have let my gangsters have free reign if I was there to sort things straight away. I get more news from my MI6 shrinks, it starts to seem like things have gone wrong in London. I meet another gangster from London, he tunes into my conscious engine. We converse about what's going on in London, he explains lots of girls were leaving the setups where they were and their employers or captors might be a better word have started coming down heavy on them. We discuss things, I argue isn't it better for the girls in London to have that chance of something better, to have somewhere good to go when they find themselves in not so fair of circumstance. I say to him I'll say a prayer for the girls in London who are in a bad way. He seems a little surprised and says I should. I explain a girl called Beki Gowland once said a prayer for me when I really needed it, it really helped me knowing there was someone out there who cared, I explain ever since then I've said prayers for people when I feel they need it. I say a prayer for the girls in London that night, I pray fortune favours them. A little time passes...

Mr. Big

It is now the end of January 2016. I am visited by some different London gangsters, they travel to Bridlington, they tune into my conscious engine, my telepathic net. Apparently they work for the gangster who I got after the peadophile ring, the one who's men cased out the Peadophile rings camp site. I decide to give this apparently big time gangster a name, it starts off as Mr. Big then I shorten it to Bigsy. These new gangsters who are here on his behalf aren't happy with me apparently, I have recently been told by MI6 I have had a half a million pound contract put on my head, I didn't believe them until now. The new gangsters explain their boss has had to invest ten million pounds putting girls in flats to keep his share of the market and he isn't happy. I state he should make his money back and that my idea was a good idea, just that he should have invested early. They explain its customary to put up a percentage of what someone has lost them on a contract on their head. Apparently I do have a half a million contract out on my head. I have noticed recently there being loads of police around me, I wonder if this is why, I thought I was imagining things, wondering why there were so many police driving past me. I explain to the gangsters that killing someone who is going to be as famous as me is a bad idea, I remind them of what happened to the guy who killed Kenedy. They agree I actually have a point. I also let them know I'm involved with secret services from all over the world and that they have an interest in me, some known to leave no witnesses in their affairs. I add MI6 say I've stimulated two trillion (though I don't know if it's true) for the world economy and there might be people out there who want me alive. I also explain its bad luck to kill a genius...Everyone knows that (they do don't they?). And...I'm too cute and likeable to kill, I look at them and say 'you'd feel dead guilty' and smile, they look at me and say 'no we wouldn't'.

They explain they want more ideas from me; like the one I came up with for my East London gangsters. I'm fine with this; I explain to them my cut is getting to help people, I'm happy to help them make some money to that ends. I am dubious about excepting any money for such things though, I explain I'd like to stay at a distance from them and just come up with ideas for them. I explain to them about some of my ideas, about how they are more suited to governments, they still seem interested in my bigger ideas, I say to them 'what are we going to do, build an anti matter reactor and make a couple of trillion together'? They look at each other, I think they take on board what I'm getting at now, we agree we can work on smaller projects like my London idea together.

I come up with a plan for Bigsy; to invest money over the short term to gain a larger share of the market. I come up with the idea of him giving his girls alarms to let their bouncers know if they need help and for him to support girls getting out of the profession, I say it might seem stupid but didnt my other plan seem like that, I argue for every girl he loses he will gain two more. I smile at them and tell them us Aspies (High functioning Autistics) make the best plan men. The two gangsters say they will take my ideas back to Bigsy to see what he says.

I meet a new gangster who works for Bigsy as well, I am telling him about some of the things I've done, I mention my cure for Schizophrenia at one point and ask him if he has any relatives with it. He says he has, he seems really interested, he must care about him a lot. I tell him what to do; how to cure Schizophrenia, but I also ask a price for what I teach him, I ask him to pay this on. I tell him we could be the start of someting. I explain to him psychiatrists are't any use to us achieving our goals, some actually have my hypnosis but they are controlled, others who arn't controlled will have heard about my hypnosis and won't be willing to act, we need another plan. I say to him I'll help you cure your relative, the price I'd ask is that you find three schizophrenics and their families and cure the Schizophrenic, then ask each of them to pass it on to another three families. My idea is to get my cure out by getting it to the people it means most to, the people with the most motivation, the families of those effected by Schizophrenia. People will get back the people they remember from before the Schizophrenia; happy and care free. I tell him we can be the start of something great here, I look at him and say with a smile 'it's our chance to go down in history' and that it will make a good book one day, he smiles. He soon leaves my conscious engine, my electromagnetic network of people with my hypnosis. I am left unsure of what he will do, of wether he will stick to our agreement and pay it on or not.

The London rebellion

It is now early February 2016, MI6 finally tell me the truth about London instead of giving me mixed information, about my plan, about my first social engineering project with my East London team. I've been so worried about the girls in London for a while. Apparently I'm told my plan has worked out 'too well', I am told even those in the drugs side of things are putting girls into flats now rather than into the slums and it's all working really well. It is stated to me 'you've even got the druggies being nice'. Everyone is setting up girls in flats in London now and the girls are much better off. I feel a sense of relief; all the girls in London benefit, my team come out on top, I feel pretty impressed, I kind of want to say Hanibals line from the A-team despite how tacky it would sound, i say this to my shrinks, they laugh. I even get told the police in London are impressed with me because of my plan, apparently lots of really bad setups have closed down now and a lot less girls have to work on the street so they are much safer. Apparently in London for my plan I'm regarded as a clever little shit for getting my own way.

MI6 are also soon to tell me something else...I am told I'm a hero to a lot of the girls. I don't know what they mean. They tell me loads of girls in London have found out about me. Apparently among these girls I am known as the genius who actually gives a shit. They then tell me a lot of these girls have taken it on themselves to help me, they apparently have found out I've been fighting MI6 by myself for years. Apparently these girls are causing a lot of problems for MI6. It seems the truth about me has got to these girls somehow, their plan it seems is to let everyone in London know about me; to cause too much noise then noise in parliament, to get government to help me, to get rid of the bumbling nazis so I can work for our country. I now start calling these Girls from London my angels, for helping me when I really needed it. 

MI6 can't handle this number of people fighting for me, I'm told CIA sleeper agents come out in force to quell this rebellion. They start mind controlling girls to say they've met me and I'm a zooaphile and I'm not worth helping. People start realising these girls were mind controlled, people aren't happy. Others in London step in, including Bigsy I am to find out. It turns out people don't like being mind controlled, not at all. They start getting their hands on near field controlers and other tech to figh back, to defend themselves. It seems I have won over London and started a rebellion, they now know about me and they know about the mind control society I've been fighting to stop all these years, they have seen it first hand. The London rebellion has begun.

London fights, the CIA have played their card now, they have shown what their plan for me is, to stop me ever being famous and they have shown how many heads they have in London. They have also found out some in Great Britain dont give up so easily, I'm starting to think Bigsy has a patriotic streak like me maybe, the CIA have to back out. We have won the first battle.

Fortune favours the bold

A few days pass, It is now mid febuary 2016, MI6 tell me my guardian Angels have caused this, the girls who got my Theta ability, who Kink passed on my Theta emotions to for me. It was the plan they came up with to save me, to let all the girls in London know about me, to get them telling everyone. I get told my guardian Angels had a ring leader, they thought it was Kitty for a while but eventually it turns out it was Claire (her real name is Sarah) from the Phoenix net; one of my hand trained shrinks. I am told she stuck to my tactics. It turns out I once explained some tactics to her; for fighting an invisable war, it was some time ago when I did this, it turns out she listened, she followed my tactics exactly-my 'David and Goliath strategy' for fighting a mind control society; when your enemy is much bigger and stronger than you; you move quickly before he can react, you do something they don't expect, you do something that cannot be undone, you do something that cannot be stopped. You know your enemy is going to move on you as soon as he sees you make your move so plan for this.

Claire got word spread about me all over London, she moved before anyone knew what was happening, she made sure it couldn't be undone or stopped.Claire gets demoted straight away to a dangerous job. This isn't good. Claire thinks on her feet and comes up with a plan, she is good at what she does after all, she proves what she's worth to the secret service and within one day she gets promoted back to her old job. They decide she will have to take a pay cut instead. I can see Claire saying 'I'm too cute to die' to MI6 in this situation, I just know she said it, she is too cute to die! Seriously though I'm still worried for Claire, I worked out some years ago about a CIA plan, near the end of their plan they plan to off the Phoenix net. They like to use the media and cause controversy, to be regarded as clever and the ones who got their own way, this gave me a little insight into their plan, enough to work out their plan to kill us in the net. I'm going to change this plan, I know Claire's in a lot of danger right now, I need to do something. Making this plan public knowledge might be a good move.

I get a message passed on to Claire to lift her spirits, I say she has earned a kiss; for being my hero, and she can have it anywhere in the world. I don't know what I'd do without the Phoenix net you know, it seems I have trained my shrinks well indeed, they are the best team I could hope for and more than that; they are my friends.

It is now the 20 of febuary 2016 and MI5 show up, they arn't happy with me it seems, along with my six month old runny nose I have a cold from the pain experiments but it's clearing up, they get in my room tonight and do something to my lungs. I wake up with terrible breathing and something on my chest. They come online again a day later and are going to do the same tonight it seems, this time I get to talk with them properly. They explain they arn't happy about the problems I've caused in London. I explain what I've done, I tell them this story I am writing now, about my plan and it being better for everyone in London. One officer, one I find has pride in his country in one conversation says 'we shouldn't be doing this'. I argue to them at one point MI5 needs to get rid of its psychiatrists with the Nazi scientist 'bad guy syndrome' we really do need a rebellion in MI5. MI5 don't come in my room again tonight. MI5 leaves.

It is the 22 of febuary 2016 and I am writing this story. Bigsy's men are back online, three of them. The pay it on guy is here, it turns out he tried my cure on his relative and tells me 'thank you so much' he says it is like a miracle cure, he's back to his old self and is planning on getting a job, I smile at hearing this. He tells me he changed my plan to paying it on to ten people, he said it needs to be that. He says he's had some trouble with our plan and explains, I've sat up solving problems with him, I'm sure we can make this work. I've told him to cure Schitzophrenics and then try get in touch with their families, to find someone in their family who would make a good healer then to teach them how to cure Schizophrenia and to pass it on to ten more families like what he has. I've told him to hand out leaflets to explain things to people. I've told him to look at the people he trains as his troops, to tell them together we're going to wipe out Schizophrenia and change the world with this. I've told him to teach his students to only do what he teaches them and to point them in the right direction for more training if they want it. He tells me he tried getting a psychiatrist to help and he just slammed the door on him, I knew that would happen, psychiatrists are assholes for the most part from my experience. He tells me he is is finding it hard to actually find Schizophrenics, I tell him where to find some, an idea that may help a lot. He actually tells me he is considering doing a little more for our project, to try make it go international, I warn him it is addictive doing this kind of thing, I look at him and smile. He says to me that our last conversation had an effect on him, me wanting to fix mental illnesses must be catching it seems. This guy has impressed me, he's earned a shrink name, I'd happily train him now, I need more shrinks like this. I call him 'Icy', his friends get called Bill and Ben.

So I've sat up all night writing this story; to try and hopefully get some support for these guys; for my Angels and the others in the London rebellion. I've been told MI5 has taken over what the CIA was doing and are fighting to stop the London rebellion and stop me becoming famous. There is another battle for Britain happening in London now.

Bigsy's men it seems have come to me for ideas and plans, I've spent all night writing and coming up with plans, I've come up with quite a few for them. I don't trust MI6's role in this but you have to take your chances. I tell Bigsy's men to change my plans and be unexpected, to presume MI5 knows all of this. Bigsy's men tell me MI5 have murdered some people in London to try scare people off, these men die Hero's in my eyes fighting tyranny. I arn't happy about this, MI5; always trying to murder it's way out. I say I'll get their families fair compensation, their share when I get out of this. MI5 have turned into a bunch of psychos, in fact it is what they are known as in London nowadays. They are run by a bunch of psychiatrists who have basically gone crazy. These monsters have some of my children as well. They over programme their agents from my experience, the are even programmed to murder on a whim. Programming is where you 'anchor' things in the sub conscious to make things that happen under hypnosis 'trigger'again, this can even be automated and carry on happening over and over. They try programming everyone, I really mean it; these people are crazy. Crazy and obsessed with their careers and their programming. It seems MI5 are doing the CIA's dirty work now, they are trying to achieve exactly what the CIA were trying to achieve. 

The CIA like to think they are clever, they will have fall back plan after fall back plan, but each time we we get them to use their fall back plans we push them back a bit and win a battle. I know what they will have done, they will have a deck of cards to represent the key figures in our society, they will have control of all the high cards, the aces, kings and queens in the deck like her majesty, MP's, big business executives and other key figures. There sleeping agents were their method of control over the lower value cards like the twos threes fours fives sixes and sevens; these cards representing my Angels and their friends in London. Something happened they didn't expect though; me getting support like I have from so many at once, it overwhelmed them. I know they have had a long time to move and plan, I know they have gained control of most of the cards in the deck in Great Britain. There is one card I'm sure they haven't got yet though, it seems a card they don't think they need...

I have a plan to regain Britains freedom from this invisable war and protect our cards as it were but I need to get into government or a position of power at least to make it work; I know of some old friends we can always count if we get in a a jam here in Great Britain but only if the situation changes, between me and them I think we can do enough to ward off any future aggression against the UK.

I worry for those in the London rebellion and for Claire at the hands of MI5, I won't let her die. I wish I was in London, in the thick of all this, I'm wanting to travel down but my benefits are cut, it looks like it's going to be another three weeks or so until I get enough money. I'm tempted to put my account details online for people who are willing to donate a bit to help fund my cause, it could really make a difference, I only need a bit really to fund a trip to London, in fact I think I will put my details on my blog. I'll put them here for now in case a friend wants to help out....

TSB bank

I could really use getting down to London and marshalling my shrinks sooner than in three weeks or so, Bigsy's men sure seem to want me down there on the front line with them. I might try to lend some money but I might not be successful. I need to get the rebellion rallied, organised and networking. 

My first stratergy is to try get rid of the bad element in MI5, I've told Bigsy's men to say they are trying to help me, that we are fighting for our country and they should help us. I've told them to say 'what would the people of our country want us to do...We should do that' it's something I often say that I think will resonate with some people. I've been told the good guys in MI5 are at around the 50% mark, I think it's enough to overthrow the bad guys. They've all read my bad guy training, the odds are in the good guys favor with this. I'm hoping this new battle between London and MI5 ends with another rebellion or two, one inside MI5 and one inside MI6. I know I have a lot of support inside MI6, I know that much, I've won over most of them. This could be the start, the beginning of the end of the invisable wars and the mind control society, some of us are fighting, but we could use some help.

So there you go... The story of the plan man, the Angels and the London rebellion, I'm sorry it isn't quite finished yet but all this is still happening right now. One more thing, I wrote this story to gain me and those fighting in the London rebellion support, to this end...

This is a request to my friends out there-I've come up with a good plan to liberate Britain from what has happened. I request your help on behalf of the people of Great Britain, I do this because if they knew the truth of what has happened they would want us to do this, and to fight. I ask for help for me and my friends fighting to liberate Britain with plans, people, resources and invisable war tech, all of which we sorely need. We really could use some help here, people have died in the rebellion. We are fighting to put our country back to normal, now is the time to act. There are still some of us here who remember what it means to be British, old British as the CIA calls people like us, it's mainly the Queens generation who are like this but there are others who remember. There are some of us who will still fight for what's right like what our country expects. The mind control society, invisable wars and bad guy syndrome are a threat to a free world. We could and should stand together against this. Now is the time to act. I hope you can help somehow. Damion

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Situation update

I've been quite ill recently from the pain and stress experiments. Unable to do my work, I'm having to use amphetamines to control pain and push myself to be able to work. I'm really ill, the snotty nose won't go, I've come down with a cold from it. Mi6 keep letting the peadophile ring into my room, they wobbled my tooth, put a burning agent on my face and raped me, I'm pro lapsing now, I'm worried younger has ordered them to give me hiv.

But there is good news...

Claire struck a blow for us in the Phoenix net though, all of London now knows the truth about me and it's looking to go global, it looks like people were making me out to be some cleptomainiac zooaphile who is quite unpleasant. Needless to say far from the truth. It's good the truth is out there now. I might start writing one of my short story's from my life about this for you guys, I was thinking of calling it 'the story of a plan man and his guardian Angels'. It will be a good read, she did me proud, she stuck to my tactics exactly....Damion

An important new ability

I've always known how to 'let go' of things, it's a Buddhist technique, I let energy float up from my shoulders. Recently I tried this differently. What I want you to do, if someone ever messes up one of your frequencies I want you to let go of the energy like I do, let it float in all directions, in all directions at once, it dissolves the bad energy. It's a very good and important healing technique I thought I'd share.

To a foreign friend-
I'm hoping here I'm making up for the mistakes of one of my shrinks I've tried to get home before by sharing this ability with you, it should fix anything he did, I'm hoping he can return home now. /bows


Sharing technology

I've found myself in the position of doing work which effects all of humanity, because of this I need to think of all of humanity, to this end Id like to work for a coalition of country's or the UN if they start a research and development wing for global effective projects. I've put a plan together for me to work with the entire world here. It's just an idea for my friends out there to entertain. I need to develop more tech to make everyone happy and put down details on a project or two. I'm sure country's may want to swap and change projects. It's just an idea for you guys to entertain. I've tried to make country's rely on each other with how I've shared it out. 

China and the USA sharing the bio organic tech may be a good idea, I got told this is already a joint project which I'm impressed about.

Dammit, I need to come up with something for Kazakhstan....long story.... It will be in my book when I write 'the story of the guardian and the heist'

I'd like to add to this page is like to ask for me to get 10% of what my ideas make/are worth, 90% of which I'd agree to spend on charity's and not for profit organisations quite a bit of which I could spend in the country that gives me it for projects like this. I could fund this myself to a degree as well then.

I'm sure we could make this work, it's my plan for the Phoenix net anyway. The world could really use this, seeing the good of my hypnosis, the yang to balance out the yin. It could be the start of my hypnosis being used the right way. I'm hoping were at the start of the Quantum age and things like this can happen, not the start of the mind control age. 

I just want my hypnosis to be used the right way and for it to help the people it can... At the end of the day I did this; my hypnosis, it is my responsibility, it is on my shoulders, I'm doing my best. Damion

A puzzle for you...

Ok, here's one for my friends out there. This is ideal for you, you will enjoy it I imagine, it's a puzzle for you...

I'm certain of these letters/dimension and their order (T,D,W,H), notice the exterior wave goes anti clockwise  and the internal wave goes clockwise...

Draw this table/grid, the bits in pen I'm sure about, the bits in pencil don't include....

I think each corner of a shard/square might have a letter/dimension, like in the top square here (I'm sure about the order for this level of the puzzle btw)...
Remember the puzzle has to be in an order with the adjacent shards/squares and the above and below shards. The puzzle may undergo a polarity shift jump 90 degrees, you need to work out if one axis is time all the way up at some point which would undoubtedly mean something important.

This is what we're trying to work out if you can see the four grids of our puzzle in it...

 I hope you guys enjoy my puzzle I've sent u^^, it may be the key to the Quantum age, I'm sure it's important...

Damion :-)