Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Carbon dioxide/oxygen cycle

I've heard someone got given my old idea to create a compound cycle that converts carbon dioxide back to oxygen and carbon. I've heard he's patented my idea, I'd like the world at very least to argue that off planet it is free to own. I think it is wrong to have to pay to breathe in space. Its bad for space economy (which I'm trying to stimulate), which will become more and more important over the next few years. Damion

an idea for Russia- i fuel (fueling the economy)

*you create a stable base for the fuel which does not combust
*you have as many arms coming off the base as possible
*the arms bond with oxygen or preferably nitrogen from the atmosphere
*the fuel is burnt and the base is recycled around the engine

-you will need a specifically designed engine for this fuel but it is potentially an infinite fuel, maybe this could spur on a joint project with someone.

-I couldn't decide on Russia or the middle east to give this idea to, I heard thing with Dr Database aren't completely equal, Russia is a big coal producer I think so I decided on Russia, the middle east will get my next suitable idea (I'm feeling a bit better :-) 'your resident problem solver' Damion

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Gypsys have been in my room

They brought a baby in two nights ago. One of my children. The gypsy King ordered it. It seems younger is to do with it as well. I have no memory of it. They definitely EMT'd us. I want my son back.  Damion

Friday, 24 June 2016

David Cameron spiking me with carcinogens

A few days ago David Cameron had me raped and spiked with carcinogens to give me bowel cancer. It was from their device in my bowels, they spiked me two days running. It made me sweat, the second time I got a minty feeling with the sweating, they both receded after a few minuites. The day after my feaces was a patchy pale colour. So that's lung cancer and bowel cancer he has had me poisoned to cause. They have surpressed all pain killers in me using hypnosis including morphine so it wouldn't be a nice way to go....Not that I plan on dying.,,I'll think of something. Damion

Sunday, 19 June 2016

London gangsters are here

I have some London gangsters online at the moment. It turns out there are a group of people who are fighting to defend my children. They are saving them from the monsters who have them. The London gangsters were in my room and raped me last night and I think have tried to make me impotent somehow, they used some contraption on me. This is in retaliation for my children getting help. The two that are in have raped my children, plenty of London gangsters have it seems. I'm glad there are people out there fighting for my children, I really am. I owe someone a favor or 2 and a thank you. Damion

Saturday, 18 June 2016

A new technique

Here's a technique I developed two days ago, I think my friends in the east will particularly appreciate this one.

1. Create a ball of chi in your hands

2. Simply desync it

3. The stronger the chi the stronger the effect

You can try doing the opposite by syncing your chi but it will have a different effect. Regards Damion

Monday, 13 June 2016

Update 13/6/16

I have two Tibetans in at the moment new ones I think, one male one female. The male has raped a baby, I presume one of my daughter. The female, a monk (or female equivalent) monk in now abusing me; trying to stop me writing this post. The male has gone. They intend to murder for the Deli Lama to seize control of my hypnosis, this is stupid. He is no more a savant than I am a religious leader.

On another note they are apparently they are lying trying to make me out to be a racist to turn people against me. I lack neither empathy or intellect; the prerequisites of being a racist. I want my children back from them, I'm hoping the Chinese government will help as they have some of my children in Tibet. They torture my children for experiments here, when I found out MI6 actually wanted to stop it, their group pulled some strings to stop MI6 doing anything to him. The ones in this group lack morality, they show not care towards my children, if the roles were reversed I'd actually fight to protect their children from such evil as what gets done to my children. This group of people has committed genocide. They even try to learn how to draw fractals; obsessed with out doing me, I draw them for pleasure I'm not concerned with out doing people, they steal my frequencies; this is to try to make my children seem like me, they are farming abilities from them and pass them up to the higher ones in the group. I've tried to explain it is most likely not genetic as simply there would be more autistic savants around the place. I cant believe they murder my daughters, the stupid thing is 25% of savants are females.

What's messed up is that they are doing this for the Deli Lama, to lead my profession, for their own prerogatives, he will be paying close attention to my situation, he has paid attention to my situation before, I didn't think it was for his own gain. I trusted them when they showed up, I feel betrayed, I was more than happy to work with them, I wanted to share what I know, I'd be happy to help them if they needed it. I thought I would make the world a better place in doing so. I guess they came to seek power. I haven't trained any of them properly, just passed on the odd ability thinking I could trust them, they are more concerned to make it seem that they are better than me at my own hypnosis. Yet again; this is stupid. I still want them to leave but they keep showing up. I trust Blossom, Hiro, Bruce and lieu, I wonder what they would make of all of this.

MI6 have spiked me with opiates twice today, they want me to get addicted, I can hardly keep my eyes open, I'm nearly falling to sleep in the library. It is the warm feeling in the tummy that is the addictive element in opiates, I am feeling it now. It will put me out of action if I get addicted, I think they want this, to stop the world getting my ideas, its like they want to make the world a worse place.

On a better note; the net that was damaged by the neuroleptic; the one which went grey is tree shaped and looks like the oak net, it is an important net, MI6 call it a primary net. The other day I saw it, it was turning white, it stopped hurting when in place over my Ems, I started feeling better, like I could come up with ideas and do my work gain, they suppressed the white delta waves though, they don't want me to get better, they have been suppressing my delta waves since then. I guess my brain is healing itself. I'm not done for yet. Damion

Saturday, 11 June 2016

Songs that go with my blog

Fuzz left the conscious net about a month ago. I've found out she's safe, she's back working for MI6 in London. I'm the only only one in the net left here now. I miss them. I thought I'd put up a song up, it reminds me of fuzz a lot... 

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Fighting Nazis- my sparring technique

This is one of my techniques for developing abilities, I'm not sure if I've written this before, its quite important. Its my way of putting Nazis out of business by out competing them. I train my shrinks to experiment on themselves and each other, they get pride (or gain honour in the east) in what they achieve this way, unlike those who experiment on people. This is my own technique for sparring that I train my shrinks...

Sparring 101

1. You and a partner take it in turns; one being the attacker, one being the defender. You will swap these roles every ten minuites.

2. The attacker attacks. If it is a successful strike the action is repeated exactly and the defender gets another chance to do things differently.

3. If the attack is a failure the attacker gets another go at his attack and the defender uses the same defence so the attacker can find a way around it.

4. Any new ability should be passed on to your partner when you learn it.

- You can build up chains of actions you have done; combos, slowly making the bouts more complex (I favour this) or you can stick to short bouts with a smaller number of attacks and defenceive moves each.

-My sparring technique is primarily designed for learning new abilities, keep this in mind, this increases knowledge and adaptability. It can be used to refine known abilities, this increases speed and concentration. 

-You can spar with the rule you cannot use any known ability (while on attack, defence or both) if you want to encourage learning adaptability.  

- You can go through your techniques and ideas in slow motion with your partner if you want, this can help to start off with. 

- Remember to talk about ways around things and discuss what you could do.

- Remember to help your partner, your a team, rely on each other, the stronger you make them the stronger you will find yourself in the end.

-Feel free to do things your own way and build on what I teach.

This way isn't easier than experimenting on humans, it is harder but with a lot of benefits, it encourages you to get a lot better than what Nazis do. This is how me and Luke learnt.

'My shrinks are better than Nazis because they have to be'. Damion

p.s I would like to hear from my friends out there one day how my sparring technique can be applied to martial arts, I would find it interesting if it turns out to be useful.


I have been hacking the Tibetan group when they are attacking me, I have found out they have been selectively breeding my children here in the UK; where the majority of them reside, they only want males and murder my daughters. The stupid thing is 25% of savants are females. The guy I hacked even raped my daughter, a baby. They said it didn't matter with an unwanted child. I know you will find this hard to believe as I do as well. I will not let the actions of this group effect my impression of their people. It is upsetting them attacking me, they EMT with me without my consent as well when I am drawing fractals and the like, they do not realise you cannot learn savant syndrome like this. They attacked me with healing techniques last night while I slept. I hope things change, I try and make it so everyone wins with my ideas. Damion

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

update on the Tibetan situation

The Tibetans have been attacking me every day. MI6 are now pretending to be them to make out they did nothing in the first place to cover for them. I have been hacking them to defend myself and to learn of what they plan. They want me dead, they are waiting for the cancer. They have been in my room two nights since I last blogged. They have sexually assaulted me believe it or not, they say it is except able to do to their enemy which I find shocking, they cut my nose deeper than usual and mutilated my anus more than what the others do. They want the Deli Lama to be head of my hypnosis, they regard me as an enemy because of this, I think it is wrong because it is a CIA plan. The CIA plan to manipulate world religion to gain power. I think it very dangerous the CIA doing such things, religion is fine as it is without the CIA having control over it. The CIA wants to form a team to replace the Phoenix net, I think they want us murdered and to replace us with people which fit American interests more, I'm sure an American or two will be on it. The CIA came up with this plan within weeks of me getting to America in 2004, I remember Paris mentioning the Tibetans in my prison cell. The CIA has got to these people. The Tibetans have some of my children which I don't like or agree with I've found.

The Tibetans are stealing nets from me thinking they can become savants with them, they don't realize you cant pass on savant syndrome/autism. I have asked them to leave and they refuse. They definitely want me and Luke dead, we have treated them with more respect than most here, I have found out they had a special heart failure poison. They are acting like rats frankly, they are being nasty, they use rape as a weapon, they only attack me because I am in a weak position, they are spreading lies about me it seems, they act without honor as they say in the east or without morality as we say in the west, Blossom and my other Chinese friends like Hiro would be shocked at their behavior, I did not expect this of them, they turned on me overnight. I got 300 of them allowed back to Tibet and have come up with a good plan that has made Tibet a better more peaceful place I am lead to believe, this is a hell of a way to repay me. They do not understand the Deli Lama is not a savant so wont even be able to do what I can with hypnosis. This is stupid.


Sunday, 5 June 2016


I found out yesterday the Tibetans are only here to steal my hypnosis and leading my shrinks. They have been attacking me all day believe it or not, a man and a woman both seem to have bad guy syndrome, they fixate sometimes when mutilating my nets. I'm pretty shocked, they seem desperate to make me out to be the bad guy in this when I have done nothing wrong. I don't see how they could even do my job when they are not an autistic savant. I'm tired from today, I'm off to bed. Damion