Thursday, 21 April 2016

my DIY generic HIV med for africa

you take the medicines found in safe commonly used meds like paracetamol, painkillers, antihistamines ect and use the compounds as a parameter in Dr. database, accessible elements you could find around the house basically. You can also use compounds in food. we use critical target parameters of drugs found to be very effective against HIV (their bond angles). We feed in parameters to look for the simplest cheapest HIV drug we can make (or two) and we use it to try draw a line against or at least fight HIV deaths in Africa, the drug could be made cheaply so could be sold for pennies. Id ask this be a joint American African project. I think the worlds strongest economy helping the struggling in the our group that is our world seems sensible and simply good leadership. I'm sure America would be happy to help Africa with some computer processing time, I just want to get the cheapest drugs possible that have little to no side effect due to their chemical makeup out there to Africa and perhaps other needy regions. An idea to add to my HIV ideas from before.

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