Saturday, 23 April 2016

status update- neuroleptics

MI5 and MI6 have spiked me with a host of neuroleptics. They did it last night. They are doing lost of experiments on me to do with them. They seem to effect certain neural nets. If they remove the net from my EMS the effect of the neuroleptic recedes but the removed net is no longer functional or active so the effect but also its processing is gone. They gave me four or five new neuroleptics as follows, large doses of each this time rather than five smaller disabling doses, they spiked me twice with the first drug I list but it seemed to recede quickly the second time-

one which made my brain go very high frequency and stimulated but really sleepy at the same time. This stimulated net then went grey, they have tried to hide the grey frequency under another frequency for now. At first I was very disorientated and could not think at all.

One which made a net go black and fuzzy and makes me want to sleep constantly, it is quite potent.

One which seems to  be just like a nerve toxin and made it so I was finding it hard to walk down the street, my body went floppy and shaky.

A drug which makes my tummy feel ill and weak which I presume is also a neuroleptic. I'm not sure if they gave me one that hurt my head/brain or if they were using hypnosis.

MI5 have a big interest in forwarding their neuroleptic research on British citizens. They are forwarding work they stole from 'the archives', apparently miles of files containing our country's history. They stole the files on what the Nazis were doing at the end of the war They have mentioned at least one guy who is in a state from this, probably a few others, they call him their 'control' subject. They torture these people to hell to stop them fighting so you probably don't find them online. They will run around telling everyone they are being attacked, get no help from mental health and then go quiet online ect.


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