Tuesday, 30 August 2016


We could head into a golden age rather than a dark age, it could still turn out the wrong way. Damion

Teresa Mays drugs

It looks like these drugs are for two purposes, personality/emotionally change and destroying my intelect. The shrinks who are in, all the three have raped children. Teresa knows about plenty of peadophiles in her party and excepts it. These people really are monsters. Teresa wants me dead I've hacked. The anthrax is making my relays really bad, my heart won't let me walk far. I'm hoping I get help, I got told America helped yesterday but then they have done this. I'm hoping I've got lots of international support,  I really am hoping. They are useing chemical weapons on us British citizens here, it's pretty unthinkable. Damion


I can't read properly from the drug, actually can't read properly, feel funny, they seem to like the fact. Help arriving some time soon would be handy. Damion

Monday, 29 August 2016

Important- Gene therapy drug

Can we form a preventative measure drug with some form of gene therapy by knowing the cancer gene (the common denominator gene/s in all cancers)? 

I remembered a stolen idea with this, I think genes have back up genes that do the same job, problem solving on ageing and on how function seems to decrease when genetic damage increases lead to this hypothesis. 

This drug will help us not have to 
Produce as much of the cancer locker drug. This preventetive measure against cancer along with the locker will save a lot of lives I hope. Cancers days are numbered.


Near field controlers

Just a reminder to the world, you have developed large scale near field controlers that could defend cities right? I posted some time ago about this, I just wanted to make sure you kept it in mind, I'm sure they will come in handy. Damion

Serious drugging

The conservetives psychiatrist that was in two days ago who told them about the drug lied to get them to spike me with it, it should have left me screaming for the rest of my life. They are shocked I'm not like this, they say rarely a person is immune to this drug if it's the truth, I know I've been lucky and somehow dodged this bullet, the beta net has got ever so slightly better but they have been suppressing it to stop it getting better. I'm still in a bit of a way but I might recover fully given the right conditions. They tried to pretend they killed this psychiatrist to throw me off his trail. He's alive and is a quite high powered psychiatrist. He was in bridlington two days ago. He is in his late 30's.

Drugging again

They did it again. Teresa may has had her three psychiatrists spike me with another one of the really bad family of drugs. The psychiatrist from the other day is the top of his field and has spiked others with the same screaming drug. Mi6 did a shadow experiment on a poor TI, they have only just managed to stop him screaming, using a mix of drugs and hypnosis I imagine. I have hacked the conservetives government mind control poor Labour. Apparently Teresa could be tried for murder her shrinks openly admit. Can anyone out there please link Teresa to my abuse, maybe this would stop her. I feel ill, could hardly walk today. Damion

Sunday, 28 August 2016

The Tibetans are in again

I have the Tibetans from the deli lamas group in again, it seems these political outcasts/asylum seekers form a distinct group. They did something to hurt my head, he actually derived satisfaction from this. I hacked him and two of his friends to defend myself. I've known they plan to betray MI6 for a while, they have also betrayed China somehow, they went back on their word with them I hacked, they offered me ten of my children being put into better hands if I didn't put that online, I bartered for twenty. They have now gone back on this. It was a tactic to buy some time. Is there anyone they won't betray? I thought these people were my friend, I do recall getting three hundred of them allowed home and to safer condition in exchange for the core reactor. This is...it's a bit upsetting? Crap?..,That kind of thing. They still want me dead it seems, I guess MI6 want people in who want bad things for me. Damion

Teresa May update

She has two agents in torturing me, they drugged me with the personality change drug last night, it effected my beta waves shutting a big blue net down. Not thinking much but it has got a bit better. So...I hacked their ass...Teresa relies on a male who she is in contact with, he is know to be quite dodgy, he deals with murders and the like for Teresa. She also has fiddled her tax but they've had two weeks or so to clean this up. I came up with a plan for Teresa a bit back, if she employed me I said this would win over world leaders, then we should ask them for protection against err...that bit of finance trouble she was in. She didn't give me a job and went to these key world leaders for protection without me. The conservetives said last time they will wait until I make them money and then damage me, my cancer cure saves the NHS a lot of its money. I need to be careful this evil government doesn't use the money I make to stay in power. They plan to use the money to cut the defection, it should go to me and primarily my children, I have a million children to find and care for. The U.K. must pay for its genocide. Damion

Saturday, 27 August 2016

A new conservative psychiatrist

It is a new type of conservative psychiatrist in today, he is more highly trained than the others, he comes from a different part of the conservetive government, a more senior department. This guy wants to give me some form of personality changing drugs. They say it will stop me doing my work (problem solving). They just said me putting this post up is them paving the way to them giving it to me, to do with international reaction no doubt. I've been hacking him while he does his experiments on me...This guy is a peadophile, he has screwed over government, about the big job he did, he just rushed off to make a call. Teresa May has been using these twisted psychiatrists to make me look unstable and volatile, she is trying to look reasonable while me unreasonable. They won't give me my proper benefits and torturre me badly so I have to spend what little money I have on killing pain to function. I am trapped in the Pentrich because of this. I really need some money, I needed a pair of headphones this week and it has really screwed up my finances. I need to think of something. Damion

Info on the Teresa Mays genocide profiteering

They plan to steal my ideas and old ideas I've forgot. They have projected they will move up one place up the worlds money ranking capitalising on the genocide they have caused. I would only give my permission for them to use my ideas if they stopes torturing me and enforcing slavery and fought to protect my children. They are saying my children in the uk won't be allowed to know who I am in another attempt to cover up the genocide which I find personally upsetting. The money the UK is stealing I want to go to my children if they succeed in killing me like what the government psychiatrist who is in threatened to do to me for writing this post. They are doing more Id experiments to try and make me angry constantly (I don't get angry at all really). Damion

Neuroleptic or similar drugging

They have spiked me with a neuroleptic or similar, a very serious one. One of the shrinks said she's surprised I'm not screaming. They have the net held out of place though. They spiked me while I half slept for thirty minuites. It hyper stimulated a big blue grainy beta field like what Thorazine did, they held it out of place while it was stimulated, the field then went grey. Feel disorientated. The psychiatrist who was in two days ago who bought EMTing with me suggested this drug to them, it's a serious one, I can't remember if they were trying discussing trying to give me bad guy syndrome with it. Feel funny, can't think well. I tried making a video but Jonathan (PR) was giving me broccas aphasia from hypnotic stimulation to my damaged frontal lobe to cover up my symptoms from the drug. I'll put it up anyway, sorry I look a state, I've been getting a bit ill, can still only walk 150 before I need a rest, everything is an effort, especially when the doing the full body pain. It only lasts 49 second as MI6 have that many viruses on my phone to record my videos ect,my fourth nine seconds took up a quarter of a gig. Damion

Peadophile ring update 27.8.16

The world wide community told the UK to stop the gypsy peadophile ring having access to me (thank you). This happened for a while. There have been five members of the peadophile ring in today. Younger is letting them back in, he's trying to cover his tracks, the members are making out they are under cover for the peadophiles working for MI6. They are obviously members, they are easy to spot. Younger has let them back in, he is using them to his own ends. He just temporarily stopped it to appease the world then went back on what he said as he always does (he has done this on many occasions). My advice is to never use negotiation with a person like this but force him to do what you want. MI6 agents hate him for his degenerate acts and anti Brittish interests, MI6 agents call him Sawyers to remind them who he is like (a traitor).

I have been hacking the peadophiles...
I have found the Peadophile ring are desperate to get hold of another one of my children. They fear being brought to justice by world wide pressure from me getting famous. They are desperate to kill me, they think this might stop this (it wouldn't). The guy in now has some weapon to kill me and is trying to get aces to me while I sleep as younger lets them do. One brave agent just said 'I won't walk out the conscious engine if you let him in, I'll fight you' (thank you Differ, his shrink name).

The peadophiles passed on to the worlds human experimentation underworld a way of keying into an ability of us Thetas (my children) as a weapon, they use this technique to get some basic (by my standards) results from their experimentation. My children were regarded as failed experiments by many in the underworld be the age of eight/nine. I've been told some people will never let go of my children now. They arnt even good results. Some brave country's secret services tried to stop this dangerous information getting out but it was all over the planet within a day. This gypsy community (one of the largest in the UK, two days walk from London if it helps people) is a major contributor to a world wide genocide, one that will last a Century (until my descendants are no longer being found that is).

I hacked they have a plan to take on those who don't like what they do to us Autistics (a good few countries/ basically the world and world media) using secrets they have got from their apphiliation/employment with MI6 and I'm sure other tactics. Lots of men with bad guy syndrome in MI6 are attracted to the peadophile ring, they are clever and ply manipulation tactics making them feel excepted and like 'family' though are quick to betray these people. They also plan to use lies and coercion to influence the world media. It is so dangerous them having acsess to my ideas before I have a chance to put them online.

I have one of the peadophiles in now who is programming into himself what I'm writing for a tactical advantage. I have tried to reason with them, I've explained only the peadophile ring/ones who have committed genoceide should be punished, they should go to prison. I've even said I'll help their community, I've helped with ideas for a food programme, health care, a work programme and more. I'm kind of proud of my food program, I found they often went hungry, I've been three days without food before and that was bad enough never mind longer so got problem solving. My idea was an for them to offer to do work for local farmers in exchange for food, it worked well and they got work, eventually farmers started taking it in turns to drop off potatoes or carrots to them for nothing (I suggested sugared carrots). A nice doctor was willing to do a surgery for them  but kept getting scab lies so had to stop (they bite through latex, he needs armoured/think foiled gloves I reason). I plan to do other things for their community to make it better, I won't make it worse. Getting rid of the peadophile ring is part of this, they abuse the other gypsys children,not just their bought children and captives, they even abuse the protected children of the higher up gypsys I've found. 

That's what I know for now. I think I might finish my half done post from a couple of weeks ago now, I forgot to finish it, it's a good story to do with this site, one I've heard referred to as hell on earth. Damion

Friday, 26 August 2016

A cancer treatment idea

Are there any old chemo drugs (or other) ect that are effective but themselves give you cancer? If there are we can buy people some time with them then treat the resulting cancer as and when. Damion

Picture, kicking cancer where it hurts

The C-locker mass production ideas

I've been told we have a problem. World wide production of the Cancer lock drug will nowhere near meet demand. I've been trying to solve this problem...

Large lab ideas- We need an air tight facility, look at ones that already exist.

Something underground I imagine could be easily converted

Make our environment sterile with some kind of polymer if your using a bunker

Adapting what's at hand- Use machinery from the catering industry in our factory to make our drug on mass, I imagine the machines in the catering industrycan be air tight, it must mix the drug gently and st the right temperature and there may be some other necessary modifications but I'm sure it's possible.
Modify a swimming pool to be sterile and install large mixers and we could make our drug by the swimming pool full. Adding alcohol and or antibiotics to our drug to ensure it remains sterile as a precaution, proteins can tolerate both I think

Divide labour- get whatever steps of production that can be done outside a lab done outside the lab and fit your lab to specialise in what 'needs' to be done there.

Refit- Refit existing labs that arnt doing essential work, maybe even draft in labs from other areas.

Important* project leader- Get a pharmaceutical expert to lead planning on this project and give the thumbs up or down to all ideas 

Think tank- Send out our drug sortage problem to leading professors and use them as a think tank or sorts for other solutions

I'll keep thinking of ideas. Damion

Thursday, 25 August 2016


I have one of the scum bag psychiatrists in my conscious net now, he's been EMTing with me, I've been fighting them off with hacking. There's a posh fast psychiatrists car parked near me in Brid if that helps anyone. I have to sleep though. He apphiliated with people who have some of my children captive 'all' people in this clique know of someone with some of them I've just hacked. What has the UK come to? Damion 

Genetic/genocidal persecution by the UK government and psychiatric community

I was talking about religion earlier and about what enlightenment actually means. I tuned into an empty blue high  frequency beta net that the feeling stimulated. MI6 were trying to keep it separate from my EMS. What they do is get their psychiatrists in and have them EMT with me which is detrimental. I have met a few psychiatrists like this unfortunately. They are the front men for MI6, their public side, the best and brightest psychiatrists in the UK, they are easy to find. These are the ones getting distributed my work, like my advice if you have an overbearing father figure; I came up with an essential bit of knowledge everyone like this needs to learn, it was suppressed in me and passed on to them, my work is very different from doctrine so will stand out. There are many other ideas like 'vertical association', the relation between emotion and wisdom, a cure for bad guy syndrome and pedophillia, my autism work, my schizophrenia and bipolar cures, my newfangled friendly interactive style of psychiatry, my 'important lesson' positive polarity shift cute for traumas, my way of syncing someone to outright cure a conflict (try it, bring the conflict to mind and sync them (Important- only if they know what they should think but sill can't resolve it so check), there's so much more, I got my education in brain science. I don't often put my psychological work down as my work on the mind progressed on to neural physics, then quantum dimensional physics then temporal physics. They torture me that much I don't have time to put most of my ideas online. These psychiatrists were lined up to learn my enlightened feeling I was told earlier until I shut down the net to stop me being mutilated by these people. MI6 say there will be consequences for this, for costing Younger this few million (I shut down two nets in total today). They are torturing me to hell anyway, they just stop it occasionally so I can do my work to keep the world happy. I must admit I'm tempted to go on strike and just play Tererria to try and stifle the bumbling Nazis plan, I can't live like this, I'm getting really ill from the full nervous system pain, they have been doing this for is it three years now? I want a proper job working for a coalition of countries or for the UN.

These abusive psychiatrists that were comming in (and occasionally it's big businessmen) pay a lot of money to Younger (the head of MI6) to EMT with me, one million pounds a time I found out, all for a short buzz, it won't make them brighter. There is no quick fix to becoming more intelligent, I know this, I had to work at being bright. EMT doesn't work for this, savants just know things about their given field if you are unaware, I don't know how, it's like my hypnosis and what to do with it is familiar to me, or like I've done it before but I haven't, like it's what I'm designed to do, err, I just kind of know suff about it, My savant syndrome triggered and told me from the start EMT is bad for you and should be limited. I've tried explaining this to MI6 but they won't listen. On top of this it stops me doing my work which can help a lot of people. I can train people to problem solve like me, I can train people to develop hypnosis like me, I can make someone's neurology optimal but it is done a different way. Why won't they listen? I guess it doesn't make people like Younger and probably others in government rich. This treatment also happens to my children who are out there (in the UK and abroad) raised on baby farms and I'm sure in other unthinkable circumstance. We are being used by the UK government and UK psychiatric community as batteries. It is openly known about in government but covered up, it is genocidal persecution, it is the disaster of our time. Government psychiatrists are stealing a lot of my work, especially of late. All these people are easy to find, they write books about my ideas, these people should be ID'd and put up for trial in the future, my work and all the money is easy to find. I'm hoping pressure can be put on these people to stop what they are doing. This has to stop, we want the Temporal age not the Mind control age. I intend to fight for it. This battery intends to have a shock in store for his persecutors. Damion

'Free minds,Free thoughts,Free autistics'

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Warp core upgrade

The U.K. Government stole another one of my ideas I think

Expand the primary field while phase inducing it. They tried solid matter em shielding over the core of the field (up to the point the energy starts to travel downwards). This should phase the entire field rather than making a centralised point of energy. This makes a stable energy right? Does it rotate with the field
If it doesn't we rotate our field around this energy at a warp harmonic, we might be able to push photons up the 42 shard to being EM. Damion

Picture, believing

Apparently I was wrong, no one had worked on the D locker being applied to cancer, I happened to be right with my idea though, it would kill all cancers if we found common denominator DNA in cancer and adapted the D locker...Good news guys, the genes that all cancers have in common have been found, a lot of people have been hard at work, I knew they were there. It's on now to actually making the drug, then putting it through safety testing, then there's just one step left... Giving it to patient zero. I'm crossing my fingers for them, they are probably in a bad way. Time is of the essence but a lot of people are working on this one. Let's kick cancers ass^^ Damion

Monday, 22 August 2016


I was wrong about the broken blood vessel in my brain night before last. They were running around panicking saying I needed brain surgery. My head was pulsing a lot. They have been experimenting on my back today, it is now curved as well as compacted.

Can you guys work on a scanner/detector for warp core signatures, it will be very useful. We need to look at all radiation a warp core emits and see what is the easiest/best to detect. I think we could use the near field effect as a scanner, 20D energy must have a strong effect, I wonder if we could use the earths em field as a sensor field. I think a quantum scanner would be very useful. If we take any quantum particle we can detect easily and see if there are distinct interactions or emissions from a warp core. Damion

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Saturday, 20 August 2016

Torture update

They are sending in some goons that are in my conscious net into my room to rape me and steal my semen. Damion

Important update


Teresa may has been having me tortured pretty bad. They are spiking me with nerve toxin and a new retarding/ intelect damaging drug. Can't read the writing on my iPhone properly. They have a constant stream of bad guys in to torture me expecting me to fix them as I'm the only one which can. I do try to help the ones who seem like they...who seem like good people deep down. I try to help all of them but it isn't easy when they torture you.  Things are pretty bad, I collapsed having a fit, I think from the intelect damaging drug that was comming into my system. They have been dragging me to sto me writing this post, they have been trying to dupe the world saying my ideas and abilities are theirs. To quote an mi6 agent 'you would have thought they'd have worked it out by now' in regard to this.

Something the world should know.... I recently developed an ability to learn the frequency of people's EMS and all their nets. This is copying people's nets, this could end the trade in the nets of the rich and famous and us autistics. Please acquire this ability, I think it's going to help the world adapt, it will also be very useful in hypnotic crime/ to a forensic hypnologist.

And... I recently developed the ability to trigger all programming done to an individual. This is very useful to the world. You do it by holding someone's frequencies in place, after a few seconds the last program implanted will trigger, if you hold the frequency in place the next will trigger then the next ect ect.

Another thing the world should know... You cannot take away the theta reversion therapy from someone without doing damage, it becomes ineffective. Younger was taking away this therapy as punishment to his agents as both a way to punish his agents and do his experiments. I now have a friend who's in need of some help because of this, I need to get down to work with this one as soon as I can, I'm not going to leave a girl in distress now am I.

MI6 distributed these abilities ( not the theta one) for personal gain saying they developed them, they did this to put spin on them recently distributing a technique that has caused a lot of suggering,

And also... MI6 are exited, it seems like im reprocessing pain they have tortured me for that long.

It's now 820 am, they have given me an intelect damaging drug now. Can't think

It is 835am, they have given me some serious 'stupid' drug, I'm saying the wrong words.

The day after... I've finally got my post fit to read. Damion

Friday, 19 August 2016

Torture update

They are hitting me hard with nerve toxins and a retarding agent drug like a neuroleptic as well as torture. I'm trying to put a proper post together. Can't see the screen to type properly. Damion

Thursday, 18 August 2016

The story of Summer

I met Summer two nights ago on the thirtieth of July two thousand sixteen, we only spent a day together, but it was long enough for us to become friends. She said she didn't want me to forget her, this was because of my brain damage, it has caused some form of amnesia. I explained what it was like, she didn't want to slip away into nothing like all my other memories of yesterday do, just like my memories of today will. I didn't think to write about her while she was there, I should have...

Summer turns up into my hypnotic conscious net in the daytime, I see a vague impression of her in my imagination, she is petite, has blonde curly hair and is about 33. I say hello and we chat for a while, she seems nice. I think I make a good impression, she smiles and laughs a lot while we talk, I am my usual stupid self playing with logic and meaning, chatting away. I kind of have the habit of saying as much stupid suff as I do intelligent things I find, I'd argue if I only said intelligent things I would come across as a bit of a know it all and be annoying. Me and Summer talk a lot, I find out she is a psychiatrist, she works for the government, we chat a bit about her work, she eats breathes and basically lives the stuff. She doesn't get out enough I find myself thinking, she's all work and psychiatry. I think she has to work very long hours with her work. I know the type of people she has to work with, there won't be that many people to make friends with where she is. I think to myself it is a little sad such a nice girl being 'all work' like this. I start to feel I get a little beneath the 'work side' of Summer, I know not to trust people from government but I think I get benieth the government side of her. She has a warm aura about her, she is bright and reminds me of summer, I state this to her and Say 'I think I will call you summer'. So her shrink name becomes Summer. She seems to like her shrink name. She has a deep interest in psychiatry I find, she doesn't probe me for what I know I note, she seems genuine. I jokingly say to her about her psychiatry; it seems more like her religion than her profession, she smiles at my remark. We chat about all sorts as the hours pass, I find it hard to remember many specifics, you kind of get that when you talk about so much. I read her some of my poems in the evening as the day goes on, she seems to really like them, she states this. She programs them into her mind as my shrinks can do so she can burn them into her memory and hear them again as I read them for her. I read her 'in and out', 'a dark world and 'your spectrum'. I know these ones off by heart.

decide while we talk away the hours that I want to be friends with Summer, she makes a good impression. She could use a friend like me as well, I kind of mix a social life in with my work, I have great fun doing my work so it's the best of both worlds, I'd like to be friends with Summer and share this part of me. She tells me she doesn't usually get on with people like she does me, I think this is sweet. I play with words a bit with her as we speak, I must admit I do use some of my hacking skills to dance round her with my logic a little. Psychiatrists seem to like my jousting like this I've found, it often makes them grin; I like to play with my logic and meaning, meaning seeming, just playing, that kind thing. I say something along these lines and smile at her. Us Thetas like to play with language when we're in good moods, I do at least.  She seems sympathetic to me I am to find, to what I've been through, I think this is sweet, I don't often get this. We chat away the rest of the evening.

It gets late, this is when I explain about my memory, my amnesia from the brain damage; how I forget just about everything about what happened yesterday. I explain by tomorrow most of my memories of today will be gone. She tells me she doesn't want me to forget her... This feels...is the word bitter sweet? There should be a name for this emotion I feel when she says this but if there is one I don't know it. It is a sweet and a nice feeling but at the same time it's an extremely sad feeling. She comes up with an idea... She says we should find a picture, to help me remember, a tag in my memory. I agree, I go get my phone and go online. I type in 'summer girl picture', we look through the pictures that come up together, for something to tag into my memory, so I wont forget her. We look, she keeps suggesting pictures of the prettiest girls I note, I get the distinct impression she is very pretty. We find a nice picture eventually, one to remind me of her. I have my picture of her. I actually do physically try to remember her, I know my memories will slip away by the time I wake up, I concentrate on remembering.

It gets very late, I start to get tired, I tell her she should stay for another day, so we can chat and get to know each other more, I need all the friends I can get really, and I've found I've really enjoyed her company today. I look forward to seeing her in the morning. If she doesn't laugh much like I get the impression of I'll be happy to juggle with my logic for her for one more day, we would make good friends. I climb into bed and curl up, I go to sleep chatting away with her. She uses a hypnotic technique on me that feels nice in my tummy, I like it, it helps me nod off. I drift of into my sleep, with Summber beside me...

I awake, it is morning, I come around, I start to chat away with who's in my conscious net when I come round fully, MI6 shrinks are in my conscious net now, a bit of time passes. I carry on my day not remembering any of the night before, it has all gone, nothing come to mind about yesterday..,I don't remember anything of Summer. A day passes.

It's now a few hours ago from when I write this, I am looking on my phone, I come across a picture of a girl that is a little unfamiliar to me, memories come back to me, it's my picture of Summer, it reminds me of her. I search my memories, I remember she didn't want me to forget her. I start to write what I can remember of her down. I jot down my notes on my blog editing page for safe keeping and so I can remember what date it is and keep a permenent log. More memories come to mind as I write, my notes soon turn more like one of my short stories. I'm smiling to myself; her idea worked. I've held on to a bit. I'm thinking about her, I don't know if I'll ever see Summer again, but I do at least remember some of the time we spent together, I didn't forget her, I've held on to a bit, I remember.

So Summer left my conscious net, but she didn't quite slip out of my memory like everything else from yesterday does. She left someting with me, she left me something to keep, she left me with memories, some memories to smile about in a difficult and sometimes lonely life. I remember.

Picture, summer...

Warp drive project- inverse warp field

I've been told you lot are having trouble creating a Higgs field/inverse warp field that expands space, I thought I'd help... I think the Higgs field is made up of a highs field (the sub dimensional field, the one under our field) which is energy and also the Higgs boson which is a particle in this dimensional field. I think you take my Higgs field warp field perametrs I put up and factor in that we need to generate Higgs bosons which are one quarter/half (a Higgs field energy) or squared (the quantum particle prehaps) an increase in dimensional HZ. We may have to make the Higgs field as well as the boson unless the boson by itself works for our inverse warp field.

I've also been having thoughts about making a DEM (dimensional electromagnetic) drive, we need to make a 20D+ plasma like what the EM drive is meant to do to get thrust, this should be worth exploring. 

By the way, I've worked out in recent weeks the exact speed of light to be 299792458.9999999 using i speed (4.257270514042e87 KMPH) and E=mc6 if it's useful to you guys. Damion

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Torture update

They are spiking me with nerve toxins that are sinking my eyes back in the skull badly and effecting my lungs it seems. Can only walk 100 meters until I have to sit down. Also a lot of full body pain experiments. Damion

Monday, 15 August 2016

The cure for cancer- The C-lock drug

My lock mechanism drug has been applied to cancer, attaching to the DNA sections that are common in all cancers I think, it's either that or their common denominator proteins. I've had friends and relatives die from cancer, it was a horrible experience. It's something just about all of us have to go through at some point in our lives. It's an experience I'm glad to say is now heading into history. It seems like the C-lock drug works... Looks like cancer has had it's day. About time to. :-)

Picture, the first warp drive

I Want one...

Friday, 12 August 2016

Pages from my note book on warp,nano tech and temporal physics notes

The square warp speed system...

A bit on nano engeneering...

Temporal accelerator upgrade idea

If we use fiberoptic tubes in the shape of a warp field we might be able to recreate how gravity in mass works on a weaker but larger scale.

Can we use something that bends energy like how fibre optics bends light to create warp fields out of energy??

We could make a handy expandable network of tubes we create a temporal accelerator for a ship say :-)

Please explore.


Temporal accelerator upgrade- shiny (shining) matter (for Russia)

Well done America and China, I've head you have had successful phase inducer and field compression experiments. I thought I'd help out with the next step...

I think we put some matter in our temporal accelerator, accelerate it to a gravitational warp potential, then we increase the HZ up to a 20D potential, we need to get the phase increase right, I'm thinking it will be proportional, as long as our warp field doesn't collapse I think this may create 20D matter. The phase increase may be an increase from
4D oscillation to to 20D within the 0.25 sec phase of the lower field.

Wait... What is the warp harmonic of photons circling in protons neutrons and electrons? Not their atomic shells, they are at 4HZ, the smaller circles of photons that make up the actual neutrons ect. The energy on a smaller scale goes round in little circles, I think it works this way at least. I think they oscillate at a higher dimensional HZ. We might need to accelerate matter to this warp harmonic then field compress it with our phase inducers to create shiny matter.


Monday, 8 August 2016


They've been torturing me pretty badly, really could use some real rest. I've had a couple of ideas to put online in the short time I've felt well. I'll put the rest up soon. Damion

Picture, a D-Locker

This is what a D-lock viral DNA inhibiting drug should look like...

D-EM generators- Temporal accelerator/warp core upgrade

We connect aparatus like vacuum tubes to the lateral diocillator to create higher dimensional microwaves. We should apply all ways we can generate energy on the EM spectrum to our temporal accelerator, oscillating the aparatus at a warp harmonic. I'd like to create twenty D+ radar and prehaps infrared energy that we could bounce off objects with this idea, this idea is for Australia for developing sensors, I've got some other ideas comming soon for u guys down under ( I haven't forgot :-) Damion

D,P and B lockers

We could apply the DNA binding concept we used in the D locker to Proteins that are detrimental and bacteria. This could provide a replacement for antibiotics. Please make these drugs specific to only the structure of your target, the D locker has to be quite a few recs long, over ten I've been told. You don't want to make them wrong. Damion

Thursday, 4 August 2016

Update and some info on Teresa May

I've had two lots of these thugs in that work benieth the psychiatrists for the conservative government. They torture, experiment on and kill people for a living. They are like mi6 but seemingly without any real training. They are here to abuse me. They want acsess to my room tonight. MI6 are letting people steal my semen again, they said it's because people messed up the first batch. These guys are here on Teresa Mays orders. I've hacked from both sources about Teresa May having illegal money, something to do with government affairs, she got it from government. It's common knowledge in this area of government. I think this is useful information to put out there. Damion

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

picture, warping time

What a warp core in a temporal accelerator looks like-

Picture, working together

Put the pieces together...

Update 2.8.16

There is a new team of psychiatrists in from the conservative government. They have spiked me with anthrax again, my eyes are sore and shrivelled in. I can only walk a couple of hundred meters without needing a rest. They tried spiking my tobacco with a minty carcinogen a couple of days ago. They demanded acsess to my room a couple of nights ago, I found out tonight one of them raped me, he wasn't happy when I told him about the HIV, herpes and hepatitis. He actually cried out 'no' when I told him. These government psychiatrists are obsessed with stealing my work on psychiatry. The conservatives use these psychiatrists to murder people, they commit a lot of murders I've found. I don't intend to be one of them. 

I just hacked Terresa may had someone else murdered who was close to her, it's obvious who she was. I need to avoid her doing the same to me. I have time, they have made the mistake of saying they have a plan to stop me being famous. Damion

2.8.16- They raped me again last night, we'll cut my a us with a knife at least. These guys are different, they are employed by conservative government psychiatrists. They don't get any training these guys, you can tell. It looks like bad guy syndrome is prevalent in government also. Experiments all day, my body hurts, can't walk far. Trying to keep my spirits up. Damion

We need to watch our speed...

   We need to say at 35 HZ and work together on the rest. We should take these steps together. Damion

Finally possible...

Finally possible with polly-rec-helium. I'm thinking my pedal powered helicopter may be more fun tho...

 Regards Damion & dr. db

Songs that go with my blog

This song reminds me of the events at the time and following on from June 2003, when they turned my bug on...

Songs that go with my blog

The songs 'monstro' leading on to 'alive' by my favourite artist Meatloaf. I'm sorry I couldn't find a link to the songs. Hopefully you can track down the original bat 3 version. Damion

Monday, 1 August 2016

We need to work together

I made the mistake of trusting my government with the work I recently put online. I think it was a plan to turn the world against me making me out to be irresponsible. They said people cannot get their warp cores going fast enough to be dangerous and my information would leak anyway like it did last time I was worried about the consequences of my work. I never thought they would be so irrisponsible just to make me look bad.

We should look at this as an opportunity, a catalyst to stimulate is all working together. Over the next century were going to develop so many ways to destroy ourselves, it's so important we start working together, it really is. I'll have a think to this ends.

I should really be working for the UN guys, can't we make this happens somehow. If not can the appropriate countries/organisations come and meet me regularly so I have a line of communications other than just my blog. I could use being pulled out about now if this can be made happen. Damion