Friday, 1 April 2016

Situation update

Dave 'Dastardly' Cameron has had MI5 spike me with permenent damage neuroleptics. One which effects the frontal lobs and one which i think is classed as a poison that effects theta waves. My eye sight is that bad its hard to see my fractals, i was having to hold stuff six inches in front of me to read, its got a bit better but thtey spiked me with it again last night. My memory has got real bad. My theta waves are damaged. The have spiked me with different learning drugs and stimulants today for Dastardlys new plan. Something needs initiating, Fuzz is in a way, he had ther raped, mutilated and tortured, ive been told some people insisted on seeing her, they programmed in recursive programming over her nets. They have done an operation of some ort on my eye. They are doing this now because it is the run up to the referendum im betteing for a tactical advantage. Ive come up with a yang technique to remeove programmes for the world, when you remove a program you will feel a sense of relief, simpily hold this feeling of relief over the Id or qwherever the programe is and it will disolve. The UK is keeping secret the proper recursive elements, my version of doctor database the UK is using has made adamantium/adamantainium (or similar). Damion

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