Thursday, 30 October 2014

A physics idea ect

Have just been doing some research to help with my physics work. Only some basic principles but it's what a Theta finds most useful I've found. If you want to read here's the link.

 I'm sure dark matter and dark energy proves my theory that our universe/s are structured like an atom, with a positive and neutral core and a negative surrounding field. I'm not sure if the CIA are trying to come out with some of my better ideas before me. I just read a theory I thought of over a year ago about reality containing many universes, the site says they are pressed together like bubbles which I think is the wrong way to look at it, my theory is 'the nothing' fills this gap, there is no time and space there, you would have to dig a tunnel with the actual energy from dimension and dig a very very long way indeed to get to the next universe.

If someone in the past few weeks has suddenly come up with a theory of a temporal effect creating our universe id be pretty sure they are nabbing my better ideas. I wouldn't be to bothered if it wasn't such evil people benefiting. I should put some of my notebook up maybe, (I'm thinking the CIA doesn't like being outdone).

My basic equation on this temporal effect is below, it originally came from something I first thought about as a teenager believe it or not, I was trying to understand this Big Bang I'd heard about at school, apparently with there being nothing before it. My idea was-

0 x infinity = something

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

A newspaper clipping related to Autsm

This is just a clipping of a scientist who agrees with my impression electromagnetic waves can cause Autism . Damion

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

A press clipping on the CIA and a comment

This article is closy related to a post I've been thinking about posting, in fact it's been in my editing list a good few weeks now. It is these Nazis in the press clipping that seemingly indoctrinated the CIA after the war having effects even now, this is why a lot of mistakes have been made by the CIA with Spectral hypnosis. The American people tried to get rid of these Nazis when project paperclip and MK ultra (famous and disgusting CIA projects) came to light, seemingly to no avail, I'm hoping when Spectral hypnosis comes to light America will try again and succeed. I have a good impression of how the CIA operate because they are trying the same indoctrination tactics on MI6 and Great Britain, exporting this Bumbling Nazi methodology they think is nessesarry to compete. 

My thoughts are that we didn't fight a world war seventy years ago to let this happen to our countries. I'll fight as best I can, I'm hoping there are others. I'll finish the above mentioned post soon, here's the press clipping. Damion

 (This clipping is from the Sun newspaper in the UK October 28th 2014)

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Some torture mi6 is doing

I have one of the gay community from mi6 in, he's showing off how he can control me having fits, he's practiced a lot. He got me to claw my own face, there's someone out there he's practiced on a lot, probably in a mental ward, mi6 uses heroin to stop their target fighting effectively so is probably an addict. They do this by EMTing with my beta net that causes fits.

They are trying to use pain to torture autism out of me still. Damion

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

The nothing

My work on hypnosis can tell you a lot about Quantum Physics, I'm working on an idea about the space between quantum particles and past the edge of dimension, it's more a potential energy, I've called it the nothing. I might be wrong, I'm hardly a physicist but I'm enjoying working on it. My idea is it is the lowest dimension, zero dimension, then there is time followed by the three dimensions. I'll put a post up to show how the structure of personality relates to dimension soon. Damion

Peadophile ring update

There is the main Peadophile ring in mi6, they have a son of mine held at a gypsy site somewhere in the UK, they call him Phoenix, I've been told he has heard of me and wants to meet me. I don't even know how to think of that. There is also a group of agents trained as psychiatrists, some are Peadophiles, they have a son of mine and are trying to recreate my ability with hypnosis. One of there number is a short girl of around 50 with dark bobbed hair. One is quite fat male and of medium height in his 50's, he's here now. Paris is one of this click in mi6. Some others who are protected status also have children of mine I'm lead to believe. Apparently one in 6 of my children is male, I wonder what happened to my daughters. MI6 have tried to get me to stop using the term battery children for what some of my children face, I think it may become a widely used term. Damion

Saturday, 18 October 2014


I've again edited my post for Spectral hypnotists a few posts back, it's more comprehensive now.

A photo of me with a Phoenix stone

A picture of what my Phoenix stone looked like that I thought my readers might like. Damion

GCHQ press clipping

GCHQ is a branch of UK intelligence along with MI5 and MI6. The article below is about GCHQ giving jobs to non neuro-typical people, it's pretty obvious its to train them with Spectral hypnosis. There will be a lot of Alpha autistics at GCHQ, I imagine id like an environment like that (I'm sure they'd get used to me). 

I'm thinking this is a big 'spin' tactic, employing autistics for good media coverage to counteract what they are doing to us. This is where Gareth Williams worked before he was lured to MI6 to be experimented on then murdered, by MI6 and for the CIA. Have a read. Damion

Monday, 13 October 2014


I just wrote an important update for my spectral hypnotists post a couple of posts back. Damion

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Kevin, the old man on Hawthorn

He's just had a fit, he's unconscious in the garden. An ambulance is comming. They have been doing experiments on the patients here and giving me the odd fit around them. It could easily be down to this. A lot is syncing my and their nets togeter. I don't know if this is his first fit. Dr Gilaita doesn't give a crap about her patients, MI6 just has the view were all fodder to make them money. Damion

Saturday, 4 October 2014

An update

I've had agents trying to move as fast as me. It seems Thetas can move very fast with the mind. It's ironic after all the years of damaging my abilities I'm still a lot better than them. I want to add to do with my referendum post I believe in my country, I just believe the wrong people have gained control of it. D

A post for spectral hypnotists

I developed a new ability a week ago or so that will be of great use to anyone with some ability with Spectral hypnosis. I've called it a 'measurement sync', it is a way to create and measure energy In the mind. Here's how to do it-

-Firstly you need to punch in front of you. Now do it faster, so it's a constant stream of punches. You can practice a while if you like to get the feel for it. Go quite fast so the movement becomes a blur now. Try punch say at ten times a second, facing away from your punches keys into indirect concentration, this will help you punch more quickly. You don't need to see each individual punch.

-Now you need to Sync the energy from your punches together, this will create a field that stays where your punches were.  This may also tune you into the correlating frequency Quantum net in your EMA, (MI6 are stopping me double checking this, trying to stop me doing my work as per usual). 

To explain a sync- syncing is like connecting the energy from the first punch in a second to the last punch, so they share a frequency, it's kind of a clicking sensation at the same time in the nets when a sync is done right, it kind of snaps together. You will find it easier to sync fast blurry punches to start off with.

It is important to remember the energy from the first punch when doing a measurement sync. You will find If you punch really really fast the movement becomes more of a rhythm, at over a hundred a second you get into audio range so you can even hear it if your doing it right.

-Now as you punch I want you to count saying 'one one thousand' (or your own way to count a second that's in your sub conscious). Now I want you to sync the energy together from your punches over the one second.

-This will create a field where you were punching, if you punched ten times a second you will have created a ten Hz field,  forty times a second a forty Hz field ect ect. 

- This can also be used as a way to count the Hz of fields you'd like to measure. To do this you need to let your EMS sink into the field you want to measure, you (or just your arm) go to a slightly lower frequency. 

-So sink into the lower frequency, now do punches tuned into this net. Start punching slowly then slowly increase how fast. You will be able to tell when punching at the same frequency as the net, it feels like there is less resistance to your punches. Now just count a second and how many punches your doing to measure the Hz.

-You can move on to creating very slow low Hz punches when your confident you have got it right. You just do a very very slow movement and sync your punch at the same time as moving your punch very very slowly. You can go right down to 0 Hz, it's very black, empty and still there.

-with regard to how fast you can go, I've gone way beyond neural Hz range. I've had to out of necessity, but that's a story I'll tell some other time. I'm not sure of the wisdom of going so high but it beats being tortured.

-I think you can also measure amplitude with adapting this technique- You will do this by applying more and less force to the punches. You need to concentrate on each individual punch for this. You just need to learn to go from weaker amplitude/power in punches to higher. Then you as before do your sync to measure amplitude, I'll have to think how to measure this as we can with Hz, maybe we could use the known amplitude of personality.

--I'm in hope measurement syncing helps turn Spectral hypnosis into more of a science, we have a reliable measurement technique with this new ability.

On a side note I apologise for my blog being a bit erratic, I'm still at Hawthorn court, there spiking me with damaging drugs and using some pain techniques. They have access to me at night and get a drug machine in me, it's a pain, I'm ok though, just could use a rest.

I thought this ability very important so wanted to put it online and into the hands of the many rather than just these people at MI6. I hope it serves you well. I hope it helps. Damion