Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Compound sharing plan

I keep getting mixed information about my compound sharing idea. Reliable feedback would help. I've had a good think and think the following would be fair. Keep in mind these are just ideas to fuel debate and cooperation. Here is my ideas on how many compounds it would be wise to share among countries to stimulate the world economy. I will keep coming up with ideas for everyone but please keep in mind it takes time. Damion

USA- 14
Europe- 10
China- 10
Canada- 6
Africa- 6
Australia and area- 7
The middle east-2/3 (dependent on the amount of good it is thought it will do there).
south america- 7
west indies- 2
India and Pakistan- 5
Iceland- 2
Greenland- 1/2 (Dependent on conditions in Greenland I'm unfamiliar with)
Ukraine- 2
Mongolia- 1
Kazakhstan- 2
in the keeping of the UN to be donated into repairing the Syrian economy after the war- 2

P.s I've recently thought a good desalination compound would be a good idea to research I'm unsure if it would be poly-rec.

Pp.s have I mentioned my floating farm/city poly rec idea. You take the materials in water and turn it into a poly rec I'm hoping will float to build bridges and perhaps floating cities. This could help ease the future food and population challenges of earth.

Ppp.s what poly rec's can we make from soil and sand? I wonder what compounds we could come up with.

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