Sunday, 17 June 2018

D.O.A... D-Day second strike update

D.O.A stands for dead on arrival. its the name of a killer nano virus a freedom fighter unleashed against the mind control society. Hes caused them a lot of problems with this ive been told, he's also in a lot of trouble because of what hes done for us all. The mind control society has promised to get him. I'd like to recommend him for a medal from the U.N one day when this is over and the right people are in charge.

We need to help this guy out somehow, they really are after him. If anyone can think of an idea to help him or is in a position to do so please do. I say we make it our mission to make sure he's not got. We could perhaps pretend were him (who released D.O.A) online; if you arnt fighting, this would make him harder to track. Maybe we could listen out for information and make sure history doesn't forget him, so if he does die he dies a martyr to our cause (that will get up the mind control societies nose).
Lets make sure this guy survives. He's one of our heroes. D

To the unknown hacker/ DOA (his shrink name/handle)...

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D-Day first strike update (theres more to come

Some hackers launched a strike on the 6th June, the same day as the Normandy landings in world war two. They erased a lot of hidden Nazi money, its now distributed around the world economy, it has has the effects of benefiting a lot of the worlds poorest countries ive been told. This money was hidden stagnant illegally got money so should have the effect of actually stimulating the world economy as it will now be put to good use. I urge the countries who have had a windfall to invest wisely in building their economies and spend it wisely, this could further get you out of debt and make a big difference. Look  out there for ideas and experts to get advice from, its a golden opportunity. Good luck and a big thank you to our brave hacking army. D

Were Robbin...

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Some girly friends of mine

Just got some help, I have some new friends, they are ace. /is now a fan... ill explain someday. 

Bombs away girls...D

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Friday, 15 June 2018

Operation D-Day update

I said the greatest stronghold we had was religion during the religious rebellion but there is one more we have left; humanity, all of us. Just about everyone wants to see an end to the mind control society, the world is made up of good people, they'll want the same thing as us, or they would if they knew about the mind control society. Ok- our mission is-

To wake up the world

we need to do this-

Faster than the mind control can deal with to cause it to go viral

spreading information to let people know what to do (like become more informed, network safely and protest effectively)

arming people with the tools to fight

maybe having neural hackers trying to get a telepathic message to the entire world to wake them up (practice on a small scale first then strike) and try doing useful hacks getting mind controlers moves known about and making mistakes

Using temporal uplinks- use real time micro fine electrical/emfield readings either you create or online and make a signal interpretor to read the minor fluctuations temporal net can create and convert them to ones and zeros real quick like, remember temporal net can read commands on your computer-tell it to if you need to do a lot of preplanned things quickly.

using the D-day virus- create nano bots and populate the internet, remember to copy them with the copy element of d-day. do this quick...Take over all the free space to clog up the internet, we can do this the bad guys cant, they rely on it we dont. we need to over populate their bots i believe. Also concentrate on a countdown to waking up everyone to whats going on on a certain date getting them the right info.

Launch when everyone else starts to, that goes to everyone. Its time to kick ass and chew bubble gum...D

p.s Hackers keep under cover unless its critical to your survival to get help, there are a lot of agents out there now.

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Heart attacks

I had another heart attack, a doctor said i was going to last an hour. I did something stupid to get some pain killers to up my metabolism as seems to happen with another lethal disorder i have from being tortured and rested, but not for long enough. We found the adrenaline rush from what I did helped my heart recover which it shouldn't have done. This goes with the other life threatening conditions im fighting. I've come up with a plan to survive but it isnt going to be easy. My next post is an operation D-Day update. Ive gotta sort that as well as mend my heart somehow. All in all-

Its been a bad day...

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Three months since Steven Hawkins died

Its been three months one day since Steven died. I thought I would put this tribute up for us all.  I still cant believe what happened, its such a loss to the world. The Queen has a lot to answer for one day.

This is a really good message from Steven I hope inspires us all to fight all the more. D

Monday, 11 June 2018

Hacker and everyone else ideas...

To our Hackers-

Robin hood idea;
You guys could transfer hidden money to charities and the like, the people with the hidden money would have to prove it was theirs which they cant do.

distribute and destroy the mind control society idea-
Were going to try and get the American public to rebel against the mind control society, it is the heart of their power. I want the hackers to distribute critical information, maybe make a virus that looks for key words like 'Damion Cappleman' 'Temporal net', 'incriminating Rothchilds' ect ect then distributes it to open ports around the net or to target addresses like the police.

Make sure your safe guys, if you think your going to get got try find support.

To everyone else-

Try protect the hackers by proving about those who have been killed i.e like in opperation 'last resort' and who have been targeted recently.

Provide safe places online for hackers to get help and support like someone reading and keeping their diary/info ect to prove they've been targeted.

Try get individuals you know to make a clever variation of the D-Day virus, its pretty easy to make.

Remember to come up with your own plans.

Ok everyone, lets get to it...D

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To say thank you to North Korea

I'm thrilled to bits to be writing this post...I have an idea for North Korea as promised for promoting peace and stability in the region. I don't have access to a scanner until morning, I will see it is online by then. The basic idea is using proteins as a backbone/template for constructing compounds. We use a protein which we can change the structure of and bond other elements to it to create new compounds that wont be possible without a protein to use as a template. We then destroy the protein and are left with the finished compound. You will need a copy of Dr. Database for this idea, for computing a load of networked xbox's will do but I talked to an American representative and he said they would be happy to provide a good computer to run the program on if you'd like as it would be more useful.

Thank you guys, i will try think of more ideas for you in the future, to prove good things come from the outside world. Things have progressed so much, I have loads of respect for you all for that. Your friendly neighborhood problem solver, Damion.
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Sunday, 10 June 2018

Her majesty's home movie

The Queen had me raped again last night so I thought i'd dish the dirst on the Queen. She tried taking on the Chienese emporor who she competes with. Soon after some pornography from the 70's when certain things were more exceptable appeared online featureing the Queen. Its to be found all over the place online, have a look for it. It might help end the evil we face in society, things need to change. Oh, and by the way Windsor; rape me, torture me...It wont ever stop me...D

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D-Day update

Apparently parts of the internet are in quarantine, some parts are a war zone. A lot of hackers have risen up to the challenge of ending the mind control society by using and adapting the D-Day virus. These guys are really brave, they are risking their lives for all of our freedom. I hope everyone else gives whatever support they can to our hackers and tries to get their own plans up and running. I'm thinking of my own stuff as well. God speed everyone. we'll do this...D