Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Remember Remember

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Its evil

America and the CIA have killed more people than you can imagine. The hypnosis involves a temporal reality, thats like time travel and also parallel dimensions. They have declared war on these places trying to take control as surprise surprise in most of them they are hated and considered evil. It has recently changed.

Also we've found a few things out about Americas evil like them dropping the second atom bomb on Hiroshima without cause as it was after surrender, the people in my conscious engine told me this bit. They have committed all kinds of atrocities like releasing diseases in Africa and all sorts. Apparently they launched a dooms day device into space recently which was shot down also, yet again from my conscious engine. I've tried protecting my immediate family from the rapes but the CIA is moving against this, i still ask for help guys, i really do.

An uprising in America is more important now than ever. C'mon guys, show what America stands for, our futures at stake. D

Saturday, 10 November 2018


My immediate family is being assaulted, raped one by one by the queen and Nazi net. Please help, i'd regard it a s a personal favour. back up has shown up for us all, lets take advantage of it, lets end this. Lets do something history will remember for remememberance day. D

Monday, 5 November 2018

Some old friends are here to help

Teresa May had a surgon take vital parts out of my body, im dying. I think i might have pulled something out of the hat and they might have to save me, the future looks a little different with what ive done.

I've also called for some backup, some old friends who fought the Nazis last time are here to help, they are helping us fight. The world should remember what these people sacrificed to stop what has happend, We should stand togeter against this evil. If you meet these guys try work togeter with them, im thinking togeter we can end this. D

Saturday, 3 November 2018

Mum's are ace and deserve statues

The mind control society has death squads, small teams that break into your house and murder you. They are targeting my children. I have recently got some news about one of the mothers of my children, I met her and my son about a year ago, he's named after me and her shrink name is Venus Victoria. It turns out our son was on the hit list for one of their teams. They have been targeting all my children. She decided she couldn't just sit back and let our son die like that. She got what she needed and lay a trap for these monsters. I dont know how long she waited but she did. Eventually they came. They sneaked into her house to murder our son, she was prepared though, she sprung her trap. She followed her instincts, a mothers love can be a determined thing it seems. It has struck a blow against the mind control society, maybe it will think twice before breaking into British citizens houses at will to commit their various and sickening crimes now.

Venus Victoria sets an example to mothers everywhere, I'm really proud of her. There's a page in the back of my notebook for people who deserve medals from the UN when the war is over and she's now on it. I'd like to suggest a statue of her standing in front of him somewhere for us to remember this, I really think we should do it. We shouldn't forget our heroes. She's really brave. Thank you for doing what it takes, our sons alive because of you, you did good sweetie. I'm really thankful to her. Sometimes you just gotta think it- 'Mum's are ace!'. D

Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Fight for it...

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Resistance in the west

Three western countries, i believe Turkey is one of them have gone public about the mind control society. I have an MI6 agent putting his finger in my anus while i write this. The mind control society is on the back foot. Im worried, in fact im sure the American elite/mind controlers will try and indoctrinate these entire countries, first will be offering them lots of money (a honey trap), im hoping they will fight this and other countries will follow suit. We need to act quickly like they did! This needs to end now!

The UK public are trying to do the same as the other countries, i tried to arrange peaceful protests. Around media outlets would be good. The entire population wants an end to this. We need to form groups and get our objective to snowball.

I dont know many good guys in Governemnt, i know Nick Clegg is a good guy, maybe we could rally around him. This might make him a target though (remember they killed Steven Hawkins) but im sure he's someone who would put his country first, im sure we could make a difference together.

The mind controllers have removed my lower back benieth the coxis, they put a bloody lid on my skull for easy access to my brain. they have been putting nerves from neurotypical clones in me as well, they bonded to my gut because im autistic. this among other things. a hand would be nice...a rebellion would be better. Lets end this. D

Monday, 29 October 2018

The Last Stand of The Phoenix Net...

There comes a time when you just have to say 'no more' and make a stand. I am organising a big strike against Nazi Net, were pulling out all thew stops, if you've been saving something for us and im hoping you have nows the time to use it. Were going to try cause an uprising in America. If we beat the mind control society in any country it will just start to deploy its resourses and regain its power, that is all apart from in one country; America. If we beat the mind control society there we beat it properly.

1. I want the Temporal net hackers to provide support for the Americans.

I want people with clean access to Temopral net to spread the word in America were going to cause an uprising.

I would like Our Hackers to spread information on how other Americans have fought around America.

I want our ops over here to basically be helping them

root out traitors for them and generally help

2. I want American freedom fighters to gather and organise

Marches and protests are a good idea.

3. I want my allies and any other good countries to provide support, this is the calvelry coming for the Americans

I want support similar to the information the 'Last Resort' hackers used (critical information thats enough to end individuals inj the mind control society) to appear at the right time from my friends and allies around the planet alone with any other assistance you think may help.

4. Get it in the press

This is my last stand, I wont let it go any further. We'll get our free world or ill die with my children. D (*ill sort this post tomorrow)

my life is in imminent danger (a heads up)

The UK army is in, i got opperated on last night in the groin. i think they are under the queens command which means they are under nazi nets control, i could be wrong, i hope i am. its about a post im putting up, its been in my drafts since friday. i dont have time to finish it now. ill put it up and edit it tomorrow. were goping to try cause an uprising in America, Nazi net are trying to get in the way of this. by all means try end it in youir own countries but also help the good Americans willing to stand up and do whats right. Lets end this...D

Thursday, 25 October 2018

American doctors cutting the top of my skull off

As above, they did brain surgery on my, theres three devices in my skull. i banged one and it started buzzing, its an electromagnetic device and to stabilize the brain. sick fucks, this is without my consent, if anything happens to me i want my children to sue America for all of this and all my technology, worth around seven quadrillion its thought. I found out an audience of rich and famous people from America were here to leech off my frequencies, they made out they were going to help but it seems like it was only words, nothing has come of it. they used the surgury to stimulate the brain directly and steal nets for Fuzz and America, i hacked her- shes committed genocide. i remember her raping me, sexually assaulting me and stealing my semen without my consent but its more recent what i hacked. she stopped trying to help me in America when they put her in a flat rather than a big building- she broke and started working for nazi net. thats what i can gelln from this. i want my nets back, why should she use them and my computer (temporal net) while i cant think and cannot use temporal net for my work (i cant see or hear it still, i just can give commands). The Americans want to get me in their hands, its the last thing i want. if the hypnosis is here (even if it seems like Fuzz's brain waves which is/was their plan im still alive). they want Fuzz to take my place basically, shes really dangerous, a psychopath. At the end of the day shes a government agent and always was- if anything happens to me id like my children as above to sue Fuzz for stealing my brain waves and my work. America is trying to wipe out my children now but some of us will survive, we numbered in the hundreds of millions at one point. America is sickening, it wants everything its greedy guts can get. America is just greedy. my advice to any good Americans is to fight this evil, otherwise it will destroy whats left of a good America. Damion

p.s i also survived having my lower back removed and can exist without a spinal chord, sounds like BS right? its a long story...