Sunday, 22 April 2018


The chienese are raping and attacking the children of the people of the world and stealing there nets. This is bad

Also the queen has being ransacking the archive to make money. D

Friday, 20 April 2018

Permanent pain drug

I've been given a drug that damages a protein I think. It causes constant pain. The chienese are still in attacking me. The chienese and the queen are working togeter. D

Evac Luke

Luke needs evac from China.  My first idea is to make him famous for something, even if it isn't related to the hypnosis. My son Phoenix got evacuated. It seems the people in charge of china are intent on taking over and are believers in chienese superiority. A bit of me hopes he can help china progress in the right way- lukes a master of chi, really bright and really brave, I'm sure he will win over many in China. We need to make him famous...D

P.s his real name is Steve Smith though he goes by Luke now

A sweet idea

Can someone look up a simple way to mimic a way sugar or easy to get pollen can be made into honey. I don't like paying so much for honey. Please help me complete my idea...It would be sweet....hahaha D

Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Izi busy

/is busy kicking the mind control societies butt with his brain...D

Another biopsy

They did another large biopsy of my brain last night. If help comes make it now rather than later. Brain go damage kinda sucks.  Damion

For Steven

I've been meaning to put this down for a while. It reminds me of the time when I gave steven a hypnotic space ship I created with temporal net. He went exploring lol. I'm glad he had a chance to see the universe up close, what it's really like, I really am. there's a bit of a story behind this. You'll have to hear it some time. I'm glad he got to see what he did. I take solace in the fact deaths not the end of things, i hope his loved ones do to. So heres to a brilliant mind. R.i.p Steven Hawkins...See you 'out there'.

Galaxy song link

Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Brain cell theft by Trump administration

There not just sticking needles in,they said they put a needle in the corpus colossium.  Neurogenic happens here. The queen and American big business want to get stem cells from my brain to grow in people. Perverted fucks. D

Needles in the brain

They want to make me stupid, it's for the American and British  plan they came up with in 2004, Tony Blair and George bush. They have been putting needles in the back of my brain, I'm getting delayed speech and feeling flat from it. I don't feel well. They have a device implanted in my brain that burrows in, it makes me shake and kills alot of nets. My mouth tastes of metal when they use it. Nazi scum. I'm thinking of ending this blog. It doesn't seem like it's going to get me help. Surely it would have arrived by now if it was going to. The un stepped in to save my life recently but didnt bother stoooibg the torture and experiments  Seems the world doesnt give a shit. Damion