Wednesday, 17 January 2018


More surgury last night, they plan the same tonight...

Broken back

They broke my back again, it was knitting yesterday but they snapped it again. I don't know how it was caused this time. They did another surgury last night, they say I had pain killers this time though. They are trying to get their nazi 'results' they are so obsessed with. Damion

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

A team of torturers

They had a team of torturers  in last night, at least two men and one woman. They did it to learn new abilities from torturing autistics. The woman is short with dark bobbed hair, the male is quite big/portly with not much hair I think and a grey suit, the leader is taller dark haired and wore a black suit. They torture people for money.

The Queen wants me operating on again tonight.

They are trying to give me the nervous condition fuzz has, from too much extreme torture. Damion

The queen again

The Queens knight is trying to pop stitches in my tummy, he outright said they want me put through surgury while awake again. I have a feeling they want me to write this. Damion

The depths of evil and depravity- the United Kingdom

They are experimenting on exhausted red nets from my surgury without anaesthetic, they've shipped down a slippery slope under the rule of the Windsors and conservatives Damion


They had me under in my room again last night for quite some time, I don't know what they did, I slept till 12 then slept some more, a sure sign of this.

I just found out the queen had be kind,  the mother of ems raped because she triggered a program in everyone in the UK.  You say ' I'm not voting for her' with the program and the queen knows u want to fight her.

The mind control society has developed tech to mind us all on mass, I think the chips on everyone's doors above the hinges are something to do with this. Its How they get into your room.

We need to network and use our abilities and get a general election called or just take to the streets for peaceful protests. This war won't get easier to win, it will get harder. Damion

Another opperation last night (24 hrs ago)

Last night there was another opperation, it looks like a needle, a very large one was put in the right testicle. This is the queen and Prince charles again. William and Harry were with them the other day in slip tine, they were all around me when I used the command 'show who's here', they were all leeching off my nets, they've worked out the closer they get to my mind the brighter they feel. I went to the hospital about the rapes, minor injuries turned me away, didn't advise me to go to the police and ignored me.

Monday, 15 January 2018


There is a team of torturers next door in mi6's house. They want to torture me again because I survived the 2 hours of surgury torture. In probability everyone who goes through it dies. I screamed for two hours, I got tired of screaming eventually and started to give up on it, I soon realised I was going to die and started screaming again. I've been told this. Now this team of torturers from London working for mi6 and the Queen. It's obviously psychopaths coming up with these plans. Fuzz got a nervous condition from them doing torture like this to her but supressing the memories, i wonder if they are trying to do the same with me. A hand would be appreciated.  Damion

The NEO Nazi Net plan

They plan to kill me then take over my plans and ideas and tech. They want to use unification and the world government to rule the world.

I think there's about 20 main members located in positions of power around the world. A father and son seem to be in charge from a big business in America. Teresa may, the queen and Prince charles are part of it.

They also want to use my religious beliefs to unite religion. It's a little long this story lol. I'm the seventh person to turn up with abilities like mine to see through tune over the past 15,000 years. I'm a hypnotic savant. I worry the bad guys might take advantage over this. Ill try explain in a post soon. Ive been keeping a lot from you. Damion

NNN update

I've just found out lots of children with learning difficulties are being dumped on the streets. They are from my damaged semen if you remember. They wanted me to sire more autistic children so the NEO Nazi Net spiked me. They have castrated me multiple times now so they have sole control over the semen. My abilities art even genetic...They are a gift from God. Ask temporal net if you like. there's a lot to explain. Damion