Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Gypsies in my room

Gypsies were in my room last night, mi6 claims they weren't there's.  They stole body nets for the queen and I don't know what else. Might be worth findings out what happened. Damion

Emergency extraction

Please evacuate members of gchq that have been dissociated from government if they need it. They are being assassinated for wanting a free world by the government. Consider helping those in gchq as well. They might need help.  This is a message to my friends out there. Damion

Bleeding still again

As above

Monday, 19 February 2018

I'm bleeding still

When going to the toilet. My back hurts. Damion

Dislocated coxis

My coxis in my back is over an inch out of place, I should be paralysed. I was raped by a large dog last night for the queen and Charles (part of nazi net). Come on guys let's end this. Damion

Sunday, 18 February 2018

An African rebellion

The mind control society has tried to take over African tribal religon as well I have been told by an African wearing a traditional warriors attire. I ask the people of Africa to stand with me against the mind control society and protest. We need to do something that is big enough to go viral like mass marches or using my ideas. We need to fight. Damion

Trauma from rape

I was raped last night. There was a lot of blood in my feaces. My insides were torn, I don't know if I need surgury. I went to the toilet without a lot of pain. More of the royal families perversion and abuse. Damion

Britain legalising rape (basically)

A girl I called key was raped recently by the Queens people,  I'm hoping my friends out there can push to make sure she stays safe and it doesn't happen again.

The queen has my nets and is having me raped every night. It looks like it's the same again tonight. We need to stand up against this B'S from the upper classes, it's not just me. Damion

Saturday, 17 February 2018

A call to arms

I met my Muslim friend again today, he's fighting the mind control society like me, he's found his way into my conscious net and is allowed to be here. He's part of the resistance, like a lot of Muslims. The people in the middle east have been putting up a brave fight. The mind control society is bad here, I hate to think what it's like in the middle east. They just want their countries back under their people's control, we're in the same position.

I've been discussing with one of them us allying as we are fighting the same war, I want them to fight like I do, using our enemies evil deeds against them. I think there should be a lay down of arms and a change in tactics; us using information and hacking as a weapon  We need to win a war of hearts and minds, we need to turn the American people against our enemy; The people who run the mind control society. We can use my work as a weapon, we can end this together

I'm hoping with this change in tactics from the Islamic  freedom fighters out there fighting with us will appeal to even more Muslims... and we can win this war. Damion

Ok, so we're a religious blog now....

To look back at my blog, for those who have read it all and are reading it now it's been a he'll of a ride...I'll have to read through it all again some day. It started with a story about one guy getting involved with a secret service and ends up with...
its so...
is it profound the word I'm looking for, or is it wiered.

I used to joke many years ago about surviving the cemical lobotomy, I couldn't work out why I survived. Surviving trillions to one odds tells you there are factors you don't see that narrow the odds I reasoned.  I'd say joking to my shrinks- 'it was either aliens... people from the future... or god that saved me...or all three of them working togeter'! Looking back, all I can say is reality is fudge sticked up indeed.

Mi6 have told me I've alienated loads of my readers with this religious stuff I've gone on about recently, I can't help but be religious, the same as everyone who has been online in my conscious net the last month or so. It would be stupid not to be after what we've seen. I guess God just decided 'fuck it', ill prove to everyone I'm here, interesting things up a little'. Here's some of what we've found out; If you have the hypnosis and maybe even if you don't just say 'hi Gemadia' like you were saying hello to someone, this will wake up a memory of meeting someone. Nazi net has been very aggressive at stopping people learning their real names so here's this, it should work.

So gods really shown up, I guess for a reason, I fear there's a lot at steak, it's part of a plan it seems as old as our recorded history back from the time of the buddah 15 thousand years ago. I've been told this by people using temporal net to work out what's going on.

There have been seven savants sent, hypnotic savants since the start of recorded history.

Heaven exists,  it's a higher dimensional plane I think. I think dieing won't be like going to sleep, it will be like waking up.

I've been umming and arring about putting this post up for a while, nazi net are trying their best to stop religon fighting back and stop us finding out our real names.

With regard to what they are doing; The mind control society has gained control of the deli lama to control buddism but I think failed, I've been told the Pope was controled but is now fighting back, Islam is fighting the mind control society tooth and nail, and I'm under the impression Christianity wants to fight the mind control society. I don't know about Hindus and seikhsm, I hope they will fight.

Big business is the strong hold of the bad guys, it's where they control us from,  but they have attacked religon, trying to take it over; it's where the good guys are strongest. It our stronghold. I think they made a big mistake...Damion