Saturday, 16 December 2017

Ideas for the world

This idea is closely related to the air flow wing gifted to Russia

This idea is for the USA to go with the slipstream

The type two warp drive work is for the international think tank I organised to have a look at to benefit us all, I know the USA was gifted warp drives so it seems fair they should prehaps play a leading role.

This is for the middle east for them to maybe be able to get a patent.

This is my inertial damper theory, its for the international think tank to try and come up with ways to stabalise the mentioned warp fields.

This is for Africa to try out, i hope you guys do really well, use dr database.

This is to go with the above work on the type 2 warp drive

this is a little innovation for the USA
im going through a lot hypnotically, liabry closing, watch out for uk citizens all becomming an army


Sunday, 10 December 2017


The uk is planning on using their civilian hackers as a defence, they look like they are forming a malitia if that is the right word. Mi6 and the ‘con’servetive government are having hackers experiment on me day and night, killing some to make society seem a little better and employing the better ones to cover up the genocide and fight the rest of the world, as in the countries that want to do the right thing. Damion

Saturday, 9 December 2017


Be careful of the ‘make ‘whoever’ with a slave mind’ command

The government are in and are considering things like releasing nano virus’s.

My eyes are shrinking from the drugging, I was shaking from one drug last night.

I’ve found out the UK has been blocked from my blog.

They are obsessively stealing my nets and downloading them into mainly the uk upper classes, the Queen has a lot of my nets, she is damaging to them. She is using them to try find a way for the uk to escape prosecution for genocide. They are trying every way to keep my nets.

The queen has control of mi6 now.

A lot is going on.


Wednesday, 6 December 2017

synthetic proteins idea

There is a protein on switch from neurogenisis I think, Please research temporal net to see if this is worth exploring and the degree neurogenesis will happen and if we can easily increase this. I will need this to get better and prehaps survive. They have being torturing me, neatrly to death, i have a chest infection from it. They rested me for three weeks then started torturing me, they murdered another TI on a mirror project to me. They are trying to turn my dominant autistic pleasure feelings to pain permenently so i am addicted to drugs forever. Bumbling Nazis.

I had a theory temporal net has confirmed, please filter and check temporal net. The pedophilia problem which is pretty bad in my a lot of males is caused by the ability's passing through neumerous peadophiles in MI^ before being passed on to the world. I ave a cure for the disorder that is 60%+ effective thankfully (I'm sure we can get that percentage up as well)..You can research this on temporal net or meet me in probability if you are effected, Im good at fixing things.


Saturday, 2 December 2017


They were undoubtedly using the spike for the queen to have even more nets

The uk spiking commands

Yet again the uk is spiking my abilities so only they have the good ones. This time it's the ability to download experiences/information. A neural net shouldn't appear in your brain. 

The U.K. Is constantly attacking me, I have a bunch of paedophiles constantly huddled around me abusing me. The U.K. Is pathetic. Damion


The U.K. Has spiked the command, you'll have to clear it up.

A ability to get your nets back

Try the command 'resynchronise my neurons with my nets at source- where my neurons are'.

Friday, 1 December 2017


Younger is drugging me all the time, I can't find my my words and pick the wrong ones sometimes in my mind, my frontal lobe feels empty from them. There has been lots of sexual abuse, my anus hurts from it. Damion


My memory is getting really bad really quick. They must have a constant supply of the memory drug seeping into me. They spiked me with 6 or so different ones the other week. I can't remember earlier today at the moment. Damion