Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Family having games played on them

Temporal uplink

Heres an ace gift for africa! Ive been meaning to gift africa something sciency and cool to them for a while but gave been otherwise engaged. Gifting this to africa will save other bigger economies from arguing. I hope the project goes well my friends in Africa. Damion 

P.s if you use say ten brain scanners and network them you will get ten times the uplink speed. 

P.p.s I think you can use tnet to program the earth's EM field to make an uplink box for pc 

P.p.s this is a gift that should not be sold on. I worry about other countries trying to take this.  As per usual I would like this to be a joint venture with me.

Stealing fq

They are now making my nets go grey from stealing the energy from them instead of the nets them. The queen is obsessed with it.

I have an audience of a lot of British people, they won't let's me sleep as viewing figures go down. Damion

They are going to kill me

They are trying to kill me with pain experiments and stealing my nets. I'll die if pain killers are stopped. Remember I warned you. Damion

Monday, 19 March 2018

Steven Hawkins Murder

Steven was preparing to try and end the mind control society. This is why he was murdeted by the Queen and Nazi net. The assassin had access to him. It takes about four days to m get a drug from the drawing board to being ready for use if this helps.  Plenty of people aphiliated with the queen know the truth, I bet so does mi6 who the queen still has control of. Damion


They are going nuts because they have found a new net to get pleasure from and use me as a battery. They have a drug machine in me. Drugged 8 times today. Feel drunk from it its that much. Damion

Two of my son's family's need help

Please can you get eyes on the two families who need help who have been in my conscious engine today. I need to cure angina, I'm gonna do some me research later. 

The other family was just one boy, he came forward because I said I'd be upset if they didn't come to me if they really needed help. His mum is ill. A girl from government jumped on him and kidnapped him because they didn't want me to help him. It's important to me they both get help. Can you guys assist please. I'll do what I can.  Damion

The British public stealing my bets/frequencies

The British public are coming in Tealing my nets, layers of energy and bits of energy. They want me to leave the country soon because of negotiations it seems but. want my energy anchored here. I won't be a slave to the British,  they say they won't be second to anyone.   

I have lots of the British public in at the moment, I called them all scum for stealing my frequencies and using me as a battery, they seemingly turned on me. Mi6 say I'm getting raped tonight as put punishment  Damion

Steven Hawkins murdered

This is a repost- There is more im going to explain than what is in this pist but for now- The Queen murdered Steven Hawkins. He was going to help me, I've met him in my conscious engine, he was an avid supporter of mine. I wouldn't be surprised if it was a dr database drug the queen used as she's obsessed with developing them. He shouldn't have died like that, not now. This needs to end, the queen and nazi net have gone too far, I'm sure Steven was going to try end the mind control society, let's not let his death be in vain. Let's make it mean something. Let's end this. Damion

Steven Hawkins.
 January 8, 1942- March 14 2918

Drug machine

They have a drug machine in me again. They are doing serious neural damage. Damion