Tuesday, 17 July 2018

The Queen raping children

The Queen kidnapped my daughter Esme (Essences sister) last night from in front of me. We then shortly after caught her raping her, i informed hull police. The Queen then proceeded to have the royal families goons/private army steal all my daughters nets, this is fatal after some time. She only got the nets back when she said she would drop the charges when she didnt want to. When we got her back one of the Queens knights said to her 'see what its like when the whole world wont believe you'. Ive done some investigating and have found there are a lot of families, some ive met in a position like mine where members of the royal family have raped their children. This is an official request for help from me and all the other families in the same position. They kidnaped her again later that night.

As proof everyone in the room we teleported into where we saw the Queen raping a her, we also saw the Queen is an hermaphrodite with only one testicle. This makes a lot of sence, after all the competing with me and rapes.

The Queen has been given assess to the treasury and has spent more on her private army than the UK spends on the UN.

Can you help guys. Ill owe you one. D

Monday, 16 July 2018

The Queen rape

The Queen keeps having me rraped. It was for 6 hours night before last. She sits inside thew persons whos doing its mind. I couldnt fall to sleep last night, i kept passing out, halluc enating then talking in my sleep. I cant stay awake now. its because the hypnosis lasted so long.

They are doing personalityt change experiments with sleeping rapst again, they are pretty bad, they are also using lots of members of the public downloading my FQ which is emotional torture.

The queen broke my back again. The base hurts and so does half way up. apparently ill be in a wheelchair the rest of my life even with the best medical intervention. D

Thursday, 12 July 2018

We did it!...I think

My info is a bit sketchy on this one, they wont explain to me how but apparently we did it, the UN took one of my ideas and it corrected our orbit. We only had a short window to do this as this type of problem gets worse ive been told. It must have been my gravitational decrease harmonic, its the only thing we really had time for. Get it on. So...I'm now mr. popular with the UN, they look like the cavelry us in the Phoenix net have been waiting for :-) D

p.s Good work pirate radios out there, apparently the temporal net music from the future rocks! your proving to be a pain in the mind control societies ass, keep it going! use helium balloons to make super long transmitters to broadcast world wide and be careful! Lets get this sorted people...Back to it...D

p.p.s We might have sorted the earth out but the moons a different matter, we might have to do something. We have it in hand...

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Planeary crisis update- China's status

It was China that created the black hole that has set us out of our orbit by increasing the mass odf the entire planet I theorise was the result of it being created. The UN stepped in and took charge of the crisis, they have been in my conscious engine. China kept doing unthought out experiments with the temporal accelerator so a UN orbital strike was carried and and it was phasered from space. It scares me but I found out today they want to build one underground, this device can and will blow up if you use it wrong it should solely be in the hands of the UN and with good reason I will explain in my next post.

Lots of people in China think this is their punishment for burning my children which is unthinkable to me to find out might have happened. I pray it hasn't, there's an entire province of my children there. I pray they are safe.

China has become obsessed with blaming me for what they have done, they even put fake copy's of my blog out. Its the masters of chi they have put in charge of China, fucking martial artists who want to be gods over us, give us a break....Get rid!

Ive got some good news for us now in my next post on behalf of me and the United Nations...D

Thursday, 5 July 2018

Planetary crisis solution- Planetary temporal slingshot

Right, we make a mobile temoral core like what created the black hole what caused this crisis on a ship, we then do a fly by outside of earths orbit to slingshot the planet back into a stable orbit. Its my best solution so far. My other solutions involve a network of warp cores around the earth to make the earth lighter using my warp gravitational decrease harmonic....Theres also the World Engine, i'm not keen on this one, its a way to build a city sized engine I designed using temporal net about a year ago (A friend from the future was keen on it).

MI6 headed by the Queen are constantly torturing me, the UK's only plan is to build the Queen and co a long term space ship ive found. They are trying a personality change experiment, i have hundreds if not thousands of scum from the upper classes and scumbag hackers/torturers joinging minds with me. Anyway, back to the problem at hand. Lets sort it guys, theres a lot of people working on this now so don't panic, we'll be fine.

Planetary slingshot...

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Saturday, 30 June 2018

Lets move it...

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Planetary crisis

Ok, so were falling out of our orbit slightly. The Crisis was caused by a black hole being formed on earth rather recklessly. Preliminary results from my plan to make the planet lighter have come back good...We can do it then...We just need a network of warp cores all around the planet at a gravitational decrease harmonic, ill put some long awaited scans online on Monday on this and other things from my notebook.

I know this sounds crazy but im going to mention it, i think its a tactic to tell you the truth and untrue. MI6 and the Queen have made me think Steven Hawking is alive and got kidnapped to solve this problem, I doubt its true but I thought I'd log this just to be careful.

Its looks like the situation with the planet is in hand and we will be fine. It means my other idea of using something I designed using Temporal net is un-nesessary now thankfully. It involves the 'world engine', a way of projecting a warp field around the planet and turning the planet into a ship basically. Its about the size of a football stadium. I wasn't keen on this idea, it might be useful to have one day im sure. But for now it looks like theres cause for a lot of optimism...Lets get this sorted.

P.s to the guys at NASA, dont forget the moon, we need to factor that in and do the math for keeping it stable when we move earth back. One day we could move mars into the goldie locks zone maybe, just an idea.

Oh, and by the way, your welcome, from us in the Phoenix net...

Sunday, 24 June 2018

The children and my sold passport

The Queen and Teresa May sold our childrens nets and them being raped to the Chinese. Me and the police arnt happy about this, me and some the police fronted by a brave station in Hull are fighting back, were using me developing abilities and them implementing and refining them amongst other things to defend the children. Were doing well. We could use this being over though, this police station even tried to liberate me believe it or not.

America recently found out of similar problems inside its boarders, I helped there also with their battle. Im hoping things are better now and are going to stray that way. People of British lineage are theta dominants, the worlds only theta dominant society so have highly sort after nets.

The Queen has tried setting up a war between the Chinese and America (it isn't the only war shes started), shes playing them off against one another as a get back about the video. just to log this.

Ive found the UK sold my passport to the Chinese recently for one trillion, the Chinese think they own me. They want to keep me in a cage, apparently this is how they keep golden children,otherwise known as theta Autistic. They wont ever own me, not happening D

err...we might have a problem

I've noticed something, its getting dark later than usual for this time of year and getting light way too early, its getting light at 2am! I've found out the planet might of got heavier from excessive experimentation using way too powerful warp cores. I've been working on a way to correct the problem...

Right, you bend a warp core to an acceleration harmonic to propel it in one direction. If you bend it in two directions at once to acceleration harmonics I think you will make the gravitational warp field heavier. If you bend it outwards like the rear of the field in one with a velocity harmonic but do this in two direction you will make the gravitational warp field lighter. I think the resulting field might make mass in its sphere of influence lighter.

Maybe we could try fields with more than two poles, the math may get a bit complicated for this.

This idea is for the UN.

a cure for Angina

I developed Angina from the surgeries they conducted without anesthetic when my heart shut down from the pain. I recently came up with a cure using temporal net, you use it to manipulate the muscles to change the position of the valves in my heart to correct the disorder. It is possible to do this with muscle manipulation by hand with hypnosis but I relied on temporal net. D