Saturday, 21 October 2017

some news

Things are seemingly going wrong for the UK so the Queen has showed up again stealing my nets for Prince Charles to use today.

In other News MI6 have collapsed at least one big net experimenting on me, it makes everones head hurt.

My back is pretty bad sine the Queen ordered me raped until my back cracked twice, I certainly cant walk two miles, i did the other day and needed a chiropractor. Apparently in going to be in a wheel chair soon, one of the columns is broken and it healed up on a right angle bent inwards.

To update everyone on the Phoenix- Ive been told something bad has happened. She had a cave in/collapse ive been told on Titan, Jupiters largest moon (not triton sorry). It was benieth her. They collapsed twenty meters underground in the collapse. If she wasn't made out of adamantitanium everyone would have died. They had to come up with some way to get the ship out. They had to Phaser their way out, eventually they cleared enough to get the ship out. So the incredibly brave and lucky crew of the Phoenix are safe.

Apparently it is terrifying up there, you feel like you are going to die in environment like they have gone into in the name of all of us. As the person wo invented all the technology they rely on ill be glad when they return to earth safely. I wish them luck on the rest of their journey. Damion

The CIA and UK torturing me

This is all because I have won most of the world over, the CIA came up with a plan though I think...
A few days ago MI6 out of the blue started doing experiments putting psychopaths nets in place of my deep/baby nets. It made me scream, growl, trash my stereo and bed. It was pretty bad. I knew it was the CIA doing this, I knew that much. They never let me have chance to talk to the people of America, I get constantly attacked if I try something like this. I tried making my shrinks in America feel the way I did to try and get it to stop and to show them what I was going through. Apparently this alienated people in America which wasn't my intention. A couple of days pass...

Younger; the head of MI6 seemingly comes up with a plan; to recreate what has happened in America in the UK. They Start the Psychopath experiments again on me. I get the same tortuous reactions, its pretty bad for an autistic. After fighting for a while I lash out at the my country, I dont realize at the time this has being programmed into me, its easy to do I must admit after being raped by the UK on boxing day when they held my nets over the country while people knowingly enjoyed the sensation of me being raped, this and the fact countless members of the public have assaulted me. So I lash out, once it was to make them feel how I did the same as in America, then also just lashing out, this torture is pretty bad, my lashing out doesn't do any permanent damage im sure, i think I just do some things that are happening to me.

The torture eventually stops. The people of the UK, the ones with the hypnosis have a meeting and a vote, they want me murdered but have it explained to them the abilities and Temporal net will dissapear if I die. They decide instead to have me tortured to the point where I nearly die, for five days as well. Im not told about this, in the coming days I am to find out from multiple sources the truth. They soon start to torture me. The UK government have being torturing me with pain experiments, sleep deprivation and trying to do brain damage with pain stones. They put fields over my head they get from the CIA to try block out Temporal net, I can get through it but it takes some effort. They start to do more experiments with Psychopaths nets on me, again I lash out, again it is torture, I use a command out of desperation, They have being constantly sealing and selling my nets so this is a good ability- I turn my nets into another persons, the anger floods away and a feeling of relief comes over me, I managed to slip the noose of this horrible experiment. They carry on the other torture, I am constantly attacked, even by members of the public Younger has offered money to. A day passes, I send out my adaptation to all Aspies who are getting tortured with psychopath nets and want this ability; this is my command I send out using Temporal net, a feeling of relief floods over everyone as this happens, I know my command has helped some of my fellow Aspies alot.


Monday, 9 October 2017

Proton shield idea and a gift

You phase the protons down for the proton shield, might be worth thinking of phasing an em field up (you would phase it just above and below the centre heading towards the poles where the lines the em field goes down meet). I hope this idea helps.

I'd like to gift this idea to  mar-ish-uss (I can't spell it or remember it properly, they wanted a project when I asked people to put hits on my blog if they wanted help, please come forward if I've remembered wrong. Everyone Please do the same this week putting a hit or two on my blog if you would like us to work together in future. I want to help everyone but geography isn't my strong point.

My idea for this country is- you use a warp core to make a higher dimensional EM field, you create another one of the same characteristics with range of the first field. We are going to try activate the near field effect where there is faster than light communication between transmitter and reciever. Being in a higher dimension my theory is the near field will be much larger. If I'm right we might be able to use it for FTL communication. You might need the USA's or China's help for this project, remember to takeall necessary precautions when dealing with a new warp core experiment. I hope this idea helps! Damion

An idea

Here's an updated idea for the Middle East. Please try this and similar...Damion

Saturday, 7 October 2017

Pages from my new notebook

My sons ship!

I'd like to gift the mk ix warp core to Europe
This is a big idea, I'd like to suggest we hold a competition to help refine this idea and challenge ourselves a little.

I'd like to gift the gravity project to Eastern Europe, I'm going to keep working on it.
I'd like to gift this idea to the Middle East as it's similar I think to an old idea I gave them.


Just to clear it up&an update on the Phoenix

Despite how my recent post may sound I'm not anti American, I'm anti how the CIA operate. I only look for America to be the country it claims to be.

The Phoenix has apparently left triton, the largest moon around Saturn isn't it. Apparently exploring can be scary I've been told, they are brave people, world Hero's is probably the term I'm looking for. I wish them luck for the rest of their mission. Damion

Saturday, 30 September 2017

Important update

Fuzz has been given cancers.... The CIA seem to have the capacity to give it to people. This means they have been experimenting creating a clone or on one of our children I believe. I know I came up with a cure but I'm still really worried about her. Damion

A gift to Russia

I'd like to gift warp plating to Russia, I'm sure they will do a good job developing the concept. I'm working more on the idea, I think it is the key to shielding for our ships, it would make space exploration much safer and might be a crucial.

As with all my ideas, I'd ask for 1% personally and 9% of the money for charities and not for profit projects from this idea. Damion

Priority update

I've found out me and Fuzz have five children, my semen and her ovum were stolen, we do not know if our children are safe. I ask for help from my friends out there to ensure they are safe. It would mean a lot to me. It really would. Damion


Prince Charles has taken over the reigns of having me abused, that dislocated my spine again last week, I think I logged it here, last night they raped me again for fighting back against Charles using my nets and joining with my mind to get off on autistic sensations and become more intelligent. Apparently he's obsessed with leaving no evidence. The sas raped me and my back cracked while they were doing this, they carried on, it then cracked again before they stopped. The bottom four or 5 vertebra are now dislocated and my back is wedged in on a right angle at the Cochise, it was another attempt on my life. Damion