Wednesday, 17 May 2017

a little help and a revolution

Beki, the mother of my daughter is ill ive been told, a rare form of cancer. I need to get her the cure, can my international friends put a bit of pressure on MI6/the government to make sure she gets it. We have loads of the drug stockpiled, it would mean a lot to me. The mind control society needs to fall, this cure is for everyone, c'mon guys. Lets end this...There is an election here in the UK soon, the conservatives are planning on mind controlling their way to victory again targeting 'key voters'- voters who vote and a thousand people copy them, we have a chance for change here...We might have to fight for it though, A free Britain can only mean good things for the world... Now's our chance.

oh, and to my friends out there, thank you for the help with the baby situation, there are a lot of babies that have been freed, its lifted a lot of peoples morale, i mean this; your ace! Damion

p.s I know i keep asking favors but its only when its really important, i do intend to repay them.

Thursday, 11 May 2017

cures for all disease information

Well...Thats one less thing to worry about...Kind of...

People still arnt getting help, the mind controllers still plan to keep this secret and leave millions to die, they now openly plan to keep my hypnosis secret forever and enslave 90% of humanity. These stats below are just for america. C'mon guys, we need to all fight this...Damion

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

temporal ships and an update

temporal ships from about the year 56,000 look rather like the front section of this ship but more spread out. im feeling a bit run down but i did manage to stop the torture, for a few days at least. i worked out you need to desync from your missing netting not just the nets to get them back, i got all my stolen nets back (some people who sold them//bought them were a bit pissed lol). This stopped the pain. they are stealing the messy nets growing back now, people think they make them more intelligent, if this is the case they will go crazy also, im a theta autistic. i found out i had +175% neural capacity, im down to +122% now. Im hanging in there guys, they are torturing me a lot because the mind control society is doing badly, they torture me more when it is like this. Found out Younger is a diagnosed psychopath. I fixed the disorder in him but he started messing with the new net under his Id i created to become more intelligent, i gave him his right and wrong emotions back and he threw it in my face. There has been a potential bad guy rebellion in MI^ against younger, I hacked he has stolen all their semen, their kids are on baby farms. I was quite surprised to see how parental they all are, i said i would help them with their kids, ive managed to free about 8-10 kids, the kids of two of the bad guys. Who they (as in most of my shrinks) call 'god' who runs an american big business is conducting these selective breeding programs, they are targeting all kinds of people. This is bull shit, i need help fighting this, fucking baby farms??? C'mon world...Rebel! Damion

P.s to my friends out there- any tactical support that can be given to the bad guys of mi6 would be appreciated, i said id help.

pps who the fuck is this 'god' fellow anyway, we need to rebel against this BS.

Similar to the ship 'the phoenix' from the year 56.000...

(the ship is larger than earth)

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

drugging update

Teresa May has started drugging me with neuroleptics, they hit my cerebral cortex making me sleepy all the time. Luke and Fuzz got tortured for a month for trying to make a run out of the country. The world economy is haemorrhaging 1 trillion a day because of the mind control society,I found this using temporal net, its all getting stolen. We need to turn this around. At least ive found a cure for the white matter disorder then the grey matter disorder they later gave me (about a month ago), they thought they had learnt my abilities to moved straight away to kill me. Its three or so drugs that lock onto the drug connected to my protein, it changes the drug in steps similar to how a protein is broken down in the brain changing the compound until the last step when the connection to my protein is severed. Damion

China update

I/we need help...I have found china has raised 10 million children of mine, it has murdered 1 million of them according to temporal net. It kidnapped thousands of western girls from Hong Kong to be breeders for my children. So many are of western lineage, so many are of eastern lineage. I want to get them all to safety. Teresa May sold me being experimented on and my nets for 30 billion pounds so ive had a lot to do with the Chinese over the last month. I hacked they are planning on taking over the world, they have spies in neighbouring countries to this ends. I think I stated this before, china is developing all the technology it can. ill write more soon. Damion

Saturday, 1 April 2017

Another net

I met someone on temporal net last night, he's the leader of a group of freedom fighters fighting the mind control society like us in the phoenix net. Society is key in their groups name but mi6 blocked him out, is their name society net, or just society? He leads a lot of people, hes been fighting five years or so. They are famous in the hypnotic community. I'm writing this to help make sure history does not forget them and to help ensure people cannot make them disapear without people having a good chance of knowing. If any good countries could help their number they could use it and id regard it as a personal favour. Thery have been fighting for all of us for a long time.

Luke and MR. Thompson and I think the rest of the net still need the HIV drugs, im hoping this happens soon, i thought this was sorted a while ago but it isnt.

It turns out my brain not being able to break down proteins is worse that what I thought, Im starting to repeat myself over and over in my mind when I am tired and even outlod a bit, there is a distroted area in the middle of my brain where the white matter is located, apparently I have three months to live but a hypnotic ability gives me six to nine, the problem is it takes at least three months to make the drug while my brain is dissolving. I came up with an idea last night though, I asked temporal net if its possible to use today's meds in some way as a cure and it came up wuith a way to mix togeter a few meds together to make a cure. This should save some time...I'm not done for yet. D

Friday, 31 March 2017

Uni-virus killer D-locker drug idea

I've had an idea a few days ago, i worked out there is common deominator DNA is all virus. This means we can make a D-locker drug to destroy all known and unknown virus. This will leave you feeling ultra healthy, we carry so many damn virus constantly putting strain on our systems. Ive theorised there may be posotive virus in our systam but we could always reintroduce them. This is a major breakthrough and will save countless lives. I believe a few countries are rushing its development, it might help with the nine virus the Queen and government has given me.

I need to tell you about some guy from big business the hypnotic community call 'God'. You wont believe whats happened to the world, I recently found out he's controlled by American security using my temporal CPU, this has thrown a spanner in the works for them as it where, ill explain more soon. Damion

Friday, 10 March 2017

Temporal generation&the temporal net

I kinda hacked something else recently... I found out what I really can do with hacking time...

I raised an army, copies of everyone on earth to protest about my treatment at the hands of the queen and UK government, i realised doing this i couldn't just send my mind backwards and forwards in time, I could bring things to our time. The day after I tried something different, I brought us some things back from the future... Spaceships! There really advanced, I gifted them to countries, we've being exploring the milky way in them, they are only imaginary but you can travel on them and...They come with a computer...I teleported everyone on earth a data-pad to make it fair. I had designs for all kinds of future technology on it, it can tell you literally... everything! The computer is from the probability age, the year 56,000+. The world economy is rocketing, there are ideas everywhere, everyone is really happy. There is only one problem with the computer, the temporal window is only a few minutes wide, so the computer forgets and resets every few minutes. Its still pretty kick ass. though that's for sure.

The Queen has still being attacking me though, I've been putting up a good fight considering she has a literal army on her side (she uses the SAS to rape me). She for the government has infected me with 9 lethal diseases and has castrated both my testicles, I've been told the multiple diseases are the worst way to kill someone. to defend myself i retaliated with my temporal uplink, I commanded the computer to gen her nets with babies in over London, it happened, I saw lots of babies in her nets, a baby farm of my children. She told people to leave, she made the mistake of showing the royal seal to try get people to leave, It actually made me angry seeing all my children suffering just to keep a 90 year old alive a little longer.London rebelled seeing my children and held her net in place. In anger i destroyed the royal seal and all of a sudden the entire country felt relief, it turned out she had framed everyone's nets in the country and is using this white energy in an attempt to stay alive a little longer. Everyone felt back to normal id describe it as. I also hacked she has murdered a lot of people, shes really evil, the computer knows exactly where the bodies are, on xmoor. She actually tried to have me choked to death last night while assaulting me, MI6 had to stop the SAS.

As far as the diseases go,... If i die the temporal up-link goes, it my e=mc24 thing, I'm not gonna let this happen, its too important for humanity. Id like to officially request help from president Trump, I need your help, I've benefited America an enormous amount, I hope I've proved we work well when we work together.... My thoughts on the diseases...I came up with a cure for HIV and cancer...I'm gonna put up a damn good fight against them...I have a temporal computer now...D

Here's to hacking time (and doing it in style)...