Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Younger and the UK government spiked me in my sleep last, I found it hard to breath and walk when I got up, I felt extremely drained. This was followed by 6 hours of bad tortureI had two heart attacks while I was walking in a park today. There was a bit of fuss. I nearly died again.

There keeping me up. They gave my main hypnotic eyes to an American psychopath. They are all fire now, he expended them somehow. Feel violent, his mind tuned into my infinite imporobable fq, our minds are bonded together. Feel angry and violent. Not nice. Feel ill. This kind of thing can't be undone unless one of us does. Fucking American scum and their experiments. He's in American big business. He's important. He insists people call him god believe it or not. D


Am still up mi6 are pulling a fast one D

Monday, 21 May 2018

A brave social worker-

A brave social worker and I are trying to defend the children of the uk from the chienese peadophiles that are attacking them while they sleep. Teresa May I believe with the Queen sold our body nets including the childrens to the Chinese some time ago. A Chinese government agent stated the children of the UK belong to China. We've come up with a plan to compile enough information to prove about our children's persecution.
The uk government is now trying to pick off the social workers one by one with personal information. Other social workers said they would take the place of the first brave one if necessary. Teresa said we don't have a choice about the children when we were fighting the government off from its attacks.
The chienese are here now, they are making it obvious they won't leave the children alone easily. We've fought them off, they are in league with the Conservative party, I hacked they plan to illegally keep the conservatives in power. We're going to get our information compiled and put enough pressure on to protect our kids, and the rest of us. D
P.s Thank you to the brave social worker, you've gone in my medal recommendation page in my notebook. Your really brace.

Sunday, 20 May 2018

Rally! (to the leaders of the free world)

I wrote a post recently about when I nearly died of the queens temporal net designed protein drug, like what she killed Steven Hawkins with. It was about a month ago when I was spiked with it. I've only recently found out something about what happened so am blogging about it now. Just an hour before I was to go to bed that night, my nets were starting to go dim and had started to shut down, the mum of one of my sons said to the doctor present 'how long does he have'. The doctor replied 'a few hours'. That was when I realised, about my body nets shutting down...That I was going to die. I psychologically slapped myself around the face.That's when my savant syndrome or something kicked in. I used my abilities to try and alter the atomic bonds of the elements in my damaged proteins using temporal net. This is when my body started to glow in yellow fire where my disappearing nets were previously. Mi6 went to cut my audience straight off but just before they did I feel this wave of a kind of shocked emotion run through the conscious engine, like a gasp. It was only an hour before I went to bed, apparently I'd have died in my sleep if I'd have slept.

The yellow fire was the proteins, my body switching back on and my audience knew this. A lot of people were in that audience, some of them quite influential people I've recently found. One of them happened to be the Pope I've been told.' I've found out recently he apparently classed what happened as a miracle of some sort. Maybe to try and help me. A Christian vicar tried some months ago to go to the Catholic Church to try make something like this happen from another strange occurrence. That vicar had some force of character about him, I'll always remember that of him, a real good guy. The Catholic Church was being swayed by something was my opinion at the time, undoubtedly the mind control societies influence. This time it was different though it seems. I think the Pope wants to help me, I think to ultimately end the troubles mentioned in this blog. The Pope has made a brave move it seems, going against who I thought were controlling him. People should rally around him and give him as much support as they can.

I'm finding myself in a lot of trouble guys, about what I said in my last post, this is coming to a head at some point soon. I say to everyone out there who wants change; rally around your leaders like the Pope, the leaders you know as leaders of what's left of a free world. Then network together. I have many people who support my cause from Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, Seikism and from the other world religions. We all need to rally together and soon. I have a court case coming in the not too distant future that could see me go away for quite a few years, it would limit my options somewhat. The UK government has set the court case and me up. Time is limited. We need to turn a crisis into an oppertunity with this one if you need or want me as an active part of the fight against the mind control society. We need to plan, coordinate, hit them hard and not faulter, all of us. Think on your feet everyone. Keep your tactics loose so you can change them at the last minute, to throw the mind control info gathering net off... I'm not sure how long I've got till my case but the clock is ticking... looks like it's time to make a stand...Get to it people.D

Friday, 18 May 2018

One thousand posts later...

This is my one thousandth post. To my readers who have read all this way, I'm not done yet, I'm going to win against this Nazi...is tryany the best word? We're going to win. We're a thousand posts since the basic draft of my book in post one, a lot has happened since the end of it, some things I'll never forget like saving Luke of dying from AIDS and finding a cure for cancer. There are some things I still find hard to deal with; like my children dying in the fall of 2016, and a lot more. There are a lot of friends I've made, and some friends I can only describe as heroes that I've lost, many of them from the old GCHQ. I'm determined for them to get United Nations medals some day. Us in the Phoenix net won't just give up... I have some news for you in my next post, something bad has happened, I'm in a lot of trouble, I've got to think myself out of something. It seems the government and Nazi net have sprung a trap on me. I'll explain soon. D

Monday, 14 May 2018

Donald Trump murdet

Donald Trump plans to  murder me, tonight I think. He’s a top mind controller a long with the Rothchilds. He’s really out for me. He’s trying to make me look like the bad guys and him the good. He’s really compromised and screwed over his country, his people and the rich and famous of America. D


I couldn’t talk this morning, my brain was swolen, concussed. Somehow the swelling undid all the programming I’ve had done when it went down. I’ve been making the most of my chance, I freed up the world from a lot of the mind control and have had a few goes at kicking the head mind controllers in American big business in the balls...D

The good guys in the USA are rallying

im lucky to be alive. The good guys, the famous in the USA are rallying. They are trying to make noise, they are trying to me famous. Pink is on the front lines, I think Eminem might be. D

Edit- and dr Dre

usa/Trump brain damaging me

I’ve been hit in the head while asleep 200 times. Brain swelling I think, can’t talk properly, I’m missing out words. Britain and China stole frequencies to go temporal and before it was America’s turn I stopped the torture. There acting like I’ve committed a crime, the cia agent was rubbing it in my face they got what they wanted from me at one point. D

A lots going on

The Americans just stole a temporal relic from Muslims. I’m not sure what country it was in in the Middle East, they took a very important 200ft statue of either Jesus or Muhammad. No wonder America is hated.

The British have learned some temporal ability from me, they are now queuing up to rape me/steal my sex feelings. Perverts. D