Wednesday, 13 April 2016

some ideas and a comment

I've come up with the idea for geometric poly rec (recursive elemental compounds); a long chain of rec's. Think of our chain of compounds as technic Lego, we need to build the corner bits to build pyramids and squares etc.. We can perhaps grind down our rec material into Nano dust to dictate how many rec's long a compound is. We should be able to build super strong super light materials with this technique.

I have also thought of atomic engineering, you take a poly rec and have a join in it with three or more arms, you connect one arm one way along the poly rec and the other the other, the third arm must remain bonded with hydrogen (or something which does the same if possible), when you use a reaction like an electrostatic reaction the hydrogen bond will break and the angle of the other two arms will change altering the angle the poly rec is at. You can change the shape of a compound like this changing a materials characteristics with an EM field.

MI6 keep spiking me with learning drugs to get me to function, I'm happy for any country that isn't doing this to us Autistics to share my ideas I've written here. I don't think its right if the UK benefits from this torture of autistics. MI6 have told me they have patented my ideas I've written here in the last few hours.

Dave 'Dastardly' Cameron has had me spiked with another five doses of Theta poison last night and four doses of Delta poison. The Delta poison makes you lay half conscious for hours and makes your vision go dimmer, you ant walk in a straight line down the road either. I think Cameron plans to kill me. My doctor wouldn't show me my x-ray of my back, he said he didn't have it but it was normal, I have a compacted spine and either a double broken or dislocated back believe it or not from the violent rape, Dr Harris said these large purple boils on my testicles were normal, they had lots of puss in and leaked clear fluid. I'm getting like a cold sore on my face also. MI6 keep saying they want me to go aboard yet they are stopping my benefits (its been since September I've not had proper benefits), I think they want to use me going abroad as an excuse to kill me. I keep going into shutdown mode without the drugs they give me but they do torture me all the time.

MI6 and the paedophile ring keeping saying different things about my son Phoenix, I hope he's ok. If anyone can help out with this one he's and his brother are worth a lot to me. He is 12 His brother is about 18 months old, the gypsy camp experiment on him, there are about three thousand members of this gypsy site I've heard, it is notorious. They pulled out all Phoenix's front teeth because he got a name and a town- 'Damion in Bridlington' and tried to come and find me. He could really use the help. Damion

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