Thursday, 21 April 2016

Life rights idea

I've been meaning to put this post up for a while. With the coming of technological intelligence I think its important we entertain the concept of life rights...

Life rights are based on the principle of the more needs a life form has the more rights it has. A mouse can live in a cage happily but a human would suffer in such a circumstance. A mouse has no need to live free so does not need the right to freedom, a human needs freedom so has the right to freedom. Life rights is based on this principle.

The most basic life right, the one which goes right down to even the rights of a virus; is the right to exist, that it should not be exterminated, that we should not commit genocide. The next life right up will be the right to reproduce, the one above that will be the right to exist in the environment you are designed for. I guess a virus and bacteria don't have the next two life rights up if they conflict with others life rights.

Just a concept I thought id share for people to maybe discuss. Id like to build on this idea in future. Damion

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