Tuesday, 19 April 2016

I could use a hand

The paedophile ring have two of my children. Phoenix and his younger brother. Phoenix tried running away from the gypsy camp so they pulled out all his front teeth. I have been told he tried again so they have pulled out all his teeth. They are threatening to torture him, not an hour ago on of the paedophiles threatened to operate on him like what they did to a poor girl (to get sensations of the inside of the body being touched). About a month ago David Cameron sent in some guys with blue berries on to extract him, they then decided he wasn't useful to manipulate me so sent him back, he tried to escape again after that. Cameron is using torturing my children and Fuzz as a pointless weapon against me. He used the paedophile ring to distribute my semen for his genocide for genocide plan. I'm hoping someone out there can help me get phoenix and his brother to safety. Phoenix is 14 and his brother is about 18 months. Damion

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