Thursday, 14 April 2016


If the world wants more people like me then the people out there with my children need to educate them. I've met plenty of gangsters of late and each one of them knows of the location of some of my children, they aren't hard to find it seems. I'm guessing they are everywhere and in large number.

If the world wants people like me a loving caring environment is essential for learning, they aren't going to turn out like me if they have been raised in a basement. Teaching my children simple rules, err, how t explain it... You can learn a thought that is worth learning, but sometimes you can learn a thought that is worth learning a thousand thoughts, if you learn a thousand things like this then you have learnt a lot in deed. The UK has started an education system based on my type of learning system, they call it accelerated learning apparently is was doing quite well until they started supressing my memories. They keep supressing my memories of my ideas that are worth a thousand ideas.

The new paedophile knows about a 'baby farm' of some description here in the UK with women chained to beds in it. A place to get battery children from undoubtedly. A heads up for those interested in the failed state that is the UK.

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