Friday, 29 April 2016

please excuse the unpleasent nature of this post

Ive found out the Guy who attacked Fuzz (the grey/white beard pedophile in his 60's) guy cut off a womans arms and legs and raped the stump. I'm sorry to put something so unpleasant on my blog but he made a video of it, there wont be many videos out there like that, it could lead to tracking him down. Damion


They spiked me with a drug that is meant to take away all pleasure last night. Its some type of Delta poison neuroleptic I think. My vision has gone a bit doubled or worse. I couldn't walk in a straight line last night but that's a bit better now. My sex drive has lowered right down and I could actually feel my id go blank/have less energy.I'm sure my memory has got worse, I really don't remember yesterday. Us Thetas have excellent long term memories; that's why I can still function. I feel intoxicated in an unpleasant way from this drug also, Its been over 12 hours since they spiked me I think and I've slept.

This is Cameron lashing out with his cronies (namely MI5 but also a lot of MI6) and lashing out with his bad guy syndrome. Bad guy syndrome seems to have trying to hurt others resulting in pleasure for them as a main symptom. Its pretty pointless brain damaging me, its proven to science you cant make someone stupid from brain damage, you can merely brain damage them. All Cameron is doing is damaging the world.

They are being crap to Fuzz again, she excels with my hypnosis like what Luke does and shes a brave girl, you could call her a feminist hero of sorts because of her story. We've both been through a lot. Ill start writing this story 'The story of Fuzz' when I get my phone back next week. Fuzz is being persecuted because of this; to try stop a good story coming to light.

I'm sure all round the world people think good of the Phoenix net, its ironic it should only be our own country that hates us... Bumbling Nazis.

My plan for now is to keep doing what I'm doing, ill try and help as many people as possible out there with my ideas (I'm going to fight back with technology at it were) and hope help arrives at some point. Damion

Thursday, 28 April 2016

recursive cherry food flavoring!

need I say more...

For europe

I've been thinking a rec metal with a lot of free arms with a plastic shell off these arms that also maybe recs with plastic higher up or we could make it a 3d rec. Its basically an atomic backbone of metal covered with a plastic coating. Please do a bit of research, this might be a good gift for Europe. Damion


MI6 and MI5 are giving me a slow dose of something. I cant remember yesterday anymore, my sex drive has decreased and my vision is getting worse i think. They are doing a lot of pain experiments. They they are breaking the Geneva convention with Fuzz.One agent told me to get a message out last night with regards to our situation here in the UK... initiate Cobra. Damion

just to enlighten you

A present for the Chinese government, I do have one request though, were going to need a lot of this for our ship :-) I would ask for your help with this project.

You take a 3D recursive polymer that is recursive in all directions, add parameters for light materials found in plastics to dr. Database. Concentrate on lighter than air ones. The 3D poly rec must have as many free arms as possible, you add helium trees or just helium.

lol..It should go like anything straight up to the stratosphere! Please be careful, I imagine something the size of a golf ball could lift a human. You might need to make upside down factories where the roof is as strong as the floor. Damion

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

A warning to the world

Ripley has bad guy syndrome, shes turned into a quite nasty disturbed piece of work it seems. Shes MI5's weapon of last resort I've heard her called by MI5. Just a heads up for the world. She isn't who she used to be. Not at all. Ill write about it one day. Damion

Warp field experiment

If you take an EM field and rotate it in the same fashion exactly as a quasar star I think the virtual photons wont know which way to go and will remain stable and will grow on the spot perhaps creating a gravity/warp field. We are after all taking EM energy on the third level of the 42 shard and giving it more energy, hopefully enough to push some of that energy up to level four of the shard gravity. Damion

To add- I thing high frequency virtual photons will create smaller space and lower frequency ones will create larger space... /Looks at everyone...To the lab!

Compound sharing plan

I keep getting mixed information about my compound sharing idea. Reliable feedback would help. I've had a good think and think the following would be fair. Keep in mind these are just ideas to fuel debate and cooperation. Here is my ideas on how many compounds it would be wise to share among countries to stimulate the world economy. I will keep coming up with ideas for everyone but please keep in mind it takes time. Damion

USA- 14
Europe- 10
China- 10
Canada- 6
Africa- 6
Australia and area- 7
The middle east-2/3 (dependent on the amount of good it is thought it will do there).
south america- 7
west indies- 2
India and Pakistan- 5
Iceland- 2
Greenland- 1/2 (Dependent on conditions in Greenland I'm unfamiliar with)
Ukraine- 2
Mongolia- 1
Kazakhstan- 2
in the keeping of the UN to be donated into repairing the Syrian economy after the war- 2

P.s I've recently thought a good desalination compound would be a good idea to research I'm unsure if it would be poly-rec.

Pp.s have I mentioned my floating farm/city poly rec idea. You take the materials in water and turn it into a poly rec I'm hoping will float to build bridges and perhaps floating cities. This could help ease the future food and population challenges of earth.

Ppp.s what poly rec's can we make from soil and sand? I wonder what compounds we could come up with.

Air fuel idea

I've been informed that air fuel would be the worlds best fuel. I didn't think it would be as important as it seemingly is. It may be a necessity in interest of economic stability that it belongs in the hands of America. I will keep thinking of a good material for the middle east. The middle east has seen too much war so I would like to bring them some good from the west given half a chance. That is my aim.

Oh, an for air fuel, if in the air intake before we mix air with our fuel we pre-mix the air we intake on an engine to create an atomic tree of say oxygen,nitrogen and hydrogen; these are burnable elements, we then mix this gas with air fuel it will be even more efficient. Damion

A concept for japan ( electromagnetic explosive reactive deflector shield concept)

An idea I've thought about for japan if it would like to take up the challenge to develop a deflector field for our ship...

You take numerous pieces of explosive reactive armour scales that have been magnetized. These will explode upon impact with debris you may encounter in space. They are connected to the hull of our ship with a chain/wire. We create either an EM field or magnetize in a set way the scales of our shield so they move away from our ship and fit into a suitable shape to protect our ship when this energy is present, a sphere as an example. So we make our shielding expand out from our hull to create our electromagnetic explosive reactive shield. They could also be coated in recursive solar paneling so they could double up as an energy system if suitable as they will have such a large surface area. Damion

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Air fuel and repetrolium

I've come up with an idea for the middle east (to fuel good relations) if it is thought to be appropriate... If you create a fuel with as many arms off the atoms to bond with oxygen and hydrogen you could make a fuel that burns air. it would be a very efficient. Recursive petroleum may also be an idea for you. This is all aimed at stimulating growth and promoting peace and stability in the region of course. Damion

The 42 shard and quadrality

I've build on quadrality a bit. I've related the following into virtual,particle,wave,field quadrality.

virtual- virtual photon (in atomic physics at the center of particles)- volocity (in energy)
Particle- the neutron (in atomic physics)- heat (in energy)
wave- the proton (in atomic physics)- electromagnetism (in energy)
field- the electron (in atomic physics)- gravity (in energy)

The 42 shard

Monday, 25 April 2016

faster than light stage 1,2&3

This is my warp capable mass drive. I'm hoping the united nations wishes to start a UNSP (united nations space programme) for this project. I was thinking space agencies from around the planet could all put in a % of the effort to help make this possible. NASA's expertise would help a lot, they could perhaps head this up. This ship would encompass a sub light and warp capable (I think) engine. I'm hoping the countries I shared out my projects to for this would all like to take part. If the UN isn't interested I'm hoping NASA will be. I have some more things to put on tomorrow for you guys. Take a look... Damion

The diagram below is meant to express a spinning wheel inside a spinning wheel. The outside spinning wheel is propelled in a circle by a rail gun type EM propulsion. The inside spinning wheel is propelled like the large hadron collider. A dual oscillating gyro engine...

MI5 update

MI5 have a copy of dr database, they are using it to create weapons, I've been told they plan to threaten to distribute their weapons to the wrong people to retaliate against the world. My son Phoenix whom Phoenix's constant is named after is in a way, he has had his hair burnt and all his teeth pulled out. Fuzz has been attacked by MI5 again. David Cameron is responsible for these listed acts. If anyone can help it would be appreciated. For anyone who has helped it is appreciated. Damion

Saturday, 23 April 2016

a buddist master friend of mine

Ive got a friend who has been attacked and programmed with hundreds of NLP programmes. I showed him my ideocentric letting go technique which helped. He must have been got while he was asleep. I thought people out there should know. They are attacking him now as I speak. Emergency (to his friends). Damion

status update- neuroleptics

MI5 and MI6 have spiked me with a host of neuroleptics. They did it last night. They are doing lost of experiments on me to do with them. They seem to effect certain neural nets. If they remove the net from my EMS the effect of the neuroleptic recedes but the removed net is no longer functional or active so the effect but also its processing is gone. They gave me four or five new neuroleptics as follows, large doses of each this time rather than five smaller disabling doses, they spiked me twice with the first drug I list but it seemed to recede quickly the second time-

one which made my brain go very high frequency and stimulated but really sleepy at the same time. This stimulated net then went grey, they have tried to hide the grey frequency under another frequency for now. At first I was very disorientated and could not think at all.

One which made a net go black and fuzzy and makes me want to sleep constantly, it is quite potent.

One which seems to  be just like a nerve toxin and made it so I was finding it hard to walk down the street, my body went floppy and shaky.

A drug which makes my tummy feel ill and weak which I presume is also a neuroleptic. I'm not sure if they gave me one that hurt my head/brain or if they were using hypnosis.

MI5 have a big interest in forwarding their neuroleptic research on British citizens. They are forwarding work they stole from 'the archives', apparently miles of files containing our country's history. They stole the files on what the Nazis were doing at the end of the war They have mentioned at least one guy who is in a state from this, probably a few others, they call him their 'control' subject. They torture these people to hell to stop them fighting so you probably don't find them online. They will run around telling everyone they are being attacked, get no help from mental health and then go quiet online ect.


Thursday, 21 April 2016

my DIY generic HIV med for africa

you take the medicines found in safe commonly used meds like paracetamol, painkillers, antihistamines ect and use the compounds as a parameter in Dr. database, accessible elements you could find around the house basically. You can also use compounds in food. we use critical target parameters of drugs found to be very effective against HIV (their bond angles). We feed in parameters to look for the simplest cheapest HIV drug we can make (or two) and we use it to try draw a line against or at least fight HIV deaths in Africa, the drug could be made cheaply so could be sold for pennies. Id ask this be a joint American African project. I think the worlds strongest economy helping the struggling in the our group that is our world seems sensible and simply good leadership. I'm sure America would be happy to help Africa with some computer processing time, I just want to get the cheapest drugs possible that have little to no side effect due to their chemical makeup out there to Africa and perhaps other needy regions. An idea to add to my HIV ideas from before.

Life rights idea

I've been meaning to put this post up for a while. With the coming of technological intelligence I think its important we entertain the concept of life rights...

Life rights are based on the principle of the more needs a life form has the more rights it has. A mouse can live in a cage happily but a human would suffer in such a circumstance. A mouse has no need to live free so does not need the right to freedom, a human needs freedom so has the right to freedom. Life rights is based on this principle.

The most basic life right, the one which goes right down to even the rights of a virus; is the right to exist, that it should not be exterminated, that we should not commit genocide. The next life right up will be the right to reproduce, the one above that will be the right to exist in the environment you are designed for. I guess a virus and bacteria don't have the next two life rights up if they conflict with others life rights.

Just a concept I thought id share for people to maybe discuss. Id like to build on this idea in future. Damion

an idea on adhesive

Id like to give my Russian friends a component, don't worry everyone else I'm working on your compounds still. I intend for all this to be fair and favourable. for Russia- Reheasive; simply add parameters for a compound to have as stronger adhesive qualities as possible. it needs to also be recursive. Warning, be careful with this type of atomic bonding potential. It could well be more dangerous than it seems an innovation like this experience has taught us. I hope this is a very useful compound.

This is especially for the helping sticking together. Damion

p.s Recursive elastic may have some key industrial uses for a country out there but I'm a bit unsure about it. A slingshot into space may be a bit of a break from what is possible.

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

a few ideas for my friends out there

I've thought a recursive alkaline may be an important job for dr. db. I think freezing recursive acids and alkaline may be a necessity. I'm thinking the patents for these two compounds or similar compounds maybe should lay in the hands of the UN, these two are a little dangerous but very useful non the less. If people cannot decide on what's fair I'm happy for the UN to distribute my work fairly. I'm hoping my ideas stimulate a world wide revolution stimulating world economy, if this doesn't happen I ask for the patents across the board to be revaluated. People should factor in things like size of the economy then the good it would do a country having a major compound then population of that country and then the fact it is a country.

I've been told the worlds country's have budgeted so many elements each from dr. db. But I've been told people have traded their elements for a small short term injection of cash, this is sacrificing long term stability for a short term gain. I think if this has happened the country which traded its compound/s should get a fair % of what their compound/s makes and also be included in its production, this will help stimulate that countries economy from a regular income and the building of industry and help form good international relations between countries. Hopefully this will lead to the worlds strongest economy's helping the weakest, if it was a survival situation wouldn't it be the strongest in our group that helped the weakest? It seems sensible to me.

Heres an updated part of this post for you guys, I hope it helps make things fair...
What I'm wanting to achieve is to stimulates the entire worlds economy fairly, the USA is the worlds largest economy and is the leader of the free world so I think it should get the lions share but not to an unfair degree. I think compounds that are thought key to the world economy should be shared out, perhaps budgeting 12 for the USA, 8 for china, 8 for Europe, 8 for Russia (to share with the second world), 5 for Canada, 5 for south America (Brazil, Argentina ect), 4 for japan, 5 for Africa (to be shared fairly), 5 for Australia (and surrounding area like the Newzeland and Philippines ect), 4/5 for India and Pakistan to work together/jointly on (I've been told they made some impressive tech with my neural hacking detector, I'm betting the world would like to see more like that). 1 for Iceland, 1 for the west indies, 1 for Kazakhstan, 1 for Mongolia, 2 for the Ukraine. And potentially one for other countries (that I've accidentally missed out) that are interested in developing their economies who would like to petition to hold the patent for an essential compound.

And especially...

1 for Israel and the Palestinian people to work together by picking their best minds to work together on this, the profits should go into a joint fund that will make things better for both peoples ( I will personally help develop a good one for you guys if it helps you sort out your problems), it should be perhaps developed in neutral territory between Israel and Palestine if a good area cannot easily be found. This is a golden opportunity to show the world what your peoples can do and chose a different path.

If the middle east hasn't got a fair share my next good idea I will give to them. Perhaps a stable country in the middle east should lead the way inviting scientists from Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria ect to work on the project. My feeling is we haven't exported enough good to the region, only war, we need to export more good there, if we did this we would surely improve things there. I'm thinking giving them my recursive solar panelling may be a good idea (they should get one or two). Giving the middle east something the world relies on will make them feel more like a part of our planet, my idea is to help the world find common cause, I intend to try and give the world as much common cause as I can. Common cause can end wars... Damion

p.s I think the first things forged (apart from for experimental reasons) from Emreon and other important materials should be offered up as prizes for people around the world who achieve highly in putting these new compounds to use in innovative ways, this would helps stimulate this revolution. I've got my eye on an engraved/acid burnt Emreon sword personally. A magnetic scabbard may be important I've just thought. I think one sword should be forged for each element the compound contains, I've been told it has 7 (and 12 now lol) elements in total in the rec so there would be a set of seven (or twelve) swords. Forging sets of items for countries would be nice as well whether they are used as prizes for innovators there or for museum pieces I'm unsure.

P.p.s I cant wait to try my pedal powered helicopter!

P.p.p.s All photons in the universe have a virtual photon in their centre, this is the surface of the quantum world (height). The virtual photon grows from small to the size of the photon every hz exactly like what a higgs boson does. I'm hoping for this behaviour for my warp project, it means we can warp space with virtual photons. When a virtual photon is free flowing it will convert back to a photon when it reaches the size of a photon four times (due to the 4 squared rule of my quadrality fractal). For every 100 photon oscillations/hz you get twenty five virtual photon oscillation, their relationship is squared so I think the Hz is times four but I'm a bit unsure of this one. Oh, and if you haven't learnt a lot from my quantum dimensional puzzle please go back to it, there are rules of symmetry in it that tell you a lot about virtual, photon, wave, field quadrality (unified field theory as its more commonly known. Look for rules like every oscillation the particular square in the next oscillation is one anti clockwise apart from in waves due to the energy not being squared, the corner axis rotate time, depth width height, and stay in that order. Every side of every big square oscillates 90 degrees anti clockwise every oscillation. There are more symmetries if you look for them. The 4 squared solution to the quantum dimensional puzzle sheds light on other things like the quantum universe, temporal probable reality and also the improbable universe. This could make all sorts possible. I'm sat wondering about that now... One day science may well officially go crazy I'm thinking. I've not even mentioned my work on probability mechanics lol (that's the one after Temporal mechanics).

I could use a hand

The paedophile ring have two of my children. Phoenix and his younger brother. Phoenix tried running away from the gypsy camp so they pulled out all his front teeth. I have been told he tried again so they have pulled out all his teeth. They are threatening to torture him, not an hour ago on of the paedophiles threatened to operate on him like what they did to a poor girl (to get sensations of the inside of the body being touched). About a month ago David Cameron sent in some guys with blue berries on to extract him, they then decided he wasn't useful to manipulate me so sent him back, he tried to escape again after that. Cameron is using torturing my children and Fuzz as a pointless weapon against me. He used the paedophile ring to distribute my semen for his genocide for genocide plan. I'm hoping someone out there can help me get phoenix and his brother to safety. Phoenix is 14 and his brother is about 18 months. Damion

Friday, 15 April 2016

some ideas again

Atomic engineering idea- we use a chain of hydrogen bonds like in a protein to change the atomic angle of our compound for out atomic constructs. High amplitude low frequency waves will break all the bonds and change atomic angle a lot, a lower amplitude higher frequency will break less of the bonds on a sliding scale. I base this idea on my idea about electrostatic reactions in proteins- where when the delta brain wave is present it breaks all bonds forming a straight line, where theta waves are present the protein forms a helix, where alpha waves are present the protein forms its tertiary/globular structure and where beta waves are present the protein forms its quaternary structure/bonds.

I'm sure Dr Database has been used to create cures for all types of diseases, just to be clear; add protein target parameters for all diseases like cancer and we should be able to kick its ass. I'm under the impression we have a cure for cancer but I cannot trust MI6. I hope we do. Damion

Thursday, 14 April 2016


If the world wants more people like me then the people out there with my children need to educate them. I've met plenty of gangsters of late and each one of them knows of the location of some of my children, they aren't hard to find it seems. I'm guessing they are everywhere and in large number.

If the world wants people like me a loving caring environment is essential for learning, they aren't going to turn out like me if they have been raised in a basement. Teaching my children simple rules, err, how t explain it... You can learn a thought that is worth learning, but sometimes you can learn a thought that is worth learning a thousand thoughts, if you learn a thousand things like this then you have learnt a lot in deed. The UK has started an education system based on my type of learning system, they call it accelerated learning apparently is was doing quite well until they started supressing my memories. They keep supressing my memories of my ideas that are worth a thousand ideas.

The new paedophile knows about a 'baby farm' of some description here in the UK with women chained to beds in it. A place to get battery children from undoubtedly. A heads up for those interested in the failed state that is the UK.

ideas post

I've thought about double (and triple) rec metals- a metal with two bonds that make it recursive, it should add a lot of strength. It may be possible. Im thinking diemreon/triemreon. Charlotainium-Charloreon. is a nice name after my daughter if anyone would like to use it. Ive thought naming some compounds after my shrinks would be nice like iqueenium (for icequeen), misteriun (for mr.T), Bobite (for Bob), Clairium (for Claire), Lukeium (or Luke). Aroseium/Aroseinium (for Fuzz) as examples.

Recursive luminescent material may be a good idea for lighting etc..

a recursive metal with helium trees branching off it may be good for a very strong light material. That is a recursive metal with side bonds carrying as much lighter than air elements as possible.

The 'blue meanies' by which I mean Cameron's government didn't like my idea about psych tests so have brought in a new paedophile to torture me for a week I've been told. Apparently Cameron's party would do the worst with these tests. I've found out he ordered Fuzz tortured and also ordered the girls in the London rebellion executed/killed for sure.


Wednesday, 13 April 2016

recursive solar paneling

can someone feed parameters for recursive solar panelling through dr db please. Just use the key elements of solar panelling as target parameters. Damion

some ideas and a comment

I've come up with the idea for geometric poly rec (recursive elemental compounds); a long chain of rec's. Think of our chain of compounds as technic Lego, we need to build the corner bits to build pyramids and squares etc.. We can perhaps grind down our rec material into Nano dust to dictate how many rec's long a compound is. We should be able to build super strong super light materials with this technique.

I have also thought of atomic engineering, you take a poly rec and have a join in it with three or more arms, you connect one arm one way along the poly rec and the other the other, the third arm must remain bonded with hydrogen (or something which does the same if possible), when you use a reaction like an electrostatic reaction the hydrogen bond will break and the angle of the other two arms will change altering the angle the poly rec is at. You can change the shape of a compound like this changing a materials characteristics with an EM field.

MI6 keep spiking me with learning drugs to get me to function, I'm happy for any country that isn't doing this to us Autistics to share my ideas I've written here. I don't think its right if the UK benefits from this torture of autistics. MI6 have told me they have patented my ideas I've written here in the last few hours.

Dave 'Dastardly' Cameron has had me spiked with another five doses of Theta poison last night and four doses of Delta poison. The Delta poison makes you lay half conscious for hours and makes your vision go dimmer, you ant walk in a straight line down the road either. I think Cameron plans to kill me. My doctor wouldn't show me my x-ray of my back, he said he didn't have it but it was normal, I have a compacted spine and either a double broken or dislocated back believe it or not from the violent rape, Dr Harris said these large purple boils on my testicles were normal, they had lots of puss in and leaked clear fluid. I'm getting like a cold sore on my face also. MI6 keep saying they want me to go aboard yet they are stopping my benefits (its been since September I've not had proper benefits), I think they want to use me going abroad as an excuse to kill me. I keep going into shutdown mode without the drugs they give me but they do torture me all the time.

MI6 and the paedophile ring keeping saying different things about my son Phoenix, I hope he's ok. If anyone can help out with this one he's and his brother are worth a lot to me. He is 12 His brother is about 18 months old, the gypsy camp experiment on him, there are about three thousand members of this gypsy site I've heard, it is notorious. They pulled out all Phoenix's front teeth because he got a name and a town- 'Damion in Bridlington' and tried to come and find me. He could really use the help. Damion

Monday, 11 April 2016

picture a recursive element

a request

I would like to name the first two recursive metals Emreon (EM/Emmas recursive iron after my daughter Emma-Leigh), and Aroseium/Aroseion (after my daughter Charlotte rose and a girl I love) if this isn't a problem. Thanx guys. Damion


a little political engeneering idea

I've come up with a socio-political engineering idea to stop the things like what have happened here in the UK to stop people like Dave 'Dastardly' Cameron getting into power again....

Psychological profiling for members of parliament/government. Any party/group of people which took on this idea would have a massive advantage in an election, it would give insight into what an individual would do if put into power which voters would really like to see and it would generate lots of media coverage for the individual and party. Id buy a newspaper with them in. I would personally like to know if an individual would put interests of his country above his own interests for his career as an example. Any party taking this on would have an advantage over other parties and the idea would spread around the world simply as it is effective and it is what voters really want to know.

The profilers for this psych test would have to be independent from a country and maybe should be done by a professional who does not know who he is profiling. It would have to be a clever test that constantly changes to ensure the system cannot be learnt and manipulated.

I'm hoping this idea gets us back to what the Greeks intended democracy to be, it has become a profession too based around positioning, money, power and manipulation. The Greeks revered the intelligent and I'm sure great warriors and artists and the like rather than people more concerned with positioning and power. Psychological profiling would give us transparency of people we are actually putting into power and ensure we pick the right leaders for our countries. Damion  

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

a couple of ideas

I have been told every country on earth gets to patent some elements as their share of dr database (not the Nazis who have caused genocide hopefully though). I think this is a good idea but in the interests of stimulating the world economy I think a % profit limit should be put on compounds dr database creates, say 20% or whatever is reasonable, this will make sure compounds are readily available to everyone and will hopefully lead to a revolution in what we do with what we make. Im thinking if people have access to the compounds they will innovate with them. Just an idea.

With regards to dr dadatbases pharmaceutical abilities (like creating HIV and cancer drugs) I think I'd like the 9% for charities and my 1% to go towards a world wide drugs access programme to help people get drugs they would not otherwise be able to afford. This is negotiable, this is just a preliminary idea I'm playing with which seems like a good idea. I'm also playing with the idea of helping fund a campaign to wipe out HIV in the next ten years though. I guess I need advice before I make any decisions really, just a couple of ideas I thought id put out there. Damion

a comment and a dr. database update

They have spiked me with what seems like an alpha brain wave effecting neuroleptic, it made me feel angry for a while. One of the guys from the conservative government has admitted selling on my protein idea from 2013 that I passed on to a friend, thought people should know. Im pretty run down from the neuroleptics, I think it may take a year for me to recover properly, they keep spiking me with learning drugs for some reason.

new ideas for dr. Database- a 3d recursive compound that spreads out in every direction

strong bond compound- adding 'strong bond' peramiters to get a compound with the very strongest bonds recursive and otherwise

recursive battery acid- take the elements that make up acids like sulphur chlorine and hydrogen and use as peramiters

recursive gasses- im thinking super light materials

recursive rocket fuel- use the key components of rocket fuels or potential fuel elements as peramiteers

the usual suspects peramiter- *compile a log of % an element combines with specific elements. You can then extrapolate likely elemental matches for dr database to add to its element combination matrix. You can use this to optimise dr. database's engine.

im thinking about adding a fusion peramiter, that is the effects of things like heat and other compounds being present ect to add to dr. db so we can push our project on somewhat.


DR DATABASE- picture doctoring elements of a car jacked system


Friday, 1 April 2016

Situation update

Dave 'Dastardly' Cameron has had MI5 spike me with permenent damage neuroleptics. One which effects the frontal lobs and one which i think is classed as a poison that effects theta waves. My eye sight is that bad its hard to see my fractals, i was having to hold stuff six inches in front of me to read, its got a bit better but thtey spiked me with it again last night. My memory has got real bad. My theta waves are damaged. The have spiked me with different learning drugs and stimulants today for Dastardlys new plan. Something needs initiating, Fuzz is in a way, he had ther raped, mutilated and tortured, ive been told some people insisted on seeing her, they programmed in recursive programming over her nets. They have done an operation of some ort on my eye. They are doing this now because it is the run up to the referendum im betteing for a tactical advantage. Ive come up with a yang technique to remeove programmes for the world, when you remove a program you will feel a sense of relief, simpily hold this feeling of relief over the Id or qwherever the programe is and it will disolve. The UK is keeping secret the proper recursive elements, my version of doctor database the UK is using has made adamantium/adamantainium (or similar). Damion

One for random elements

Dr Database peramiters

Here are a list of perimeters I used to design Dr Database. This is on top of its element combination matrix that is a 3d engine that goes through every combination all the elements on the periodic table can bond, their bond angles and amount of variation in bond angles. Here are other perimeters I used to design the program...

a) Simplification matrix- goes through the simplest combinations of elements first to save only creating hyper complex compounds

b) generic drug base peramiters- the program favours elements and combinations of elements commonly found in drugs

c) protein specific to hiv peramiters- uses compound target peramiters to lock on to proteins necessary for hiv replication

d)Atomic bond angle.peramiters- explained above 

e) Atonic bond variation angle peramiters- explained above

f) COMPOUND TARGET PERAMITERS- This is the primary bond angles assigned as essential to your compound.  This would get Dr Database to look for a combination of elements able to connect to both carbon and oxygen in our target compound.)

g) Protein peramiters- peramiters that set specific elements coordinates in the structure of proteins as compound target peramiters 

H) recursive compound peramiters- a peramiters that constantly generates a clone of the compound and looks for everywhere the clone element can attach the the original element. Multiple clone elements may bring some exotic compounds up.

I) protein bonding compounds- peramiters that use key target peramiters.

J)commonly used elements in hiv meds peramiters favoring the use of say the top fifty meds used in hiv meds

K)repeating elements ascending peramiters- to obviously use a compound more than once in a compound. Gchq messed up with with the first recursive compound discovered.

L) recursive metals/alloys peramiters- using metals to create ultra strong ultra light recursive metals (I'm thinking adamantium!)

M) simple/complex protein target peramiters- to target either simple or complex bits that make up proteins (the complex bit off the amino acid) which ever is found to be more essential to protein functioning, I imagine simple coding does important basic jobs in the protein/ hiv replication cycle.

N) other useful element combinations that have useful properties

Im drawing a line in the sand with HIV deaths. The plan is to use the new combi therapy as a treatment of last resort to keep someone going long enough for us to come up with a new affordable drug, then a cure. Ive been told Dr Database has brought down the estimated time until we find a cure to ten years now, im sure we can get it down more. I wont let Luke die... And the rest of the net...And theres a lot of people out there that need a hand also. I dont want them to die. Im sure we can do something, Im sure we can do it. Damion