Saturday, 26 September 2015

World wide adaptation plan for Spectral hypnosis and a short story from recent goings on

Here are some of the adaptation I'm going to implement into the Phoenix net as our numbers grow to try create a world wide working model for Spectral hypnosis. I can't force change on any of the countries of our world but I can train my shrinks and I can train them well, I can send them out around the world to train others the same way I train them and to get our number to demonstrate a working model for Spectral hypnosis; that is a set of rules my shrinks live by with the hope this code of conduct becomes law around the world. Here are some of my key initiatives, basically the law for us in the net.....

1. The Psych test
Everybody must pass a psychological test before becoming eligible to learn Spectral hypnosis.

2. The license to have Spectral hypnosis Unless your on the Autistic Spectrum you should require a license to have Spectral hypnosis/Autistic brain waves, this license should require passing a test/course to prove you can be safe with the given abilities. This is for people who are learning or to make sure involuntary EMT recipients are safe.

3. The license to practice Spectral hypnosis 
This allows the individual to use spectral hypnosis on others. This license should require proper training in the use of Spectral hypnosis.

4. The treatment licenses
 Individual certification to diagnose and treat all the different types of mental, neurological and physical illnesses Spectral hypnosis can treat.

5. The license to EMT
Not all people are suited to EMT, the right people should be trained properly before getting their license to EMT.

6. The special licenses 
Licenses with set conditions may be a good idea to allow neurodiverse people whom EMTing with neurotypical people could be detrimental to learn and apply Spectral hypnosis (perhaps in very useful areas).

7. The Phoenix net councillors
I expect the members of the Phoenix net to have a yearly/random meeting with my councillors (I plan on them being exemplary and elected members of the net), the purpose of these meetings is to make sure the individual is a well adapted telepath and to extract information in very specific and only pre agreed areas e.g to find out if any hypnotic crime has happened, If they have used hypnosis without consent or if they have EMT'd without a license ect. This is to make sure my hypnosis does not go wrong and is not misused around the world, I have given my shrinks much power, they need to lose just a little. The councillors should only be allowed to extract certain information that has been pre agreed, in the interest of making the working world wide model for Spectral hypnosis. The interviews should involve advice on how to deal with issues someone with my hypnosis can face. The interviews could involve the member going to sleep perhaps to ensure accuracy. It would be a sackable offence for a councillor to break confidentiality except under agreed circumstances (e.g when a member has been using Spectral hypnosis for crime). The councillors must be separate from the net to avoid conflict of interests. Interviewees should perhaps even be anonymous to the councillors. I am hoping the world excepts the telepathic policing Spectral hypnotist councillors will provide, my idea is working well in mi6 apparently and has saved lives. 

8. Breaking the rules
Pre agreed punishments for breaking the code of conduct like losing your license to practice, to retrain in certain areas, being dismissed from the Phoenix net should be established. The police should be informed of any hypnotic crime.

9. General world wide adaptation tactics

Public education- the world becoming aware of both the good and bad of Spectral hypnosis.

Forensic hypnology- the science of proving a hypnotic crime has been committed piecing together what has happened needs to be developed.

Hypnotic policing- Hypnosis trained officers who's prime job is policing unlicensed practice of Spectral hypnosis. Neural hacking will be a big part of this.

Privacy of thought law and conditions-when this is lost e.g with unregulated Spectral hypnosis/hypnotic crime/terrorism.

Freedom of thought law-
A mind should be free to think what it will unless the thought is a direct and harmful act against another.

I will add 'mercury's story' soon to this post, it seems I have someone to thank for trying to help me. Seems their are some brave people out there after all...

Friday, 25 September 2015

A comment and a snippet on fluid intelligence

Sorry I haven't posted for a while, I've been trying to get some rest. I need at least three or four months to recover from recent goings on. Tie is because It takes three months for information the good signals from resting in my case to sink to the bottom of the super ego and hit the axon hilock where the information is turned into an .action potential and shoots straight down to the Id finally getting rid of the negative informajtion.  I'll be posting more regularly again when I'm rested up, I hope you guys are well.

A comment on fluid intelligence-

Some ideas we learn are worth learning a thousand ideas, if  you learn a thousand ideas like thls you've learnt a lot indeed. 

A comment from me on the basis of fluid intelligence, also something I teach my shrinks. Damion