Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Zero times infinity picture

             0 x infinity = something
The Nothing x Temporal constant= 
               Reality&The Universe

By Damion

A picture of Ripley's super ego

This is another chance for my readers to see my picture of what it looked like when Ripley let me into her mind all those years ago (in 2003), I was only 23-24 years old, all I could say was 'it's beautiful', I named the picture that. I was hovering just above her super ego in her mind, the Id must have being in relation about a mile down from me, seeing her personality from this size/frequency (they are relative if your wondering). This picture is soon to become an oil painting of mine.

I've being told by MI6 I have some readers addicted to my eclectic blog, It's raised my moral hearing this, /is feeling positive. I'm sure I'll get more and more of you guys. I can get my ideas simply listened to with more readers, it's all I need. I find being right is easy, now getting people to listen; that's hard. I just need enough people to listen. I don't like the idea of being famous but it's a necessity now. 

Happy New Years guys by the way, I wish you all good things in the new year, let's hope fate treats us kindly, let's hope we find the things we seek. Here's my picture 'it's beautiful'. Damion

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

A post related to the referendum

I was meant to post this some time ago, I just found it in my editing tray, better late then never. 

I want to explain a bit about my position with my referendum post. People might not understand my position still believing in my country, after all that has happened. Something has gone wrong in our government, a lot of the time it just simpily hasn't  acted in our countries best interest, they've even gone against some of the things our country holds dear. I had a very good primary school as a child (Burlington school), they taught me a lot about my country, from innovations that have come from our country that have helped shape the world to fighting the Nazis for a free world. I grew up in a country I was proud of. Over the past ten years something has gone seriously wrong in our government, its given up on what we stand for as a country- fighting Nazis, Briton's not being slaves, stopping human experimentation, holding morality in high regard, the British sense of fair play, and exporting our good ideas round the world. Since Blair made his decision to become part of the CIA to get rich our government went wrong, he sold all the results from my hypnosis on to get rich, he sold what was not his to sell I think. It's like a direct attack on who we are as a people some of what's happened, were in an invisible war that people don't know to fight, in fact our enemy relies on this. 

David Cameron isn't an option for me, I think he's gone (the CIA control him). Also I won't work for evil people, giving wars can go different ways because of things like Spectral hypnosis. The day David Cameron sold my semen on to flood the market with Theta semen to limit the autistic abuse he'd heard of is the day he stopped being a prime minister of Great Britain for me, I'm sure the people of Great Britain would stand by this also.

All I can do is try get enough support and in a better position, show the world were a good country that has just got the wrong people in power. I won't stop trying. 'Through endurance we conquer'. Damion

An update on an update

I recently updated my post when I learnt the frequency of lightning, i wanted to add about what I was listening to out in the storm in my smoking shelter I was hoping might be a good faraday cage. I just thought it would help put my readers in what I write a little listening to it. I think I changed the date on my post though. It's annoying, I wanted it to record the time. I think all lightning strikes are recorded so it's possible to know which strikes I learnt from, the first a few weeks earlier was one mile west from the ward, on that day it was four miles east. If any of my readers have the time and date saved let me know sometime :-) Damion 

The Parkinson's/protein manipulation machine update

I just edited my recent post on the Parkinson's/protein machine concepts. Related to this I have been told there are some good people out there who have made a prototype of my original idea on the Parkinson's machine out there, I want to help them do things the right way, I'm happy to help, I care to show my way is better than that of MI6 and the CIA...Peace and prosperity go hand in hand for more than one reason.

These people could beat the Americans to building this machine as the second I had the idea and realised what it could do I just went and put it up online, lol, I knew it was worth billions as well, I wasn't having John Sawyers selling it to the CIA so I sat there and asked MI6 if they dared me to press enter, I then said 'Ha' and pressed enter. Hehe, it was the most wasteful thing I've ever done, just giving an idea worth billions alway...I must admit; it felt ace. I got told it boiled down to one week  people getting the prototype made.

And to think, this machine was sitting right under the CIA's nose all the time, for fifty years I've been told this machine was possible to build. For seventy years the CIA have experimented on good American citizens (and maybe abroard), a lot of the time with frequencies, it must really get on their tits about this one. It just goes to show you guys in the CIA, you've either got it, or..... (Just like the Parkinson's machine) you just ain't. /Waves Damion

My old Facebook cover I thought I'd share with my readers-

Thursday, 25 December 2014

Making the Parkinson's machine Quantum tech

I came up with an idea about a year ago to turn the Parkinson's machine into Quantum technology. This machine breaks hydrogen bonds in proteins that make up all our cells, it relaxes the human body on a cellular level (this is why babies have really relaxed soft skin and muscles and are so flexible), it works in a similar fashion to getting your hair permed but it's the proteins in the rest of your body not your hair that become relaxed....

OMG I just thought, what if we mimic a perm! Ok, with a perm you relax the hydrogen bonds, then you put curlers in, they hydrogen bonds are replaced and your hair is curly. We might be able to do that with cells, we break the bonds in cells, then when relaxed we tense up muscles, we then let the hydrogen bonds reform. I'm sure this principle  can be applied to a lot. I've thought wrinkles from ageing is a gap between skin cells forming, so the hydrogen bond machine wouldn't fix it alone, this idea might help get rid of wrinkles. Back to my post now...

Here is the concept for the protein manipulation tech followed by a list of variables you can alter to make different Quantum fields, the aim will be to recreate the field conditions our body's waves create to artificially stimulate the given process i.e to mimic the delta brain wave producing enough ions to keep neuro receptors open when there are deficiencies. The human body and mind is the blue print for our quantum field/end result.

Basic concepts of the device

-We place a lot of radio wave producing devices/bugs in a casing. This will form the backbone of our physical net of materials for our energy to interact with. 

-We run a current through the bugs to create waves.This is our electric net.

-We have an electromagnetic field over the case, our bugs emit waves, when the waves reach equilibrium (their happy place as I call it) it converts the waves energy to photons, our photons traveling through our electromagnetic field will create virtual photons, these will behave by traveling to the higher frequencies. This forms our machines electromagnetic net.

-We have a master bug at a higher frequency, the virtual photons we create will head here, they always flow towards a higher frequency. This forms our machines quantum net.

-We have a receiver bug at the same frequency as the master bug, the near field effect makes the virtual photons jump to the receiver. Then our machine will work through a simple radio wave bug like the one that keeps me alive.

-If the field has the right characteristics the receiver bug implanted near the left cerebellum it will stop the nerve death associated with Parkinson's by breaking hydrogen bonds in the neuro receptors as well as being able to do much more.

Variables for the device
These are variables we can alter to create our target field characteristics.

-Nano engineered metal shapes, tiny filings we can use to create different waves by running electricity through them. The smaller the tech the more photon to virtual photon conversion we can get for our end result/quantum field.

-We can run the electrical current with different characteristics through our bugs.

-We can create an Electromagnetic field we hold over our bugs with different characteristics to create our virtual photons. We could power the device with this field instead of electric.

-Virtual photons exist for different lengths of time, the lower the hz involved in creating them the longer they exist so the further they can travel. This will be a key factor in design, personality tells us a lot about this, also, you can use my hypnosis to create a delta phoenix stone, you will find you need to collapse them faster demonstrating how low frequency virtual photons also travel more quickly.

-We can vibrate our casing/bugs at different Hz to create more virtual photons.

-A new idea- The physical net- We could perhaps use a material/fluid that holds ions (like what neuro transmitters do) in the main caseing or incorporated into our bugs design/actually inside our bugs to alter field characteristics. This physical net for the machine could hold energy from the electric, electromagnetic and quantum nets for our machine.

-idea on the machines physical net- We could use osmosis to move our artificial neurotransmitters through our bugs casing to alter field characteristics. We could Even create pathways for our neurotransmitters to flow down, an artificial neural net of sorts (an important concept), I think this may be superior to creating an artificial net from magnetised metal filings/micro components.

-we could use lasers and mirrors/crystals (diamond structure is uniformal right) to create the right photons to put through our electromagnetic field to create our virtual photons, this would be a different way to do this or a way to complement this. The Americans are lining up a billion lasers for a ten year project to this ends. MI6 told me they scrapped the project after I came up with these ideas. I just feel sorry for the poor guy who had to set them all up, that's a lot of lazers to have to take down.

Merry Christmas luv Damion 25/12/2014

Feminine adaptation 'dominance versus empathy'

I've been continuing my study on the fembrain versus the manbrain (that's the female versus male brain to most people), I have found I quite like this project, I quite like poking fun at the differences between the sexes with my shrinks. This is a theory on feminine adaptation I built on the following information, I heard it in the media a few years ago...

I heard about a study that showed if a girl gets into a fight at school, it has a knock on effect to her intellect, it is actually the equivalent of losing one year off her education. This is my theory on why this is the case...

My Theory- 

My theory is it isn't like losing a year from her education, it is the fembrain adapting itself, that it has developed a way to adapt and change itself according to the environment it finds itself in...

a) Dominance adaptation
If the Fembrain finds itself in an aggressive enviroment where taking charge is of benefit, say where a girl is involved in fights, the Fembrain will feel new emotions leading to a more dominant emotional state, this helps the Fembrain take charge in these new conditions. These dominant emotions must effect the Id which is related to permanent memory/change and is the minds way of talking to the body, this leads to somewhat higher amounts of testosterone in the Fembrain, a hormone related to stronger beta and alpha brain waves affiliated more with outer strength. This helps the fembrain to adapt to her environment so she will find it easier to be more dominant, take charge of situations and be more independent from others. In an aggressive environment these traits are more beneficial. So the fight happens, the Fembrain feels new emotions, this effects hormones which effect development and feminine adaptation takes place, this adaptation comes at the cost of her year in education where she leans more about taking charge as a priority and has to adapt to the new pathways from subconscious to conscious in personality.

b) Empathy adaptation
If a female doesn't need to develop these traits especially she will be highly social, friendly and chatty having a strong emotional side, these emotions are related to high amounts of oestrogen, oestrogen is related to strong Theta and Delta waves (associated with inner strength) which are naturally strong in the fembrain, this helps the Fembrain to be highly empathic and to build close relationships. In a non aggressive environment these traits can be more beneficial.

c) Pregnant adaptation
There is one more element I should put down; I've heard about 'pregnant brain' many times, a girl in a local shop about a year ago was telling me about memory loss thanks to her little bump. I then had a conversation with my friend about her pregnancy; she became dyslexic from it, her doctor didn't even believe her. After we looked online about it all we found were comments from mums who got no help. So I started trying to work out the common denominators...

I came to the conclusion the little bump causes an increase in oestrogen, this causes her to have stronger Delta and Theta waves, this encourages her emotional state to be more empathic and more suited to motherhood helping her learn stronger/new emotions preparing her for this. I think how this causes 'pregnant brain' and symptoms like memory loss and dyslexia is due to the change of pathways in the mind from the subconscious to the conscious, just like what happens in losing the years education in feminine adaptation. Information flows up personality and forms pathways but a large increase in oestrogen pushes Delta and Theta waves out of sync creating new unfamiliar pathways in personality. The mind is just pushed a little out of sync, this also happens to some of us autistics, we have a sudden but not permanent loss of skills in early childhood for this same reason, a big jump in frequency. The change in pathways means a change in memory recall associated with the Theta dominant occipital lobe. With dyslexia Theta waves are connected strongly to vision, it's alpha waves that are connected to symbols. In the example of my friend with pregnancy related dyslexia communication between Theta and Alpha waves (vision and symbol recognition) was disrupted from the creation of these new pathways up personality/between lobes causing her dyslexia. 

d) Conclusion
So with feminine adaptation I think it boils down to certain thoughts/events effect our emotions strongly, these effect our Id, our Id can effect hormones levels which can effect neurotransmitters levels leading to adaptation.That's my theory on this one.

This adaptability in the fembrain is similar to an adaptation in crocodiles; they are such good survivors because in hard times more females leading to producing more offspring are born and in good times more males are born, this has helped crocodiles survive since the time of the dinasaurs. The fembrain has also taken on this ability to adapt itself to its environment to its own advantage.

This mechanism I'm sure is an adaptation of both sexes, I have noticed it seems to stand out much more in the Fembrain rather than the Manbrain though, maybe due to the females higher average Id rate. I also think in males and females this mechanism will influence results of brain sex. I think this term may have to be changed as brain sex is dictated by structural differences (like the multiple twists in the female super ego leading to multitasking abilities).

I hope you have enjoyed my latest work on the Fembrain and the Manbrain. Ok, My next post my girly readers will like will be on at some point in the not too distant future, it is titled...
'Multi tasking, matriarchs and sniper rifles'. 

Merry Christmas to you all
Damion :-)

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

An update

There was a new head of MI6 come in in October, I'm still sizing him up. I'm still getting drugged, with a concentrated nerve toxin that's in small amounts in methamphetamine and in sarin I was told. I'm sure all this is to get the world excepting America taking everything to do with my hypnosis. I see why many don't like America in their country, well, the CIA I mean really, they are responsible for all my abuse since summer 2004 when Tony Blair turned traitor. Ive got another short story to write, it's about us in the phoenix net showing what we can do. I'm calling it 'the story of the first games'. I'll just tell you this...'sometimes you need tact, patience and subtlety... But then there's times you just need Luke'. /is grinning thinking about it hehe. 

It's Christmas Eve isn't it, I wish you guys all a merry Christmas wherever you are around the world...don't get too drunk! And thank you for listening to me on here, it's nice to know I'm not so alone. Damion

Friday, 19 December 2014

An exercise for Spectral Hypnotists

I have another exercise for my shrinks out there...

Go to the other world, a deep state may help. I want you to imagine your stroking your favourite pet, it doesn't matter if it's alive or not. Feel your hand running down its back, feel it's fur, stroke it how your used to doing. Now look at what your imagination has just created, you should be able to see some energy. Now I want you to gently move/manipulate the energy outwards, this should feel a bit stroking it still but in different places. You should have the EMS of your pet there in front of you. If you want proof this is really  your pets quantum nets then make the field your imagination has made bigger very very slowly, use indirect concentration (where you look away from what your concentrating on), then just examine the net, see what's there. 

This is how I learnt the frequency of lamas (lol) in my previous post, sometimes my hypnosis is strange indeed. I'm now sat stroking the ear of whisky, my friends pet gerbil who died, it seems I have a new hypnotic pet. Damion

Saturday, 13 December 2014

My physics work&our world needs to adapt comment

Ive put some more scans from my notebook up, click the link at the top to see it. It describes two energies in physics I've theorised (as best I can), understanding the brain leads to understanding a lot of Quantum Physics. I've called one of these energies 'The infinite improbability Particle'; it fits as a name because of the non existence of said particle, it has no energy, no mass, it can only be observed when it breaks its own governing laws, it is an improbable particle due to the fact it does and does not exist. It could lead to a lot in decades to come. 

A comment my situation 
I have a good view point of some of the things that will come in the next few years and decades for us all being involved with Spectral Hypnosis. There are going to be more and more innovations that effect us all as a planet, from artificial intelligence to engineered virus to electromagnetic virus to machines that control you like a robot to temporal technology and of course weapons of war. 

I've come to this conclusion; It's now we all need to really start working together, my idea would be to use my hypnosis, it's something that effects all societies around the world, all societies need to adapt, things will go wrong with it but it is a common cause, we could turn a crisis into an opportunity for us all to work together. If we could just all agree on a few things with it I'm sure it would lead to good things. I have a plan I should put up at some point here (I've thought a lot on this subject).

Just to add with regard to me putting my work online when it could be related to a power source, I have come to a conclusion; My recent work won't be able to be applied to technology for quite some time, if we arnt all working together by then to a good degree I could see it not mattering. Also I'd rather share my ideas with the world rather than Nazis benefit. Damion

Friday, 5 December 2014

The story of 'That Guy'

I like putting little story's of what's happened in my life on my blog sometimes, my real life short stories of what's gone on, they are all things that have really happened like everything else in my book but are little stories that could stand alone. They are also bits I want to make sure get out to the world, I keep most of the goings on and events in my life secret, my hypnosis will generate press interest worth many billions at some point and I think the CIA have a big interest in it for some reason. I have another one of my short story here to share with my readers and the world, it's a story that always makes me smile...

This particular story happened because of an idea, in fact it was because of two ideas. Two ideas someone decided to take on, two ideas they took on and decided to act on, not only changing their own life, but also the lives of some others, others who weren't in such fair circumstance...

The short story of 'That guy'
(An extract from the authors life story 'the story of the first spectral hypnotist')

It is Christmas 2012, I'm still fighting for my life, I'm still fighting against MI6, life is still a fight. I'm still trying to find help in regard to all the advances in hypnosis that have come from me. I still have the bug in me... Being a telepath on the wrong end of a secret service hasn't turned out to be easy.

My mind isn't a quiet place, my autistic side means I think, or is that talk all the time, on top of that MI6 make my mind feel like a telepathic chat room. But to tell you the truth I kind of like having a busy mind. Today I am to find someone new from MI6 appears online in my mind. This new guy is an agent in his late twenties, he is slim, he seems to be about 5'10 or so.

Paris, MI6's empty souled psychiatrist is still in charge of all the experiments they do to me day and night, he soon has this new guy do his experiments for him. In a world of imagination like what my hypnosis creates you can do anything, the idiots in charge of this think of all kinds of unpleasant and usually useless experiments to do. The new guy does what he's told and starts to hassle and abuse me, my life is a long fight still. Still, me being me I try get through to him, we even sometimes get on and he laughs at my stupid jokes I like to tell. I do try find good in him, it seems an important thing to me not to give up on people. I just try to get him to not want to do the abuse even if he has to do it. For a year this all goes on, this guy follows what Paris orders, I get experiments but I still look for him to be a better person. One day something happens out of the blue, something changes, a simple idea takes hold in his mind.

I was trying to teach him something, something I found I had to learn in some of the hardest times in my life facing a trauma, before I got involved with all this, it is an emotion, but it's more than that, you could easily dismiss it as nothing or inconsequential, it's an idea or maybe mentality is a better word. I had to learn this to overcome what I was facing in my younger days. I show him first what if feels like if something gets under your armour as I put it. With hypnosis I move my hand to a few inches inside the pit of his belly and tap upward with a gentel little punch, I say that's what it feels like if something gets beneith your armour. He doesn't like the feeling it creates.

Now I show him how to overcome this, I go to show him an emotional exercise, I call it the 'inner strength' exercise now a days,Ii show him what I learnt. I find I use this exercise often, I'm sure this technique is similar to Tai Chi works, a master would perhaps know of very similar techniques. I demonstrate my emotional exercise to him, I let the emotion flow up from two inches back, deep down in my belly, up the Center of my chest and up to my chin that it pushes up slightly. I look at Paris and say my usual 'screw you Nazi's' when I do my excercise. For some reason a) I always say this and b) it alway feels kinda good. I show the guy this, I try to get him to try the same, I'm sure it's an emotion he really needs, for some reason I'm sure it will help him a lot.

I tell him to try the exercise, men are all about outer strength, he has strength on the outside, but sometimes its strength on the inside that you really need. Inner strength comes more naturally to females, outer strength comes more naturally to males (they are to do with feminine (Delta&Theta) and masculine (Alpha&Beta) energy in the mind, inner strength is a feminine energy. The feeling or idea you could say in the exercise I'd descrIbe as being based on the mentality that sometimes you just have to give the whole world 'the birdy' and just do things your own way.

The guy decides, he actually decides to try what I showed him, Paris and PR don't have a clue how powerful this exercise can be at this point or they would stop it right here and now. He tries my exercise. I see he is holding himself differently all of a sudden. He turns towards Paris, says 'Screw you Nazi' and slaps him around his head. Me; I think this is ace, lol, I finally had got him to join in my 'stay sane' game I had devised; the game was simple; you manage to slap Paris round the head and you get a point, and err, that's kind of it. lol I never thought I'd get people to actually play, not for the want of trying (surprisingly nowadaysa lot of my shrinks have got on the score board with this game of mine). Paris can't believe what's just happened, having been slapped by the guy he's meant to be in charge of. Paris becomes even less impressed with what he realises is happening next.

Something just happens to this guy when he does all this, it's like some kind of weight has lifted from his emotions, or like he is brimming with a confidence or new emotion all of a sudden. It is like a cascade effect in him. He takes on this idea; this idea and...he just kind of  changes. Paris isn't happy, not only because I just got this guy to slap him round the head, but because Paris is psychiatricly trained, he knows this is a big step for this guy, he knows it will help him a lot, he also knows it might losen his grip over the guy; he wants to stop it. He also doesn't want this guy he uses for his abuse listening to me and liking me... Not at all.

Paris goes to work to stop the guy taking this idea on, his attention focuses on him. I'm basically an expert at surviving psychological tactics after my last decade of life, I've learnt a lot, I go to work as well...

Paris says the idea will lead to me having power over him, and it will cause him lots of problems with MI6. I tell him he's putting a negative spin on something important he's just learnt, I tell him he can put a negative spin on anything. I tell him to use his exercise when he needs it. He listens to me.

He does his emotional exercise again.

Paris now says this is all because he never stood up to his dad, I explain he's trying to associate the new idea with another thought for leverage, to put spin on something important he's learnt, to try stop him feeling this new confidence.

He does his exercise  again.

Paris now tries to convince him it could get him killed, that he'll be wreckless. I explain he's desperate to stop him developing strength that might stop him having so much power over him.

He uses it again.

Paris tries manipulating his personality in front of him now, manipulating his core belief at the bottom middle of the ego to convince him this idea has gone, he puts in place a strong doubt feeling. I tell him the idea he learnt is self sustaining and once an idea has taken it connects to a thousand other ideas in the mind, that  it's part of him Paris can't change.

Paris gets a screw you Nazi.

Paris tries to directly hold negative emotions over him and convince him they are real, I tell him some times you have to ignore what your emotions say. I tell him 'rule one, don't panic', and all he has to do is remember, that it's the thought that's the important thing even if his emotions say different. He listens to me again.

He does his exercise again.  

Paris really does throw the book at him, he tries all the ways he used to try change me on this guy, he really tries, but I'm a little better at training shrinks than Paris would like. I have found I can train people quickly if I have to, even 'on the hop' like with this guy. I train him a little more, I tell him even if he thought he had lost this new idea he just would need to remember, it only takes a thought.

Paris gets slapped round the head again and another screw you Nazis in reply to his faltering tactics to get rid of this idea, I really do find this hilarious. Paris isn't happy at all about this guy standing up against him, this guy wasn't regarded as the brave type at all, a little the opposite I think, but now this just kind of evaporates from him. Paris finally gives up trying his psychological  tactics, he knows he has lost a lot hold over him, he knows the idea has taken hold, he gives up.

This guy changes from this point, he even seems brighter in himself and a lot more confident; stronger. To those who don't know of psychoanalysis; what happened was he learnt something he maybe should have learnt when he was younger, an important idea, a lesson. This new emotion was this lesson or idea taking hold deep down in his mind, it is something his mind decided was important, that it wanted deep down in itself: permanent, this can change a lot.

So he changes. It's like a fresh start for him, he even decides he wants to amend about something I hacked from him in past year, about a girl he and some of his friends involved with Londons prostitution scene employed. She was a girl I told him he should have saved when he didn't. I think of solutions to problems a lot (as I say to my shrinks I'm 'hypnosis and problem solving', it's all I can really do lol). I come up with ideas, he can't save her but he can do something surely, taking steps in the right direction I'm sure is so important, to try find a way. 

One of my ideas is if he wronged this girl, he could try change the life's of other girls like her, try to save them, to use my hypnosis and do...something. So he had something he could smile about the day he died as I colourfully put it to him. To do something so if he ever see's this girl again somehow, somewhere, she would forgive him. It's not a replacement for justice an idea like this, it's trying, it's wanting to fix things. I told him just wanting to fix things, trying, him just taking steps in the right direction is the most important thing he could do. I don't know at the time but this is the second idea of mine he decides to take on this day, not that he lets me or anyone else know about it, he keeps this one to himself.

In the comming weeks this guy leaves my conscious network a year after arriving. I remember when I first met him, when he started abusing me constantly on Paris's orders, I (very ironically) said to him; 'remember yourself now, in a years time you won't recognise yourself'. I said this because he was giving in and starting to enjoy abusing me, I knew what it would lead to. It turned out when the year had passed I was right, but in a very different way to what I expected, both of us remember this well. I find out when this guy leaves he goes to get prodded and poked about how he had changed, in case it could 'be bottled' as I am told (a potential way to make the Nazi's in charge of MI6 money). They practically torture the idea out of him I find, he just turns up one day looking exhausted, I know what's happened, it's because of some kind of torture. I leave him be for a couple of days to rest, my instincts just tell me he needs rest first, after this I make sure he's ok with regard to them trying to change him, I see if he needs any advice or training to fix what they have done. I was meant to be the one training all these people once upon a time after all. I reteach him the inner strength exercise they tried to remove, I explain the idea is the important thing, all he has to do is remember.

He does his screw you nazis.

I know he'll be fine. They made one mistake I was to find when he tells me about what happened. When they tried to remove the idea they were sure what caused it was him slapping Paris round the head, they were sure of this. They didn't think at all it could be because of something else. I am to find he is soon to leave my little hypnotic network again. I aren't to see him for some time now. Some time passes. 

It is now quite a few months since I've seen this guy. It is about August 2014 now and I am once again to find myself in his company in my hypnotic network. He tells me he has got into a bit of trouble with work, he beams after saying this. He tells me he has a good story to tell...

It turns out he had been a busy bunny indeed. I had to piece this together from what he told me on his return and from tit bits I've gleaned from other agents, lol, this was big news in MI6's gossip circles it seems.

He turns to me and says 'I did it' and smiles, that he had saved them... and it was brilliant! He tells me he saved a group of girls in London, on the prostitution scene, girls in a bad situation. Here's what he did...

He went and tracked down some girls being held as prisoners, he had bought himself a couple of bugs to use my hypnosis from somewhere. He learned about the men holding the girls and their setup for weeks he says before he made his move. He then came up with a plan, he put it into play. He found a way to spike these peoples M-Kat (a legal high) with a sleeping drug he had 'acquired', a bug/neural hack can give you a massive advantage when it comes to something like this. They found a nice big tempting free bag of drugs outside their house someone just happened to drop I suspect.

He knew when they were all knocked out with his bug and then he made his move. He goes in to the building, he goes and gets the girls, he says he was there to save them, there to help. He had arranged an address for them to go to to get help, a women's refuge I imagine, he gives them all some money as he gets them out. He even shows me a gen (a generated image in my imagination) of him sheparding the girls out. He tells me there was this one girl who had only just got there, she was jumping up and down when she knew what was happening. He showed me another gen, of him getting an giddy kiss off this girl as he got her out of there.

I'm told eventually all the guys that where holding these girls come round. My guess is they were not too happy being minus every single one of their girls.I do find myself wondering about the look on their faces when they realise the girls were gone, all fifty of them, I shouldn't smile every time I think of this but I can't help myself (/is wearing a mischievous grin).

So these girls get a chance to change things for themselves, to escape their prison and have a chance of finding something better. I hope fate has treated them kindly, I hope they have faired well. 

I spent around a year with this guy, it's longer now when I write this. Paris and MI6 didn't realise when they tried to remove what he had learnt it wasn't him slapping Paris that changed him, it was after he took on the inner strength idea things changed. Them getting this wrong will have helped him when they tried to change him. Inner strength is an innocent emotional exercise that does more than what it seems it could. 

It was nice to hear about him taking on my other idea I must admit, I did have a big smile on my face all the way through him telling me about it all. I didn't give this guy a shrink name before now, I try think of one, he had earnt it, along with my respect, I'd now happily train him, I decide simply on the name 'Guy'.... Mainly due to the fact that I'm sure to many in certain circles around London he is simpily know as 'that guy'. 

And with regard for the 'screw you Nazis' mantra when practicing inner just works so well. MI6 also find that this is the case, agents start using my technique and find it also works best saying this (try it out if you like!). I get told it really helps some people. Eventually, quite recently as it happens I am told MI6 are now all barred from learning inner strength this way...I also get told it was a nice try.

So Guy really turned himself and his life around because of an idea, in fact because of two ideas. Two ideas he decided to take on, two ideas he took on and decided he would act on, not only changing his own life, but also the lives of some others, others who weren't in such fair circumstance. He's a personal hero to those girls... And the world needs more heros.

A new post from my notebook

Jump over to my notebook blog at f you'd like to read a little about how Spectral hypnosis can help us understand the dimensions of our reality. Considering I can't do maths I think my learning physics is going quite well :-) Damion

Sunday, 30 November 2014

A picture of me & a comment on the Spectral Hypnosis situation

The photo
I photo shopped this picture of me, I thought I'd put it on for you guys, I tried to mimic a glazed eye hypnotic stare for it, enlarge it and stare at the bridge of my nose and it should have the right effect for you. I'm not very photogenic though I'm afraid and I can't do a fake smiles for the life of me, I'm thinking on this it's a trait of a Theta Autistic; were the genuine kind of person, so a smile from me has to be genuine, I always feel on the spot and put on an incredibly obvious fake smile for photos, an actual picture of me with a genuine smile is a rare thing) Here's my picture...

The Spectral Hypnosis
It's annoying with regard to leaning hypnotic gaze, MI6 can stop me learning it, I'd very much like to demonstrate and use Spectral Hypnosis (telepathy ect) to chat with more people in person, I just need to get by on hypnotic inductions from others. It would help my cause no end meeting more of my shrinks, If I can win over 90% of the shrinks in a secret service I can get the support of most people, I could move on to fixing the problems Spectral Hypnosis has caused. 

I feel I have to take responsibility for my hypnosis; for what I've done, for one to stop the power vacuum that has attracted some of the most greedy and frankly evil people into control of my hypnosis. Another reason is I don't know anyone else who can do what I can, if people drive themselves mad with my hypnosis and they can't fix themselves it's meant to be me who's there to fix them. 

There's other reasons, there's fixing illnesses I haven't had chance to tackle, I could go on and on. I need out of this mental ward/prison first, I'm hunted by the police if I go over the hour I'm allowed out by myself a day. 

I've come to a conclusion; I need to meet more of my shrinks and start training them; like I have done with the Phoenix net. I'm gonna think how to do this. You never know, maybe help will show up, I keep hoping for the day someone shows up saying 'I'm here to help with your hypnosis problem'.

Monday, 10 November 2014

For Spectral Hypnotists, an update on measurement syncing

Ive just today found a handy adaptation of the measurement sync. I found if I rub my hand over my belly at different rates or Hurtz (Hz) as it's known in science I can create different energies/frequencies very easily, I've only ever done it in my mind. I'm thinking if any of my shrinks out there can punch particularly fast in real life they might learn something useful from a measurement sync focused on the punches/different punches.

I should note, when I say to do an experiment it will usually be at a hundred Hz in the mind unless I otherwise state (the frequency of imagination).

I think measurement syncs that you focus the energy over the Ems might help people find nets for themselves in time, what I do know is stimulating the activity in a net helps a lot, I've found a few nets that way, that might also be key. I hope this post finds my readers well. Damion

Thursday, 30 October 2014

A physics idea ect

Have just been doing some research to help with my physics work. Only some basic principles but it's what a Theta finds most useful I've found. If you want to read here's the link.

 I'm sure dark matter and dark energy proves my theory that our universe/s are structured like an atom, with a positive and neutral core and a negative surrounding field. I'm not sure if the CIA are trying to come out with some of my better ideas before me. I just read a theory I thought of over a year ago about reality containing many universes, the site says they are pressed together like bubbles which I think is the wrong way to look at it, my theory is 'the nothing' fills this gap, there is no time and space there, you would have to dig a tunnel with the actual energy from dimension and dig a very very long way indeed to get to the next universe.

If someone in the past few weeks has suddenly come up with a theory of a temporal effect creating our universe id be pretty sure they are nabbing my better ideas. I wouldn't be to bothered if it wasn't such evil people benefiting. I should put some of my notebook up maybe, (I'm thinking the CIA doesn't like being outdone).

My basic equation on this temporal effect is below, it originally came from something I first thought about as a teenager believe it or not, I was trying to understand this Big Bang I'd heard about at school, apparently with there being nothing before it. My idea was-

0 x infinity = something

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

A newspaper clipping related to Autsm

This is just a clipping of a scientist who agrees with my impression electromagnetic waves can cause Autism . Damion

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

A press clipping on the CIA and a comment

This article is closy related to a post I've been thinking about posting, in fact it's been in my editing list a good few weeks now. It is these Nazis in the press clipping that seemingly indoctrinated the CIA after the war having effects even now, this is why a lot of mistakes have been made by the CIA with Spectral hypnosis. The American people tried to get rid of these Nazis when project paperclip and MK ultra (famous and disgusting CIA projects) came to light, seemingly to no avail, I'm hoping when Spectral hypnosis comes to light America will try again and succeed. I have a good impression of how the CIA operate because they are trying the same indoctrination tactics on MI6 and Great Britain, exporting this Bumbling Nazi methodology they think is nessesarry to compete. 

My thoughts are that we didn't fight a world war seventy years ago to let this happen to our countries. I'll fight as best I can, I'm hoping there are others. I'll finish the above mentioned post soon, here's the press clipping. Damion

 (This clipping is from the Sun newspaper in the UK October 28th 2014)

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Some torture mi6 is doing

I have one of the gay community from mi6 in, he's showing off how he can control me having fits, he's practiced a lot. He got me to claw my own face, there's someone out there he's practiced on a lot, probably in a mental ward, mi6 uses heroin to stop their target fighting effectively so is probably an addict. They do this by EMTing with my beta net that causes fits.

They are trying to use pain to torture autism out of me still. Damion

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

The nothing

My work on hypnosis can tell you a lot about Quantum Physics, I'm working on an idea about the space between quantum particles and past the edge of dimension, it's more a potential energy, I've called it the nothing. I might be wrong, I'm hardly a physicist but I'm enjoying working on it. My idea is it is the lowest dimension, zero dimension, then there is time followed by the three dimensions. I'll put a post up to show how the structure of personality relates to dimension soon. Damion

Peadophile ring update

There is the main Peadophile ring in mi6, they have a son of mine held at a gypsy site somewhere in the UK, they call him Phoenix, I've been told he has heard of me and wants to meet me. I don't even know how to think of that. There is also a group of agents trained as psychiatrists, some are Peadophiles, they have a son of mine and are trying to recreate my ability with hypnosis. One of there number is a short girl of around 50 with dark bobbed hair. One is quite fat male and of medium height in his 50's, he's here now. Paris is one of this click in mi6. Some others who are protected status also have children of mine I'm lead to believe. Apparently one in 6 of my children is male, I wonder what happened to my daughters. MI6 have tried to get me to stop using the term battery children for what some of my children face, I think it may become a widely used term. Damion

Saturday, 18 October 2014


I've again edited my post for Spectral hypnotists a few posts back, it's more comprehensive now.

A photo of me with a Phoenix stone

A picture of what my Phoenix stone looked like that I thought my readers might like. Damion

GCHQ press clipping

GCHQ is a branch of UK intelligence along with MI5 and MI6. The article below is about GCHQ giving jobs to non neuro-typical people, it's pretty obvious its to train them with Spectral hypnosis. There will be a lot of Alpha autistics at GCHQ, I imagine id like an environment like that (I'm sure they'd get used to me). 

I'm thinking this is a big 'spin' tactic, employing autistics for good media coverage to counteract what they are doing to us. This is where Gareth Williams worked before he was lured to MI6 to be experimented on then murdered, by MI6 and for the CIA. Have a read. Damion

Monday, 13 October 2014


I just wrote an important update for my spectral hypnotists post a couple of posts back. Damion

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Kevin, the old man on Hawthorn

He's just had a fit, he's unconscious in the garden. An ambulance is comming. They have been doing experiments on the patients here and giving me the odd fit around them. It could easily be down to this. A lot is syncing my and their nets togeter. I don't know if this is his first fit. Dr Gilaita doesn't give a crap about her patients, MI6 just has the view were all fodder to make them money. Damion

Saturday, 4 October 2014

An update

I've had agents trying to move as fast as me. It seems Thetas can move very fast with the mind. It's ironic after all the years of damaging my abilities I'm still a lot better than them. I want to add to do with my referendum post I believe in my country, I just believe the wrong people have gained control of it. D

A post for spectral hypnotists

I developed a new ability a week ago or so that will be of great use to anyone with some ability with Spectral hypnosis. I've called it a 'measurement sync', it is a way to create and measure energy In the mind. Here's how to do it-

-Firstly you need to punch in front of you. Now do it faster, so it's a constant stream of punches. You can practice a while if you like to get the feel for it. Go quite fast so the movement becomes a blur now. Try punch say at ten times a second, facing away from your punches keys into indirect concentration, this will help you punch more quickly. You don't need to see each individual punch.

-Now you need to Sync the energy from your punches together, this will create a field that stays where your punches were.  This may also tune you into the correlating frequency Quantum net in your EMA, (MI6 are stopping me double checking this, trying to stop me doing my work as per usual). 

To explain a sync- syncing is like connecting the energy from the first punch in a second to the last punch, so they share a frequency, it's kind of a clicking sensation at the same time in the nets when a sync is done right, it kind of snaps together. You will find it easier to sync fast blurry punches to start off with.

It is important to remember the energy from the first punch when doing a measurement sync. You will find If you punch really really fast the movement becomes more of a rhythm, at over a hundred a second you get into audio range so you can even hear it if your doing it right.

-Now as you punch I want you to count saying 'one one thousand' (or your own way to count a second that's in your sub conscious). Now I want you to sync the energy together from your punches over the one second.

-This will create a field where you were punching, if you punched ten times a second you will have created a ten Hz field,  forty times a second a forty Hz field ect ect. 

- This can also be used as a way to count the Hz of fields you'd like to measure. To do this you need to let your EMS sink into the field you want to measure, you (or just your arm) go to a slightly lower frequency. 

-So sink into the lower frequency, now do punches tuned into this net. Start punching slowly then slowly increase how fast. You will be able to tell when punching at the same frequency as the net, it feels like there is less resistance to your punches. Now just count a second and how many punches your doing to measure the Hz.

-You can move on to creating very slow low Hz punches when your confident you have got it right. You just do a very very slow movement and sync your punch at the same time as moving your punch very very slowly. You can go right down to 0 Hz, it's very black, empty and still there.

-with regard to how fast you can go, I've gone way beyond neural Hz range. I've had to out of necessity, but that's a story I'll tell some other time. I'm not sure of the wisdom of going so high but it beats being tortured.

-I think you can also measure amplitude with adapting this technique- You will do this by applying more and less force to the punches. You need to concentrate on each individual punch for this. You just need to learn to go from weaker amplitude/power in punches to higher. Then you as before do your sync to measure amplitude, I'll have to think how to measure this as we can with Hz, maybe we could use the known amplitude of personality.

--I'm in hope measurement syncing helps turn Spectral hypnosis into more of a science, we have a reliable measurement technique with this new ability.

On a side note I apologise for my blog being a bit erratic, I'm still at Hawthorn court, there spiking me with damaging drugs and using some pain techniques. They have access to me at night and get a drug machine in me, it's a pain, I'm ok though, just could use a rest.

I thought this ability very important so wanted to put it online and into the hands of the many rather than just these people at MI6. I hope it serves you well. I hope it helps. Damion

Friday, 26 September 2014

The environment a Theta needs

Introduction to post

want to put this out on the net, for the people who have got hold of my semen and any others interested in us on the spectrum and our abilities. To explain the right way to do things. Just before Christmas David Cameron came up with a plan, it was to stop the Autistic disappearances happening all around the planet. The plan was to flood the market with my Semen. MI6 used the members of the Peadophile ring for this, they got them all having access to me, and I imagine used their contacts to distribute it, I'll write about this one day. They must have taken semen 30-100 times, much much more than nessesarry for people with labs. 
In this post  I'll try explain how to at least do things properly, with regard to my children. I have children from the 2003 sample that Ripley took they will be ten or so and children just being born. I would be happy to donate to a sperm bank if it was thought a good idea but I'd do it the right way and make sure my children got good lives, David Cameron came up with a plan, in doing so committed a new type of genocidal crime, the worst crime I know of in the invisible wars, whatever it should be called, God have mercy on his soul. 

This post explains how to get powerful spectral hypnotists from my children and others on the spectrum.

A Theta wave promoting environment

Happy=strong Theta waves. We are designed to be happy as Fuzz once described me. Theta waves are associated with strong degrees of happiness, if we're unhappy it pushes our development on, where we won't be as strong with hypnosis.

Highly social= strong Theta waves. We are very people based us Thetas, strong bonds with people stimulate us being happy, our emotions grow stronger, we learn empathy, our logic works more quickly (and we talk a lot). A close loving family, lots of friends and experience is the right environment for us to flourish.

Strong empathy= strong Theta waves. The strongest hypnotistis in history are all highly empathic, there is a direct link between happiness, a good environment, empathy and our hypnotic ability/potential. Empathy comes from a) being happy and b) around lots of people and even from pets. Emotions are a level of our intellect and a source of power, don't underestimate their importance.

The right environment= strong (Theta style) problem solving= We learn from questioning the people around us, I'm  useless at maths and spelling and pointlessly remembering facts so don't expect an across the board A-grade students. I personally am mediocre at everything, it's general science, shape interpretation, general problem solving and poems where my strengths are. I always wanted to learn about the unknown like Black holes ect and to be challenged, like I like to learn backwards, from the unknown back to Newtonian rather than how I was taught. We learn very well from talking and questioning and understand in shapes a lot I.e a hierarchy is a triangle, a black hole is that heavy it sinks into the background (not infinitely small as I was annoyingly taught). A small class size would be best, a varied exiting education makes us lean very quickly, a Theta dominant teacher/female would be ideal. I taught others to a degree in science in school, I sat next to someone who struggled in science and had to learn how to explain things simply to him when I had done my work, this promoted learning about learning. Realistically my children won't problem solve like me untill close to my age. I've being a Theta and developing my style of association 35 years.

No EMT until 21= strong Theta waves. If you EMT with people not in the last stage of development it pushes them towards it, I've heard it happens quite quickly. Us adult Thetas adapt but stay the same, children just adapt. Thetas get stronger as we age, the longer you wait the stronger we are. Too much EMT creates a condition like Beta type autism. You would be best finding a well trained shrink of mine and simpily waiting. Some things just take time, adult/my abilities have a certain sharpness to them children lack. An Adult Thetas waves are much stronger than a child's, if you learn from them you end up with piss weak fuzzy frequencies as I tell all of my shrinks.

Programming won't work- some things we only really learn the hard way. The CIA are trying to programme their failed experiments otherwise known as my children, it's why they have done many of the experiments on me and others (including Gareth Williams). This won't work. A parody- You have two men, they are on the same long journey. The men see a carriage being pulled by an Ass, one of the men is offered a ride on a carriage, the other is not. One excepts the ride, the other has to walk. They two men may arrive at different times, but at the end of the journey who is the stronger of the two.


Misery will force my children into a later stage of development. Being kind to my children will have rewards. It is also necessary to wait, They will get stronger the older they get like me. We have childhoods that last a lifetime. Damion

Monday, 22 September 2014

Peadophile ring update

The peadophile ring have a set up to abuse children, I recently hacked this out of one of them. They get bugs into children by having them placed in sweets. The guy is known as 'the sweets/sweeties guy' to the children at a London school. All you need is a bug within a few feet of you and you can be in a hypnotic state with someone on the other end. South London was mentioned yesterday but after I found out they use sweets to get their bugs into the playground. They will be able to hear these children think, feel their emotions, manipulate physical sensation and a lot more. This needs to stop, the public need protecting, they need to know. Damion

Saturday, 20 September 2014

The Scotland referendum

The referendum in which Scotland decides to stay as part of the United Kingdom or not is over.

I'm happy to say the Scots decided to stay with us. We have been a union of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales for nearly 400 years and have achieved a lot together and changed the world together. We're a kind and innovate people, I'm hoping the world will see more of this side of us in the coming years.

So the votes over, I'm glad we're still one country. I'm glad the Spectral hypnosis situation didn't effect the referendum in any way. We are a stronger country together, a better country together.  Damion 

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

A diagram-The EMT triangle (showing the early spread of my hypnosis)

This diagrams shows how my abilities have been EMT'd to more and more people. For those unfamiliar to the term EMT is short for 'electromagnetic transference', it is how my hypnosis is passed on. It is not really learnt but more passed on with EMT. It makes it feel like you've always known the skills you've been taught if done right.

A request to my readers (and plans)

I've been thinking, I should put up ideas and stratergys for people helping me. There could be plenty of  you guys (my readers) who want to help but don't really know how. I guess I should view it in levels, there will be my friends and family and people who know me in real life, my online readers and Facebook friends, organisations and groups of people and also large organisations like say big buisnesses,government departments and even foreign countries.

I'm pretty good with problem solving so a few different strategies should be easy to come up with.

Ok, the plan is to try get my hypnosis to work properly, a psycho-civilised society as I call it. I need to get famous I think, either that or having power over the bad guys which would be difficult but far from possible. These are my SOS plans for you guys (if your feeling brave).

Family and friends- 
Emotional support can always help, a random hug can stop me feeling alone, tolerance to the fits can help a lot. Supporting me with my projects if you can will always help I have so much work I'm involved with help is invaluable stuff. Here are some more direct tactics you could use to help me...
1. LET PEOPLE KNOW, try get it to GO VIRAL, A HACKER, SOCIAL MEDIA, FORUMS, HUMAN RIGHTS ORGANISATIONS. A COPY OF MY BOOK OR AUTISM WORK WILL DO in a pinch. You could always edit, add to or create ways to make it some information on me go viral. One key strength we have is the content of my blog is in world interest, these issues effect everyone, really; everyone. I have been told a few times my book has a 'different' effect when someone realises it's all true, maybe advocating this aspect will help.

My readers and people online- 

u need to be careful, you could easy get the attention of MI6 or the CIA, be very careful if you think your within their reach like in the UK.  

GOING VIRAL passing information on is a main tactic. If your well versed in autism you could improve and circulate my Autism Work (happy to share credit btw), if your skilled with computers you could package and send out information people on-mass, if you read you could do extracts from my book. If all else fails get a kitten, get it to look really terrified at camera and do a voice over say 'please help Damion at 

NETWORKING- you could send out information to people/organisations in positions of power on my behalf to try get them to act. The majority of people would support us good guys, we more want what everyone would want, it's just again getting a power base together.


THE WORLD MEDIA ROUTE- Rupert Murdoch is CIA controlled now to avoid news international. Much on my blog a reporter should be really interested in, forwarding it to journalists increases me being put in a paper ect, I imagine after one story is printed it will become a landslide, I get famous, the UK caves in on MI6, I can then find my freedom and get back to work.

THE BEST IDEAS PAY- Know/let others know information on me and all this will be worth a lot of money some day soon. People could get in the position to have useful information or an interesting story that is potentially worth money. An example 'I asked my followers to phone brid police on my behalf and request they help me and record this anonymous call. Hehe, some people actually did as well, they didn't put themselves at risk and they have a recording that's worth money some day soon. If you were feeling brave a letter to Downing Street you record asking for me being helped, it would be worth money in itself and would be worth money to me and the media. You should try think out of the box and think of ways a secret service won't notice, like not letting me know, using other accounts, covering up your IP address. Any takers please contact me when the time is right with regard to these stratergys. I'm happy to help people make money, especially if it helps me/us beat all this.

THE MOST EXPENSIVE GADGET EVER- A foreign country used a device that can only be recorded on once to measure the electromagnetic radiation produces, at the same time they disrupted my bug for a second resulting in me staggering and nearly falling. Pulsing a very high frequency at neural frequencies (0-100hz) should cause noticeable effect. If you invested in this and recorded me stumbling you have proved I have a bug in me and am reliant on hypnosis, David Cameron had to go to Kazakstan was it July 2013 in humiliation to buy it back, he cut £40 billion off spending to pay to buy it back, MI6 have made me sure he paid £50 billion for it. It would make it the most expensive gadget in history, I'm not sure how much Apollo eleven cost...hmmm. A device like this would be worth a lot in a few ways, this idea is more for my organised readers/people with recourses.

BE PREPARED- Buy/get/build a near field controller/suppressor. This stops bugs working, you have one you have a cornerstone of any psychological security.



FIRST CONTACT- if a group organisation would like to make direct (in real life) contact with me which can happen now my shrinks are all over the world and can provide hypnotic support (two shrinks are needed to keep my lobotomy taking effect), here is some information you'd need to make a meet up work...

A good aim would be getting a new conscious net (network of shrinks). Doing this would change absolutely everything. It would definitely be best done logically and not spoken between the lines at all, I find this difficult. Just tune into my bug, chat with me with hypnosis then come up and wave at me and keep chatting, This will be new to me so unfamiliar but I'm sure would soon actually be a relief, chatting in person with spectral hypnosis is so much better, bug communication causes some type of unpleasant stress. You say what you can offer and anything you need from me and we get me to a secure conscious net. I'm happy to offer my skill set to good people, I'm happy to help people make money ect.

Note; you have to take into account my situation like the drug device they have in me, I can not make complex decisions quick on the drugs, I can hold it together just about though. My Autism is mild but still a pain, I need to be feeling bright and happy to decode subversion, to be logical not subversive.
The only thing I ask of groups who would help is to be the good guys. I'm pretty easy to control, just don't be evil and I'm happy to work with you.

Just some ideas for you guys

Monday, 8 September 2014

Press clipping- Tony Blair faith foundation

This is a clipping from the daily express today. It is about Tony Blair misusing his charity 'the Tony Blair faith foundation'. My opinion is it is a danger someone involved in so much mind control on such a large scale should be involved in world religion, my view is it is a very dangerous thing indeed. Damion

Monday, 25 August 2014

Protein manipulation technology

An idea- for my protein manipulation machine (the one that relaxes the body on a cellular level) the energy in the em field needs to flow downwards to relax hydrogen bonds, from a high frequency to low, and the opposite to reconnect the bond. This machine should be very useful. An idea I just had. Damion 

Saturday, 16 August 2014

A Phoenix stone

A photo of me holding a Phoenix stone (I used a camera trick to get this effect) Damion 

Friday, 15 August 2014

Random chance, coincidence, something else and a confused agent

I had something strange happen, a strange story I'd like to add to my book one day, I personally find it pretty unbelievable, but it actually happened, lol it's like random chance has played a trick on me. It involved two birds and two coincidence and and one freaked out agent. Just to log it it was three weeks ago, and it's first flight about a week ago. Damion

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Kevin and Kelly residents at Hawthorn court mental institute

Kevin the old man on hawthorn- The white delta wave field helped Kevin a lot, he stopped coughing up flem, his lungs sounded a little dry, he beathed more easily and seemed better in himself. But yesterday he was as bad as when I first met him, he was constantly trying to cough up flem, dribbling, he was even shaking now which I've never seen. I saw them removing a black field made from PR's mind, well from his lungs. I'm hoping they put the delta field back, it relaxes all the cells in his lungs, it probably increases the lungs surface area, it works how my protein manipulation technology works I mentioned in an earlier post (by breaking hydrogen bonds in proteins through an electrostatic reaction).

Kelly Ray- she has a severe patrician, they are doing a stupid experiment, they stole her Luke's net and synchronised it with my mind. 

This explained- if you gen a green triangle in front of you, then run your hand across the space between your mind and the green triangle you should sense some energy, this is actually how the universe which is pretty cool (quantum particles that make your mind turning into photons). Now you will find it's possible to sever this chain of energy, you can cut it off with a gen'd sword if you find this difficult. This is desynchronising the net, doing the opposite is possible, this is how they synchronised me with Kelly's Luke's net.

They made the mistake of me catching a look at it, it has red bits in it, red is hyper delta, I'm not sure if there will be a hyper delta net that has formed in her brain of if it's just in Luke's net. One thing I know is the Id is involved here. I've told mi6, don't give me an inch with this kind of thing. (This is based on the saying 'give them an inch they take a mile).

I'm on the spectrum so it might help her me adapting to this net, I'm sure they want to transplant it back. Unfortunately they are holding a thick black field in the middle of it, a stupid experiment. Why should these scum be allowed to do work that effects the whole world. The only useful things come from me. Bumbling nazis.

The CIA take over of MI6 and where this all started

At the end of the Second World War, the nazis were defeated, the father land was no more...We had won a long and bloody war. The war was won, but it wasn't the end of the Nazis brutal ways. Some of their scientists found their way to the west plying their narrow minded science for the CIA, the scientists planned a slow and much longer war, a much more subversive war.

The CIA took on these scientists from the third reich, ones who conducted brutal experiments in concentration camps and the like, they showed the CIA the apparent benefits of their methods, and how people could gain results from this cold methodical 'doing what's it takes' abuse. This was the scientists way of indoctrinating people in the CIA, by making them money, by giving them what they wanted, and I am sure by letting people make all their own decisions on their subversive walk towards indoctrination. 

The Nazi scientists working with the CIA lead to such unthinkable experiments as 'MK ultra' and 'Monarch mind control' taking place. For those who don't know Monarch mind control it is traumatising a person so much they completely repress the memory of what happened, in the CIA today they regard it as more of a 'procedure', this is just Nazi BS to make it sound expectable. All they did with these experiments was basically torture people as badly as they could while saying 'do what we want' to all intent and purpose (by the way, just a note for the CIA; Your sick projects were worthless, a second rate science for people who can't do things the right way, also; completely outdid these projects, did nothing wrong, hurt no one, took me tewnty minutes*).

I know for sure the CIA is now in the process of indoctrinating MI6 and trying the same tactic the scientists used but here in the UK. I fear other countries may be at risk of this tactic. I guess Spectral hypnosis has given the CIA this opportunity. They have been 'helping' MI6 get more and more money and power inside the UK for some time, too much power, MI6 is meant to operate only abroad but has changed its roll, the heads of MI6 and many agents in MI6 are openly on the CIA payroll. I found this out after Luke went back to HQ, I got word he couldn't believe there was open expectance of CIA rule. MI6 has changed it's roll without the knowledge of our government, parliament or people. It has started taking control of big business, the press and more infrastructure, so if you control MI6; you control the UK. Great Britain is at risk.

It is like our country is fighting a virus in its immune system, a fight I guess that mirrors what happened in the CIA after the war. Even the Queen wants MI6 stopped which has lead to her facing problems, she would be seen as a threat because she remembers what Nazis did last time they threatened this country ana world, her generation remembers, something it is apparent is fading from living memory.

Many agents support me and my plan to fix things in the UK, something needs to be done, It's just getting in a position of power or in the press. Three GCHQ agents tried initiating an emergency plan a couple of weeks ago because of what's happened, I was told to put the code word COBRA online, it triggers an emergency plan. They tried isolating this agent from GCHQ, he had to rely on me putting it on my blog to get back up. We need people firstly knowing what's going on, then secondly fighting what's going on. Damion

'Your everything this country hates'-Queen Elisebeth the second summer 2013-

This is a comment rumoured inside MI6 to have been made by the Queen referring to MI6 and its takeover by the CIA, it was heard by me from a few separate sources.

*The comment is related to the 'Ripley and the Phoenix stone' chapter in my book, it felt like nearly an hour but under hypnosis time goes by very slowly, a quarter or third of normal, it was actually closer to twenty minutes. Professional pride of being better than Nazis is why I put this statement in.