Friday, 26 September 2014

The environment a Theta needs

Introduction to post

want to put this out on the net, for the people who have got hold of my semen and any others interested in us on the spectrum and our abilities. To explain the right way to do things. Just before Christmas David Cameron came up with a plan, it was to stop the Autistic disappearances happening all around the planet. The plan was to flood the market with my Semen. MI6 used the members of the Peadophile ring for this, they got them all having access to me, and I imagine used their contacts to distribute it, I'll write about this one day. They must have taken semen 30-100 times, much much more than nessesarry for people with labs. 
In this post  I'll try explain how to at least do things properly, with regard to my children. I have children from the 2003 sample that Ripley took they will be ten or so and children just being born. I would be happy to donate to a sperm bank if it was thought a good idea but I'd do it the right way and make sure my children got good lives, David Cameron came up with a plan, in doing so committed a new type of genocidal crime, the worst crime I know of in the invisible wars, whatever it should be called, God have mercy on his soul. 

This post explains how to get powerful spectral hypnotists from my children and others on the spectrum.

A Theta wave promoting environment

Happy=strong Theta waves. We are designed to be happy as Fuzz once described me. Theta waves are associated with strong degrees of happiness, if we're unhappy it pushes our development on, where we won't be as strong with hypnosis.

Highly social= strong Theta waves. We are very people based us Thetas, strong bonds with people stimulate us being happy, our emotions grow stronger, we learn empathy, our logic works more quickly (and we talk a lot). A close loving family, lots of friends and experience is the right environment for us to flourish.

Strong empathy= strong Theta waves. The strongest hypnotistis in history are all highly empathic, there is a direct link between happiness, a good environment, empathy and our hypnotic ability/potential. Empathy comes from a) being happy and b) around lots of people and even from pets. Emotions are a level of our intellect and a source of power, don't underestimate their importance.

The right environment= strong (Theta style) problem solving= We learn from questioning the people around us, I'm  useless at maths and spelling and pointlessly remembering facts so don't expect an across the board A-grade students. I personally am mediocre at everything, it's general science, shape interpretation, general problem solving and poems where my strengths are. I always wanted to learn about the unknown like Black holes ect and to be challenged, like I like to learn backwards, from the unknown back to Newtonian rather than how I was taught. We learn very well from talking and questioning and understand in shapes a lot I.e a hierarchy is a triangle, a black hole is that heavy it sinks into the background (not infinitely small as I was annoyingly taught). A small class size would be best, a varied exiting education makes us lean very quickly, a Theta dominant teacher/female would be ideal. I taught others to a degree in science in school, I sat next to someone who struggled in science and had to learn how to explain things simply to him when I had done my work, this promoted learning about learning. Realistically my children won't problem solve like me untill close to my age. I've being a Theta and developing my style of association 35 years.

No EMT until 21= strong Theta waves. If you EMT with people not in the last stage of development it pushes them towards it, I've heard it happens quite quickly. Us adult Thetas adapt but stay the same, children just adapt. Thetas get stronger as we age, the longer you wait the stronger we are. Too much EMT creates a condition like Beta type autism. You would be best finding a well trained shrink of mine and simpily waiting. Some things just take time, adult/my abilities have a certain sharpness to them children lack. An Adult Thetas waves are much stronger than a child's, if you learn from them you end up with piss weak fuzzy frequencies as I tell all of my shrinks.

Programming won't work- some things we only really learn the hard way. The CIA are trying to programme their failed experiments otherwise known as my children, it's why they have done many of the experiments on me and others (including Gareth Williams). This won't work. A parody- You have two men, they are on the same long journey. The men see a carriage being pulled by an Ass, one of the men is offered a ride on a carriage, the other is not. One excepts the ride, the other has to walk. They two men may arrive at different times, but at the end of the journey who is the stronger of the two.


Misery will force my children into a later stage of development. Being kind to my children will have rewards. It is also necessary to wait, They will get stronger the older they get like me. We have childhoods that last a lifetime. Damion

Monday, 22 September 2014

Peadophile ring update

The peadophile ring have a set up to abuse children, I recently hacked this out of one of them. They get bugs into children by having them placed in sweets. The guy is known as 'the sweets/sweeties guy' to the children at a London school. All you need is a bug within a few feet of you and you can be in a hypnotic state with someone on the other end. South London was mentioned yesterday but after I found out they use sweets to get their bugs into the playground. They will be able to hear these children think, feel their emotions, manipulate physical sensation and a lot more. This needs to stop, the public need protecting, they need to know. Damion

Saturday, 20 September 2014

The Scotland referendum

The referendum in which Scotland decides to stay as part of the United Kingdom or not is over.

I'm happy to say the Scots decided to stay with us. We have been a union of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales for nearly 400 years and have achieved a lot together and changed the world together. We're a kind and innovate people, I'm hoping the world will see more of this side of us in the coming years.

So the votes over, I'm glad we're still one country. I'm glad the Spectral hypnosis situation didn't effect the referendum in any way. We are a stronger country together, a better country together.  Damion 

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

A diagram-The EMT triangle (showing the early spread of my hypnosis)

This diagrams shows how my abilities have been EMT'd to more and more people. For those unfamiliar to the term EMT is short for 'electromagnetic transference', it is how my hypnosis is passed on. It is not really learnt but more passed on with EMT. It makes it feel like you've always known the skills you've been taught if done right.

A request to my readers (and plans)

I've been thinking, I should put up ideas and stratergys for people helping me. There could be plenty of  you guys (my readers) who want to help but don't really know how. I guess I should view it in levels, there will be my friends and family and people who know me in real life, my online readers and Facebook friends, organisations and groups of people and also large organisations like say big buisnesses,government departments and even foreign countries.

I'm pretty good with problem solving so a few different strategies should be easy to come up with.

Ok, the plan is to try get my hypnosis to work properly, a psycho-civilised society as I call it. I need to get famous I think, either that or having power over the bad guys which would be difficult but far from possible. These are my SOS plans for you guys (if your feeling brave).

Family and friends- 
Emotional support can always help, a random hug can stop me feeling alone, tolerance to the fits can help a lot. Supporting me with my projects if you can will always help I have so much work I'm involved with help is invaluable stuff. Here are some more direct tactics you could use to help me...
1. LET PEOPLE KNOW, try get it to GO VIRAL, A HACKER, SOCIAL MEDIA, FORUMS, HUMAN RIGHTS ORGANISATIONS. A COPY OF MY BOOK OR AUTISM WORK WILL DO in a pinch. You could always edit, add to or create ways to make it some information on me go viral. One key strength we have is the content of my blog is in world interest, these issues effect everyone, really; everyone. I have been told a few times my book has a 'different' effect when someone realises it's all true, maybe advocating this aspect will help.

My readers and people online- 

u need to be careful, you could easy get the attention of MI6 or the CIA, be very careful if you think your within their reach like in the UK.  

GOING VIRAL passing information on is a main tactic. If your well versed in autism you could improve and circulate my Autism Work (happy to share credit btw), if your skilled with computers you could package and send out information people on-mass, if you read you could do extracts from my book. If all else fails get a kitten, get it to look really terrified at camera and do a voice over say 'please help Damion at 

NETWORKING- you could send out information to people/organisations in positions of power on my behalf to try get them to act. The majority of people would support us good guys, we more want what everyone would want, it's just again getting a power base together.


THE WORLD MEDIA ROUTE- Rupert Murdoch is CIA controlled now to avoid news international. Much on my blog a reporter should be really interested in, forwarding it to journalists increases me being put in a paper ect, I imagine after one story is printed it will become a landslide, I get famous, the UK caves in on MI6, I can then find my freedom and get back to work.

THE BEST IDEAS PAY- Know/let others know information on me and all this will be worth a lot of money some day soon. People could get in the position to have useful information or an interesting story that is potentially worth money. An example 'I asked my followers to phone brid police on my behalf and request they help me and record this anonymous call. Hehe, some people actually did as well, they didn't put themselves at risk and they have a recording that's worth money some day soon. If you were feeling brave a letter to Downing Street you record asking for me being helped, it would be worth money in itself and would be worth money to me and the media. You should try think out of the box and think of ways a secret service won't notice, like not letting me know, using other accounts, covering up your IP address. Any takers please contact me when the time is right with regard to these stratergys. I'm happy to help people make money, especially if it helps me/us beat all this.

THE MOST EXPENSIVE GADGET EVER- A foreign country used a device that can only be recorded on once to measure the electromagnetic radiation produces, at the same time they disrupted my bug for a second resulting in me staggering and nearly falling. Pulsing a very high frequency at neural frequencies (0-100hz) should cause noticeable effect. If you invested in this and recorded me stumbling you have proved I have a bug in me and am reliant on hypnosis, David Cameron had to go to Kazakstan was it July 2013 in humiliation to buy it back, he cut £40 billion off spending to pay to buy it back, MI6 have made me sure he paid £50 billion for it. It would make it the most expensive gadget in history, I'm not sure how much Apollo eleven cost...hmmm. A device like this would be worth a lot in a few ways, this idea is more for my organised readers/people with recourses.

BE PREPARED- Buy/get/build a near field controller/suppressor. This stops bugs working, you have one you have a cornerstone of any psychological security.



FIRST CONTACT- if a group organisation would like to make direct (in real life) contact with me which can happen now my shrinks are all over the world and can provide hypnotic support (two shrinks are needed to keep my lobotomy taking effect), here is some information you'd need to make a meet up work...

A good aim would be getting a new conscious net (network of shrinks). Doing this would change absolutely everything. It would definitely be best done logically and not spoken between the lines at all, I find this difficult. Just tune into my bug, chat with me with hypnosis then come up and wave at me and keep chatting, This will be new to me so unfamiliar but I'm sure would soon actually be a relief, chatting in person with spectral hypnosis is so much better, bug communication causes some type of unpleasant stress. You say what you can offer and anything you need from me and we get me to a secure conscious net. I'm happy to offer my skill set to good people, I'm happy to help people make money ect.

Note; you have to take into account my situation like the drug device they have in me, I can not make complex decisions quick on the drugs, I can hold it together just about though. My Autism is mild but still a pain, I need to be feeling bright and happy to decode subversion, to be logical not subversive.
The only thing I ask of groups who would help is to be the good guys. I'm pretty easy to control, just don't be evil and I'm happy to work with you.

Just some ideas for you guys

Monday, 8 September 2014

Press clipping- Tony Blair faith foundation

This is a clipping from the daily express today. It is about Tony Blair misusing his charity 'the Tony Blair faith foundation'. My opinion is it is a danger someone involved in so much mind control on such a large scale should be involved in world religion, my view is it is a very dangerous thing indeed. Damion