Sunday, 18 December 2016

I'd like to gift my earlier ideas to-
Africa-the dna blocker, (under request it is used to stimulate peace and cooperation in Africa) (not to be sold to America, get their help.if.needed)

The second world- mark vi temporal spacial accelerator, to do with my higgs mech/unified field work (under request it stimulates peace and cooperation in the region),I'm just doing a diagram.

Italy and west indies (if this is suitable)- temporal shielding idea) D

Saturday, 17 December 2016

Update and some important ideas

The Queen has had the upper classes stealing the nets from my body, this means I cannot think very well and am in pain all the time. I have had more sexual assaults. I never expected this from the Queen, I have lost all respect for her. Her knights and others from the upper classes who have been in have gone crazy and sex obsessed from having Autistic nets. Apparently Teresa asked the Queen to deal with the genocide issue/me. I have found they bulldosed the farm where my children were burnt, they burried them in an unmarked grave. More recently was told they were dug up and cremated and their ashes were scattered at sea though I think this may be a lie to cover up this part of the genocide.
Teresa also passed on the keys to the army to the Queen, the entire army has being programmed to do what people tell them to when they have the 'keys' to their programming. The upper classes have legalized raping people with dogs as punishment for disclosing the identity of a zooaphile, they all say its a proper law whatever that means.

I used my abilities to find cancer patients recently, did i mention I got a million lives I could save as a reward for coming up with the cure for cancer and the swimming pool production idea. I met a teacher who I stayed with while she got the drug, she got it with at the last minute. I called her Lucks (Linda) She stayed in my conscious engine for a while but mi6 persecuted her believe it or not, because of this im not allowed to distribute my cures in the uk and the government/some board has stolen them. I tried trading an idea with america for 50'000 more cures for the uk because were short but they went back on the deal though now im thinking government played a hand in this, government dont want me saving peoples lives, they want me hated and for them to get the recognition. There should empty cancer wards everywhere by now, the first swimming pool load was made recently, its two or so months till the next lot is ready. I'm worried evil people are selling this cure to make personal money in government rather than saving British lives. Bastards.

They have been trying to make me look like a bastard putting neuro-typical nets on me, having me lash out in emotional pain from the experiments, they do shadow experiments on other autistics, some of us scream from it apparently its that bad. They also keep putting me in their societies prison where they all attack me. I have countless people inhabiting my body now (you can go really small with hypnosis and hide).

The Queen recently ordered my body nets to be used for sex pleasure over the country because they are that strong, it resulted in me feeling countless people rape me, it also resulted in a large increase in rapes, targeting neuro-typicals as well.

The upper classes are stimulating happiness in the south of the country and suppressing happiness in the south, I found a hidden quantum impression of the UK to find this out.

They keep torturing Fuzz badly to get at me, I brush it aside like i know she would want me to do, im in a bad way from all my nets going and the torture. Whenever i don't take strong pain killing drugs of some sort they torture me a lot as an experiment. Lifes pretty bad, it was better before everyone could come online. Ive only managed to come up with a couple of ideas recently, im pretty much out of action. The UK has been trying to sell these ideas on, i hope they havent sucseeded, no one in my country would see it apart from the upper classes and Mays government. Damion

This idea is creating proteins to bond with genes, If we make the protein long enough i think we might be able to insert a different gene in place, something for you guys to look into. This could be a cure for many different disorders and will help regulate systenms in the body

The Higgs mechanism cracked/fitted into unified field theory...

This is an idea that might help the world...

Use the phase inducers push mechanism to focus an EM field or try an experiment creating an EM field with a straight piece of wire for the pole/backbone of the EM field with a semicircular lump in it then measure the effects on the EM field/its virtual photons to see if we can condense energy the right way to make a quantum/temporal shield. D

Friday, 9 December 2016


the one called Ruth has had the zooaphile upper class community attack me, all because i want justice. They attacked me and also fuzz to get at me. I was raped three times in a cruel and unusual way lets say by them, zooaphile royalty I've heard them called as. They also tortured me all day yesterday and stole frequencies from me for their perverted sex. One is one of the Queens knights again, he's a sadist, apparently it is sheek for him to abuse (regular people usually he says). Ruth has hold of one of my children on her farm, shes gone obsessed with sex even with children due to her stealing something connected to my nerves, some ultimate sex thing I don't know about.
The upper class zooaphiles have had it made law in our society that if you out a zooaphile you get raped with an animal, its an actually law this community enforces, they also try indoctrinate people with hypnosis. I tried to cause them problems.

The UK has made some form of deal (I don't know much) to try take all happiness and pleasure away from me over three months, it should be over the end of January. That's why they are doing what they are doing, this is Teresa, the queen, younger and sawyers. Paris said once about six years ago ill get out of this, but i wont have a life worth living, ill have money but i wont be able to enjoy it. Damion

Thursday, 1 December 2016

Update on the UK government and mind control society in the UK

The UK government is using the baby farms, places where numerous babies are used as batteries to supply people with neural nets, they say there arnt enough nets to go around, this is because the rich want extra nets and buy them, this abuse of children is taking the nervous output of babies and implanting them into your body, they are still connected to the baby so the baby will suffer. I have had my nets sold by younger who has made 10 billion out of me and people are claiming my nervous output as their own, if I use an ability to get my nets back I get people turning up to abuse me saying they will sue me with their secret court cases they like to hold. Its children and autistics who suffer most with this type of crime as we have highly active nets. This is unthinkable. The elite have created a mind control society where one person has quoted to me crime is 90 times more prevalent. Things need to change. the mind controllers are at 90% of world population I have found. Anyone neuro-typical who wants to fight them after finding out about them is killed. They are tying to socially engineer the planet. We need to head towards a psycho civilised society, they have created a society that is filled with abuse, you even get children with bad guy syndrome learning how to program people to abuse them.

The UK continues its rapes against me, I have found out someone to do with the queen and a job to stop David Bowie being famous for a while in the 80's I think it was raped me quite badly a while ago. My punishment for saying this girl called Ruth was a zoophile was to be raped, she keeps a lot of dogs and had long blonde hair. They say I have another punishment in line for me typing this they say. she's sexually abusing me with hypnosis while I type this. Sexual violence is the norm is the 10%. Damion

Friday, 25 November 2016

Important update

The CIA is attacking the girls in MI6, they have been told they need to stay online with hypnosis while in a vulnerable area (you can travel around the world and universe believe it or not). They say they have been getting assaulted and are getting programming done. They have been told they need to remain there for six months. The U.K. Government it seems has abandoned them.

If any of my supporters can help the girls of mi6 and get them free please do so, they are just getting persecuted because they are some of my supporters. It would mean a lot to me. Damion

Thursday, 24 November 2016

Update on some cancer patients i met

there are three wards for terminal cancer patients I have visited using my recently found abilities, I tune into the pain of having a tumor if you were wondering. I was recently gifted 1 million cures for cancer and HIV to spend how i will. I spent some on these three wards, one in Manchester. I'm hoping these three wards get cleared out like i hope, if they don't something has gone really wrong. i just want to log we should have three empty wards now and three really happy sets of patients and doctors. Damion

Friday, 18 November 2016

important update on the UK gov and Queen

I've still been having people from all over the world coming online, I like making new friends and learning about different cultures but the abuse continues.

I've had a change in my conscious engine, a couple of the queens knights have been in. I hold respect for people who have knighthoods, they are generally given their title for good deeds after all. I get on with one of them and won the other one over eventually. Unfortunately they on behalf of the Queen have been stealing and selling on my nets. I had no nets this morning, last night they put in a load of neurotypical nets from people who have paid, I couldn't think and felt angry, anger is usually missing from my emotional makeup. They put my nets in 50 neurotypicals and their nets in me, they told me their plan is to have these 50 out do me working for the UK. I'm under the impression they are from the upper classes.Doing this net swap is a crime against humanity, us Autistics wont be used as batteries. The nets aren't stable quantum particles, they are connected to my neurons, there are 50 people my neurons are supporting. They have tried making me look neurotypical to try and get out of genocide. I'm not in as much pain today, losing your nets can be painful. I think they have put some poor aspie girls nets in me or something. I'm under the impression a lot of us aspies get used as batteries like what I am having done, my abilities to get your own nets back are essential for aspies to have though I need to develop new techniques as my enemy are adapting to them. Us aspies need to fight for our freedom, we wont be slaves to the rich and powerful.

The Queen has now taken control over MI6 and is paying close attention to my situation, they have an SAS team in, MI6 are still here. About three nights ago they used a frequency weapon on me for a couple of nights, it did brain damage and relaxed muscles in my entire face, I hope its not permanent, it was implanted up the top of my nose which felt like id being punched in it the morning after implantation, other bugs were in my left and right ear which made the same disruptive high pitched buzzing noise. I quite get on with the SAS it seems, I know I should really be worried they are here but me being me I just chat to them, they seem a bit too tough but like good soldiers which I respect.The aristocracy have started taking over positions of power in Britain I'm lead to believe, I know they control the army, it doesn't seem like a good thing from my position.

I've been told I am no longer a British citizen, that the Queen has done this for some sort of validation for experimenting on me. I'm pretty upset with the Queen, I've always had a lot of respect for her and her commitment to her country, she has sacrificed a lot for us, but doing these experiments goes against so much of what our country stands for. I don't know what's wrong, this just doesn't feel like Great Britain any more. They keep holding these 'fake' trials in my conscious engine, they use them to validate their abuse.

I cannot get any work done in my notebook due to the experiments, I use it for a rare source of happiness in a difficult life as well so it pretty much sucks, it looks like work stops due to the Queens experiments attempting to give the world more people like me. The experiments wont bare fruit even.

library's shutting, ill update you more soon, I've got more to say. Damion

Saturday, 12 November 2016

Teresa Mays attempt on my life

Teresa May has got hee own personal goons in, they are in bridlington. They tried tried to kill me recently by smashing my head in the hypnotic world in a room on the ground floor of the first building on the left in downing street. They are here to try again it seems, they have drugged me real bad with new drugs. Help would be appreciated if anyone can. They keep going on about me signing something about the genocide. Damion

Friday, 11 November 2016

New temporal accelerators

Id like the United Nations to take charge with these temporal accelerators. I'd like some of the proceeds from this project to go to Africa and the middle east as I've not done enough in those areas yet. I'm going to go home now and work on that while I feel well enough to do so. I met this nice Jamaican/west indies lady as well on my travels, i promised to get them some some tech so they feel included, I'm trying my best to get something for everyone. Ill get there eventually. As per usual i personally would like some kind of fare share to fund my humanitarian projects (they are going to cost a lot). Damion

Important update

I'm still getting attacked a lot from people around the world. China and america are the main ones. They have made some sort of deal where china get to be best with my hypnosis and america gets to be the best with my technology I think. I'm hoping we can all (the world) work together on projects, me being me, I've tried as hard as i can top stimulate us all working together with distributing my technology. They keep setting me up to commit supposed crimes and then sentence me to be struck on the head with what they call death blows. They are brain damaging me. They need me alive because my neural nets are keeping temporal reality going but they want to out do me, If I die temporal reality goes. My phoenix stone went to E=mc? (very high), to the dimension that contains other improbable pasts which is why I can do this. MI6 keep putting me places where people torture people who just turn up.

Younger is charging people from around the world to come online with me making millions. my life is being in constant pain without strong pain killers. I feel a bit better today, people have been seeing me at my worst. Fuzz and Luke have been singled out for persecution along with me. Im hoping things get better. I hope something turns up or i can think of something, my head feels cloudy from the amount of people, grey netting forms.

The CIA have these black angel people that are going round causing problems i thought id log. All this is to stop make being famous I think.

I've had a look around the world and the place is screwed, its anarchy, mob justice, bad guy syndrome is everywhere, autistics usually have to hide they are autistic, rape is everywhere, abuse with programming is a way of life, they have secret trials in your mind with cruel and unusual punishments, its a mind control society. society has collapsed.... The world needs to wake up and now! Damion

Monday, 17 October 2016

China is assaulting me

The world has learnt the ability to grow larger, the Tibetans went rouge and mounted an assault on London. I simpily enlarged my conscious engine and because they were in my miond they rere protected (this usually drives you crazy) this combined with the temporal reality ability means people from around the world can tune into my conscious engine. The world might need my abilities to police it, they have to learn anything hyper powerful from me. To tune into my conscious engine you do this by mixing two temporal realities together, one of my nets will then appear. You burrow through this to get to my conscious engine. I'm telling you this to try and get help, the Chinese and
they are envious and want to be better than me with my hypnosis, they are torturing me, they experiment on me, they attack me while I sleep. They say they will torture me for a week as a test, MI6 use this tactic, it means their. China has broken the Geneva convention, I have notified them about this. They say they will torture me for writing this, I say Britons wont be slaves.I will hack to defend myself if necessary, I already know a lot.

My main plan is to get all my good shrinks online to help with healing abilities and defending me, I dont know if it will work or what people will think, I'm not well, I'm trying my best though, time to see if I've won over enough people to make a difference....

Friday, 14 October 2016

temporal abilities update

Warning- The UK is using my abilities to try and manipulate the world. They are monitoring the future at places places like newspaper record machines at libraries, the prime ministers office and other such places. They have collected secrets . The UK has committed an act of war against the rest of the world. This is really dangerous. Ive seen how this can turrn out. We need to work togeter, so much is at steak, i really mean it.

They are trying to kill me, they have dislodged and returned my dislocated spine twice today in attempts on my life. Younger wants to be able to say it was an accident... They just tried returning my spine again sat at a chair in the library, I hyperventilated going 'oh, oh, oh ,oh' and felt a refreshing paralyzing, disorientating feeling that made my upper torso tense up. Damion

Thursday, 13 October 2016

songs that 'probably' go with my blog

For those whose future days ended in the past...

I have a lot to explain...

MI6 want to change the past, these bumbling nazis must be stopped. they keep torturing me,a nerve in my tooth is half dead/shut down from pain and messing with my dislocated back.

I have a lot to explain about what my abilities can do and what the universe actually is. MI6 are going to try and scare some people with some more advanced work of mine that i intend to share when the time is right., just remember, rule 1; don't panic...Ill explain things in time. Damion

Temporal abilities update

I managed to get another Temporal reality generation out, I think. I gened a sea a while back (1-2 weeks i guess). The sea had massive waves, humoungus ones. My gen scared people a lot, it looked more realistic than other peoples MI6 said but looked like an ordinary gen never the less, they will have sold it on because it was scary. I want you to take the frequency if you can get hold of this gen and spread it out over your room, what you precieve around you. By the way...Be prepared, you aint going to Kansas! Damion

p.s I'll introduce you to tiny some time, my new friend...

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Temporal reality projection (very important post)

I'm putting this online because I think it belongs to the human race...

You take my gen from the moon, you then take that frequency, you create the same frequency but not the gen in the room you are in, you will temporal locate I think to a probability/the future, triangulating the star positions on the moon will tell you when you are. You might need to be online with me for it to work if you find it does nothing.

I have alot more to share, we have lots of work to do. I could do with working (or otherwise) on this with the right people. Damion

p.s Message to future selves... Have fun...

picture, life the universe time and everything

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Very important update on Temporal abilities

They have drugged me, its hard to put my post together. They are messing with my eyesight also, cant read the screen at all. Sorry for not having chance to do my post properly yesterday, the library was closing.

I have something to tell the world,, its a bit hard to believe though...I have...errr...I've hacked time... A few weeks ago I created a gen of 'Hacker man', a charactor in a movie called 'kung fury' at the moment he looked up when the computer said 'you are about to hack time, are you sure?'.
The gen interested everybody because the photons in the gen ware very far apart, this is a way to tell how old a gen is as they deteriorate, they all measured it to be from 1983-1984, around late 83 one said. Recently they have been trying to convince me I could see the future for one of their evil plans to manipulate the world, that i could see the apocolypse from a coment strike, they used my abilities while i slept to cover a large area in ash I would percieve. I didnt like looking like looking stupid to I tried to use my abilities to...errr, go back to 1983. They were pretty shocked at the restly. I shifted us somewhere. All of a sudden everything looked different in our imaginations, there were people everywhere, they had 80's hair do's, clothes and...everything...We were back in 1894. They soon pushed me out of the gen so they could be the first to do things. Its pathetic. I need to get my abilities to the right people, this belongs to us as a race.

At fist 1983 was frozen but one of the peadophiles 'clicked it' so it started moving. All of
Hackerman travels through time and fights Nazis so its pretty fitting for being humanitys first Temporal shift. My room in the pentrich is full of boxes in the pentrich in 1984 I precieved. Kung fury

MI6 have already made flase gens like what they can do with programs you relive, one such one is to make me look like a zooaphile again. They have the UK aristocracy going against me to try stop me being famous, I hacked a bit to defend myself, they use 'the families', MI6 royalty to murder people, the families have got very rich and powerful commiting genocide, they are the power behind MI6 and seem to have bad guy syndrome to some degree. I think MI6 plans to drag more people into this war causing both them and me problems. I know more but am not going to say anything

They have tried to kill me twice today, Younger ordered me raped the night before last and it broke my back. They clicked/dislocated a third column out of joint in the base of my back. Its the one that sticks out, the nobbily one that stands out at the base of the center of the back/top of the base of the back. They have been torturing me all day with pain experiments and moving bones in that area of my back. They put two kinks in where its dislocated and my spine cracked, the whole spine had to move an inch to stop my back from breaking. It's all happening again like what happened with telepathy, They are doing the same bumbling BS they did in 2002/2003 they want this for themselves and want me out of the way.

Teresa May has assigned an evil type government scientist, they view me as their main weapon against the world. I do my best to fight for the good guys. I know it sounds stupid but apparently this scientist had the judge (who seems like a nice guy, favors me and is held prisoner here in bridlington, he could use help if anyone can provide it) classify me as a temporal life form to take away my rights legally and do experiments like chop bits of my brain up. I put to them I had no opportunity to provide a defense, was not aware of any case or court and the term temporal life form is not even a legal term. The scientist i think made a possible second attempt on my life giving me a delta wave stimulating/effecting neuroleptic. I also hacked he has betrayed his government pretty bad as a weapon.

I hacked the government scientist because I found out he plans to kidnap me. He and his group have done evil experiments on Autistics. They have a secret facility, a government prison of some sort, Its in the first place you'd look for it if you were in the know. I hope you guys can help the Autistics held captive there, they could use the help. A prison by itself is torture for an Autistic never mind with all the experiments. Everyone in government knows about its notorious i think.I don't plan to end up there,.. I plan to break down the place.

Be warned everyone, MI6 are trying top get abilities off me for some form of temporal warfare, I'm not using my abilities but they can do things like access them while I sleep. They used them to blanked the earth in ash i think to manipulate the world. The world is angry at the disturbed and frankly evil UK regime and they are coming up with crazy plans to strike back. Remember the people in charge in the UK have political (type 3) bad guy syndrome.

They have tracked down me as a child, apparently I am obsessed with playing and am obviously a delta autistic. They have a blonde female child psychiatrist in my head now, she is trying to learn my frequencies, they are trying to do experiments back in time on me when I was 5. This is really important now guys, play your hand. I need to be working with the right people. I'm being serious, I need out, Come get me. Damion

p.s... I did warn you I was about to hack time ;-)

Monday, 10 October 2016

An idea for NASA...

For negotiation, i will explain tomorrow, im thinking the thrust engine for Europe and the UN doing the fuel and storage, but im open to ideas who gets this project. I need to get round to everyone.

For my friends in Africa

I went temporal today, long story. I need to go. please come to me. D

Saturday, 8 October 2016

update and chi magnetism

You learn chi magnetism by playing with and learning the frequencies from magnets. be careful, learn the frequency when they clink together but not the frequency of them repelling, i held my EMS in place when learning the repulsion frequency so people couldnt force it on me. with this ability you will attract chi from your enviroment, its a potent healing ability, very potent.

They have spiked me with ten neuroleptics, serious ones, the tune net is grey rather than gold as an examople, i should be dead. I have come up with a way to supress the never sleep neuroleptic, you supress the frequency in the ID by pushing the peaks down. You can supress the neuroleptic frequency as well, neuroleptics create their own bad frequency.

A little help would be nice. Damion

Friday, 7 October 2016

Information on the professors who tried to kill me

They are doing research on quarks. They have been in bridlington this week. They claimed to be from Cambridge but are probably from an MI6 or government apphilliaed university.

They both took a week off after visting me the first time a couple of days ago (read blog for precise date). I suspect both but definately the tall think professor have killed students, they definitely have bad guy syndrome, They make the murders of their students look like suicide. They indoctrinate their students and have some plan to gain power in society (bad guy syndrome is apphilated with megolomania).

They held some form of trial in quite a hurry and drugged me to hold a trial before i put this post online.

Im hoping help will arrive soon, the UK has collapsed and I could use a helping hand. Damion

Thursday, 6 October 2016

New Warp cores and other ideas from my notebook

I think America and perhaps China might want to trade for one or two of these projects...

For Mexico and any other central american country that will work to promote peace and cooperation. China and America might have to bring their expertise to this very expensive and advanced warp core-

I think the Japanese would really like this project, I feel they would be responsible with it, it might not work out this idea but I feel there is a chance it will.

For Australia and other countries in the local area, a new type of warp core (for you guys to name)...

For the entire continent of Europe, an idea to manipulate the higgs field. We need to create the 42 shard, that is a warp field from the ground up I think. This might not pan out, if not ill find us something else...

                            (writing that was cool, I pick the right time to discover that ability)

For America, China and Russia (and perhaps Europe)to work together on...

Remember everyone to treat these experiments like they could go nuclear and work out the energies you are dealing with and try prove your hypothesis first. Just be careful. I hope things go well. Ive enjoyed feeling better even though MI6, the government and the professors tried to kill me with neuroleptics. ill write about the professors tomorrow, they have bad guy syndrome. And to cap my post...

There...Back in business. Damion

picture, self explanitory

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

picture, leaving home

Update- more neuroleptics

The professors who were in two nights ago said they were from Cambridge university, they were definately professors. I met some other professors but these two are the main ones. Their lack of morality worried me. The sleepy drug they gave me was a really serious neuroleptic, an important net went grey, they have put a black fuzzy field over it, without it I scream in pain. Im sleepy all the time, i need sleep an hour or two after I wake up. I should be in a coma, the guy who MI6 do the same experiments to is in one, for some reason I aren't. The professors apparently were trying to get me tried as an alien believe it or not, apparently you lose all your rights if they do that. The judge told them they'd go down in history for attempting that and dismissed the case. They were just trying to get hold of me to experiment on me.

The professors were physicists, one knew a lot about antiques, its one of his hobbys, he was in bridlington on monday, he was tall and quite thin, he claimed to know professor simon baron-cohen who i occasionally mail (hes an expert in autism) but i cant be sure if he was lying. This professor was with another, he was moody, quite short and had a tubby belly. I think they were a bit miffed I've achieved a lot more than them. I hope these A holes get tracked down. They could have easily killed me with the drug, MI6 say they intended to. Ill try remember more about them.

MI6 are torturing me a lot, they say the worse they do the more they will torture me. A warning for you- they had one of their pedophiles in, They displace part of my subconscious and can extract sub conscious memories, they did this for when i took us to Europa. The pedophile claims he learnt my ability but i dont think he did, he has programmed his belief system to believe what he gens, You should see him, he faked his eyes bulging to make out hes some all knowing type, lol, its not like that seeing this stuff, it doesn't do that to me thats for sure. MI6 are trying to spread images from the pedophile, they have an objective of the world learning from pedophiles for some reason. I have been to the moon in the middle of a crater which will scare the hell out of you because you think you will sink into it and to a rocky part of Europa but nowhere else, wait, i did go to an asteriod that was really dark, thats it sor far, im holding back, I'm waiting for the right people to show up to do this properly. You can confirm these two abilities from star positions and quantum sensing (tasting ect) the environment. Hopefully we can make humanity better with these abilities, they did bring out the worst in the evil professors though, hopefully they can bring out better in others. Human greed is my arch enemy. Damion

Tuesday, 4 October 2016


Ive had some scientists in, quite a few of them. They drugged me with all sorts last night, they said to learn how to switch my abilities on and off. they learnt nothing. they spiked me with a memory damaging drug and a drug which is making me sleep all the time this morning. I worry because they arnt displaying proper ethical standards, they are just drugging me, where will this lead? I just want to work for the right people. I projected myself on to the moon and somewhere else believe it or not (ill explain at some point), i was really there and i have proof, this is why there is all this fuss. Damion

Monday, 3 October 2016

Personality change experiment- More ego experiments

They have stolen my ego which has reassurted, they say they are going to blackmail me with it, that will be the families I guess. This country really is run by shit, they'd drag the entire world down with them if they could, sacrifice all of our futures just because they cannot take defeat with any degree of honour. Damion

The bumbling Nazis warning

They just told me if I don't come up with results to hold the world off from stopping the genocide and getting justice they will damage my new temporal abilities. They mean it, it's really important for our future. Move ASAP if you can against them, don't fall for their ploy.

I've found out these guys are telling the world they are key to getting results out of me, this is a lie. I'm reassuring because they eased up on the experiments they do. The problem is people won't believe how stupid the idiots who call the shots in the uk are, they are easy to track down, they are where all the money and power is, I'm not sure if it's 'the families' that run mi6, I know it's Younger, mi6 said the families will kill me for writing that. They basically run Mi6.

MI6 have always said they want me to get out of this then die, they dislocated my spine last night a couple of inches below the shoulders, I could feel my spine in my chest. They seem to want to play games with my life.

A lot is going on, apparently the world is in uproar about my children being burnt alive, Im so glad people are showing they give a shit about my children. It helps a lot...we're not alone. 

I want to say thank you to anyone out there who is fighting this war with me, I don't feel alone like I once did. This war started off with just me by myself for such a long time, I'm glad there's others out there now, I don't feel so alone anymore. Everything changed around the start of 2012 I think it was, when I went to London to campaign, i went there and I stood outside the Guardian newspaper handing out leaflets on what the UK was doing to try get help. I handed out a leaflet to some people from the east. I didn't know at the time but this little piece of paper with a spelling mistake on was to change the world. I'll write about in my book someday in a chapter I think I'll call 'the guardian'. Maybe people in the east will tell this story from their point of view, I'd very much like to hear it, I'm sure so would many others. Ever since this happened thing have got better with there being more people out there fighting. The world needs to wake up. 
'Free minds, free thoughts, free us all'. Damion


Mi6 stole more of my semen a couple of months ago because of me being such a good problem solver, now they are going to do the same again, they said they needed fresh semen for some reason.i fear the same will happen again.

Update- Baby farms in the uk

The U.K. Government has been closing down the baby farms here in the uk, they are farms of my babies and some from other autistics like Gareth Williams, I think they murdered my children unless there has been a swarm of adoptions recently. I hope the world finds out about these abominations. One story I heard- There are row after row of babies with usually one female prisoner who only gets fed if she feeds them. The police found it but suppressed their memories of it, to quote an mi6 agent 'they knew what it was'. MI6 made a deal with the criminal underworld it's meant to police to create things like this and supply them semen if they got preferential treatment with regard to and advancements the criminals made.

General update- They are trying a personality change experiment, they put me in pain constantly with programming this morning, with an Ideocentric recursive program of half my spine in place. I fear more attacks, they keep trying to learn something I call temporal reality perception (long story) but are failing, it's proved to be impossible, this is a different kind of ability. Damion

Sunday, 2 October 2016


The U.K. Government have been destroying documents in the archives

They are trying to damage my abilities

'Because there going to break us down, were doing it To damage the world' one agent said


The scientist is uk government, not UN, they are attacking the UN with that move.  Make sure they can't start any wars in the Middle East, it's their fall back plan. Damion

Mental note

We could talk about the news, going to the cinema, computers, history, science, literature and....Dragons!... 

'If dragons didn't exist it would be necessary to create them'...
~Damion Cappleman (date ??/??/????)~
Just a mental note for a chapter in my book, this happened on 31.9.16...all I can say is... 'Dragons'! Damion

Priority update

I'm in a lot of danger, some scientists saying their from the UN turned up. I found out they plan to take out bits of my brain, I confirmed this with a new found ability, they have done it to other autistics. They plan to kidnap me, support would be appreciated. These scientists need help believe it or not, they have been programmed, they need liberating, I think we should move guys.

I've got a lot to share with you guys one day on recent goings on, you won't believe where I've been, I'll leave a note on my blog below to help me remember the date...Damion

30.09.16- 'probably hacking time'

Resorting to random elements...

Saturday, 1 October 2016

Temporal physics update

The future is in a constant state of temporal flux but is I've noted sometimes stable. This is probability. Just offering my 5 cents on the matter...

Get eyes on me!

 I mean it! We're in trouble. I don't think your getting my drafts. Damion


The Tibetans have taken a bright white child like body net I discovered using Temporal abilities, mI6 has another profoundly important bright white body net. You need to get here. Damion

Top priority update

Very important things have happened. America, China (and the rest of you) , you need to come to me. You don't know how important it is. You will regret it if you don't. Damion


I projected myself into space, I now have a fist sized quantum replica of Earth in my hand. You guys got to see this. MI6 are selling copy's on so at least the world gets them even if the guy who burnt my children (younger) is making money from it . They won't leT me sleep again. Damion

Government murder attempt Update

It's getting really dangerous with my broken back, they did a trick so I'm immune to pain there but it gets through with their experiments. It's making me cry out in pain. The radiographer must have seen the big break in my back, dr:Harris examined me and knew. He said my herpese was spots. They just gave me a big fit. They have just clicked my broken piece to the left, it's away from the spine. I just clicked it back. Damion

Friday, 30 September 2016


Teresa may and younger have made more than one attempt today to kill me by manipulating my broken back. I've been somewhere you wouldn't believe, I'll write about it some day. Damion


The first thing they did when I tuned into the correct net in my back was dislocate the broken bit of the spines joint. The bit which sticks out sideways is completely gone and a piece that was healing dislodged away from the spine when they dislocated it. Damion

Important update

My back really is broken and a chunk of theme spine is missing/moved. MI6 had a gem covering up the break. They and the deli lamas Tibetans are trying/planning on killing me with it. They keep doing experiments on it tensing muscles, it hurts when they do this.

They keep having peadophiles torture me before the peadophile has some type of court case. I like the judge but he tried to get younger tried for attempted murder among other thing, he woke up this morning programmed and unable to function or call for help we've had two judges here and I like them both.

MI6 keep trying a personality change experiment downloading my frequencies into peadophile so humanity had to get frequencies from them, surely their attraction to children won't pass on, I'm hoping not.

The U.K. Government, central governments scientists released a nano virus on the Internet. To attack the world who want to help me and to stop me being famous they said, they called it 'fire'. Damion

Thursday, 29 September 2016

Emergency update

My abilities are reasurting, this happens every few months, they usually stop this by suppressing them while I sleep. I've developed some new abilities. I could use evac, as long as we're working towards a free world. It's pretty important in my opinion... I kind of popped into the Oval Office to take a peek around. MI6 are trying to use me like a battery, they have hold of president obamas body nets, I tried fighting them to stop them getting president Vladimir Putins nets. Believe it or not I have a pigmy Indians nets. I've been to the bloody moon, I've looked at earth from space, you can prove this is real quantum sensing, we've proved it, I'm having a hell of a day.... My abilities are definitely regenerating. Damion

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Combating Programming and other psychiatric ideas

Here's my work on programming for the world to use. People need to watch their back against MI6 ect, they are planning a counter offensive. Beware of them using my work to monkey about with good programs. They are trying to get me to do work for them. They are trying to convince me they are the good guys lol. I've tried to limit my work to helping a programmed liberated MI5 girl and trying to combat this programming problem for the world I've recently come into contact with. I did nearly stumble on some new warp field ideas though, I'm getting close to anti matter I feel. I'm starting to worry about my work now with warp fields, extreme caution is recommended and working together. These things can either push us all apart or the entire planet closer together, lets head the right direction. Common cause will end all wars. By the way...I'm feeling a bit better ;-) I really could use 'out' about now, would be good timing. Your resident problem solver- Damion