Sunday, 27 March 2016

Emergency Post

If there's any of my friends out there that owe me a favour, I need Fuzz evac'd from the country. You would need to come in numbers. Cameron has had Mi5 rape and sexualy mutilate Fuzz. Doing the same things they did to me to make videos. I have a dislocated spine from a recent rape, it's dislocated one joint below where it paralyses you. They keep drugging me.


My Emergency HIV Therapy

This is an emergency HIV therapy I developed for people who have no other options. There are three antiretroviral drugs that were developed that gives short term improvement in T cell count. If you combine these three drugs you can make an emergency therapy. I came up with this idea to save a friend. It is a working therapy.


Saturday, 26 March 2016

Situation Update

I've had shrinks in from central Gov. the past couple of weeks, after the London rebelion Dastardly had Mi5 put a cancer causing agent on my lungs, they expect me to get cancer within a year. The guys from Gov. go on about my children and Fuzz being raped to try and make me seem unstable, this isn't the case with a theta autistic, it makes me wonder what they're up to.
 I've found out that Cameron wanted to steal Dr.Database from the world and use it to his own ends. If it had taken much longer getting the post out the UK would have paitented countless compounds. I intend for Dr.Database to be used fairly perhaps a compensation scheme to compensate any economy adversly affected would be a good idea. Cameron's plan is to use my ideas against me. With Dr.Database I would ask for 1% of the profits for myself and 9% for me to give to charity and not for profit organizations much of which I'm willing to spend in the country which gives me the money I'd do this to try and add balance to making money.
 Cameron's Gov. is still doing the pain experiments, Fuzz has left the conscious engine I'm worried Gov. has handed her over to Mi5 again I think this is one of Cameron's plans to get at me. They've spiked me with a memory effecting drug yesterday that gives you retrograde amnesia. 


Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Dave Dastardly & his bad guys update

A nazi network has formed in Great Britian. Mi5 have all got bad guy syndrome, a team of shrinks that do a lot of programming have been trying to create the perfect agent. It's all gone badly wrong, they're basically crazy.  Fuzz was recently kidknapped by them, a guy with grey/white hair and beard arranged it ( One of the crazys/shrinks). She could use evac to America. I found out it was Mi5 not the CIA that was killing girls in London to stop the London rebelion.
I've noted 3 types of bad guy syndrome, nazi opperator which torturers get, nazi scientist which the crazys/shrinks get which makes them highly obsessive about their work and nazi politians like what Dave Dastardly ( David Cameron) has, this leads to little or no sense of right or wrong.
I found out Mi5 stole files from the archive to base their work on. They basically continued where the nazi's left off even mi6 are fighting with Mi5. The nazi network has formed in the UK. Something needs initiated. This kind of situation could go world wide in a few years if all the countries go down the same path as Great Britian. We need to draw a line in the sand.


Emergency Post

Communication is down. I can't put posts online. The world needs to know about Dr. Database. Dr. Datebase is the name I've given to an elemental design engine. It's a 3D matrix that goes through all possible combinations that elements can be combined. I've thought of plenty of perameters to add to Dr. Database. Like recursive elements engineering. Me and GCHQ have a fully operation Dr. Database, it has created 50 gerneric HIV meds, a recursive compound and I've thought about adding perimeters for protein engineering.
You will have to come to me if you want a heads up on perimeters. Dr. Database is dangerous on more than one level, It is technology I intend to share with the world fairly. This excludes Great Britian.

Signed Damion

P.s  If you get hold of a copy of Dr. Database, look in the game engine... I had to carjack  HIV research.

Friday, 18 March 2016

HIV replication inhibitor

This is my most recent attempt at me standing by what I said in the story of the first games. I would like to share it with Africa and America as a joint project. This is also a personal project of mine so would like to be closely involved. I'm hoping it's enough to get the job done...

Some scientific art I've done

This is my attempt at solving the 42 quantum dimensional puzzle...

Some pages from my notebook

I'm quite ill but mi6 have junked me up so I've got a bit of work done in the last couple of days, MI5 have been in torturing me, they all have bad guy syndrome. MI5 are scared they are going to get taken down, I've found they are trying to build a nazi network to survive. They are a real danger to the world. MI5 murdered the girls in London not the CIA, I really need to finish my last short story properly...

Some technology for Japan to look into...