Thursday, 25 July 2013

One of the bad things

Brain wave training

Brain wave training is a technique using Quantum Hypnosis to make your mind more active and make yourself more intelligent, MI6 told me about this technique in early 2013. I know little of brain wave training and its effects but I know how dangerous it is, it has unpleasant effects to things like morality in an attempt to stimulate and increase your intellect, it may have some medical uses. I don’t care to divulge how it is done, it is not one simple ability and even when done right it is damaging. If you read my book there is one experiment done on me with this and another in America though this part of my book is incomplete. I know brain wave training was bared for MI6 agents to practice it, I got told it caused too many problems so only the people at the top are allowed to practice it- so that would be Tony Blair, John Sawyers and John Scarlett.
I noted one agent who was cocky enough to think he could get away with me talking to him on the phone without me knowing, he knew about the brain and answered a bit too quickly for someone in his 50’s, he had a pleasant posh accent, I think it was Sawyers. There may be a change in Tony Blair’s reaction time to questioning since he started brain wave training if people study this. I've been told Tony Blair thinks he’s a genius nowadays. This scares me, I won’t let a master race of the rich and powerful who have bought my hypnosis be in control of people without my hypnosis.

On a brain scan both delta waves and gamma waves would be increased (the input and out put of our minds), it increases both input and output of the brain. Whoever had this scan done was a quantum hypnotist who has brain wave trained himself. How far would the wrong person with my hypnosis push this?

The solution to this is regulated hypnosis- People with my hypnosis I feel should have to pass a psychological test first, they should be happy with who they are for starters. People who want to be the most intelligent person on the planet are simply dangerous.

Buddhist monks learn to let go of things like money and power, I imagine there is more wisdom in this than first apparent. The experiments done to me and Gareth are about Tony Blair and his associates being able to take the best qualities from us Aspergers, to make some form of super human.

MI6 say I come across as lashing out when I write such things as this work, crimes against humanity have been committed and wars can go different ways because of things like quantum hypnosis, I cannot and will not be party to crimes against humanity.

There is familiarity with seventy years ago with what is happening here, what is passing out of living memory, there is a master race of the rich and powerful with the elements they want from autistic minds, the persecuted are autistic and children; some of the nicest people in the world, the fatherland is the mind control state which can easily be run from behind the scenes. The entire world needs to work together at adapting to this hypnosis. The wrong people got my hypnosis many years ago and it spread further than people know, if we keep it secret we risk having a master race, me and my shrinks are no better than any other human being.  Damion

Thursday, 18 July 2013

One of the good things

How my hypnosis keeps my neurons alive

This is some details on how I survived the lobotomy. The lobotomy was from a drug called Thorazine, this drug works by altering the chemical makeup of the frontal lobes, I am in hope this could lead to helping a lot of people. 

I was spiked with a massive overdose of Thorazine, whoever arranged the dose arranged it to be a lethal dose. They show me this quantum neural network as the white architecture in it dissolves from the drug, the frontal lobe area of this net went dimmer then disappeared. I survived against all odds because my hypnosis can actually support this kind of damage.  The neurons in my entire frontal lobe should have died, it is a very painful way to die. The nerve death goes all the way to the back of the motor cortex which controls movement including breathing. Death from this would look like suffocation (or a possible toxin I’m lead to believe).

This is a very important Quantum Neural Network called 'Charlotte's net', I named after my daughter-

-Thorazine works by altering the chemical makeup in the frontal lobes, the neurons there stop firing in a delta frequency.

-Neurons need the Electromagnetic field delta waves produce to function/metabolize.

-My hypnosis lets delta wave support come from another person. It was enough to keep me and my neurons alive.

-The high hz of my hypnosis (well over 100hz I think) is what can keep people alive with damage like this.

-The gamma brain wave is the binding brain wave, the very high frequency of my brain waves (and others with my hypnosis) means this brain wave can allow support to come from another person.

-I found out some degenerative nerve disorders work on the same principle as my lobotomy. If a degenerative nerve disorder works by changing the chemical makeup of the brain and stops it producing delta waves that leads to nerve death then my hypnosis could potentially stop this in its tracks. I hope my hypnosis can be used as a treatment. People would have to have my hypnosis and stay in hypnotic contact constantly; as soon as hypnotic contact is lost the nerve damage would happen very quickly. I've had to face this myself, MI6 described it as a fate worse than death, I just hope my hypnosis can save others from having to face such a thing. The range of hypnosis is only a couple of meters, a bug can vastly extend this.


I think I could even build a machine to mimic this aspect of my hypnosis though I know little of cost/size, It would have to be based on my/one of my shrinks brain waves, the recipient may also have to have my hypnosis. I’d need a physicist to help do the maths on this.

I’m tired of my hypnosis being held back just so patents can be made on machines like this when my hypnosis could have potentially saved so many people already. I’m under the impression this has already been built though I think whoever built it would need me to test and refine it, my other unique brain damage would also be of great use to whoever built this. I’d be happy to test a machine for any country that used my hypnosis in the right way (where my hypnosis is known about, policed, regulated and used in the right way and of course people on the autistic spectrum are protected). My hypnosis and this machine could help people all over the world. MI6 are torturing me with this lobotomy as I write this, as per usual it isn't easy working like this. Damion

Monday, 15 July 2013

Another possible attempt on my life

Here is a link to a video, I was spiked with a drug with one of their contraptions inside me, it made me sweat a lot. I swallowed salt water to sick it up, the day after when I washed it away it actually burnt the red dye away on these paving slabs. Just the other day I was looking up what causes Lukemia which I've heard the mother of one of my children has been diagnosed with. I think it might be a drug called benzine. Blair, Sawyers and Scarlet will try be careful on this attempt on my life, they will want people to know but there to be no proof. They even spiked me while I was awake for some reason, they want me to know. Damion

video- click me

An idea to help the world control my hypnosis

A have come up with an idea for a brain scan to help stop uncontrolled spread of my hypnosis.
People with my hypnosis have brain waves at well over 100hz. My scan would be a simple EEG mixed with stimulating these very high brain waves.

Quantum reality generation is at 100hz, the sound of our internal voices (telepathy) is above this range. If you come up with a method/methods of stimulating this like maths problems for internal voice stimulation or pictorial memorizing it should stimulate the high brain waves associated with my hypnosis. This technology would be useful to the whole world. Damion

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Mind control society tactics

Mind control society tactics

A list of some observed MI6 tactics

1. Religion and morality- God and our deep beliefs are a strong part of us all, they are a main way for MI6 to manipulate and control people. E.g.- I have seen them show a Muslim who I slept in the same cell with for a while a golden statue of some sort in his dreams, he would get on his knees and pray every single time they made him hallucinate this. I fear my hypnosis could be used to manipulate religions or even create them, I don’t care for false religions to be formed from my hypnosis or old ones to be manipulated. Dreams of god talking to you or even very convincing hallucination and a very strong feeling of love can easily be done.

2. Emotions-
Love- our partner, friends and children can be used against us. With hypnosis uncontrollable loving feelings can be forced upon us, quantum hypnotists can easily make you love. Our families can be subjected manipulation and control to control us.

Fear- From death threats, stimulating a strong sense of fear (the same as with love) is easily possible, I fear for the people of my hometown, apparently the CIA come down on people like a ton of bricks MI6 on people who fight back.

Anger- They will try and make you hate, hate has no useful place in the human mind, I’ve always pushed these feelings away, if you lash out I’ve always found it is accompanied by regret.

All emotions- Our emotions are braided to our logic, if our emotions are manipulated it can lead your decision making astray.

3. Sex- MI6 seems very obsessed with both sex and sexual abuse. My hypnosis can lead to very strong sex stimulation and addiction. Everybody can be subject to this, people can steal quantum body networks you can see with hypnosis- some of my shrinks actually collect nets to sell, one told me they had a quantum body net from a not to be named celebrity.
People they don’t like can have sexual dysfunction forced on them, there are ways to make areas go very unsensetive/knumb. Done to an extreme like on me this involved a lot of stretching/mutilation of all sexual orifices. If anyone has had symptoms like this you were abused by an agent of the UK intelligence community. They will try using strong sex emotions against you to alter your sexual tastes, a giveaway is very strong sex feelings in the bottom of your tummy, it will be a tactic they use more against the powerful, rich and famous to control them. It is also possible to effect a persons skin to make it lack natural oils, age very quickly and have a very puffy face, I've actually seen one star who has had this done.

MI6 would happily try and change someone’s sexual tastes to control them, imagine a very strong sex feeling in the pit of your tummy, they will use this tactic on people who are famous, or to stop someone being able to be famous.

4. secrets and blackmail- we all have private lives, MI6 will try and capitalise on this, a statistic I could mention the average UK citizen would serve 2 years in prison for every offence/violation they have committed. They can extract information even in your dreams, this relates to other things mentioned here.
I know their tactics, I’m where this hypnosis came from and I’m old enough so I know how defend my mind.  Be fearless if you have to face this, they may even try and make you ashamed, non of us are perfect; we are human beings, human beings are human beings.

5. Implanted memories- They will try and alter your thought process. In dreams they can search for memories, they will see what your memories look and feel like and then run through new situations with controlled hallucinations and stimulate your ego to implant them. This has happened a lot to people in Bridlington. I know one person who had an implanted memory in them; they liken it to being tortured, it is strong enough to form a trauma in the super ego. Just knowing this is possible is a defence against it, if you do not question you will not know.

6. Hallucinations and delusion and dreams- I know of one person who fired a fake gun off at me, they made believe he was in the matrix, if you don’t know of my hypnosis you can’t defend yourself.

7. Programming- Reactions to logic and situations can be pre programmed. Some programmes give you a sense of de ja vue when being relived.

8. Money- money can be easily used to manipulate many people. Mind control can get you a lot of money against the undefended.

9. Power- e.g  If you mind control the head of a police force you will have a lot of power over that force.

10. Attacking weak targets, if you are unaware you are vulnerable. If your not vulnerable for family friends and even children and others are at risk. My children have agents around them. The mother of one of my children had a bug in her; it was in the house where my daughter slept, just before she decided to sell her house.

11. Controlling Infrastructure (the mind control society)- MI6 is in the process of trying to Americanize Great Britain, this is so we can all be easily controlled if necessary, so whoever controls the people at the top control us all, some examples are-

They have made ‘TI UK’ a facebook group made up mainly of MI6 agents to control people who are up against MI6 by making friends and enemies online and to put out misinformation. People who are targeted will look places like here for help so this bypasses finding that help. I tried for years to find UK targeted individuals but then this group pops up with too many.

MI6 will probably move to the American tactic of trying to make out instead of them mind controlling people its aliens, god, demons, our neighbours or make it seem like we are basing our experiences on a movie (this actually seems to work on the Americans) to make the persecuted seem delusional.

They have tried to get control over our press and key figures, MI6 called the daily mail ‘the last free paper in our country’ when they published the information on Blair (someone needs a thank you for that one). Every main psychiatrist I have had has been MI6, even my mental health nurses, my new doctor is MI6 controlled, hypnotherapists, I tried for well over a year to find an Asperger Syndrome group, when I finally stumbled upon one they were MI6 (us Aspergers can’t lie very well at all). The police must have had hundreds of calls about MI6 doing there lobotomy torture in public (to stop people knowing I survived it intact) and they don’t respond, it looks a lot more like torture than an illness ive been told.

My impression is- We need a psycho-civilised society (a society adapted to what my hypnosis can do), Mind control societies are dangerous and they could spread around the world, what’s happening here isn’t about mind controlling all of us, its making sure if they want to mind control any of us they easily can. They didn’t expect one thing though... people will fight back. Damion

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Some elements of chapters I may not get to write

It looks like Tony Blair, John Sawyers and John Scarlett want me dead. I had a very strange reaction to a drugging the other day, a device down my throat instead this time. I am going to put up a video soon, I felt strange and started sweating a lot, my sick actually made my skin die on my left hand I used to induce vomiting, is this a reaction to a leukemia/cancer drug? I hope I'm wrong. I am hesitant to write too much in my book as since 2004 MI6's main aim is to control what the world thinks, along with other such things like the Bumbling Nazi attempts at understanding the brain.

I want to state something Paris said about one year ago about whats to come- 'we want you to be known as one of the most tortured people in history', 'we want to make it so no one will help you' how would they do this if a) country's don't have my hypnosis and b)I'm an innocent Asperger?... 'we wont let you end this because of your children (3 months ago)', 'you will get out of this but you wont have a life worth living'. There is always a grain of truth to what Paris says.

For when Blair tries to get away with crimes against humanity I'd like to state this- many people in government, MI5 and just about all of MI6 know well of Tony Blair's full knowledge of the experiments and attempts on my life (one of his aides in downing st sent me a letter saying they were looking in to my situation while he was in office), all it takes is one good person to make a difference, and there will be plenty. I won over just about every person from government I met, this posed a danger to the people in charge, this explains a line in my book people may not understand- 'I am feared because I do what is right'

note-I am now working on letting the world know of some of the good and bad things to do with my hypnosis, it isn't easy with the drugging, constant abuse and only having my own advice and ideas on matters, I will do my best. Damion

Sunday, 7 July 2013

A comment on human experimentation

MI6 have given me the impression they have told people  my hypnosis/abilities came from the drugging and breakdown in part 1 of my book. They don't understand the dangers of telling people this. I have a rare kind of Asperger syndrome. I just hope no one tries recreating my abilities by drugging people or Aspergers and trying to give them breakdowns, it just wont work; ever. Abilities like mine only come from people like me. The sooner the world know of my hypnosis the better. Damion

Saturday, 6 July 2013

Brain damage video diarys

My readers can see me in person here, im not at my best in them but if you have read my book you will understand. The videos show what Tony Blair, John Scarlett and John Sawyers have done to make their money and to try and understand the brain and mind; crimes against humanity. This is what lengths these people will go to to try and make money from brain science when they lack the aptitude to do the work. I pride myself on being able to do it the right way.

It is over 18 months later from these videos. At the time I thought what your going to see was a constant stream of nerve toxin creating this but they did this lobotomy to stop people thinking (like their own agents) this was as some MI6 agents have called it an act of god; the top of MI6 hate this, my personal opinion is it is, I don't know... I know it fits into science, but the maths must be billions to one, how many people could have actually survived this and how many people have actually been given a lethal dose of Thorazine? MI6 have tortured me with it to prove I didn't survive it intact.

For people who know a bit about the brain- Im not sure if my phoenix stone (a powerful hypnotic ability from my book) might have something to do with this lobotomy and how hypnosis keeps my neurons there alive, its a frequency in the mind that is well over 100hz, in the range of sound so it must be an ultra high gamma brain wave, this hz is the binding brain wave that mixes up the other ones, this ability actually may well be what saved me..  

These videos are from the start of 2012, I might look for some just before this point, overnight I had the effects of a lobotomy, I felt so dopey for months, my speech slowed right down. Us Asperger have tough minds though, I should do a video from now to show i'm OK. I'm more worried about Blair trying to kill me, quote MI6 'you will get through this but you wont have a life worth living'. It looks like they have given me a drug called benzine to give me lung cancer.

The symptoms in this video are me actually being tortured/experimented on with my hypnosis, imagine if you had brain damage and on top of that people could stimulate these damaged areas in different ways, that's whats happening, so Tony Blair, John Sawyers and John Scarlett to sell the findings on and gain favors.

Video 1 (INTRO)

Video 2

Video 3

Video 4

Video 5

Gareth Williams murder

Information on another Asperger who was killed who worked for MI6 is here. He was subject to a slow death with a chemical lobotomy as a precursor to killing me. MI6 had a near field over MI6 HQ, he was kept alive by means of this network of hypnotists as they experimented and tortured him. I still cant believe I survived the lobotomy they gave me, they tried spiking me again with the same drug, it seems im immune to this drug, the first time was a lethal dose. This near field from MI6 HQ would have encompassed parliament, am I the only one who thinks this was a dangerous thing. Here is what I know-