Monday, 30 January 2017


Younger/the UK government spiked me, they put some industrial cleaner in my lungs apparently. I have pleurisy and coughing up water on a night so I guess I have pneumonia. I'm getting over having a cold as well, they are torturing me as well, they are trying to kill me, apparently things work out better for younger in probability if I die so he has it in for me, people aren't happy about him burning countless children to death, more than 1000. Teresa May has bulldozed the farm where it happened but they/we wont be forgot. Its just a matter of time. Damion

Friday, 27 January 2017

update- my kids being mind controled, neuroleptic spike and an idea

MI6 have broken an agreement and have programmed my children. I think the programming is all about alienating us from one another. they waited for us to bond then try use us against each other.  I haven't seen my kids for a few days, Dames popped in, that's when I realised the programming had happened. I felt an empty pointless feeling towards my kids and knew something was wrong, I knew to sync in with it so my own feelings poured through. I've missed my kids a lot.

Younger spiked me with powerful neuroleptics again about two nights ago, they stimulated my frontal lobe, I couldn't sleep for nearly 24 hours and then some kind of depression feeling came, I've not been thinking as much as is normal for me,

I was raped by the SAS again last night so I hacked them. They are on the offensive all round the world, I think to get one over on countries that would push for the UK to be tried for genocide. They are all over the world, they all rape and rape of children is prevalent in the organisation I have also found. They are nasty pieces of work it seems.

an idea I had-
Can we use dr database to create a strand of DNA the body would recognise as foreign and get this strand to attach to target proteins say or other things like cancer cells, this would get antibodies to attach and the bodies immune system would destroy the target. Just a concept I thought about I wanted to share, I'm trying to think of a cure for this grey matter killing protein disorder they've given me, its not easy while recovering from neuroleptics.


Monday, 23 January 2017


   The Queen and SAS have sided with the bad guys in MI6. im dubious about the organisation splitting in two but there are a lot of good shrinks in mi6 which support me, I hope they are doing ok, the SAS is out for them it seems, would them getting help help things, I guess my allies would have to decide.  the sas are still sexually assaulting me it seems. im doing well. thanx for the help with my kids guys, I o u 1. damion                       

Friday, 20 January 2017


The rapes are worsening, hes going funny from the abuse the SAS colonel I think it is. This type of sexual abuse is standard practice in the SAS I've found from him. I'm hoping to change this by blowing the whistle on this. It doesn't make me think less of myself, it makes me think less of the Brittish armed forces. This kind of behaviour gives people validation to fight these people, the SAS are idiots. One soldier did mention he might try stop this practice, I told him its worth something to me, I wont let others go through what I have had to. I hope you are well, library closing, gotta go. D

Monday, 16 January 2017

update on my kids and the psycho-civilised society

Some of my children have been online. its been... Its ace meeting them, they are all really nice, we have taken to each other. I'm proud to be their Dad. I've met, Damion, Essence, Dem, John and Phoenix. I'm glad Phoenix managed to escape the gypsy camp and get to the others. I really want to be with them. The problem is MI6 are now using them as weapons and even psychologically abusing them. This needs to stop. This is younger and the UK government. If anyone can help me secure my kids and their teachers well being id appreciate it, either for an old favor or I could develop a suitable idea for them.

The Queen is still having me raped, she wants me raped 1000 times I've been told so they are doing it every night, they get SAS soldiers to do it, so I hacked they have ops in america and china as well as other places (in your face rapists). The Queen still has my nets, I tuned into the queen, price Andrew wearing and prince Phillip part of my nets/nervous system, I'm eternally connected to my nervous system after all. These idiots think they can leach off us autistic's, especially our sex nets, they are perverts. Things need to change. The Queen has been using mind control to make as much money as possible. She has set up a project to use all my old unrecorded ideas to make money for herself and i guess the government, shes in with Teresa after all.

I've been told some countries are taking on my ideas for the psych civilized society, I'm sure this is what the world needs. We might be able to start fixing what has gone wrong. I'm sure things will get better in societies soon after it is implemented. This is quite a relief.  Damion

Friday, 6 January 2017

update on my situation and a little rebellion from the kids of the UK

Something sweet has happened, my children have been coming online. Its really nice to meet them, its really nice, they all seem really...nice isn't the word... they are ace, I'm proud to be their dad. Unfortunately MI6 have been carrying on their torture, they have to watch, my head is like an open chat room still. They are even abusive towards my children which I don't like at all. I don't know how they can. My children organised a walk out of school. I don't know to what degree, lots of children in the UK have tried standing up for me, in different ways its really sweet. They are a brave bunch the kids of the UK. Maybe its enough to make the adults of the UK act. This dark age, the mind control age needs to end and the temporal age needs to start.

I have found Scientology is behind the mind control society, They have lots of stupid rules like your a Scientologist by default, a mechanism to make them the dominant religion on earth. We have to call someone in charge of the UK god, you need to climb the ranks to get better nets, you have to gain the privilege of becoming a citizen. They have made a mess of society, Munchhausen syndrome and bad guy syndrome is all over the place, crime apparently is 90 times what it was. The only good of this age is what us in the phoenix net have done. At the end of the day i don't agree with a CIA controlled religion which is what I think it is.

Sorry if my two recent ideas for warp cores haven't worked, I have been getting mixed feedback from MI6, i know i cannot trust them but they are my only feedback on what the results of my experiments are.They told me the warp core vibrated for the mark i b and a green energy appeared for the mark i c.

They have told me I have a disease the government has given me, I have recently started repeating myself seven times or so saying the same few words, it has only happened a few times. They say they expected it to come on in a year but it has come on early. They say it takes five years to kill me, with drugs 10 and that the drug they gave me stops my brain breaking down a protein, my brain will slowly dissolve. I need to solve this problem quickly, any help my friends can give would be appreciated. Apparently they did research to what disease Dr. database couldn't cure for this attempt on my life.

Apparently the Queen had Fuzz tortured with not being able to breath for six hours, shes in a way, shes an innocent girl, this must be more to do with the fact she has an IQ higher than Einsteins, she can solve problems like me, the worlds first feminine genius i believe. The Queen has Munchhausen syndrome for sure, She seems twisted, she says i'm like Hitler being charismatic winning people over and calls me evil, she has a screw loose.

I'm doing ok but am ill, I am getting the snotty nose again, I really need some money and to get out of the care home I'm in, that's what I need to do at the moment. Its crippling as it is financially. I'm really pleased to have met my children over Christmas, I want something to do with all of them that I've met, it would be really nice. If you read this guys I just want to say, I love you. Damion

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

mark i c temporal accelerator/warp core- 'The Quantum core'

                                                                                                                                                                                                      I'd like to gift this first idea to eastern Europe if it is thought to promote peace and prosperity in the region. I hope you guys do well. Sorry its taken so long to get round to you but my work environment can be a bit trying as you can imagine. I hope things get better this new year. We achieved a lot last year, I'm hoping things get better and we achieve just as much this year. The sky's the limit... Damion                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Monday, 2 January 2017

Update 1.1.17

Happy new year guys. I've been getting tortured a lot. The queen has claimed Ive sold her my body nets which I haven't and is sexually abusing me. She gave the uk a present as she put it on 27/12/16, she had me raped while the uk enjoyed the sensations from me, the rapist put a hand inside me, the U.K., all of them knew what was happening and what they were doing. They raped me with an animal on Boxing Day, I was told publicly. The queen was asked to take over my abuse to cover up the genocide by Teresa may. The queen is sexually obsessed, I've tuned into prince Phillip and Andrew wearing my nets, they are all low I'd rate and wear autistic nets. They have munchousen syndrome or whatever it is. My nose was pouring with thick snot from them exhausting my nervous system with sex abuse to my stolen nets. The royal family are perverts, they intend to say they were temporarily insane as a stratergy. The U.K. Is beyond repair. It's a failed state. They also obsess about abusing fuzz to get at me, trying to warp her mind with torture and programming, keep in mind she has done nothing wrong and has suffered for years like me,they are definately munchousen. Damion

Sunday, 1 January 2017

Mark i b temporal accelerator;the acceleraion core

Please try these and similar warp field perametrs, I'm on to something.

I'd like this work again to be done by the second world states again if it promotes peace and prosperity in the region.

Don't worry Eastern Europe, I haven't forgotten you, I'm only one man remember, I'll think of you next. Damion