Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Because of the media attention, Just in case Tony Blair tries to use a blackmail video against me, I want to put online to my readers I was raped in a campanile hotel in Manchester to video or photograph it, under hypnosis, the carpet ect would prove where it was. It was the start of 2012, you would be able to see my broken nose I got from Blairs attempt on my life in 2007. I have a lot to put since my last entry but it would take to long to write properly, I've not had an easy time since the start of part 5 but im OK, they have tried using my hypnosis to cover up who I am which has failed, they use a mixture of sodium penathol and other drugs, people like me adapt but we stay the same. I pose a threat to Blair, Sawyers and Scarlett because I won too many of their agents over. All for the want of personal money and power; let history view them as the people they are, as I hope it does me.

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Tony Blair related news clippings

Here are some newspaper clippings to do with my hypnosis, to add weight to my story.

This is when I went to the USA, Tony Blair took over my abuse from this point. I went 1.5.2004- he forced the head of MI6 to retire on 6.5.2004

(bottom left, the next hearing the article mentions does not seem to happen for some reason) 

These are some more recent clippings about Blair. This is all to do with my quantum hypnosis and how it is being used. My hypnosis can do many things, please comment if you have specific questions.


The evil eye is what gaze induction (hypnosis through eye contact) is called in some cultures.This article in the same paper says about Cherie Blair's necklace; it would stop a bug (like mine) working on her, the article does not say but it will be after Blair started doing the brain damage experiments on me. 

How to make a necklace like cherries-
This device will probably be a near field controller which stops bugs working, now illegal unfortunately in the UK.
-I think a device like this may work if you have a bug in you- 
1. is an oscillator (it switches an electric current off an on in a circuit really quick; a hz). 
2. a battery to power it 
3. a wire around your neck for the current to go through your body. 
you just have your current run round the circuit round you neck switching on and off at a very high FQ.
-it will make the bug operate out of range of the mind or the near field (a quantum shell around a transmitter) bugs rely on too small to work. I think a very high hz may be needed. 
(I hope this helps some people). 

This shows how Tony Blair has been making money with my hypnosis; mind control-