Friday, 17 February 2017

MK vii warp core- inverse warp field/warp drive

I think ive got it!

I have been lead to believe this idea has been passed along to other countries outside the UK, I hope so, I know the bumbling Nazis want to make money from ideas like this of mine.

An inverse warp field is in essence bending space time in one direction.

An inverse warp field should propel the entire warp core in one direction at very high velocity if my theory is correct.

We take the vibrating warp core, the mk i c and combine the principle with the following concepts, ill list the inverse warp field perameters by themselve then we can add the vibrating peramets for construction after, bear with me, this is a bit complex without computer models...

Were going to add rings/ocsilators right next to each other (the same size and orbit), they need to be able to get closer and further apart while traveling around the same orbit. At 4D they need to be able to go up to 90 degrees away from their neighbour, at E=mc3 they need to go up to 60 degrees from their neighbout, at 120D they need to go up to 25.714285degrees from their neighbour.

To make a 4D inverse warp field At e=mc2 you need one diocilators (two rings) plus the vibrating concepts diocilators. To make a 20D inverse warp field at e=mc3 you need 6, at e=mc4 you need 14.

the key difference in this field compared to other warp fields is that the orbit of the dioscilators spirals into the orbit of the nect diiosilarors orbit wile travelling to our warp field focal point (the direction we want to get propulsion in) and then the opposite effect while travelling away

The field basically bends to one focul point, as if you have stretched space time in one direction.

The extra diocilators are nesessary to maintain field integrity, without them I think the field may collapse.

The field is bent so this may mean we might have to ocilate it at a slightly different speed nearer the field focul.

The ocsilators may need to bend with a circular telescopic mechanism which may be a pain to get the right arbit.

A computer model of an invese warp field should look really cool, like this but more complex and having a focul point...


P.s ill try get my diagrams online soon, this is really important but its really hard to put into text. In my mind ats easy to grasp/convery, good luck guys who attempt to make the mk vii.

more neurolptics,drugs and torture

I have what MI6 are calling an imuno-cold. My immune sytem is fighting of too  many illnesses. The Queen and SAS have infected me with gonerea and syphylis now and two more strains of herpes. I have diahorea and am sore around the anus. Im really quite ill and in pain all the time. A new SAS soldier has turned up, two of them rape me at the same time now.. They go on about the rapes a lot trying to make it traumatic to me. The Queen has tried killing me with all these diseases, i need my system to erally, pain killers seem to help get tid of the snotty nose, i am coughing up white stuff.. Dr Harris and partners wont help, I had my Dr lie sating the raped are in my head not two hours ago.

when I gfot pneumonia Fuzz and Luke made an attempt to flee the country to save me, they knew it was serious. Luke had a speed boat waitng for his run, Fuzz tried taking a plane. My friends are really brave. Remember Fuzz can slove problems similar to me and Luke can develop abilities in a similar way to me, they atre worth a lot to the world, especially with whats comming. Luke and Fuzz are ace, you mean so much to me guys, 'L' word you guys if you read this.

MI6 heard about a drug that is killing people in Hull last night from a friend of mine, it is a cheap alternative to heroin, apparently you never lat longetr than two years taking it as it rots the inside of your body and you start to smell like rotten meat. They gave me a dose of it this morning, it made me very sleepy and made my liver hurt (the livers on the left correct?). They used it as cover for spiking me with a neuroleptic as well, one good agent described it as the worst neuroleptic going. I'm seriously going blind now, I have to be six inces from this cumputer to see the text.. They have spiked me with something short acting that confuses me, it looks like they aare hoping to kill me, it really does. Damion

Saturday, 11 February 2017

neuroleptics again

Younger spiked me with neuroleptics again. It took out a primary beta net, I didn't get better or anything, younger just did it. Bumbling Nazis This happened a couple of days ago.

The Queen is getting people from the UK to experiment on my nets, they stink of the Queen, prince Phillip and Prince Andrew. Apparently they have burnt them out giving me a nervous disorder. They burn out countless autistic nervous systems overusing pleasure. They are addicted to this abuse. I hacked prince Phillip because of this last night (our frequencies were joined after all), hes a pedophile and he rapes my children I hacked, the royal family have a baby farm with my children on it to harvest their nets, breed someone else like me and for rape. The royal family are monsters. They said last night they were going to give me a disorder where my brain cant break down a protein or something that dr database cant cure easily. A new SAS soldier is in. Damion

Saturday, 4 February 2017

The universe and everything and stuff

My phoenix stone when I made it did a little more than what I knew at the time. It went temporal, beyond our layer of reality at E=mc2 to E=mc24, that is it went out of our actual space time. It expanded my neural nets relative to E=mc24 when I placed my phoenix stone in my chest. This means my neural nets are kinda big. This is how me and my shrinks can actually project ourselves out into the universe and see and perceive things out there, even at very large distances. We can aslo project ourselves through time to both the past and future. We are in essence travelling through my mind as weird as it sounds. I cant believe what my hypnosis can actually do.

With regards to the universe; I've had a look around the place as it where as have many as MI6 sell on my abilities to make money. This has screwed up society well and good, it's chaos. I've done my best to bring good to this travelling around the universe but not everyone is like this. A lot is at steak with what I can do now. Recently It's become very important MI6 and its Munchhausens don't have control over me. Too much is at steak now, you don't know how much. I'll explain more soon... One way or another its the end of the world as we know it. Its time to sink or swim. Damion

Spiked multiple times with neuroleptics and update on the Queen

The Queen keeps having me raped by the SAS, for an hour I was raped 10 times apparently night before last, my penis burnt down the urethra in the morning. They flushed some burning agent down it, I don't know what it will do. The Queen seems obsessed with rape and sexual abuse as a weapon, I'm guessing sexual repression is at play or something. I still find it hard to believe someone I looked up to can beneath the surface be such a different person to who we all think we know. Like when she got the country/telepaths in the country to rape me on boxing day she's now got the country to take my body nets as I keep coming up with ways to reclaim my body nets/nervous system. By the way I've found out people have been got to repress the memory of everyone raping me on boxing day with hypnosis while I was raped in person in my care home by one of the Queens knights.

I've been in a way from all the neuroleptics for a while, I've just not been coming up with ideas. I got a little better day before yesterday coming up with an idea though, its not a major ideas. I still felt flat from losing this primary net. Later that night they spiked me, this time with a massive mix of different neuroleptics. I've been sleeping all the time since then, ill wake up then within five minuites I need sleep again, that's until last night, I tried to fix a dead net I sensed, I clicked my hypnotic fingers when I really needed to click them. I came up with a way to reassert my dead nets. Its helped a lot, I'm not sure if it works on neuroleptic effected nets but it helps, I can see that much.

They will continue to bumble, if Younger loses he plans for everyone to lose. Younger wont get rid of his paedophiles, he keeps saying to governments who are trying to help he will stop torturing me then they go doing their torture/experiments. He's going to spike me again undoubtedly. I hope not, this ability was good timing ...I feel like I have a guardian angel. Damion