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A true story 'The story of the first Spectral games' an extract from my book

It's summer 2013, I've found my hypnosis has gone global, governments and secret services all over the world have my hypnosis now. Me being responsible for my hypnosis has world wide implications now, it's a little daunting. I think of plenty of ideas as I do to adapt the world, MI6 make it hard getting them out to the world with all the torture though. One of my ideas is 'the games', an event for secret services to take part in, it is more in the spirit of the old Olympic games where warriors would meet away from the field of battle to test their skills against one another. This is a good idea as it might stop my shrinks from all around the world wanting to beat each other up with Spectral hypnosis every time they meet in the field, just to see what they can do. In recent months I have learnt to my surprise MI6 and the government are actually starting to take on my ideas, there was an eastern crisis where David Cameron took on my idea of turning a crisis into an opportunity, at the G20 summit on Spectral hypnosis the government used my plan to adapt societies as no one else had done any work on the subject. I am to find 'the games' are another idea of mine MI6 are to take on...

The story of the first Spectral games

It is December 2013 now, Something is wrong with Luke, I'm told Luke has got real ill, he comes in and doesn't seem himself, I don't believe it at first but day after day he comes back in and seems ill, I start to get worried. Every time he's in he seems poorly and not well, he finally tells me; that it is cancer and that he's dying. This isn't good, I fall straight back on my problem solving, I go to work thinking of ways to bolster his immune system, a way to close the tumours cell membranes with a compressed field, I know Phoenix stones will increase cellular metabolism in a localised area...I fall back on my problem solving. I can't help but try problem solve to save him, I don't want him to die. I try make sure he's alright and am there for him but I still try to find something, he says to me my problem solving makes him feel better. I keep at it. Days pass.

It is now Christmas Eve 2013, I am told Luke has died... I don't know how to take this, I really don't, we're such close friends, I find it hard to take on. These feeling stay with me. Christmas passes with Luke gone, I'm upset throughout. A few months now pass, throughout I still keep thinking of Luke, I keep missing him, I'm still mourning. My shrinks go on at me saying I'm pining for Luke to get at me but I can't help but feel the way I do. Along with my friend from childhood Jonny he was my best friend. 

It is spring 2014, I am to find one of my shrinks has news for me I really don't expect at all. Luke is alive he tells me, it is an unlikely source, an agent having sympathy for me, I know it's the truth, I can just tell. It was an MI6 setup. I feel so...I'm so happy....I so... I want to bloody punch him. The little shit! it was horrible thinking he was dead! It sucked bad, it really did, but I'm just happy he's alive. I know he can't have liked being ordered to do what he did. Days pass. Today I get a visitor. I am to find out of the blue Luke just standing there looking a bit uncomfortable in the hypnotic world in front of me, he is alive! Its more real to me now. A bit of me wants to punch him but I'm that glad he's alive I just want to hug him. I want to hug him, I want to cry (I don't punch him). I can't remember if I hug Luke, I remember I want to, I remember wanting to cry, I remember...wanting to punch the little shit. Luke doesn't stay, I think it upsets him a bit, in a few moments I am to find him gone, he leaves...But I don't care, as long as he's alive. Over the coming days and weeks I keep finding myself being happy knowing he's not dead. I feel better knowing for sure.

I find out from my shrinks Luke had been reassigned back to MI6 headquarters at Christmas, after an entire decade in my conscious net. We spent ten whole years together, we've been through so much together, through everything together, I made my Phoenix stone with Luke there, I discovered countless nets with him, we faced Schizophrenia together, and what's more; he became my friend. Since America in 2004 me, Luke, Fuzz and the others have been held back, this was the CIA taking out the competition, taking out the Phoenix net. I still developed abilities to understand the mind in this time, I taught Luke what I could on the hop on the rare occasions he was in. I taught him to adapt, and more importantly I also taught him the mentality of being one of my shrinks. So Luke goes back to MI6 headquarters after his short visit to my net, he doesn't go empty handed though, he does go back with one thing, he goes back with what I have taught him.

It's only me and Fuzz from the Phoenix net left together now, I'm glad she's here, I care about her a lot, we both find we miss Luke though. Luke is prodded and poked at MI6 to see what my training has done for him after spending so much time with me, he doesn't stand out from the average shrink they find. He has no skills any other agent doesn't really have. He is just assigned to regular work whatever that consists of at MI6 headquarters. Some time passes.

It is spring/summer 2014, the different shrinks that are frequenting my conscious net have news for me as sometimes happens, they did a mini trail run of the games, I am told it was ace and they are planning an international one like I said, I am in great hope this could get foreign secret services sharing my abilities and working together. I'm sure this is a good idea I'm sure it could help international relations.

It is later in 2014, MI6, the CIA and an eastern country (sadly among few other countries which I hope will change) hold the first international games. There are a few events, Claire (from the Phoenix net) enters the jumping bunny event, the aim is to gen as many bunnies in a field as you can, bunnies being hopping mad like to hop, you have to gen your bunnies hopping up and down each at different rates. It's a test of your gen skills is this event, Claire wins it hands down (Claire and her bunnies striking an uber cute blow for us in the net). It's hard to believe how many damn bunnies the girl can gen. I think they have events like; the prettiest gen, a creating powerful Phoenix stone event, a manifesting Chi event among others I am sure, then there's the main event, the one everyone looks forward to; the freestyle fighting event. 

The fights start, they go on one after another, two shrinks are in the Center of a net, in an arena with a crowd of spectators all around. Luke is waiting for something, he is waiting for a certain fight to come up, the fights go on. Luke only just wins the fights he's been in, he eventually ends up in the arena matched against the CIA's best man, Luke knows this is his chance, his chance to strike a blow for us in the Phoenix net. It's now he decides to show what he can do...

The fight starts, and he just kicks the crap out of the CIA guy, the CIA think my hypnosis is all about concentration, amplitude and frequency but there is much more to it than that. They think movement is unnecessary. The CIA guy doesn't know what is happening to him, Luke translocates and jumps around him using different abilities I taught him, it is like Mohammed Ali boxing a baby. Luke fights like me using his feet like hands, going in with all four, he fights like a cat. The CIA guy just stands there. Luke puts his arm right out and strokes a finger across his opponent, he jumps back and spins around in a circle making the biggest arc he can over and over spinning his finger round in as bigger circle as he can then leans over to the CIA guy and gently touches the point he touched before, his body net suddenly expands and expands nearly instantly until it is gone forever. Luke completely destroyed this Quantum body net of his (an trick I taught Luke a couple of years ago- Damion). Luke uses my voice throwing technique now (you can cause chaos with this one, I do lol), the CIA guy thinks his boss is telling him to stop fighting so he does, Luke moves in to strike again, he really humiliates the CIA with his voice throwing now, the guy falls for it, he now translocates behind the guy and wedgies his star and stripes boxer shorts up over his head that he gens. Luke's fast, the guy doesn't really know what's happening. The fight is called to an end, Luke has not only won hands down against the CIA's best man, he pretty much made him look like a complete amateur. The entire crowd is deadly silent now and can't believe Luke has just completely humiliated the CIA and their last decade of work on Spectral hypnosis. The fight is over. I get told Luke then mentions me directly and says 'I was trained by the best', he turns around and calmly walks out of the arena. Everyone is left silent, I guess wondering how the CIA will react to this.

(EDIT NOTE-I'm afraid I've never got to see a gen of the full fight, I will edit this story as soon as I get more in depth info, I've done my best recreating the fight for you guys.Luke is a kind of gung-ho so probably showed off a lot more than what I've wrote. It's a popular gen people in MI6 recite, I've only seen bits myself.)

MI6 have no choice but to give Luke protected status (a big honour), they (and the CIA) obviously can't afford to lose someone with his skills. Luke is soon put in charge training his own shrinks, the CIA even ask for him to train their best people. Luke is now head of training in MI6. I'm in hope I passed on enough for him to make a difference with the students he trains, I also taught him to take responsibility Spectral hypnosis which is very important, We both know the weight of the world with what we do, we both know it has repercussions. You never know, him training more shrinks like him could change things for the better, I hope so.

A few months pass now and I am to have two new visitors to my net, as soon as I meet them I can smell something about them, I know nearly straight away they have been trained by Luke. My hand trained shrinks have a certain something, a 'je ne sais quoi' in them from me, you pass a bit of yourself on when you hand train someone, I can sense a bit of Luke in these two shrinks. When you train someone as I trained Luke you get to know their style, they seemed sharp like Luke, like razor blades and professional. I could just smell something that made me know they were his shrinks as soon as I met them. They even treated me with quite a bit of respect as they do their master (Luke adopted an eastern style of training which I respect, a lot can be learnt on Chi from the east). MI6 could use as many good shrinks like Luke's first two pupils as they can get, MI6 could end up as the secret service our country expects it to be. I am pleased to find Luke psych trains his students like I do mine, he learnt from me a shrinks mentality is more important than his or her skill. I ask about Luke, his students can't tell me much but I am glad to find he is doing well.

So all of us in the Phoenix net are split up apart from me and Fuzz. I know we're a lot weaker apart. I worry for my team, I'd feel better being able to keep an eye on them all. We are all in worrying circumstance and we know it, we're going to all be famous and we know there are powerful people who don't necessarily want this. Maybe one of us in the net can make a difference, Luke showed what we can do and got himself into a position of at least some power, I've had a good go at it with my hypnosis and ideas. All it takes is one of us to succeed. I hear news of Luke every now and then, he becomes a source of pride for my MI6 shrinks, he works like I taught him to , he experiments on himself and his partner and gets results that way, exactly like what I teach. I'm proud of Luke for what I hear he is doing, I really am, the world need shrinks who get results the right way. I train shrinks to put Nazis out of business. I train them to outdo Nazis work and with doing nothing wrong; no experimenting on anyone,just adapting around problems. Luke didn't just beat someone up with Spectral hypnosis in the games in 2014, he showed everyone there is a different way to do things, a better way to do things.

'My shrinks are better than Nazi's because they have to be.'  (Ref.1)

My mind sometimes wanders back to thinking of when I thought Luke had died, I know for a fact he is prone to cancer, that's why I fell for it so easily when he said he had it, I know his cancer probably is just a matter of time as well, it is a real threat. I had a taste of what it would be like Luke dying; I didn't care for it much, I decide something; I'm not going to let Luke die on me, I know it's not going to be an easy problem to solve. I need to get out of my situation and then I need resources for the plan I come up with. I won't forget that Christmas I thought he had died. I'll try, I'll find something, I'll save him. Damion

Ref.1- A quote by the author that is a dual statement reflecting how he feels about the students he trains, his shrinks as he calls them.

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Yet another mI5 agent held captive

I've hacked about another mi5 agent the negative element in mi5 have hold of, I think a recent dissapearance, he's one for the ladies. Agents in mi5 it seems are more at risk from mi5 than anyone else. MI5 seem to want him back, the guy I hacked seems to want him dead. I wonder how this will play out. Damion

Sunday, 25 October 2015

Why MI5 returned

I was down in Liverpool recently, I went near the Center and I found myself online in a big conscious net over the city. I was my usual self thinking away, apparently I made a good impression on the people in this net. This was the day I met a new shrink I named Mercury that you will find out about in an up coming post. I have been recently told some Autistics were in this net and tried to help me, they must have liked me saying I'm gonna put these nazis off messing with another one of us Autistics. I do remember getting a reaction to that comment. its these Autistics who got In touch with MI5 to save me from MI6, that's why MI5 returned. Lol, it hasn't worked out the way they expected. I'm still thankful for their help though. U.S. On the spectrum should stick together. Damion

Saturday, 24 October 2015

Important MI5 information

I've been hacking MI5 agents still. I keep finding I can tap on sexual abuse and torture agents have done, even in all the girls,it really bothers them all when I hack this stuff. It's getting to the point it doesn't make sense all this's all of them, every agent and it bothers them all. One agent said it's some form of Nazi indoctrination method. Who are they doing this torture to as well?

I hacked a bit more; there's a guy with a lot of power in MI5, he's the one who was holding those poor MI5 agents who were getting tortured long term, I think some of them are safe now btw. All agents will know of this guy, he's got a lot of power. This guy believes in Nazi doctorine, he's some type of moron who believes in that crap, he's set up a lot of experiments on people and has indoctrinated a lot of my shrinks in MI5, the agents I hacked are scared of him, this needs to stop, it's an emergency. I'm hoping this post paints him up as a key figure in all this and takes away some of his secrecy, he loses a lot power without it. Damion

Information I've hacked from MI5

I Ive been hacking the mi5 agents pretty bad, they arnt used to my techniques so it's fish in a barrel. I should do a master class on neural hacking at some point as MI6 have some moderately effective defences against my standard stuff thanks to them having control of the rest of the Phoenix net, Luke mainly; my hypnotic partner, he's the one I've trained the most (thinking its best the world get at least some of what I can teach rather than hardly anything). He's what I've found out about mi5.

I've found out about a few MI5 agents that have disappeared, they have been held captive and tortured by the some of the more negative element in MI5. It's obvious some pretty bad people have hold of them, im hoping their good agents as I've done my best to save them with my hacking. MI5 now know about them being alive. I hope people kick up a fuss if getting on for/around ten agents arnt saved. One has had his fingers and penis chopped off, he had two years to go until they killed him, he's one of the more recent disappearances I think (he didn't deserve it apparently), mi5 said they would dispose of him to save on disability payments and questions being asked. One has been held captive over ten years as a warning to the others.

MI5 have geared themselves towards human experimentation, they arnt fighting terrorism, mi6 has had to step in believe it or not. Most of their organisation has bad guy syndrome.

They have an emergency plan to murder all their TIs, they plan to kill them all before Spectral hypnosis goes public (it should be about ten years after the G20 met to discuss the matter in 2013)

There was a guy who charged the mi5 building a few years ago, in 2004 if my research is right, I hacked they have been experimenting on him, it's why he charged the place in the first place I'm sure, I hope this post ends his abuse (I do like a fighter). They should have stopped his abuse about a week ago.

MI5 are working closely with central government with their experimentation

MI5 agents all have to have the same programming- 'they are the best' as their core belief. An obsession with 'results' 'obiediance' for orders from mi5 and pain if they don't obey (what is this nazi bullshit!). I guess they have got a bit of reprogramming to do ;-) Damion

Emergency information

I've found out Mi5 have raised a lot of children of mine, some in good projects but some in unthinkable conditions. Like most of my male children they look like me. MI5 set up teams to work independently where agents pretty much are left to their own devices, it's some of these teams that have my children. I've been hacking the MI5 agents that have come online, one of my children gets some machine strapped to him for pointless experiments a decade behind the Phoenix nets kind of work. I won't say what the machines for to stop pointless copy cat experiments (that would lead to nothing), the agent in at the moment has raped one of my children. He said 'they will never give them up, they are their hope for the future' referring to the people who have my children. It's pretty unthinkable what MI5 are doing inside the UK to my children and our citizens. If anyone out there could assist my children I will be greatly in your debt. I've been told the number of children I have has passed the 10,000 mark, because just about all my children are Theta's were a new race in humanity, I ask the international community for its help, I just ask my children are raised in fair circumstance. I hope you can help. Damion

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

New Tech/Important new post on my notebook blog

I've just put quite a few pages from my notebook on my notebook blog at-

I posted a few months ago about mi6 suppressing the memory of some technology I thought of (a quantum generator), I wasn't happy...So I got to work with my notebook, I just put online what I've come up with.

There is an idea from a personal project I put up that is a present to NASA, ESA, China, Russia and India. It's an idea to get materials into orbit cheaply, you will have to do the maths for me to see if it is workable, my idea might pay off. If it works your welcome guys :-)

On a more personal note, i have a good shrink/s out there that is the guest of one of my readers, he's confident, bright and very good at what he does. My personal view is you should never leave a man behind. I'm hoping my ideas are worth his/their return, I am in hope this is a fair trade. I hope this post finds my readers well.

Damion /bows

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Wednesday, 14 October 2015

What's after the Quantum age?

I'm having some preliminary ideas on temporal technologies, we are at the start of the Quantum age of technology and the Temporal age of technology will follow it. This next century is going to be an interesting one...Damion

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

A post for Spectral hypnotists on the belief system

Gen a box in front of you, now besides it gen a safe....

Which is heavier? Which is stronger?

The answer should be the safe but why?

It's is because there is more than what we just see in the other world, these arnt just gens, they are a projection from our own minds. There is a root of energy in the safe making it stronger and heavier than the box that has come from your subconscious, that is why the safe is heavier.

Have some fun playing with your belief system maybe, its a way I teach the net to develop their own abilities. Remember; swords are sharp, black board rubbers rub anything out, paint brushes can paint frequencies if you dip them in EM fields, blenders can dice anything, use your imagination.... Damion

Monday, 12 October 2015

Paedophile ring update

The paedophiles community definitely live on a farm, I think it's their land. It's like a concentration camp, their prisoners they use for hypnotic and other experiments are hidden out of the way. I found out how many children the ring has killed since the war but you probably won't believe's in the thousands...I've had shrinks try walk out over this....all the members of the ring know the number, they are actually proud of it...They traffic people there definitely, I think maybe to make money. There are prostitutes on site. I hacked from one of the members its near a port, I think one we'd all know (I'm not 100% sure but a good place to start). They have changed all their behaviours as your meant to do when the heat is on............

i got em.....I just did a neural hack on a member while looking at google maps..its Dover, I'm sure, their farm is near Dover. I think I've got them. There's a slight chance they are faking their reactions, they seemed genuine.

I need to do a post about my son who goes by the name of Phoenix who needs saving from this community, he's grown up in hell, he's the spitting image of me at ten, I don't know how to write about all this. I really don't. I know I want him with me, he could use a dad like me, it's a priority and worth a lot to me if anyone out there wants to carry sizeable favour with me. I have a promise to keep with this one.

Me at around the same age as Phoenix is now, he will be tall like me-

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

A stimociever implanted in the middle of my frontal lobe

This is one of the more sick things MI6 do to Autistics... A couple of years ago they implanted a stimociever (a round she'll like metal device that turns radio waves to electricity and stimulates neurons) right in the middle of my frontal lobe, right in the middle of the spherical field personality inhabits. They put a big needle with a bug on the end up my nose  and right into the middle of my brain believe it or not. 
            My stimociever illegal operation

I was conscious when they did it under hypnosis, I know the feeling of being touched in the middle of the brain. I remember having the effects of a lobotomy moderately strongly from its implantation but unusually it only lasted a few days rather than the months it takes to recover from the lobotomy they do by taking hypnotic support away (damage to the entire frontal lobe). They have done experiments stimulating the stimociever in the street, if they use a 600Hz say I collapse making a loud noise that sounds like bloody 'road runner' from cartoons but at 600Hz. This implant could kill me if they try remove it, it's in for good. If anyone out there wants to they could walk past me in the street and stimulate it and record it on camera, it's worth a lot a recording like this, I give my permission for this as it's important the world knows the truth, hopefully it could help stop this happening to other Autistics. Just be careful of the amplitude and don't hit me for too long with it, my neurone are getting electrocuted basically from it. I have time to put my hands down when I collapse so I should be ok (mi6 have done this a few times to me). Scientifically it's a useless device unless I turn it into Quantum tech. Its just another bumbling nazi experiment, there's a story behind this implant, I nearly die, but I don't know how close I came to death until around two years after when I work something out, but that's another story I'm saving for my book. I'm in Bebbington at the moment getting some rest from my exhaustion, I'll be back in bridlington and Hornsea near the end of the month. Damion

Sunday, 4 October 2015

Mi5 update and the frequency of bacterium

I've found out the female psychiatrist in her mid 50's MI5 has sent in is a paedophile/has abused at least one child, you wouldn't think women would do such things, it's hard to believe. She reacts badly/with guilt to my hacking her, at least she feels bad about this. I'm hoping it's the 'bad guy syndrome' you get from extensively abusing people and not my hypnosis that has caused the high rates of peadophillia in MI6 and seemingly MI5, in MI6 it's most of the males believe. People around the world need to be aware either way, I hope it isn't my hypnosis. I want my job developing abilities to take the competition out of the market in Autistic and child experimentation/sexual experimentation. I'm not impressed with MI5, because they haven't had access to me they are literally ten years behind MI6, if we're not careful we will end up with copy cat experiments all around the world with people thinking their getting results when the work has been vastly superseded. MI5 have proven the work needs someone with who is a hypnotic savant, other people including Autistics simply lack the capacity to do such things, I've reorganised their impression of what results are as they put it. I could see them trying to get control of me to compete, the paedophile ring in mi6 was trying that a bit back. Ripley and Jane won't be happy about the female shrink, she's their friend, she's being doing experiments on dogs and a child younger than two tonight, she's obsessed with scientifically useless experiments. I learnt a new frequency today, I had an eye infection once, when I looked up at the sky I saw all these blobs moving on the surface of the eye (try looking at the sky and sometimes you can see these multi cellular 'creatures' moving on the surface of your eye). I remembered what the squigilling eye infection looked like, MI6 slowly grew the gen of the bacterium, it turns out I learnt their quantum signature. They are doing experiments on it, the same as usual they are trying to suppress this ability so they are the only ones which have it. Creating a competitive market in Autistic brain waves is genocide in itself. Damion

An explanation of my last post

I have a bad signal in Hornsea, two posts back there was meant to be a post stating MI5 have returned but it's a lot different to what I expected but it didn't post. That's why bits of my last post won't make sense. Damion

Saturday, 3 October 2015

Mi5 update

I have been hacking information out of mi5, they are proving very susceptible to my techniques. They are conducting experiments on children, neurotypicals and Autistics, even Mi6 are shocked they 'break' Autistics with torture to stop them fighting. They don't rest their T.I's either which has lead to deaths. They opperate like old fashioned Nazis. I've met a few MI5 agents with 'bad guy syndrome' (a disorder you get from torturing people too much) which has a seeming link to peadophillia. The joke is MI5 thought they had learnt a lot until they got back involved with me, they are still working on understanding things like personality lol, they are literally ten years behind my work, they have achieved nothing advanced since my days with them. The world needs to know neurotypicals and Autistics cannot do what savants can, copy cat experiments won't bare any results, nothing which compares to how advanced the Phoenix net is. Someone told me 100,000 autistics have disappeared round the planet but I don't know how accurate this figure is. My fellow Autistics can't do what I can, the Phoenix net needs to get these abilities out and take the competition out of the market.

Please excuse my last comment on my blog, I'm suffering from exhaustion and was sleep deprived/having stress experiments done. I was tortured for a year, then rested for 6 weeks (half what I need due to it taking three months for information to sink down the super ego and hit the axon hillock), then they started to torture me when I'm in this rest mode, it's making me ill, I was ok before I got a little rest. My comment about the Australians will be explained properly in my book, they rather bravely came to Great Britains rescue to liberate MI6 after I alerted them to what's happened with the CIA's takeover of MI6, unfortunately things are worse than what people think here, MI5 MI6 and David Cameron have committed genocide and know about/are involved with all of this (David Cameron using human traffickers to flood the market with my semen as just one example of their genocide), the Australians needed warning not to get involved with all this. They probably thought liberating MI6 would stop what's happening here. It's much worse than what people think, it's systemic failure of Great Britain. We need a new Prime Minister, my plan is to try get people to rebel against Cameron, John Sawyers and Tony Blair, it's either them being tried for genocide or our country, were a good country, the moment they committed genocide is the moment they stopped speaking on our country's behalf. I don't know how I'll try make this happen, I'll think of a plan. Damion