Friday, 27 May 2016

Mi6's gangsters

Mi6 have got even more gangsters to come to bridlington. They are getting into my room, sexually assaulting me in different ways and stealing my semen. Mi6 made a deal that they supply London gangsters with my children then they give them the results, my children are all over the place, there's a lot of them...a lot. They are entering my room regularly to do this. I could use help.

I stumbled on some high frequency nets the other day, mi6 got some canibis in me and I saw them, they keep spiking me with a drug that makes me go sleepy to try and find more nets. This is because I've stopped coming up with ideas after the major drugging with neuroleptics. It's the primary net that went grey, if the net is put back in place I can't think and it hurts a lot, I imagine people who have had it screamed a lot afterwards, it's a pretty crappy drug, I'm only functioning and not retarded because I'm on the spectrum. Damion

Monday, 23 May 2016

Can u help

If anyone can help fuzz do it now, I'd owe you a favour. I've tried my best to make the world a better place, maybe someone can return the favor. Things are bad. She's at the gypsy camp it seems. In hope Damion


The delta net that went grey is the primary delta net, one agent said the world will go nuts when they find out which one. I still haven't been able to work, I wrote your spectrum years ago. They are torturing me lots more now, they are trying a personality change experiment again. They say I'm a hero to a lot of people, is it to do with that? This is because of perpetual flow.

There is a TI I hacked about, he's on a mental health ward because he got desperate enough to cover his bed room in excriment to stop the rapes. He called it the bio hazard. Just a heads up to try and free the guy. Hopefully I can get eyes on. Damion

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Spiked again

The drugging has got worse. They have spiked me with a drug that seemingly effects the middle of the brain. It is effecting how quickly I think, its a drug to damage intellect. Its David 'Dastardly' Cameron lashing out about perpetual energy putting me in a better position. Damion

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Drugging update

Here's a list of symptoms I had when they drugged me with multiple drugs in the early hours of Friday the 13th...

-Couldn't talk
-couldn't see at all
-hallucinations mainly out of the corner of the eye
-Delta body net dissolved
-delta net went grey
-other delta nets dissolved with hypnosis
-cold core temperature
-hard to write
-occipital lobe burning
-super small pupils
-stimulant effect couldn't sleep
-disorientated badly
-couldn't think
-had to crawl across floor (probably a fit)
-penis numb

They spiked me with the theta poison again last night 16/5/16, could hardly see. They have been torturing me a lot, I've not been in a state to work since the big drugging, hopefully I'll get better soon, they have said they are just going to tell the world I 'burnt out' naturally. The bumbling Nazis seem to want results but also to brain damage me at the same time, idiots. David 'Dastardly' Cameron sold perpetual power for enough to pay back the 50 billion he gave away screwing over great Britain, he needs to go, I think he wanted an excuse to go back on his deal he made with the power companies, the public don't have a clue what happens in government anymore. MI6 have given me the impression the UN are taking charge of perpetual power and were getting the % for my children who are out there which is important to me, they have said I may have a million children judging how many children I have from the first lot of stolen semen in 2003 which I find hard to take in, I want them all to have good lives so the money is important, it could be the difference between an orphanage and a good home to them.

I have a member of the conservative government in still, they keep having me brain damaged, drugged and tortured, Cameron keeps a close eye on my situation. They have my funds severely limited while I'm in supported housing, I need to get money together for a flat but am finding it near impossible, I'm hoping to get help somehow. They have been torturing me a lot about the D pump/perpetual flow. Damion

A Poem about autism

your spectrum

You sit and play
A world away
Come what may
What can I say

You seem happy there
All lost in thought
With jigsaw puzzle
Shapes to sort

Do I think too quick
Should I change you
Plays on my mind
I'm feeling blue
As come what may
You sit and play
All heaven sent
A world away

Will my hand make you blue too?
Should anything be done to you?
Should we go and lower your Id?
Teach the things I taught and did
Should we go and change your thoughts?
and take away the shapes you sort?
But thinking now
How you might change
What might come
It seems quite strange
As you could reach up so far
And change the world with who you are
I’ve walked this path
But just a bit
I must admit at times its shit
Should we go and push it further?
Walk the spectrum
Be Asperger
Change shapes to things
To things to sort
A world your own
All lost in thought
With people here
Computers there
I’ll change you with an ice cold stare
organise something new
Something old
Give you just that little glance
So you can steal that stuff
And have that chance
And find a world
Now beyond your reach
Can I change
And can I teach
The things you need
And deep down want
A wake
A mind
A rise
A font

my notebook

There are some pages up from my very first notebook in 2003 if your interested in seeing where I started off at

Monday, 16 May 2016

Giving perpetual power to the world

I've been told David Cameron has basically stolen perpetual power from his people. I've been told it's all gone wrong. Just to make it clear it was a gift to the world to benefit all humanity not individuals like David Cameron. I'd ask either the patent be held by the UN or in my name on my behalf to ensure its used to benefit us all. Damion

A new fractal

My best work...

Warp experiments

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Life rights idea updated

With the coming of technological intelligence I think it is more important than ever we entertain the concept of life rights...

Life rights are based on the principle 'the more needs a life form has the more rights it has'. As an example; a mouse can live in a cage happily, but a human in such circumstance would suffer a great deal. A mouse therefore has no need to live free from a cage so its life rights do not encompass the right to freedom. A human needs freedom, so in regard to life rights has the right to freedom. Life rights is based on this principle, rights are ascending with a life forms needs.

-The most basic life right, the one which goes right down to that of even a virus; is the right to exist, that it should not be exterminated, that we should not commit genocide.

-The next life right up would be the right to reproduce.

-The next life right up will be the right to exist in the environment you are designed for. I guess a virus and unfriendly bacteria don't have the next two life rights up if they conflict with the life rights of other life forms who are higher up.

-The next is maybe a life should be able to function as they were designed to do, to breath, eat live and not be perverted/changed.

-If a creature has a central nervous system they should not be forced to live in pain.

-The right to physical stimulation like exercise.

-The right to intellectual stimulation like problem solving.

-The right to freedom.

- Higher up perhaps all sentient creatures should have equal rights to a degree.

I think life rights should be closely likened to human rights, it should be a term we (the human race) take on into our legal systems one day, Just a concept I thought I'd share for people to maybe discuss. I know this ideas a bit ahead of its time but I'm sure it will come about one day. Ending our dependency on killing animals would help no end, manufactured meat would help no end, maybe my neurogenesis/delta wave work will help with this one. I'll build on this idea again in the future. Damion

Picture, The Doctors

Dr. Database in his element...

 E.D.E (elemental design engine)




Dr. Database ideas

Here's some good ideas for Dr database...

COAL INDUSTRY ADAPTATION COMPOUNDS- Extra compounds for coal producing countries, say an extra two compounds (or inline with projected adaptation cost) to go along with a percentage of perpetual energy being used to adapt the world. I'm afraid there may not be any useful poly recs ect that can come from coal, I've tried thinking about coal still being useful, Ill keep thinking of ways to stimulate your industries guys...

SECONDRY COMPOUNDS- An idea to take on if most countries agree its a good idea- Both an extra one compound for everyone across the board to close the rich poor divide slightly and a full 50% increase in the amount of compounds a country has, some secondary compounds to stimulate the world economy more. This should only happen when everyone has patented their first compounds, this is important because this is to stimulate countries with excess computer processing power like the USA letting other countries in Africa as an example use their computers and knowhow to compute their compounds. A time limit (say two weeks/a month) should be put on choosing compounds then everyone should get their extra 50% compounds. This way countries saving their compounds can still save their compounds while still getting something for now. An idea I really like is- Any half compounds should be used on projects with countries with other half compounds to spare which will stimulate joint projects and international cooperation.

UNITED NATIONS COMPOUNDS- Another good idea is twenty-forty compounds for the UN to patent to be used bring new countries up to scratch entering the UN and for other humanitarian projects/ projects that benefit humanity. I cant help but feel I should have thought of this sooner. The UN should get to pick its compounds before the secondary compounds are released. An injection of cash to the UN might do the entire world some good. You never know I might get my UNSP (United Nations Space Programme) after all (someone will have to police space eventually after all guys :-)

LIFE SUPPORT AND DESALINATION- My Co2 to oxygen compound (F.R.E.D can process that one) should either be in my keeping (and therefore free), the UN's or patent free, I feel strongly it should not cost to breath in space! I had the idea for a good desalination compound that should also be treat the same in my opinion (another one for F.R.E.D), it will help with farming and farming out at sea. This is obviously for the good of all of us, I believe in responsible money making, not money making at all cost; money making that costs us all.

As always I hope my ideas help guys. Damion

Adapting the coal industry,baby farms, neurological engeneering and MI5 info

With regards to my perpetual power idea- Coal producing countries should get extra compounds in line with their loss of industry (I'll post shortly). This will help stimulate industry so coal miners could retrain. A percentage of the money perpetual power makes should go to adapting the world. The coal producing countries shouldn't worry, the world wont forget you, these are just growing pains, your entire country gets free power and on top of that you get new industry to replace a dying one. I must admit I am hesitant to make great Britain money after it has committed genocide so I think a fair percentage of revenue from perpetual power should go towards fixing what it has done to us Autistics which could be quite expensive, MI6 estimate I have/am going to have one million children, all needing specialist care. Dave 'Dastardly' Cameron has had me tortured to stop me putting this information up online (since my birthday) I think so he can make me out to be an economic terrorist as he calls me, I think he will have been running around investing in my idea while I'm out of action so he is committed. I'm hoping it is legal and moral I get a fair percentage of what the UK makes from perpetual power, it just seems wrong otherwise, Autistics won't be slaves. I must admit this once I am tempted to name my pump after myself as is the tradition with the Greeks whose work I have built on this time. I'll let the world decide on this one. D pump, Damion's pump, Gravitational pump, perpetual pump...You decide :-)

On a more sombre note I keep hacking information about 'baby farms' here in the UK, places where babies are grown on mass, this is an emergency, can someone please notify the right people about this. Bad guy syndrome is pretty bad here, these people are growing battery children. I saw a gen of one where a poor woman had to feed 60's babies or she didn't get to eat herself. Things are bad, we need the UN...

It has come to my attention that someone has been doing a little world wide neurological engineering with my abilities, this is spreading bad/messed up nets and frequencies. They don't want the good nets from us in the Phoenix net to spread, it turns out they make people brighter. They want to come to the rescue with their techniques of engineering nets rather than having natural ones. Ill try my best to give the world an option rather than these peoples plan of giving people only one option (their engineered nets). They must be planning on killing the phoenix net and me in that case, I know they have a 'team' of 'hero's' (lol) to replace us in the Phoenix net. Just a heads up to let the world know this is planned. I guess there will be 'the bright one' 'the wise one' 'the savant' and maybe some others.

A heads up about MI5's plan, they plan to use Ripley as a weapon, they have her as some messed up social engineer with bad guy syndrome, they want to make the story of the beginning of the quantum age to be a perverted mess in the hope they can then get the world to cover it up; and they can then stay in their positions of power with the public unaware. Another heads up, MI5 leaked some 'doctored' transcripts from the early days to the world, I hope the world works out which parts are doctored, I've never written a lie in my book and I'm not a pervert in any way. MI6 have worked out what people will do to get hold of transcripts of what I say, they have started recording me again but I fear they will doctor them to meet their own agenda. I should be having reporters in to meet me, not having to live like this I'm thinking. I'll do my best to bring good things into all this to counter these plans but I'm just one man, I'll do my best (I could use some help though)...

Sorry if I haven't posted this before now, I've been a bit ill from the torture the last few days and unable to work. I feel a bit better today. Seems like we have a few social engineers with bad guy syndrome out there (megalomania is part of bad guy syndrome after all), things might make a little more sense to people in the know out there after reading this. Oh, the spiked me with neuroleptics effecting my frontal lobs again but I'm ok, us Autistics are tough when we have to be.Damion

Tuesday, 10 May 2016


They are sleep depriving me but in a new way, they keep waking me every couple of hours to try get round them not being allowed to do sleep dep, they have been torturing me constantly about the pump. They have been stealing my semen , to quote an agent ' people will pay a fortune to get the uncontaminated stuff. Damion

Monday, 9 May 2016

Some ideas for a gravitational warp drive ship

Ideas for the ship...

Ship aerodynamics impression/ideas...

Thruster ideas..

The Gravitational Warp Drive...


Sunday, 8 May 2016

My eye

I think the UK government has done something to my eye for the second time in recent months. Notice how sunk in my eye is from the anthrax. Here are some pics... Damion

Saturday, 7 May 2016


They have spiked me with more neuroleptics. It acted like a stimulant and depressant, I can't see to type properly. My memory's gone worse. Damion

A perpetual bit of information...

Here's another look at my perpetual flow device.

I think a compensation scheme for coal production dependant nations may be a good idea considering we now have a clean limitless energy source. Damion

Thursday, 5 May 2016

Claire's having a hard time

Claire A.K.A 'Rebel' (inside MI6) is having a hard time of things, Fuzz is still having a hard time. They were in my room again last night, apparently putting something nasty in me. This is all because of perpetual motion I'm told, they don't like me helping the world it seems. I've heard she's having a run of 'bad luck' recently, just a heads up with what us in the Phoenix net are facing. Damion

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Picture, Warp projects

A picture of a pulsars rotating EM field that I imagine is similar to the field characteristics of a warp field. It rotates a around in a spherical oscillation..

A similar type of gyro you need to rotate the EM field to create a warp field...

 A picture of a warped field...


Picture, our thoughts flow

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

perpetual flow and field compressor idea

Here's an idea for an uphill water pump, its a way to help with irrigation and a clean source of energy...

Here's an idea for a new set of compounds for you guys...

Here's an idea for the field compressor and shiney matter, it not a given it will work as it's a non quantum solution to the problem...

My pump should not be patented, it's a present to the world, especially the third world who I'm sure will find good use for it.

My idea for shiny matter should perhaps be a joint USA Russian project as shiny matter needs a field compressor/collapsed warp field to work. Please be careful with the production of shiny matter as it may be unstable and lead to the complete breakdown of atoms. The field compressor will also be useful for china with the core reactor project, this should also be a joint project as for the same reasons as above. Please be careful if you attempt such projects if they are deemed safe. As always we need to think before we act with such things.

The UK government spiked me with another neuroleptic that is effecting my frontal lobe because I came up with the pump idea. They raped me again two nights ago. Pointless bumbling Nazis. They are still torturing me all the time, the snotty nose is still present half the time. If people need to track down Ripley for her crimes she lived at Alexandria grove in London (near a music store). MI5 are planning against the world, they know they have made an enemy of it so have come up with ways to attack/get at the world believe it or not. They have bad guy syndrome to a strong degreee. Damion

Sunday, 1 May 2016

Warp ship drawing

I've been told the warp field experiment was successful :-) I don't know whether to believe them or not, I hope it's true. I've been told they got a pin to point towards the field. I hope they poured a drink for me with the toast if it really is true :-) ( I think there is a.good chance it is). They spiked me again, a drug which is making me sleep all the time really badly. It feel very out of it. They spiked me with it 6-11 times My muscles have gone really weak, I couldn't walk in a straight line, my memory seems even worse.

here's my impression of what a warp ship will look like I drew before the drugging. Damion