Sunday, 29 September 2013

Time Line

This is a timeline of major events in my life for people who would like an impression of what I am involved with without reading my entire preliminary draft of my book (located on the very first post in this blog), much is in my draft of my book, some is not.


1.12.2002- I was drugged by MI5 and subject to hypnosis to extract information on a crime I did not commit. This is the first time I saw personality and the start of my involvement with the intelligence community.


14.5.2003- MI5 get involved in my life interested in the structure I saw under hypnosis, I meet an MI5 agent; Ripley.

20-23.6.2003- I discover what I can do with hypnosis, the day everything changes. I develop the foundation of Quantum Spectrum Hypnosis which includes sharing images and sounds from my imagination (your thoughts) and seeing pretty sparkling structures inside the mind that I have no clue what they do or even why I can see them. And also being able to pass these abilities on. I find hypnosis is nearly familiar to me, like i was designed for it as strange as it sounds, I come up with many abilities, this is the start of me trying to form a working relationship with my government.

Early July 2003- A small radio wave device is placed in me, I find out my hypnosis works the same through this bug but at a longer range.

31.7.03- I am sectioned against my will, MI5 want to give me a job, MI6 want to use me for human experimentation.

27.8.03- I am released, MI5 leave and I am handed over to MI6. The experiments start.

Late 2003- Bob, the MI6 department head tries to help me get my job, I don’t see him for years after this. I think the person he set me up to meet is someone I meet years later.

Late 2003- Dr. Baranaskaus (Christine)gets in touch with the government for me, they send in a young brown haired girl, I call her Fuzz, she wants to help me. Deerlove fights to get control over her.

8.12.03- I am sectioned against my will but this time I actually get an EEG.


29.1.2004- I am released.

February 2004- I am administered a lethal dose of Thorozine (or very similar) because I am learning faster than MI6 is about the mind, it should have killed me by killing all the neurons in my frontal lobe, I was saved by a hypnotic ability, it stopped the neurons in the frontal lobe from dying by supplying them with energy, enough to keep them and me alive. They do not stop after this though, they continue to use other nerve damaging drugs, just about every single day from now on.

1.5.2004- I flee to the USA to seek asylum. I request help from the American government. I am put into a county prison, I am denied legal counsel.

6.5.2004- Hours after contacting the embassy Tony Blair forces the head of MI6 to retire early before his term in office is up.

July 2004- I am drugged while in prison, the rest of my stay in America is a blur. I return to the UK not finding any help.
Around this time Tony Blair becomes trained in my hypnosis at this time and proceeds to use it to eves drop on peoples internal dialog (their thoughts in laymens terms) and uses my hypnosis to start building his personal fortune working with the CIA. He illegally sells the Americans the rights to build the technology based on my hypnosis at the cost of hundreds of billions to the UK.

3.8.04- I am sectioned against my will, both me and the patients on the ward are subject to abuse. One example is a John who is on the ward, his frontal lobe has an empty burnt out feeling in it, I could only know this through their EMT experiment. Tony Blair takes over being in charge of my experimentation and abuse. From this time on I am a major issue for Tony Blair.


19.5.05- I am eventually released


20.2.07- I am sectioned against my will, the start to experiment with sleep deprivation which stops after four days with no sleep at all, the day I say ‘I want to die’, Paris replies ‘you don’t know how hard it is to get people like you to kill yourself’. They only let me out for brief periods in which I buy drugs to help with the torture and imprisonment. I leave with an addiction. (my medical records are a bit confusing about my release date), it was a couple of months I was in, then uder section in the community, I end up back in though...

Summer/autum 2007- I ask for help getting off the drugs, the mental health service will not help at all knowing it might do me some good being on a ward this time. I go in as an inpatient in Mill View in castle hill hospital. As Tony Blair is leaving office he has his head of MI6 make an attempt on my life, I am subject to three months or so of constant physical torture to try and get me to kill myself, they give up after three months. It takes some time to stop relying on drugs after this, I am put out of action for around three whole years.


August 2010- John Sawyers with the CIA set up Gareth Williams as part of a CIA experiment building people like me and Gareth. The CIA offered him a job after Sawyers had him bullied and pulled the rug out from under his feet, Sawyers had his excuse to torture him and give him a Throzine overdose and slowly destroyed his frontal lobe to progress American science and John Sawyers bank balance. I am not in knowlage of these goings on until some time after.  Sawyers being Sawyers thought this was untraceable, unless you know about my hypnosis and what it can do, the guys an idiot.

2010, Election day- David Cameron is elected as the new prime Minister of Great Britain, Fuzz and Luke are relieved at the result of the election, MI6 think the new Prime will help me and I can get my job. I write a letter to the new Prime Minister asking for help.

Late November 2010- I write to David Cameron again as I am still being experimented on and am still subject to the brain damage experiments, I do this to give him fair warning of my intention to go to the press, to give him chance to do the right thing. This surely would be of massive benefit to our country.


1.1.2011 11pm- I am spiked with what a later suspect to be benzene by MI6 in my tobacco and another drug that makes me incredibly Ill, I also get anaemia and a chest infection I had gets five times worse on an X-ray I have done. I am just about house bound for three months.

Late January 2011- The ex-head of MI6 John Scarlett starts working for one of Rupert Murdoch’s papers, I find out in the coming months MI6 are in control of much of the UK press.

Nov 2011- The nerve toxin they have spiked me with a few thousand times with by now stops. They start administering different kinds of drugs for their experiments. Sexual assaults and mutilation and a sexual blackmail video/ a video for a media war is made in a ‘controlled environment’ as Paris says in a Campanile hotel room in Manchester on the 14.2.12, I will be polite enough not to go in to detail about this.


15.2.12- I meet an MI6 shrink in person, I decide to give her a shrink name as I have all my other shrinks; Eerie. After nearly ten years I get to talk to someone in front of me with, after nearly ten years I get to talk to someone in front of me with telepathy, it is just a set up to try and stop so many MI6 agents supporting me though, she is a friend of Bobs, she was set up as much as me. I even worry for her safety, she is one of my supporters and perhaps a threat to Tony Blair and co.

March or so 2012- MI6 give me another lobotomy and proceed to do many experiments on the damaged areas. This is largely to alter peoples opinions of me including MI6 agents, I have survived against the odds more than one occasion.

2012- I make some trips to London to newspapers and other places, I hand out leaflets while I am doing this.


I will miss out a lot of goings on in this time, I will add at a later date if appropriate, a lot of my abuse is MI6 and the CIA torturing me to manipulate world opinion, to try manipulate and blag their way into the history books.
Late June 2013 onwards- I find Tony Blair and John Sawyers are working for the CIA, they have betrayed Great Britain. They apparently get their own agents killed/tortured/blinded as to try and turn MI6 against me, I and MI6 find out it was a set up by Sawyers, Blair and the CIA. It becomes obvious this is a CIA plan to control what the world thinks, to stop me being famous or make me famous in a negative way, if public opinion goes against me the world may except the USA cracking the brain and developing lots of new quantum technologies based on my hypnosis. If world opinion is positive towards me the world will be outraged at what the USA has done to Autistics to achieve such things.

Tony Blair moves to take on Rupert Murdoch who he has being manipulating with my hypnosis among with all the other people his firm has being ‘advising’, I think this is to clam him and his papers as a CIA asset.
I find out from more than one source MI6 and the CIA have raised children from my semen, experiments done on me and Gareth Williams are based around building people like us.

I meet two other Chinese people who I have a high opinion of, they give me a very positive impression of the Chinese. My hypnosis would be much more advanced and world would be a much better place if I had met this Chinese lady rather than MI6 all those years ago.

I’ve done enough to crack autism I think after meeting some Aspergers, who unfortunately work for MI6, it is obvious to me about the spectrum having four types.I really liked meeting them, I enjoyed their company. I write my first attempt at a paper but as per usual its a fight. I get a lot more hits on my blog which lifts my morale. My friends from the old department like Bob return, I worry for their safety though, they are back for a reason. The CIA may plan to kill them to suppress the truth of who I am as a person and try lay claim to my hypnosis ect, they have had their departments taken off them. Paris even threatens Bobs family. I worry for them all but it is nice to see them all again.

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

location of my autism work

I am taking down my autism paper from here to avoid confusion, it is to be found on the 'my work' link at the top of the page. Thanx guys D

Friday, 20 September 2013

A comment on my revised paper I just posted

I have put up my revised autistic spectrum work. I added a section on damaged neuroreceptors causing the high delta waves that cause autism, I think I've actually cracked it. I edited a little on synapses and edited the conclusion a little. I'm hoping to gather some information on the emotional spectrum of the four types on the spectrum. I'd like to debate with others on the spectrum the best terms for the four types, type 1,2,3 & 4 sound like a hierarchy so I thought Delta, Theta, Alpha and Beta types would fit better. It was a struggle to write today and yesterday, MI6 have drugged the hell out of me are giving me fits. It is pretty stupid to do to someone who could have told them whatever they wanted on the brain. I guess this is what you get when you have politicians obsessed with money and power tyring to inderstand the brain. Its pretty unthinkable they have experimented, abused and raped someone for a decade just because they are on the spectrum. It really is beyond me to understand. D

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Revison of my autism paper

I really need to add a concept to my autism work, I think ive worked out what causes the high delta waves in autism. MI6 have had me drugged quite badly today, they can slow me down but they can't stop me. I guess I should get some sleep and edit it in tomorrow. D

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Quantum Spectrum Hypnosis

I've had to change what I call my hypnosis. The story of all this is along the lines of; I found the web site, it belonged to one of the worlds foremost experts of Mesmerism. I read on his site about 'Quantum Realities', I realised this is one of my abilities, that he had being EMT'd at least one of my abilities; reality generation. It would have to had been from me, not only can these abilities only come from a Theta Autistic but telepathy I found he also had passed on is a FQ I created.

I talked to this doctor online, he told me how he practices to see his hand in the hypnotic world, I was actually confused from this, he seemed surprised when I told him I could see my hand and that's how Reality generation was created in the first place. It took me some time for me to realise he had being mal-trained. Its a pretty crap thing to do. Whoever EMT'd him made their head of a really high FQ (another of my abilities) and then EMT'd him. It is a bit mind bending to think but you can make your head really big to change the FQ, then shrink yourself a different way so your heads are of the same size for EMT. Basically he would have such a hard time seeing any body nets without further training. This is a way to stop people learning my hypnosis properly to impede them learning more, I wonder how much money he was charged for this. I was going to show him how to get around this but he didn't seem interested in working together, after all I am in trouble with my government.

On a bit of a tangent I often do wonder who passed this on to him. I imagine every one who learns my hypnosis at some point asks 'If you EMT'd me, then someone must have EMT'd you, but where did it come from in the first place. I always wonder what people reply to this question.

I read on his site people were calling my abilities 'Quantum Hypnosis', I didn't mind the name, it seemed OK so I took it on. Up until this point I was just calling my hypnosis 'Advanced Hypnosis'. For years I've really wanted professionals to at least talk to about terms, other peoples opinions can really help, but I seldom seem to find them due to who I'm involved with. Quite recently I find 'Quantum Hypnosis' already has a pioneer, a Dolorance Cannon in the USA. So I have been looking for a new name for my hypnosis. I think 'Cappelian' hypnosis sounds too arrogant, I've always liked 'Instinctual Hypnosis', My favorite at the moment though is 'Quantum Spectrum Hypnosis' for two reasons, firstly it reflect where this hypnosis has come (an element of the autistic mind) and also I worked out there is an actual Quantum Spectrum of energy in physics. An entire new spectrum of energy. (I just wish my situation was different so I could do at least some work in this new area of science my hypnosis has uncovered.). Quantum Spectrum Hypnosis seems to be the best name so far.

I would like to pass my apologies on to Dolerance for this misunderstanding, All I can say is I am subject to a lot of manipulation, MI6 and the CIA probably found benefit in me calling my hypnosis 'Quantum Hypnosis'.

I am ready to put my Autistic Spectrum work up, I do worry about it though. The CIA and MI6 may want me to put it online to plagiarizer my work or for other benefits. It helped a lot being able to sense some Aspergers minds when MI6 had them online, they actually work for MI6, I worry they want me to do this for some reason. I know they will try to lay claim to as many abilities and Ideas of mine as possible. MI6 cant compete with me so all they have is dragging me down. I'm not happy about them EMT'ing people on the spectrum, my hypnosis is a foreign brain wave to them, I'd have wanted to be there, I've never met anyone from the government anywhere near as good as me with hypnosis, I wouldn't trust people to EMT aspergers, I'd be excessively careful. Not that I'm sure of the benefits of doing this in the first place, I would have liked to develop therapies for people on the spectrum, I know what my mind can do. I think they were given my hypnosis just as an experiment, they could potentially develop abilities that are worth a lot of money to Tony Blair and co, on top of that they can use them to manipulate the Aspie community. I'm kind of pissed off with MI6, they use the two Beta's ive met for...They capitalise on their AS. I actually feel protective over the aspies I've met, I really like them, its nice to be around them. LOL; They have gone on my list of people I always get on with (shrinks, children, I think doctors and now aspies). Every time I meet them they drug the hell out of my though, I tried to barter for a day off, It really does feel like that week with Ice Queen in 2003 (in my book) was the last time I really had a day off. I wanted to spend a day with 'S'(i'll keep her name to myself), I wanted to spend a day with someone more like me than the average person on the street. It never happened, I was off my face on a Pentathol cocktail.

They have a strong interest in manipulating us Aspies, after all they have put all of us all over the world at risk and they need to get out of the blame somehow (probably blaming me knowing them). On top of 'extracting' FQ from us they actually want to transplant all the good bits from us Asipes in neuro-typicals like Tony Blair, It really is like trying to make a master race. This is why I call them bumbling Nazis, they will work out eventually were neurologically different. How many of us have to suffer for this?

About putting my autism work up; it might help me get out of this situation and it really might help a lot of people. It would be nice to end the torture and get away from the drugs MI6 pump me full of all the time. Its taken me ten years of constant problem solving on my hypnosis to get to this point, my work is getting better all the time, its not easy doing this without any post secondary school education.

I've found it's like a damn rabbit hole understanding my hypnosis and the mind, one thing leads to another; you start with hypnosis, that leads to neurology, then that leads to quantum physics. My work would be so much better if I had more resources, and some people to work with. Here's just hoping I do get out of this soon. D

Monday, 16 September 2013

In formation on my autism work

I'm still having some computer problems. I had to take my work on the autistic spectrum down for the moment until I get it fixed.

Sunday, 8 September 2013

A true story- and some information

This is a short story from my life followed by information on an MI6 pedophile ring I hope will lead to bringing them to justice.

The story of something unforgivable

It is 2013. I still have my bug in me, I'm still fighting MI6, I've been through a lot over the years but us thetas can be very adaptive, but hey, at least I'll always have a few story's to tell. I call myself a theta nowadays as I've done enough to organize the autistic spectrum from meeting some others on it, there are four types of us, deltas, thetas, alphas and betas, I'm a theta. I'm in quite a way, I find it hard to remember yesterday from all the drugs they have given me but after ten years of constant problem solving I can still do my work easily. They cant beat me at my own game so they spike me with drugs just about every single day.

For years now I have had Sleeping Rapist in my head, I call him Pedophile Rapist nowadays (PR to be polite), I call him this for obvious reasons. For many years, ever since I found out he was a pedophile I felt better knowing he was in my head, that he was not able to abuse children, children can’t defend themselves, I can.

One day though this changes, over all the time I have known Paris he has never got to me? Irritated me? I can’t find the words, this is something I won’t forgive him for. I stumble on some information, I find out PR isn't the worst pedophile in his pedophile ring, I realize now about them, they will all have been ‘active’, raping children and on top of that all equipped with my hypnosis. I go back to hacking information out of PR again, I feel I have to. By hacking him I mean extracting information out of him, I’m in his head as much as he is in mine. It always took me a long time to be sure about the information I got out of him but I get there eventually. I stopped hacking him after I found out he has killed more than two children (and was sure), if MI6 wouldn't do anything about that they wouldn't do anything full stop; I’d have to get out of this before I could do anything about this. I would forgive Paris for all the other things he’s done, he’s done a lot over the years but this is different, this is children facing such terrible things.  They are children, they can’t defend themselves, it’s our job to do that for them, that’s the way I look at it.

Paris wouldn't have bothered me so much if I hadn't years ago come up with a plan. I told him to go in PR’s head and get the information he needed and get control of him, people like PR stab even their friends in the back, something I actually found out about him and his ring, Paris could have used him to control him. Luke and Fuzz who have been involved for many years with my life, from the start in fact would have helped with this. The reason he didn't do anything is plain and simple; he’s a weasel. Bob my old MI6 department head would have done something, but if something causes the slightest bit of risk to Paris himself he just wouldn't do it. Our country would have even been better from this. Paris calls himself a survivor, I call him a weasel.
Throughout the entire time I've know Paris something just seemed missing in him, I can’t put my finger on it, it is in all my other shrinks, it seems kind of like a lust for life, something I just cant work out, a zing to him would be a way to put it, something.

So I go back to hacking secrets out of PR, it looks like its down to me to find out enough to get a police investigation, it might not happen until my hypnosis is known about but I need to increase the chances of them being brought to justice.

I find the head of this ring is in his 50’s and seems to have a liking for torture. Then one day I stumble on something and I think its enough to get him, if this was ‘guess who’ I would have done enough to get it down to a couple of possibilities. He’s kidnapped a girl off a bike, I realize how important this is, lots of children would have disappeared since he joined the secret service (1995- onward) but only a few off bikes, and then he would have used hypnosis so there would be no struggle so I’m getting closer. I find his dam name as well (I’m pretty sure of this), I've though it might be Peter, names are difficult to find out but I think I finally find it out. I've become well practiced with projecting the sound of my voice, Izzy is still in my mind (she started off as a voice in my mind based on Ripley many years ago) among my other voices I can project, I use them kind of more as toys nowadays and I can nowadays sound like my shrinks if I want. I wait for my moment, when he lets his guard down, then simply sound like Paris saying ‘just tell him your name’, he just says ‘Jonathan’. He isn't happy about this. I then also find his dad is/was a spy for MI6. I think this is actually enough, I think this is enough to track him down.

This is what I've found out, I just hope its enough, the challenge would be the police doing what it takes to investigate an MI6 child killing pedophile ring. When this blows up public opinion should make this happen if it goes the right way. The Pedophile ring is apparently proud of how long they have been in existence, many decades I find out, I intend to change this, I intend this to be their last.  Here’s what I've found out.


Photo fit
(this picture it not PR, it is merely a random picture I found that looks similar to him)

-His name is Jonathan (this may be his dads name also)

-as of 2003 27-28 years old

-Description-  5’11/12 (average/a little shorter than average) roughly, short dark quite thin hair as of 2003. 
Tubby build.

-He learned my hypnosis in June/July 2003. He knew gaze induction/old hypnosis before this.

-He lives in London (though in Bridlington since his involvement with me)

-He has HIV (as of the date of this post he takes medication)

-His Dad is/was a spy (I don’t think he’s retired); an MI6 family.

-He first learnt my hypnosis July 2003, there would have been a kidnapping soon after, he would have obsessed about using this new hypnosis for this.

-He went to university (probably an MI6 university)

Psychological profile

He has a schizoid or borderline personality disorder, here is some information about this. This is my attempt at a psychological profile.

-Deep down he feels inferior

-He doesn't feel good enough for women, they are threatening to him as they could work out who he really is, children don’t pose this threat to him.

-He really doesn't like me as I represent a lot of what he turned away from in childhood. Very deep down he wants to be like me, he wont face this though. He was angry at what he couldn't have as a child. He now doesn't want others to have such things as love, happiness ect.

-He is moody

-He regards himself as a lone wolf

-He gets obsessed/ pleasent feelings from abusing people

-Is/ has always been emotionally isolated

-He likes knives, they were probably used in his rapes

-No real friends

-He has a domineering father figure.

-Medium to smaller size penis

-Is violent

-Uses the ‘same boat as me’ tactic at work, e.g encouraging/helping people to do sick things

-Inability to feel joy

-Has respect more for overly mean authority figures

-Hates thinking about his childhood

-Has multiple traumatic memories (six or so)

-Has a low Id rate

-Has little to no sense of empathy

-Low intellectual ability, he stated to me he got through school with a good memory

-His dad pushed him a lot as a child

-PR was raped when he was younger by a group of men, one being black, one with a disorder similar to his own (wanted to traumatize him like he was traumatized himself).

-It was on a night out.

-It was in a hotel room

-Scat sex was involved

-Drinking unpleasant things from a cup was involved

-This was reported to the police it seems


-Jonathan himself would have been active as a rapist since around 95 when he joined MI6 until 2005 when he was working abusing me, I don’t recall him having any holidays after 2005. After joining MI6 I think his identity would have disappeared so it would have made rape much easier.

-Has raped 21 women (exact number), I think the police will have his DNA profile.

-Some of his victims may find it hard to remember details due to hypnosis being able to suppress memories, he will have left them with some memory as least.

-He is part of an MI6 pedophile ring of 5 members or so, I’ve heard them referred to as ‘MI6 royalty’ and ‘protected’.

-PR has killed 8 children

-The head of the pedophile ring works directly with Sawyers/he’s at the top, he’s quite old (45+).

-He takes trophies, they are prized possessions, they are in his safe.

-He likes different types of women especially Chinese, he has raped an Asian girl. (he doesn’t feel ) good enough for girls and finds them threatening).

-The ring has existed for decades, they are proud of this.

-He’s kidnapped a girl who was on a bike (im sure), there will have been no signs of a struggle, he will have used gaze induction as with all his abductions.

-There is a house in London where his paedophile ring keeps the children they kidnap, it is in a poor area of London, I think north London. There is a financial link between these agents and the people who own the house.

-Has shot a girl in the vagina.

-His ring has made videos, they are a well known ring in these circles, the police have probably profiled them. You would have to look for signs of hypnosis.

-I’ve had some positive reaction to knowing where one of my children from my stolen semen is, this is an unpleasant thought. Them ‘extracting’ abilities and frequencies from them.

-I think his car is black, may have used it for kidnappings.

-The ring is MI6 trained, Jonathan will have stuck to his MI6 training, he won’t have deviated from this, he regards himself as ‘careful’.

I know those children are dead but I promised myself I would try and get them justice. I won't forget them. This is the information I have got so far, I'll keep trying.  Damion